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on May 18, 2011
I received my iPad 2 Defender Series case today and I must state that I am very disappointed at the quality and so called "ruggedness". I have an OtterBox for my iPad (1st Gen), iPhone 4, old iPhone 3GS and every one of my family members cell phones and have never had an issue with paying the price for the superior quality and protection, this time I feel ripped off. From the flimsy 'polycarbonate' case, to the thin silicone cover this is at most an average product for a premium price. Every port cover on this is flimsy, does not seat well and creates a vulnerable point in the event of a 'mishap', not to mention that the top and bottom of the polycarbonate case is so flimsy that it feels as though it will snap off if handled wrong. Oh, and whats up with how fat this case is when the cover is on, it's thicker than my iPad 1st Gen in its Defender Series case, kind of defeats one of the selling points of the product they are attempting to protect... Up to this point I have been a huge fan, supporter, and endorser of your OtterBox and their products, this however, has really soured my opinion, especially given the wait for the release... What a let down!
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on May 19, 2011
First off I'd like to say I love otterbox products my family swears by outer box cases for all are cell phones (2: Blackberry curve's, iPod classic, iPod nano, first gen iPhone, 3GS iPhone, first gen iPad, and now iPad 2 all have defender series) I would highly recommend any of otterbox cell phone and the FIRST gen iPad cases. (Note that when it came to the iPads I only recommended the first gen. And hears why.

When you were a kid was there ever something new that came out you wanted so bad you'd do anything to get it. But you had wait for it to come out in stores or wait until Christmas and finally the day comes and you get it, but after a few minutes you relies it doesn't function exactly as it appeared in an ad you seen on TV, magazine, or internet and it really disappointed you to the point it makes mad, sad all at the same time like someone is ripping your hart out. Well that's how I felt after I put my new case on my iPad 2. It's like the designers of the new iPad 2 case were trying to come up with a completely reengineered case that incorporated new features... Why did they completely redesign it? Looking at all our other defender cases we have around the house, they all have vary similar characteristics and function. Except the defender case for ipad2 Like they all have a.....

1: holster or cover that completely covers the entire screen (NOT on the iPad 2 case. All four corners of the iPad 2 screen are exposed.)

2: the covers that go over the dock connector and headphone jack are secured in a way that they are not accidentally flipped out when you don't want them opened. (NOT so on iPad 2 case. No matter how I hold it every protective cover becomes knocked lose vary vary easily and just flops around. Not vary protective if they're constantly open are they. And somewhat difficult and vary time-consuming to get back in place properly.)

3: stand for watching videos. this is the one and only thing I like about the iPad 2 case. The way the new stand flips out is vary nice!!

More downfalls of the new iPad 2 case.....

1: the tabs that cover the camera and the home button when the cover is snapped on the front for when your transporting iPad 2 presses the home button and wakes up iPad constantly when iPad is in backpack. Running battery down. Not a big drain on battery but still, it's a flaw in the design.

2: the tabs on cover when the cover is snapped on the back stick out past the curve on the back, making it uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time.

I'd like to see otterbox take the first gen case and fit it to the iPad 2. Then put 4 holes (with plastic screen just like the rear camera on iphones) in the cover for the back camera. & just enlarge the hole in the font to reveal the front camera. & use the newly design folding stand

Sorry this review was so long I just don't want anybody else to be as disappointed in the iPad 2 case as I was.
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on June 28, 2011
Hey Folks,
I have not written very many reviews. But as Josh stated I have seen the bashing of this product and just have to weigh in. I have both versions of the OtterBox the first version for the iPad was terrific and I loved it. It protected my iPad from everything I could throw at it. The only problems I experienced with it were the buttons were really hard to control due to the actual size of the cover. This is the protection I am paying for so we deal with that as being a safety feature. It did in fact do its job better than my book bag or the standard cover that sells with the iPad and the iPad 2. The original version is very bulky and not really complementary to the device that resides within its protection; however it accomplished what it claims and protected my iPad from damage. The look I really liked and gave my iPad a look and feel complementary to a man on the move. If you're an office type this might be a bit over kill. If you travel the world and get dirty then this is the protection you're looking for.
I can tell you from my personal experience there are not too many folks that could put this bad boy through tests I have. I live and work In Baghdad Iraq. This thing has literally been through a war and it has not failed me yet. The redesigned size and feel of the latest version is very complementary to the iPad 2. Everything works and is right where they need to be. The rubber used to cover the ear phones and the USB jack does feel lose but they 100% do their job in protecting what is inside and that's the most important thing to remember. The redesign of the USB plug area is perfect. The first version left a very large gaping location for the plug to fit. When you removed it you always had to keep positive control not to forget it or lose it. This version works perfect. They have extended the rubber protective cover to encompass the entire area. The area for the plug is much smaller and easily accessible. I believe this is a great improvement.
It does not come with the protective screen covers but it does not say it does and it is not implied in the description that it does. The stand is a vast improvement verses the first version. It locks in place and creates a very stable platform to display your iPad. So as you can tell I cannot say enough good things about this cover. It accomplishes it mission and is a little more streamlined than its predecessor. While offering the same level of protection the iPad requires. If you're a stylist kind of person the Boxwave Capacitive Stylus is out of this world. You will be impressed with how smooth it work. I hope you like this review and I hope you love it as much as I do.
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on June 8, 2011
Honestly this is a great case!! I have the Ipad1 version and absolutely love it. But the protection is unparallelled in the case world. I am a road warrior and a dad so this protects my Ipad not only from the kids dropping it, but also in my suitcase/carry on, I just toss it in and no worries.

-Coverage on the front of the unit, I would like more protection/coverage. I don't care about seeing more color of the bezel.
-The unit keeps turning on in my bag which drains the I just have to turn it off.

- Protection
- I paid $60 and so worth it, would never pay $89
- easy to install
- great quality

ignore the other reviews this is a honest take on the product when compared to someone who also had this for Ipad 1. If you have never owed this case then you will need to expect the weight of your product to increase but really who cares.
review image
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on August 6, 2011
This unit is quite a disappointment. Such a disappointment, that I'm taking the time to write my first ever product review to express my displeasure. I've owned Otterbox defender cases for my iPhone and first gen iPad, and they were both great. So much so, that I waited to cover my iPad 2 until the defender was released. Boy am I regretting that decision. The original iPad cover had a nice hard case that covered the entire iPad, including across the black parts of the screen. The entire exterior was well protected, especially with the hard cover case that went across the entire front of the screen. Between the perfectly sized screen protector and exterior shell, the entire ipad felt as secure as you could possibly get it

The Otterbox defender for iPad 2 does not instill confidence that it will protect your extremely expensive hardware. First, it includes no screen protector. It's true that you can purchase one separately, but it would have been much easier on the consumer to include it (especially considering how much the unit costs $50+). Second, the plastic used seems flimsy, like it will crack as easily as the screen. The exterior isn't one solid piece, because they created flaps this time to access things like the charging port and headphone plug. The flaps do not stay closed, and leave a thin piece of flimsy rubber to supposedly protect with. The plastic exterior case no longer covers the black part of the screen, and the cover has funky cuts outs in the four corners that expose the screen.

With my old Otterbox, I felt completely safe letting my 2 year old nephew tote it around. With this new unit, I'm almost afraid to carry it around myself for fear that something will definitely break if I drop it. The design and functionality of this unit would lead one to believe it was created by someone purposely looking to ruin the Otterbox brand. This unit clearly wasn't market/user tested. I'm hoping the executives and engineers at Otterbox are working tirelessly on a redesign, because this quality/functionality will quickly ruin the Otterbox name.
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on May 23, 2011
I was expecting a quality as good as the Defender case I have for my iPhone.
It was very hard to put together. The iPhone one was so easy.
One of the things that is really turning me off is the fact that for the iPad 2, they decided to make the top and bottom borders really thin, my only suspicion for them to want to do this is so the people that bought the white iPad2 would have an area free to display that they have a white iPad2. While the defender case I see for the iPad (1) has the thicker border on the front.
The result of making the top and bottom front area thin is that it feels very delicate, more so on the bottom part, and when you are putting the case on it feels like it is about to brake, it does not snap on place easily; also on the fact that it is too fin: If I was worry about breaking just by putting the case on, I cannot image handling a fall, meaning, the first time I were to drop my iPad, there is no way the plastic will not break in the bottom part. I don't think it will be as much of problem on top because the top front is glued to the back top area, making it sturdier.
The other negative I have is that when placing the iPad2 into the case, it pushed the protect film from the top area, the funny part is that it did that only on the middle, on top of the front camera and a little to the top right. I was able to fix the top right corner but the piece on top of the camera looks horrible and it is beyond repair. Let me point out I did not use the protective screen that came with the case, I had a ZAGG one installed before I even got the case and I don't see any reason why it should not fit if Otter did plan on the case fitting their protected film. The ZAGG film was installed by a professional and it was in place correctly.

Let me point out that I am a fan of the Otter products and that I why I feel so disappointed with this one.

If I were to have made suggestions to Otter, I would have suggested to have done the case with the same principals as they did the iPhone4 one, where you have 2 plastic with the shield for the screen already in it. It would be an easy snap in and out of the plastic one and then just placing the rubber around it. And to have kept the front top and bottom borders thick. If one was too worried about showing off their white iPad2, I don't think they would have bought an Otter case anyway.
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on June 23, 2011
Don't be like me. I read some of the lackluster reviews for this product and did not buy it. I went on vacation with rules that the kids do not touch the iPad 2. Well, one did. And it fell onto a hard tile floor. What a wonderful new dent on the corner! I'm sure the folks at the Genius Bar will laugh if I ever bring it in for something. And don't worry. My little one is still breathing without machine assistance.

To rebut the complaints: There's nothing wrong with the Otterbox for iPad 2. It may not be as bulky as the version for the first-gen iPad, but it really is good enough. It adds some bulk and heft to the iDevice, but it adds more peace of mind. As for the flaps covering the docking connector, headphone jack, and mute/rotation slider are all just fine. And you can get a very intuitive feel for the volume rocker and home button through the silicone skin. The polycarbonate chassis is solid and includes high-quality foam to further cradle and protect the iPad 2.

I appreciate that the removable screen cover doubles as a holder to keep the iPad 2 at 1) a comfortable typing angle and 2) a good movie-watching angle.

If you're familiar with the first-gen iPad Otterbox, then you might expect this version to have a built-in screen protector. It does not. The removable cover protects the screen when not in use. I suppose you'd need to invest in an adhesive film if you're concerned. Personally, I don't think I will bother.

To conclude, I believe the Otterbox Defender case for iPad 2 is a terrific product and worth your investment in protecting an expensive device.
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on June 27, 2011
My IPad 2 screen cracked while in the Otter box Defender Series case for the IPad 2. There is a flaw in the design of the Defender Series for the IPad 2. When the Defender Series top is placed on the IPad2, the sides are tapered down not like the first Gen. There is not much space between the top and home button because the home button is raised on the Defender Series main body covering the IPad 2 (unlike the first Gen) and the top that tapers down. I was traveling when the side of the top was pressed against the raised home button and cracked my IPad 2 screen. I would not buy this model again. I do like the Otter box product, just not this one. One star is too high for this product.
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on August 23, 2011
There seem to be two or more products being reviewed here. I seem to have the one everyone hates - the APL2-IPAD2-D9-E4OTR. I guess those who like the product have the APL2-IPAD2-20-E4OTR, which I don't have.
First of all, the instructions on otterbox's website don't apply to this model, and there are no written instructions in the box, just a set of tiny pictures that are pretty much incomprehensible. The back of the case does NOT slide open, as shown on the website video - it is held on by two fragile-looking clips. As they are not hinged, I was very careful to pry them off the upper half of the case, after removing the rubber cover. Once this is done, the iPad sits in the lower shell, and it's fairly easy to click the upper shell in place. It's not so easy to get the rubber outer layer back into the grooves in the upper shell, but I was able to do it eventually. The third part of this contraption is the removable outer shell / easel, which only works in the landscape orientation, which is pretty silly for a device that will automatically switch from landscape to portrait orientation.
I haven't tried dropping this thing on a tiled floor with the iPad in it, but I'd be surprised if it would survive - the overall quality seems very poor.
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on May 27, 2011
I've been a fan of the Otterbox Defender on the iPhones and iPad1. Just yesterday I spotted the iPad2 Defender and snatched it up (they'd just received their shipment of 2).

Got it home, unpacked it, put it on and what a disappointment. I buy the Defender series for my appliances because they're supposed to be rugged and protect my device from the environment/kids. The Defender for iPad2 falls short, in my opinion, for a number of reasons. First, there's no screen protector. Second, while the skeleton is still durable the amount of rubber that protect it from drops, falls, and general abuse is GREATLY reduced and isn't as snug as the previous model. Additionally, the covers for the headphone jack and charger have so little rubber they flop open with minimal agitation. It is no where close to the protection the iPad1 Defender offered.

If you have kids or use your iPad2 outdoors or in a rugged environment you will likely want to save your hard earned $90 and wait for something else. For me, I'll just switch back to my FedEx bubblewrap shipping envelope which is about the same quality.

- No screen protection
- Greatly reduced rubber protection
- Not worth $90 or even $40

Sorry I held out for this product for so long. It's minimal at best and certainly isn't a defender of my iPad2. Send your Otters back to the drawing board on this one. You've just lost a loyal customer.

It's just too bad. What once was a GREAT product it's taken a major step backwards in quality, durability and protection.
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