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on December 15, 2010
I'm a little obsessed with Ottlites, and I have complained for years about the lighting conditions in fabric stores. So I was so excited when the portable Ottlite came out. Its about the size of pagers when they first came out. But its not as heavy (I don't think). I usually keep it in my car. It does exactly what I have wanted for a long time. The lighting in some fabric stores is just ridiculous, How am I supposed to decide what fabric to buy when I can barely see it?! (I'm 27, so it is really not a matter of my eyes not working) So if you ever have a need for sunlight-like lighting on the go, this Ottlite is perfect. And it has LED lights, so it hasn't been a huge battery hog. I haven't replaced my batteries yet, I've had the light a few months, and use it pretty regularly.
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on October 15, 2011
I love the brightness, but other design flaws make it problematic.
Very Bright and small
Must use a screwdriver to change batteries
Hinge in battery case easily broken
Uses 3 AAA batteries
Is a battery hog due to its faulty on/off flip closure,which will not turn off the light 100% when you think it is closed draining batteries rapidly. Unit needs an on/off button.
Clip on unit is not big or strong enough for multiple uses

I wanted to use it on my car visor, but the clip is too short. I even put a rubber band around it to keep it "off" when closed,but it still requires 100% attention to make sure its off and really closed.
The size is just not quite right somehow for multiple uses. I never had a "flashlight" I had to think about to turn off. This one has created its own category in that regard. You'll also have to buy 12 packs of batteries to accommodate it as it takes three at a time. AAA's are only sold in 2,4,8 and 12 packs.
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on October 15, 2011
To Mr Sam Gummy who just posted, Fulcrum Multi-Flex LED Task Light - maybe this one would work better attached to your car visor? (i've tried clipping things to sun visors like sunglass cases and sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not) This ott lite is really designed to be clipped onto a belt.

I just got gifted this one in blue and i had to read the instructions on how to open it.. that back part slides forward a bit and then flips up (i wouldn't have figured that out without the instruction paper).. and yes, you need at least one fingernail (i use my thumbnail) to pull it open, and yes, you have to SNAP it shut.. hear it click (unless you can't hear, so you then really have to look and feel if it is closed (no gaps).

Very bright... yay! i can see i am going to have more than one! I have lots of ott lamps (desk, floorlamp, arc, rechargeable) but to have something this small and portable.. what a joy to be able to illuminate dark places.

For some reason i think that this would have been great a thousand years ago when i was a kid, you know, when you were reading under the covers with a flashlight so your parents thought you're already asleep..though come to think of it, maybe you could still read under the covers if your bed partner is wanting to sleep and yelling at you to turn the lights out, i wonder... hmm some things never change.

oh, one more thing ATTENTION ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU NEED GLASSES? I am telling you! Probably not... i find if i can't read something, i get under an ott lite, and i can read it just fine!!!! so get one!! (or two.. or..).
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on January 26, 2015
Bought unit #1 this afternoon (January 26, 2015) at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Installed 3 AAA batteries; no light. Read the instructions, cleaned the contacts, still no light. Installed 3 different Duracell Coppertop AAA batteries from a pkg purchased 8/14. No light. Exchanged for unit #2 in store, tested unit #2 in store. No light. Consulted the instructions and had 3 different Jo-Ann employees reading the instructions and having no better luck. No light. We pulled a 3rd unit off the rack, put the batteries in, and no light. I cleaned the contacts on unit #2 also, but not on #3. It seems unlikely that 3 units would be defective, but there doesn't seem much to troubleshoot: a battery compartment with contacts, and some sort of on/off switch activated by the flip top. If someone else has found a "trick" to activating a new light, please share.

UPDATE 2015 January 27: I called customer service this morning. Almost as soon as I uttered the words "OttLite Mini," the almost prescient Ott rep told me that the units need Energizer brand AAA batteries. Not Duracell. She went on to explain that Ott had not intentionally built them to use only the Energizer brand, but . . . It makes one ponder the many possible approaches to increasing battery marketshare. Anyway, the rep said that the Energizer AAA batteries are a little longer, and offered to ship me free Energizer batteries. Wunderbar! Also, she said that Ott had notified Jo-Ann Fabrics of the mini OttLite idiosyncrasy. The Gresham Jo-Ann Fabrics sold only Duracell brand batteries, so I bought my Energizers elsewhere. The mini OttLite (unit #4, by now)obediently lit (lighted, for you old-style grammar purists--Hi Dad) up when filled with 3 AAA ENERGIZER BRAND batteries. The lesson is, when you're balked by a product and you get no joy by googling and searching Amazon reviews, make an actual phone call to the manufacturer's Customer Service number. Lesson #2, if you're going to give the mini OttLite as a gift, include a pack of ENERGIZER AAA batteries.

Think Pink Bunny.
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on December 17, 2014
I got this item at Jo-Ann Fabric. I wanted something small, battery powered, and wouldn't take up much desk space. I am a little displeased with it so far. The light is very bright yes. The light will not stand up on it's own it topples over. For it to work you have to clip it to something from the clip in back of it. I also had problems with some batteries actually working with it. I ended up using rechargeable batteries because the negative side was flat and throw away batteries had a small ridge and for some reason would not make a connection. If I can find a way to clip this to something I'm sure it will be fine for my crafts. I am half tempted to go back and get a larger model, I just don't want power cords.

Small (Size of a flip phone)
Takes 3 AAA batteries
Has a clip on the back
Very bright LED lights
Nice color

Will not stand up on it's end, falls over
If you turn it sideways you are blinded by the light
Only way to use is by clipping it to something about 1 foot above your work.
Had to use rechargeable batteries due to ridges on the ends of regular batteries not working with coils.

I have included 3 pictures. One shows the clip on the back. Another show's how much light I am getting by laying it sideways trying to cut my paper craft, and it's still hard to see because it's so low to the item. The last one shows what it does if you try to stand it on it's end, it flops over.
review image review image review image
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on July 31, 2011
I have purchased a few of these lights. I have one that I use myself when clothes or fabric shopping to see what the "true" color of the items are (store lighting is often horrible ans not a very good representation of correct color!)
I have also given them as gifts always with great feedback from the recipient. My mother is in her 80's and added a long string at the hinge and places it around her neck when she crochets at night. I have sever OttLites in different styles and am always pleased with the lighting quality.
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on October 14, 2011
The flip light is really, really bright! I am a Flight Attendant and passengers are always loosing things on night flights. It also enables me to see through the metal grating seat frame to underneath the seat to find things that have dropped through. If you can't see it with this light, you aren't going to find it. It is a tiny bit on the heavy side, but I love that it has a strong spring clip on the back. I had to go down a dark hotel staircase which was very poorly lit with one dim emergency light on each landing...this flashlight clipped onto my pants waist band in the open/on position and illuminated the steps for me.
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on November 13, 2013
Sadly, my review could be the title alone. I do have one good thing to say about the Ott-Lite LED Mini Flip Lite. It's bright. But other than that, it's hard to believe someone "designed" this. My first issue with it is the fact that you need to use a screwdriver to remove the back and put the batteries in. Then, I almost broke the flimsy plastic trying to pull the back off.

The light comes on by flipping it open. That'd be fine, but I'm glad I don't have nice nails because the mechanism is so stiff that it's hard to do.

It gets worse, though! Where are you supposed to put this light? You can't clip it to a book or embroidery hoop because the light would shine right up in your face. The only place to clip it that makes sense is from one's clothes. That'd work nicely if the light wasn't so heavy. The only weight fabric that'd hold up to this clunky light is heavy denim or thicker.

I'm glad I got this light half price here on Amazon. I contemplated sending it back. I probably should have. I am using two 2 dollar clip on lights I bought at a local discount store. I really need extra light for my embroidery and this Ott light totally disappointed me. Ah well. I always thought they were overpriced. No more Ott lights for me from now on!
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on December 18, 2012
I originally bought this to use while crocheting to see the stitches easier. Not only is it great for crocheting, but I have used it for reading as well. My sister was in the hospital and I was able to flip open the little light and read in her dark room without disturbing her. The Ott lite does what it says - it puts out bright, natural light that does not hurt your eyes even after hours of use reading fine print or looking at small crocet stitches! It is also helpful to have in your purse while shopping to more acurately gauge colors under flourescent store lights. I highly recommend this light!
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on January 27, 2011
I love the portability of this Ott-Lite. Although the clamp broke shortly after getting it out of the box, I am still able to use it and I use it often. I even carry it in my purse.
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