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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a light duty blender useful for those who wish to mix and run. The chief feature which differentiates this product from similar ones is that the blender container is also a drinking bottle. Thus you can mix up whatever you choose in the blender and instead of decanting to a drinking bottle, you only need take the blending chamber with you.

Keep in mind that this is about 1/3 of a horsepower or 250 watts. This will do a good job of blending up powdered mixes or make smoothies from softer fruit but this isn't one of those 2 hp in which you can thrown all sorts of odd ingredients such as tree branches or peach pits and have a smooth mixture emerge.

The unit comes with one bottle / blending chamber. Most folks who train will wish more capacity than the one bottle but of course, you can buy more to your heart's delight.

The only downside to this device is that there is a lip inside the bottle / blending chamber which is hard to clean. If you're not careful cleaning in this area, you'll leave detritus - hardly desirable.

Overall works as expected with nothing startling either good or bad.
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on May 21, 2013
I have been using this daily for 2 weeks for smoothies and it is perfect for my situation (I have 10 minutes from waking up to getting my fiance out the door with his breakfast/lunch/coffee)

This is perfect for those with a grab-n-go lifestyle who do not need the power of a Vitamix/Blendtec

Blending power:
Semi-frozen fruit chunks - perfect
Kale - did really well and left only a few tiny identifiable bits
Whole flax seeds - not so good (mostly stayed whole)
Ground flax seeds - mixed them in, but they were still noticeable
Protein powder - complete mixed
(I have not tried ice or frozen fruit)

Bottle design:
The rubber grip and thumb loop make it easy to hold
The bottle is clear, but tinted; the stuff inside is mostly visable (not good when trying to sneak in kale)
Note: the bottle has indents for the grip that create ridges on the inside. Bits stick in ridges
The flip cap is not locked when closed
Cleaning suggestion: Contigo Cleaning Brush set (the various brushes work perfectly to get into all of the nooks and crannies)

Volume (for anyone like me who doesn't know how much food equals 20 oz):
Perfect fit:
1 average banana
1 cup frozen fruit chunks
1½ cups liquid
4 Tbsp additives (flax seed, protein power...)

My usage:
At night, I dump in all ingredients except the additives and put the bottles in the fridge (fruit gets partially defrosted). In the morning I switch the blade for the lid, dump in the additives, blend for 20-30 seconds, switch the lid for the blade, rinse blade... I have a clean kitchen and yummy breakfast to go in under 2 minutes.
Note: I tried putting the additives in the bottle at night, but I ended up with concrete (tried putting them in both first and last with the same results)

Very quick
No blender to clean
Easy to hold

Bits get stuck in the ridges
Flip cap does not lock
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on October 17, 2013
This is the second return in 2 months since I originally purchased this item. Im extremely disappointed. The first one came with a bad seal at the bottom and it leaked all the liquid from the bottle. Then I returned it and had a second box of exactly the same item shipped out to me, I used it for a month 3 times a day. I have to do a liquid diet with some vitamin supplements and I just add water and maybe 4 pieces of ice. I don't use frozen fruit or anything that could be challenging to grind, the blender stopped working all together after a month of use.
Its a really great concept, if it only performed as promised.
At this point Im just exhausted from all the packaging and repackaging, sending it back and buying a nutria bullet or something else.

Good luck with yours.
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on August 18, 2013
I purchased this to have as a personal smoothie maker. It has excellent power for a blender in this class and does not jam unless I really pack it full. It grinds up ice and frozen berries quite well, which is what I was hoping for. It takes up minimal counter space, and, what I like best of all is you can remove the blade end and cap it with the "sippy" lid, allowing you to toss the end with the blade into the sink and not have dried, crusted residue build up on the blades when you take it along with you. Many of these small, personal blenders have the grinder/blades built into the bottom of the cup and are not removable; this makes for a mess to clean it if you've taken the canister with you for convenience, AND makes the canister portion needlessly heavy. The picture that they show of this Oster "Ironman" blender, shows that the bottom of the canister (the portion you would lay on the table or cupholder) is facing up when it sits in the motorized base. You take the bladed end off, fill with your choice of ingredients, replace the bladed end cap, pop it into the base with a one touch motion, press down to blend, and then remove it from the base. Then, you unscrew the bladed end cap, replace it with the "sippy" cup lid, and pop the bladed end cap into the sink for a quick rinse off, ensuring extreme ease of cleaning. The other big pluses are the lid does not leak (purposely laid mine on its side for over an hour with thin liquid inside and not a drop came out!!) and the textured / rubberized sides of the canister ensure a great grip either in your hand or in your car cup holder and will add some durability for the clumsy among us. If there is any negative to the design, it is that the canister is a tad top-heavy. Two thumbs up!!
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VINE VOICEon January 1, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

As convenient as these blenders are, they don't last. Mine has already died. Granted I used it just about every day, but products should last at least a year. Another issue I had was that the bottom started leaking. The result was a huge mess every time I used it. I can't recommend this brand.

I like this blender a lot. It's quick work to put in apple juice, ice, and an Emergen-C envelope. Sometimes I add a banana or other fruit. The result is refreshing and delicious. I look forward to it every day.

The blender will only work if you actually have your hand turning the bottle. That's a great safety feature, and one that I've grown to like.

I've noticed that some ice stubbornly refuses to be crushed, but overall the machine is effective.

One other thing I should mention--if you don't run your dishwasher every day, you'll need to invest in a bottle brush. I could not get the bottle clean by hand washing it (fruit pulp clung to the interior).
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on September 9, 2013
Screw cap with blades has little rubber thingies that mesh with the base unit in order to spin the blades. These rubber things all broke off within months. Oster has no replacement screw tops with blades for the personal blender, ironman model. Oster has none of these in stock. They said they didn't know if there was a warranty or not, and hung up.
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VINE VOICEon January 13, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Great innovation. I wonder why it's taken so long to come to this kind of product.

Overall, this is a very capable little contraption that does pretty much exactly what's it's supposed to do, that is mix smoothies and by implication, sports powders and mixes. I do not believe that using it to chop or crush ice is a good idea (more below)

We had no trouble with this device or its operation. This is for a rugby-player dad, rugby-playing high school son and daughter, and morning-walking mom. All used the product, and all found it completely suitable and simple to use and clean.

The design is great, easy and simple to grasp and put into action. The removable mixing/blade unit is inspired. The flip cap on the screw-on lid--the user manual calls it the "spill-proof drinking lid"--though, is insufficient to securely seal this bottle. If you're mixing fruit smoothies to drink in the Prius on the way to work, then this is just fine n' dandy, but if you're taking this for a run, clipping it to a backpack, or taking it into any kind of truly energetic environment, that rubberized thumb stopper is going to pop, and your bottle contents unfortunately are going to find their way from the inside to the outside. I recommend a rework of this aspect of the bottle, maybe something like a simple metal bail that could go over the stopper to lock it in place.

The integrated rubber loop on the bottle's rubberized jacket is very good, and is situated on the bottle in a good location away from the screw-on lid and (if you screw the lid on right) away from the thumb stopper. I am a bit unsure, though, of how well this rubber loop will hold up under real wear and tear; I will be able to report more completely on this as the spring and summer 2013 rugby seasons progress.

This Ironman edition is nice. I like the fact that it's available in other color schemes; not everyone is an Ironman.

The bottle is BPA-fee. Yippee!

The product accepts 120 to 250 volts, so you can take it to Europe with you to make Euro-smoothies with Spanish olives, French mushrooms and Sicilian truffles--yummy!

I like that there is no on/off button on the motor housing; the device works only by the correct integration of the bladed base with the base of the motor unit. There are matching gray arrows on the bottle and base to show you clearly where to match them up to get this thing into action and turn your strawberries and yogurt into liquid mush. No buttons to mess with, less wiring inside the housing, and fewer things to go wrong. Smart.

Mixing: although the box shows lovely blueberries and strawberries and what appear to be small pieces of ice, the user manual makes no mention whatsoever of mixing with ice, crushing ice, or any kind of ice. "Ice" is not to be found in the user manual. Ice does not exist in this user manual, which very strongly implies that this thing isn't really built to chop/crush ice. The manual mentions putting frozen fruit and ice cream into the blender, but that's as icy as it gets. The user manual is explicit in that the blender will NOT "mash potatoes, whip egg whites or substitute dairy toppings, mix stiff dough or grind raw meat." Who in the world would try to do that in this thing? No, wait, I've watched enough reality television--I withdraw that question.

My one complaint is that it would be very cool if the bottle were available in a larger size, like 32 oz, or maybe even 40 oz. It would be even better if the larger bottle worked on the same base. I note that you can get another of the standard 20-oz bottle for this product for about $11.00, so a bigger bottle for $20 or so would be a nice addition to the product line. I realize that getting the engineering right so the liquid moves correctly within the larger bottle would be a challenge, but this will give Oster something to work on for the next few years.

Bottom line: Nice product, easy to use. I have my doubts about its performance with ice, and a bigger sport bottle would be a very cool addition to the line. If you're a sports drink drinker, especially a mixer of specialized fitness concoctions, this could be a smart addition to your training equipment.
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on August 17, 2013
This is a perfect and reasonably priced blender for one person who just needs to make smoothies. I drink smoothies most mornings and this is powerful and easy to clean. If you're having any trouble, as one reviewer noted, just buy a cheap long brush to clean it with warm water.

After shopping around for a blender that fit my needs, I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
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on February 7, 2013
Works smoothly. You get what you pay for it. The gasket broke on a similar blender I purchased for $20 from GNC. I doubt I'll have the same issues with this unit. I'm deployed to Afghanistan and always on the go, so I needed something compact and easily packed away.
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on March 28, 2013
I tried three other blenders, to use with my smoothly diet plan, they were either not strong enough, or the clean-up
took way to much time. This blender is strong, fast, and the clean up takes about three seconds, I love it and highly recommend it.
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