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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
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on October 24, 2012
Im a longtime fan of shmups. R-Type, Gradius V and U.N. Squadron, 1943 and the more recent DeathSmiles and Akai Katana are some of my faves. After months of procrastinating I finally caved and bought this game. What a disappointment. Here's why:

1) In every shooter one of the most important things is to make sure the player can tell the difference in foreground/backgrond graphics, as well as being able to clearly see enemy bullets. OE does an amazing job of ruining that concept- objects that look like youll crash into you'll go right through and vise versa, and enemy bullets are so hard to see against the bright backgrounds its impossible to tell whats going on.
2) Unlimited continues from the get-go and bosses that "run-away" after 3 or 4 minutes makes no sense. I just beat the game on a 2nd play-through doing this before writing this review. All you have to do is hit Start to continue when needed and you can beat the game just like that.
3) Voice acting. Its fine for some games but this in particular its like they got some 10 year old girl with the highest pitched voice to squeak out dialogue. There is a TON of chatter throughout the game and it doesn't let up much at all. I turned it all the way down, only to find out that when you die there's no voice going "ahhh!!" anymore, but there's no explosion sound to signify i got hit. Your character just slowwwwwwwwly falls toward you then off-screen to the left.
4)Your main gun shoots two bullets on screen at once. Two bullets. Thats it. Good luck trying to defeat a boss if this ever happens. (Oh wait! Just refer to #2, silly me!).
5)I paid just $12 for the disc (still a rip-off) but apparently there are 25 pieces of paid DLC. Not only that, the paid DLC consists of the usual gamerpics, skins, extra stages, extra characters, tracks?!?! And the music tracks are.....440 points ($5.50). EACH. SERIOUSLY. Go look on yourself. This is an insult, especially for such a niche market these days they have to nickel and dime us to death? Hey Konami, you do you think you are? Capcom?
6) There's this odd text bar that resides above your weapon layout, (bottom left of screen). So when certain characters are yabbering in Japanese it scrolls
the English text. Its small and hard to read but most importantly for a game like this its distracting with no option to turn off. Also, for each music track that plays it will show the song title and composer on the bottom right of the screen. Oh, and cant be turned off either.
7)To piggyback on parts of #5 and #6, the music sucks. Especially the boss music- doesnt fit in at all. Not even in a Parodius kind-of-weird, (that game was actually fun and had some cool tunes though). OE is just blah and boring.

Id give this game zero stars if I could. Please dont make the same mistake I did. Buy DeathSmiles instead. Or DeathSmiles IIX off Games on Demand. Or Akai Katana. Or Espgaluda II. All are for Xbox 360 and are wonderful shoot-em-ups/shmups that are worth your time and money. Not this worthless piece of garbage!
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on January 2, 2013
I know this has been pointed out in other reviews but I figured I'd throw my opinion into the ring. This game stinks. I hate to say that because I love the Gradius Series this is based on.

It has the same basic Gradius features but tuned in a little in that you can level up certain upgrades.
The characters are half nude and total stereotypes of Asian women. I kinda like this art style so im guilty of enjoying this aspect of the game.
You can't lose. You just simply continue you're way through the game.

You can't lose. Seriously though, I mean I like to see the ending of games but serious this is kind of whack, makes you feel like you haven't accomplished anything.
Super easy intro achievements. You get an achievement for simply playing as a character, so for 40 points you literally have to do nothing.
DLC is way out of line, the cost is sky high.
I couldn't figure out what was background and foreground elements. These were not distinguished well and it sucks. Keep in mind that dying once in a level basically dooms you this is super annoying.
Hard as heck to see bullets lots of the time. This should never happen in a game like this.
Upgrade system takes forever to achieve power. Don't expect to be playing much of the game knocking things out left and right, a majority of the game you'll be shooting 2 bullets at once, no joke.
Finally, WTF is up with the bosses but giving up? If you get hit once during a boss battle ur screwed as you'll never power up again and so the battle is essentially over and the boss will flee after 3 mins.

Overall score: whack
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on August 2, 2012
They totally blew it in a bad way. Instead of bringing us a souped-up Gradius or a crazier/zanier Parodius, we get this weird game. Now, I'm not completely against the idea of making more side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups, as they are not as popular as the vertical scrollers, but this one is definitely not representative of what is best about the genre. To add insult to injury, you end up feeling like you bought "part" of the game because of all the damn DLC they tried to shank their customers with: You have to download certain levels, download characters, download this, download that... what a buncha crap. The graphics aren't all that great either, sort of a mix of 2D and 3D - I hate 3D - and I can't recall the music at all. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. I only got it because it was free with "rewards points" from my credit card and I'm a bit of a completist. Am I glad I didn't shell out for the import copy.

Bollocks to your DLC, Konami!
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on July 5, 2015
Overall: 3
Graphics: 3
Controls: 5
Sound: 3
Extras: 1

I bought this for the simple reason that I like scrolling shooters, ever since I was a child at the Arcades, and have specifically enjoyed the "Manic Shooter" games over the years. I've played the big names of R-Type and Gradius, and have also played and own many others, from multiple sequel releases like Contra, Raiden, Dodonpachi, Touhou Project and Metal Slug, to those that are unique releases or only have a single sequel like Einhander, Gunstar Heroes, Space Harrier, Ikaruga, Tyrian, Sin and Punishment, and Deathsmiles. I've played enough of these games to have a good reference of what makes them great, and what should be better.

This game says right on the box that it was inspired by the Gradius series, but that's not quite accurate. This is a game series that is actually a parody of Gradius, just like Parodius, a previous parody series that was also produced by Konami. This is somewhat obvious by the ship design and the fact that all the pilots you can play are members of the St. Gradius Academy. The game certainly does have that daunting feeling I've found in the Gradius games of being a tiny ship trying to take down an enemy space fleet. For those who've never played these types of games, try to picture your self in a canoe with mines limiting your maneuverability to a tight lane that changes shape while avoiding a ship the size of an aircraft carrier surrounded by battleships, destroyers, and other canoes that move in various predetermined paths based on your position. In addition, all of those ships are trying to take you out, and you have to avoid their fire while returning your own and picking up new weapons as the drop from enemy ships you've just destroyed. This is very daunting indeed. However, Otomedius Excellent does not seem to be a game that is as punishing of poor performance as many of the others I've mentioned, at least, not until later in the game, possibly making it more accessible to younger players without the honed eye-hand co-ordination of an adult. Additionally, the game offers you unlimited continues, so young players can just keep trying. Like many games of the shmup genre there is little to no story provided in the game, as often the story is found in comics, books, or even just advertisement campaigns in Japan, when they even bother with a story in the first place. Overall, I found the game to be fun to play for short periods of time, but limited in key ways.

The vibrant music fits to the gameplay well, although some may not appreciate the often upbeat tones found during boss fights.

Tight control response ensures that your ship moves where you want, when you want it to.

The unique Gradius style power-up system is present giving a little more strategy in when you use your power-ups.

Excellent ship variety with different weapons availability enhances the fun and replay value of the game.

Great backgrounds and enemy designs with lots of colors catch the eye and look great.

The weapon edit system was a little confusing and seemingly unusable at first, since you didn't really have any data in the manual, until I played Score Attack mode which unlocked new weapon cards.

No save between stages, one of the most needed things for shmups. Life is rarely co-operative to video game playtime.

There are different endings for the game based on the pilot you select, whether you defeat or let some bosses flee, and even whether you die.

There is very little localization for the game, as all the characters still exclaim or talk in Japanese, and only the actual game levels have any translation text to read. It would have been nice to have the characters voiced in English.

Enemy fire needs to be more discernable. Sometimes, the enemies fire as they explode and you can't see it through the explosion. Also, enemy fire cannot be seen through your own weapons fire. In later levels, so much is going on screen that you almost can't discern enemy fire moving through other enemy fire, almost ensuring that you'll fly into some.

As many other reviewers pointed out, it is often times hard to tell what is part of the background and what is going to crash your ship. Whether flying through tight spaces or shooting at parts of screen filling bosses, you end up running into things that you just didn't think were in your way. This is the single worst flaw of the game, requiring lots of trial and error, memorization, and repeated plays to figure out. Correcting this will make the next release in the series a great game.

For a game that seems to be trying to follow in the footsteps of the Gradius 5, it's still got a long way to go. I haven't played any of the other Otomodius games, however, so I can't say that this is better or worse than them.
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on April 25, 2013
I went into this with the mindset "What can go wrong? It's Konami, it's Gradius-inspired, and it's got anime girls!" Well, lots can go wrong. Gameplay can range between boringly easy and painfully difficult. The amount of graphical bloom in some areas almost makes me physically ill; combine this with the fact that some enemies seem to bloom in similar ways to the background and take on the dominant colors thereof, and/or there is actually some level of proper transparency to them, and you've got semi-transparent enemies in various places--this doesn't seem to have been an intentional gameplay design choice so much as a consequence of the poorly-handled visuals, but is a major annoyance in any case. Also, apparently half the game is only available as DLC that you have to pay extra for--it's ridiculous the amount of DLC offered for this game, and the pricing of it. If you can get this cheap (the core game, anyway), and are a huge Gradius fan, then give it a shot, but prepare to be frustrated by the contrast between what this game is and what it could have been.
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on February 15, 2015
First off let me start off by saing I'm a old school space shooter fan, there was a time when I would buy them (for my ps2 game collection) without knowing much about them simply because they were space shooters and let me tell you I ended up with some really crappy, bottom of the barrel, garbage! Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good and great space shooters out there but this ain't one of them, you see I come from a time when they were hard as hell and you NEVER thought you could beat them or even cared that's where the fun was TRYING! (U real OG space shooter fans know Wut I'm talkin' bout!) the really great ones the older ones pre 80's to 90's showed some of the best gotta get to the next level action, this one doesn't as a matter of fact you find yourself not really caring, you just trudge on through and that's sad, what kills this game? continue after continue (don't worry about dying!) Waaaay too easy ( I beat it on the hardest setting in about three hours!!) stupid bosses, very short game and just too much else to list here, I gave this 2 stars because of the Japanese manga babes that you will like ( the only thing) and I did have fun for about 10 minutes until I found out how truly crappy it was I'm glad I only paid $6 bucks for it so do yourself a favor and try to find some of the older ones they are harder to find but well worth it. hey check Amazon they sell some
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on January 1, 2012
Otomedius is a horizontally scrolling shooter which touts itself as the successor to Konami's classic Gradius series. While it shares many of the base gameplay features as this legendary series, it unfortunately suffers many problems which results in a very mediocre experience.

Just to name a few, due to the size of your player character on the screen, it can become extremely difficult to correctly gauge your hitbox, especially on the harder difficulties when the screen is full of projectiles.
While the 2-D artwork which permeates the game is well done, the actual 3D models used within the game itself are very lackluster. This becomes especially apparent during times when the game zooms in during cutscenes.
The multiplayer aspect of the game is also a disappointment. The game does not allow for two people to play together in the normal "Story" mode of the game. Rather, the only way to play with friends is in a specific "Multiplayer" mode, where the second player is not able to gain experience, and no continues are allowed. So, you are completely out of luck if you want to just play the normal game with a friend.
The boss fights in the game can also be a source of frustration. While the bosses are not too difficult, they tend to have an unusually high amount of health, and it is a near impossibility to hit some of their weak points without using certain specific weapons. As a result, many of the weapons available to you are largely worthless, as it is nearly impossible to defeat the bosses using them before you run out of time.

While each of these complaints, when taken alone, are not horrendous faults, the fact that so many minor poor game design choices exist at once just makes the game seem amateurish. If the company behind the game was new, or at least new to making this genre of game, then it could almost be excused. But this game was made by Konami, a company whose experience making shooters stretches back over twenty five years. And while this game so proudly declares its decent from the Gradius series on the cover, the simple fact of the matter is that Gradius V, a game that was released nearly seven years before on an inferior console, completely surpasses Otomedius Excellent in pretty much every possible way.

The game does boast a decent, if not particularly memorable, soundtrack that has a decent amount of songs from classic Konami titles. And the large amount of playable characters, coupled with a copious amount of unlockables, does give it a fair amount of replay value. Trying to obtain all of the weapons in the game will definitely provide plenty of entertainment to fans who enjoy the collection aspect of games. I feel it is important to warn, however, that the game relies quite heavily on the use of paid DLC. In fact, two characters, who were quite prominently displayed in both the promotion of the game as well as the intro movie of the game itself, are only accessible by paying separately for them once you have already purchased the game.

One final important note is that the game's visual aesthetic was very clearly designed to cater entirely to a very specific group of fans. And it is very likely that your enjoyment of the game may drastically increase or decrease based entirely on whether or not you happen to belong to this group. I will say, though, that with the amount of minor problems prevalent throughout this title, one would almost wish that they had spent less time worrying about the visual appeal of the characters, and more on ironing out the actual gameplay.
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on April 1, 2013
i got 800 gamer points and i do like the genre but ive played way better raiden is where its at the bullets and graphics were not good either it doesn't take much to make these games good but 1942 was even better considering how old it is good for chievos that's about it.
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on April 28, 2014
I love me some Gradius and I like cute girls. The game is fun and easy to play, but the 2 player mode is not the best. Player 2 movements are strangely limited and if Player 1 dies, everyone's game is over. There's little localization here, ergo only English text with Japanese dialogue. Although, for a game like this, that's not a big issue. You REALLY don't need to know what the character's are saying, this game is pretty shallow. Be that as it may, it does feature a cast of cameos from the Konami franchise that are mostly exclusive to the Japanese market, but a little research on the characters will reveal their origins more so than any of the cut scenes or in-game dialogue.

Helpful pro-tip (that's a standard game mechanic but not explained anywhere):
You can press and hold the "Super Bomb" button to charge a special attack that is unique to each specific character. Release the button to unleash the attack. I came across that bit of information NOT in the instruction manual, NOT in any in-game tutorial or online strategy guide, rather while I was watching a Japanese play through of the game on Youtube. Talk about a secret technique. Enjoy.
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on January 21, 2015
There's alot of style here and that's fun. This is a SHUMP that features anime girls. That's about all that's going for it. However, the action is fast paced and fun and will keep you entertained for a little while here. Nothing special but it gets the job done.
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