Samsung Galaxy S4 Case - OtterBox Defender Series - Black
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6/10/14 update: Still going strong folks. This is the best case I ever got....and I don't even care that the price has dropped to $26. It was worth every penny then, and an even better bargain now. I should also note that the plastic screen protector is still great....and that's with two kids who love to jump on me constantly. I haven't found anything better for my S4. I think enough of this that after a year I am updating it. Good job, Otterbox! :)

Price update June 14: Saw it drop to 31 and change, then back up.

Update 6/11/13: Just an FYI folks, this is currently at 34.82 and free shipping! This is a no brainer, and a steal. None of the stores around me are giving any kind of discount....if they have it.

I still love this case, but I did want to let you know that if you rely on the vibration to notify you, you might miss some calls. This does soften the vibration quite a bit. If you are holding it, it's not a problem, but sometimes, when it is on my belt with a shirt tucked in, and I am walking, I do not feel the vibration. There is no problem if I am still. I also think that this is in part due to the phone. The vibrate strength, even on full, is not as strong as my old phone, so the extra cushion from the case just softens it up even more....but you know what, this weekend I have seen three people with this phone and Belkin cases and they all had cracked glass!

After getting a Belkin case for my S4, it took me only an hour to go out and buy the Otterbox 77-27434 Defender Series and Holster Case for Samsung Galaxy S 4 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black. The difference is night and day and while this is more than twice the price of the Belkin it is totally worth it! Plus, you don't need to spend money on a screen protector, so it really isn't that much more.

The Defender is really a three piece, full coverage, case. It provides full coverage for your S4, corners, back, front, screen and it has flip covers for the charger connection, etc., and those flips flip up easily, even without fingernails. The case itself provides excellent grip all around without being intrusive. It is a little difficult pressing the buttons on the face, but my fingers are a little big. One of my FAVORITE things is the screen protector....NO bubbles! Yup, you heard me right, no bubbles. That's because you don't actually have to "apply" the protector to the screen. This is awesome. If you look at every screen protector I have reviewed for my iPhones and iPads, they all had bubbles....I have come to hate bubbles, and thought I would have to learn to live with them. I am here to tell you, I am now bubble free (and so is my wife)!!!

When pressing the side buttons you do have to press a little hard, but for the protection you get, it's fine. Also, the openings for the camera are angled so that the thick case does not appear in the pictures. The case itself is micro-textured to provide good grip without feeling rough.

There is NO interference at all with using the IR when reading and scrolling down by nodding my head or turning a page with a wave of my hand. Sharing pictures and video work equally as well with no perceptible interference. The only real issue is that I did notice a slight difference in wi-fi reception in our house with the case on. It is slightly weaker, but nothing big, and after one day I don't even think about it. The entire screen isvisible and nothing is blocked.

The only thing that I would knock half a star for is the clip is uncomfortable and digs into my skin when it's on my belt, and is especially bad when my shirt is not tucked in. They could have made this better, and I wonder ifI will come and downgrade this to 4 stars later because of this. For now, I will say 4.5 stars with an easy round-up to 5.

Instructions when installing your phone:
CAREFULLY remove the rubber gasket, using your fingernails. There are little spaces along the sides. You need to use these to seperate it or you risk breaking it. Once that is done, the rest is easy. Try not to touch the inner portion of the screen as it comes perfectly clean (at least it did on both of ours). Putting everything together after this pointis easy and takes less than 30 seconds. Gently click everything together and you are ready to go.

We both love this case and I highly recommend it.
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on June 20, 2013
I bought an OtterBox case for my previous Galaxy device and loved it, so when I upgraded to the S4, buying a case was an easy choice. The Defender Series provides very, very solid protection for your phone with as little added bulk as possible.

--Case fits with the S4 as tight and seamlessly as possible.
--Two piece hard case plus rubberized exterior pull-over provide protection that is the best I've found available.
--Easy to assemble and take apart when you do need to get the phone out.
--Proper openings for camera, flash and speaker on the back, for sensors and speaker in front.
--Pull out tabs for headphone and mini-USB jacks. Keeps dust out. These tabs are now reinforced with plastic, an upgrade from my last Defender case for the Galaxy which had standard rubber tabs.
--Sleek, black design goes very well with the black S4.
--Bottom of case does not interfere with home key or softtouch keys at the bottom of the phone (this was a problem w/ my old one).
--Raised lip on the case surrounds the screen, providing perfect protection from scratcing.
--Comes with a built in screen protector (some will like this, I did not, see below).

CONS (Not much here really):
--Raised rubber areas where you press down the power button and volume rocker require a heavy press for the buttons to function. This was not the case on my old Otterbox, which only required a natural press of the botton/rocker. This may be a problem that goes away with more use, but this was the first problem I noticed, having to really mash the button down to get it to work.
--Was not a fan of the built in screen protector, I didn't figure I would be when I made the purchase though. In fact I removed it after only a few hours of use. It didn't noticeably affect the touch screen, visual impact was minimal. The screen had a couple minor flaws (couldn't tell if it was scratched or what). I'm OCD about things like that so it wasn't going to work for me. If you want a case without a built in cover, you should probably know that the protector is glued into the plastic casing. It isn't something you can slide right out. This isn't to say it is difficult to get out. It is glued down, but you can easily lift up a corner and remove the screen. The glue will pull off easily in one piece as well. It really isn't a big deal, but it might be a good idea for OtterBox to consider a slide-out screen protector or something like that for those who either don't like the one that comes with it or don't want to use them at all (I am the latter, the raised lip on the OtterBox keeps the screen protected very well for me, I had my last Galaxy in one of these for 2 years and traded it in without a single scratch, no screen protector, the screens on this series of phones has been very durable in my experience).


If you have an S4 and want maximum protection for your device, this is the way to go in my opinion. It protects the phone with less added bulk than one would guess or surmise from the photos. The case fits snugly and blends well with the phone. Minor drawbacks with the power and rocker buttons, and the screen protector wasn't personally for me, but overall these are negligible issues, it's a great case!
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on June 8, 2013
I dropped my iPhone 4G for the first time while on vacation two weeks ago. Even though it was in a fairly padded flip case, it hit just right on the granite floor and cracked the front glass of the iPhone. Replacing the glass would have been as expensive as upgrading to a similar phone or half the cost of getting the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S4. I chose the Galaxy S4.

I did not buy this Otterbox case at Amazon although I would have saved some money. I spent the extra to immediately protect my new S4 when I purchased it at my local AT&T store. I got the Raspberry case because it would be hard to lose in my purse.

So far I am exceptionally pleased with this case. It does not add much weight to the phone (which is quite a bit larger than the iPhone) and it fits well in my (female) hand. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for excellent protection for their S4.

Cute covers are fun but protection is critical as I found out when I dropped my iPhone. In a case like this I know it would have survived the fall.

UPDATE: Two months later and I am very happy that I bought this case. I'd have liked to save a few dollars by buying it on Amazon but waiting a couple days to receive it didn't seem a good option after dropping my iPhone.

I just finished installing a microSDHC card into my phone which meant removing the Otterbox case for the first time. It was simple to remove and to replace once the card was installed.

I admit I had several cases for my iPhone, some better protection than others. This is the only case I have for my s4. If I get another case it will be the same case in a different color.
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on November 14, 2013
I'm convinced that I received a knockoff. This is my 4th time purchasing an OtterBox product and I have never had this problem before. my last OtterBox lasted almost 2 years and during that time only one of the clasps broke. But with this case only two of the inside clasps are left and it's only been 3 weeks of usage, every time I'd go to unclasp it one of the clasps would break. I would never order from this particular seller again due to the fact.
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28 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on August 15, 2013
This is everything I anticipated plus more. I have read many of the reviews and had certain reservations before I bought it. Let me try to clarify what I see now that I own one.


I have used and really need the belt clip and found that it works perfectly unlike many of the other reviews that I have read. I ride a motorcycle all the time so if my phone came out that would be a HUGE problem. I have checked it out and it is firmly in place if you just put in the right side first into the two holders and then press firmly until the left side makes a loud click that tells you it is in place. I will continue to track its performance as I can't afford to lose my phone on a motorcycle.

It is a beautiful looking case but you can no longer tell that it is a Galaxy S4. Not important to me.

Absolute fantastic design and beautiful as well. Top quality!


After a couple of days of use, I now see that the dust particles on the screen will not be acceptable to me and also there is some (not major) degradation of the video quality. Disassembly of the case to clean out the dust particles is not easy and will eventually end up with a broken case so I cannot continue to disassemble the case. The screen protector is easy to remove. It is now gone. I am sure that Otter tried to use the best screen protector available but I don't want it and will trust my gorilla glass.

Don't really like the extra weight and size but it is really designed well and beautiful too. I can't see how they could do any better. Job VERY WELL DONE!

For me the price was a problem as I paid the $35 for the case, then $35 for transportation, then another $35 for immigration fees as I live in Thailand. But, for me, it was still worth it as I can't buy a case like this here. So, you lucky people out there who could buy it for only $35 are indeed fortunate. I have no regrets in having to pay over $100 for this. I wanted and needed the best case. Now, I have it.

Don't have any dust inside the case yet but I expect to have some of it only as a minor nuisance. When it happens I will take it apart and clean it. I think Otterbox did everything they could with the design that they chose to keep the dust out but it can't be perfect when the screen protector is not stuck to the gorilla glass. Not a problem for me.

UPDATE 8/21/2013

I had to remove the screen protector as it did impact the screen quality and the dust seemed to accumulate very quickly.If you disassemble the case often for screen cleaning, you will eventually break the plastic case. So, it is better to just remove it when it bothers you. Easy to remove. I am sure that Otter did the best they could but screen protectors plus the dust problem is not for me. I am very fussy about having a perfectly clean screed.

Someone else in their reviews had talked about the holster also being a kickstand. It took me a long time to figure it out but it DOES have that feature. All you do is open the jaws of the belt clamp all the way and then press your thumb a bit more on the top of the clip and it will click in place with a little black tab. Then you have your kickstand. To return it to normal just press on that little black tab and it will release to a normal position for use on your belt. Sure wish Otter had include some instructions for that. I am sure that they designed it this way. GREAT! Look at the attached video to see how it works!
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46 of 55 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2013
Buyer beware I bought this exact product from this website and it arrived in a plastic Ziploc bag with nothing in it that indicates that it's actually from OtterBox when I opened it the plastic screen cover was glued on and misaligned it was cheap plastic and I actually never got to use it because of how horribly it wouldn't even snap together on the phone. I would not buy this product the sellers tried to contact me and get me to change my reviews they even went as far as saying that they gave me a refund so I should change my review they did not give me a refund don't buy from this site. If you do don't say I didn't tell you so and look carefully at all the great reviews that are on here and look how similar the wording yes I think someone's writing bogus reviews but you can contact me and I'll definitely be glad to tell you about it so good luck
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40 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2013
I dropped my phone flat on granite tile and it bounced harmlessly. Once I recovered from the tense panic and realized the phone was fine I started laughing at my rubberized projectile/phone. It fits perfectly well on the phone, although obviously adds a significant amount of size. Still fits in my pocket although you can easily see it bulging through. The important part however is that it protects my phone from all sorts of accidents. The case is tough and seemingly well designed. I'll update the review if I notice any design flaws. The flap for the USB is a bit small so really thick usb plugs will have a hard time getting in. My Anker Slim2 charger's built in cable no longer fits the phone as a result, which is kind of annoying, but I just carry a short USB cable that I use instead. Again, totally worth it for the protection. Oh and when it gets hot and sweaty in your pocket, moisture can build up under the plastic, creating bubbles under the screen protector. I just opened up the case and wiped it down to get out the moisture and some grime that had snuck in at the edges.
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26 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2013
it seems to be a fake.
i can buy fakes at 10$ a piece, not 40$.
i only bought it because it was listed as sold by AMAZON and i thought that it means that this piece is genuine.
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35 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2013
Basically I have purchased an Otterbox Defender case for every smart phone that I have had now for the last 4 years. Starting with my original Motorola Droid. I do work in a construction based industry and find that these kinds of cases will save your phone every chance it gets. The only modification that I make is that I pop out the clear screen protector as I feel that it hinders the sensitivity of the screen and slows response. The Galaxy does come with Gorilla Glass 3 afterall.

That said, I don't use the belt clip as I find that any phone clipped to my side blocks movement while on catwalks and climbing up ladders with cages wrapped around them. I do opt to place the phone in my shirt pocket which this case does add a little bulk but that is expected with the level of protection offered.

The rubber outside gives the phone a nice grip. The bezel around the edge gives the screen a nice left to be able to set your phone down screen first with no worry of scratching the screen if it slides a bit.

The port covers are great as it keeps any dust and debris from collecting in the headphone jack or the charging port.

I do have a Spigen slim case for non-work events or trips that is slimmer then this and does not cover the ports for easy access.

I dinged it one star because I had to modify and remove the screen protector, and that the case is kind of a pain to remove when switching to something slimmer with less protection. With the rubber cover over the plastic, I don't think that it should be as difficult to unsnap the two plastic pieces from each other.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on August 29, 2013
The case covers one of the lenses that let the phone notice you when you go to hang up the phone. I could never get the Samsung s4 to recognize the fact that I was trying to hang up after a conversation. I took the case off and it worked fine.
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