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on July 6, 2012
I gave one star not because Six Fish Dog sucks as dog food but rather PetSolutions has a tenancy to sell fake Orijen dog food.

Most buyers, who purchased Orijen for the very first time, will not be able to tell the difference between Orijen Adult Dry Food, Puppy Dry food vs. Six Fish Dog or Regional Red. Only if you have bought all of the variety, hand fed your dog each type and you will be able to recognize the difference.

I am a dog owner that has been feeding my Golden "Orijen" brand dry dog food ever since she was 5 to 7 months old. We started her on Orijen Large Breed Puppy and eventually moved her to Six Fish Dog or Regional Red.

For the longest time, we bought Orijen from Whole Healthy Pet on Amazon. When we saw PetSolutions selling the same type of food for a cheaper price, we decided to give them a try.

When the Six Fish Dog arrived from PetSolutions, the moment I opened it up, I was just standing there scratching my head. Because right off the bat, the aroma coming out from the bag is very different from the normal Six Fish Dog we buy from other sellers. Due to the different smell, I decided to check the Six Fish Dog kibbles that I still have left comparing it to the new Six Fish Dog we just received.

The Six Fish Dog that we got from PetSolutions smelled exactly like Orijen Adult Dog or Orijen Large Breed Puppy. The main meat ingredient in the Adult Food and Large Breed Puppy was mainly chicken/poultry, which is really easy to tell the flavored smell. Six Fish Dog on the other hand, had a very strong fish stink, it's not that surprising considering the entire protein content of Six Fish Dog comes from ... fish only and nothing else.

Not only the smell was distinctively different, what is so surprising and shocking is that the "kibble size" is completely different as well. The fake Six Fish Dog we purchased had a kibble size identical to Orijen Adult Dog or Orijen Large Breed Puppy.

Long story short:

1. Orijen Six Fish Dog does not smell like any other Orijen branded dry dog food. It has a distinctive fish stink that you won't be able to miss.

2. Orijen Six Fish Dog "kibbles" are longer, flatter than usual. You'll find many pieces, a good 50% or more should be elongated, flat looking kibbles. They are not rounded nor do they look like a ball. Orijen Adult/Puppy food has the rounded ball looking kibbles, not Six Fish Dog.

I've already E-Mail PetSolutions many times regarding this problem. The seller did not decide to exchange or provide refund for this incident.
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on February 12, 2012
I have several dogs and their coats have improved, their smell has gotten much better. Yes, the way a dog smells depends on the food they eat. That famous doggy smell such as when they get wet, is from eating inferior food. They eat less and they are in general more healthy now.

Dogs are carnivores. In the wild they would ingest a small amount of plant matter in the stomach contents of animals they would eat, but certainly not the large quantities of grains and/or other starches found in most dog kibble. I believe that the major dog food companies push the idea that a high protein/low carbohydrate kibble diet is somehow not good for many if not most dogs. Dogs aren't obligate carnivores as cats are, but neither are they omnivorous like people. The major dog food companies push the rest of the stuff in their diets and not meat because the cereal products, the potatoes and peas, etc. are cheap for them to purchase.

If someone says that their dogs had loose stools on this food because of the protein, ask them how they know it's because of the protein content. If they got the info from their vet, ask them what brand of food their vet pushes in his/her office. Most vets only get a cursory education in nutrition, and most of them push the same couple of brands that are in every vet's office across the entire country. Look at the labels on some of their expensive "prescription" foods. Note the low protein content, the meat by-products or grain or potatoes as the first ingredient on many of them, the addition of sawdust in the diet kibbles, listed as "pulverized cellulose",which is meant to bulk up the kibble and has no nutritional value. Do you want to trust the nutritional guidelines of a vet who sells expensive prescription food with sawdust in it? Do you want to trust a vet who's major reading material on nutrition are most likely literature produced by the companies that provide the food he sells in his/her office?

Dogs can eat high levels of protein in their diets IF they are derived from quality meat sources and not low quality plant sources such as corn glucose and soy protein.
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on January 18, 2013
Before Christmas, I got fed up with all of my lovely little pup's health issues, tummy trouble and constant shedding. I made up my mind to change her diet to only super high quality stuff. I wanted to feed all raw but was a little intimidated. So I ended up with a combo approach, with some homecooked food and raw bones in the morning and Orijen in the evening in the delightful feeder toy Tug a Jug. Online, I kept hearing about Orijen over and over as the next best thing to raw. Indeed for those who can't put in the effort to craft a balanced raw diet for their dog, Orijen is probably better.

Needless to say, my little furbaby is over the moon for her new diet, and her coat is B.A.N.A.N.A.S. Completely silky. It really is crazy how much difference food makes for their little tummies and coats.

It really pains me how much this stuff costs, but like others have said, a little goes a long way. I've fed both Regional Red and now 6 Fish (because I have a fish lover, and I knew it would be awesome for her coat). 6 Fish is the only food I've ever fed that actually smells like meat! I keep it in the Vittles Vault. Highly recommended. You just can't beat the quality here.
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on November 17, 2013
This is the best food by far!!! I have a 175 lbs Newfoundland male dog (not overweight, actually lean, simply from a bigger than standard breeding line) and this food works miracles!!! His coat is SILKY, SHINY. His skin is so clear, no flakes, no rash anywhere. The stool is good (not runny and not bad stinky which it can be feeding lower quality foods).
When I tried feeding him anything else, he'd get runs.

I can burry my face in my dog's fur and he has no typical "dog stink", it actually has no unpleasant smells, and it's a bliss! I do not need to give him often baths so I do not essentially mess with the natural oil produce processes and do not dry his skin out unnecessarily.

He is over 4 years old and Orijen 6 Fish is the only food I've been consistently feeding him since he was 10 weeks old. My boyfriend laughs at me that my dog eats better than me, LOL, 'cause this food is not on a cheap side, and as a giant breed dog he eats quite a bit in comparison to small or medium size dogs. But it is so important, and it gives me a piece of mind that I feed my best friend such a great quality food to keep him healthy and potentially prolonging his lifespan.

You also can notice the quality of packaging inside/out, it is not as most regular store brands and the carton type bags, this packaging has that special glossy type food material on inside. I'm very picky when it comes to certain things, and i always inspect everything. When you open the food bag you can literally "smell" the quality of food, and if you take a peace of food you can also see how well the moisture is retained (regular brands you see in stores look so DRY, and I've seen plenty brands, they all are not capable of retaining the nutrients and moisture they supposed to)

P.S. some people might say that they try fed this food to their dog and the dog would get runs. Well, when we switch ANY type of food animals need bit time to adjust.
And you need to remember this is high protein based food. If your pet was on grain food, any food and you switch to high protein grain free--pet's stomach might take some adjusting to do to switch. And therefore the stool might be runny for the first time period.
Also some pets more than others have sensitivity to certain elements. Sadly most pet owners can go without ever knowing about their pets FOOD ALLERGIES (sometimes it is not that the food is bad, but some pets simply are allergic to certain foods and elements foods contain)--so that is something you want to keep in mind.
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on December 27, 2015
Sydney, the Pitbull couch potato, loves this food. Having been giving this to her for 3 years, and she has maintained her weight and has a beautiful coat. Her Vet says she is in great health. I wouldn't give her anything else. Yes, this is expensive but your dog will not a health problems as a result of her diet. Keep this food in a sealed container, it's very "fishy".
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on December 14, 2012
I have done my research and Orijen is the food to get your dog if you don't mind the cost and want to feed kibble. The packaging is nice and heavy duty and the bag is vacuum sealed so the food stays fresh. There is a very strong fish smell to this so I suggest purchasing an airtight dog food container to keep the smell inside and to keep the food fresh. I purchased the Vittles Vault 40-Pound Stackable and love it. Maddie seems to really enjoy it, even though she can be extremely picky about her food (especially since the other dog living with us eats a different kibble). Due to the high protein content, a little goes a long way and she doesn't need to eat as much... which leads to a little offset for the higher cost. This is the only Orijen we have tried yet, but I already have the regional red and will be trying that as soon as this runs out.
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on December 20, 2014
We cannot say enough GREAT things about this food. I don't know anything about the seller but what I know is that our 5 year old German Shepherd suffered from food allergies until we fed him Orijen Six Fish. Since we started this he has been ear infection and rash free! This food has been a blessing! Also while it may be expensive, our two German Shepherds are very picky and never ate pure dry food alone. Instead we had to supplement boiled ground beef or baked chicken to add into the food for them to eat their food. Even then, they would pick through and eat the meat and leave the dry food. NOT WITH ORIJEN!!! All we have to do is place the dry food in the bowl and they scarf it up! While we spend more on the dry food, we save more on not having to buy and add ground beef or chicken! Truly can't say enough good things about this food!
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on December 27, 2012
So much he would pick out the new food from the old and leave the old stuff in his bowl. We were slowing trying to get him used to the new stuff but he didn't care. He didn't seem to have any issues digesting it.

This food smells almost like fresh fish and you can tell some real love went into making this product. I will certainly buy this again. Hopefully the cost stays the same.
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on February 6, 2014
We have been using orijen for years now and our two dogs have never been healthier. We have an 85 lb mastiff-lab mix from the spca and a 60 lb boxer-hound mix from the spca. Both are thriving on this food. Their coats, teeth, and energy levels are as healthy as they can be. When we first got our 85 lb, Reginald, he had constant ear infections and flaky skin. We tried the costco stuff and taste of the wild, but this is the only food that seemed to clear everything up. Even our vet remarks on how healthy he his, and they sell that Science Diet junk. We did lots of research before purchasing this food, and found it worth the money to have so many of the top ingredients meat, and the rest fruits and vegetables. We rotate between this and the Adult, and the Regional Red, and it is pricier than the grocery store options, but we only tend to go through a little over a bag a month between our two. I am sure different dogs react differently to different foods, but I don't buy into all that too high protein bologna. Our dogs have seen no issue with the high protein content, and it simply means that there is meat in the food and not junk. This the absolute best dry kibble on the market, and we love our dogs like family, so we cannot see giving them anything less. We don't have time to cook for ourselves, so of course we don't have time to cook for the dogs, and I'm a little wary of the risks and time commitment to feeding raw. One day we hope to have the budget to up to Orijen's freeze-dried food, but that is quite a step yet. For the time being, this has been a great experience and surely will give our dogs long healthy lives.
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on July 12, 2012
After Solid Gold changed their formula and compromised the product, I switched my dog to Orijen. This is the best food on the market right now in my oppinion. My dog loves it. Champion foods doesn't outsource their product which gives me peace of mind that my dog is actually eating what the label says is in the bag. The food is expensive, but the food is worth the cost. Buy Orijen.
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