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on December 4, 2002
This excellent book, which desperately needed to be written, is devoted primarily to the tragic relationship between the Christian Church and the Jewish people.
The writer strives to impart to Christians the recognition of their legacy & heritage from the Jews that indeed existed in the early days of the Church whose members were nearly all Jews themselves.
The author also studies the 'Israel bashing' in today's press/media together with the anti-Israel bias of the UN in relation to the Middle East situation. This plus the 'Christian' persecution of the Jews through the ages and even anti-Semtism preached through some channels of the 'Church' today.
Included foremost is the flawed doctrine taught in some areas of 'replacement theology', which teaches that the 'Church' has 'replaced' Israel in all of God's promises. Despite these Divine promises being made directly to and in relation to the people and nation of Israel, and where those promises were unequivocally & unconditionally everlasting !
Further to this the author actually examines & emphasises many of these Divine promises to Israel & the Jewish people in Scripture, past, present and future (Old & New Testaments).
This superb book stresses in no uncertain terms that Christians need to understand the pain and suffering that countless 'pseudo-Christians' have brought upon the Jewish people over the years and the increasing necessity now for a healing and reconciliation of some magnitude.
The writer illustrates that without an understanding of Scripture, many readers will fail to understand or in any way comprehend, the hatred and vilification towards the Jews throughout history & even the present day. The author reveals the force/person behind the massacres, the holocausts, the attempted genocide of the Jews and the attempts to destroy the State of Israel.
That force being the Devil/Satan, whose passionate hatred and despising of the Jews is a reflection of his hatred of God outlined in the Bible. The same God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and their descendants, the Jewish people. The people through whom God has chosen to reveal his plan of Salvation, His prophetic plan to return the Jewish people to their Land in the latter days and His prophetic plans for the nation surrounding where the Messiah will return.
By destroying the Jewish people & their state, it is highly likely that Satan will be trying to fulfill his own probable intent of destroying God's prophetic plans in relation to His People and Land, of proving God's promises to be false and subsequently to have thwarted God's plans. Plans revealed that have promised that the Jewish people and Israel will never cease to exist and that God's promises will indeed be fulfilled.
To those dubious amongst you I can only recommend that you get a copy of this book, read it for yourself and actually put everything to an intense personal scrutiny...irrespective of which faith, if any that you profess. This is a message and a book that should not, indeed cannot, be ignored.
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on June 9, 2001
This book is astounding and will make you cry and rejoice all in one reading. The author, a Messianiac Jew (believer in Yeshua, or Jesus), delivers a powerful message about the relationship between God and His chosen people, the Jews. The book dispells a number of commonly held misconceptions about the Jewish people and Christian views of Israel. He does this through historical writings and Biblical references. You will be amazed at the number of anti-semitic comments a number of "promminent christians' have made, including popes and Martin Luther. There is a detailed discussion about some incredible bias from the media; it is all in there. The author also has many Scriptures to explain those who believe (in error) that the Church has somehow replaced Israel. All of this is done in a loving, and non-arrogant tone which I appreciated.
I would recommend this book to any Christian. To see the hideous statements/actions made by christians towards the Jews will break you heart, and help you understand God's heart a little better. I would also recommend this book to any Jew. You will begin to understand what Yeshua (Jesus) and Rabbi Saul (Paul) really said, and to see that the Christianity in the Bible is not what has been on display in the anti-semitic 'church'.
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on March 24, 2013
This book is a thought provoking research detailed on the history of anti-semitism throughout the generations. The Inquisitions, the Holocaust, and the flawed replacement theology. It establishes the truth that the Jewish people have NEVER been forgotten. It reminds the wild branch, the Church their role is to provoke the Jews to jealousy. This done by love. God's promises are irrevocable. The Church has been expanded into the family of God. Salvation is for all, first for the Jew, than for the Gentile. This is still proper protocol. From the 2nd century onward, the sentiment started as, "You will not live among us as Jews" Than it progressed to "you will not live among us" than it progresed to "You will not live" with Hitler's attempt at complete eradication. 6,000,000. Babies slaughtered. Michael Brown establishes these very visceral images to sear into our brain. True believers need to remember the Messiah they profess to believe in is not a blond haired blue eye European, but a middle eastern Jew from the TRIBE of Judah. The first century believers were primarily JEWISH. The twelve disciples were primarily JEWISH. the Bible is written mostly by Jews, to Jews, and by extension to the rest of the nations to read. The issue of salvation is Jewish in thought and concept. The Messianic Age is Jewish in thought and concept. Humanity's redemption is Jewish in concept by the Elohim of Avraham, Yihtzak, and Yakov. It was natural and physical born Israel restored in 1948 that fulfilled prophecy. It was a pure language of Hebrew that was restored fulfilling Jewish prophecy. It is the land of Israel restored that fulfilled Jewish prophecy. It is physical and natural born Jews brought back to the lands of physical Israel. Since the victory of 1967, Israel has given back 90% of the lands it claimed in the 6 days war. It was the Arabs that are responsible for the displacement of the refugees as they told them to leave when they come to annhilate Israel. Israel was never annhilated. The eradication of the Jews will always be their intent. Scriptural prophecy warns what will occur when they rally to conspire and destroy Israel. It will not bode well for them. The Church needs to understand and remember their place alongside the Jews, not in replace of them. A sincere honest believer after reading this will piece by agonizing piece have the lens removed of their subconscious jewish hostility or jewish indifference. What is important to the Jewish King should be important to us all. The Church in it's present state needs to be persistent in it's teshuvah before God and before the Jews. It needs more tears. Hatred and hostility will only make the Jews turn away, not provoke them to jealousy. This book is an excellent compilation of truths and history need to NEVER be forgotten.
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on October 16, 2013
These people desired to be left alone to practice their faith and progress in areas of science and commerce. We the 'Gentiles' were exposed as an intolerant, violent, and bigoted lot unwilling to face the results of our actions and have since the end of WW2 continued a brand of anti-semitism which is now a worldwide phenomenon.
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on August 15, 2013
Every Christian needs to read this book. The history of how the church treated the Jewish people will bring you to tears. It will give you great compassion and understanding of why Jewish people are turned off by the name of "Jesus." The Church needs to repent and pray and bless the Jewish people. Please read as our savior was and is a Jew.
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on May 16, 2002
Worth every penny and more, this book tells it like it was and is. Covers from the first Christian persecution of the Jews to the Holocaust through today. No-one could ever be the same towards the Jewish people after reading this book!
Highly Recommend!
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Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of ICN Ministries and of FIRE School of Ministry; he was also a key figure in the (now defunct) Brownsville Revival. He is also of Jewish background, and is certainly the most "scholarly" (see the five volumes of his Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus: General and Historical Objections) of converted Jews who are seeking to convert other Jews to evangelical Christianity.

He writes in the Preface to this 1992 book, "This book has been written with a burning (and often broken) heart, in the hope that the people of God TODAY would utterly repudiate the Church's sins of yesterday. This will bring reconciliation---reconciliation of the Church to the Jewish people, and reconciliation of the Jewish people to their Messiah."

Here are some quotations from the book:

"Basically, the Talmud is not an anti-Christian series of books! It is more NON-Christian than ANTI-Christian, more WITHOUT Jesus than AGAINST Jesus. This should make us feel sad, not angry." (Pg. 31)
"Under Israeli control, the quality of life for the Palestinians living in the so-called Occupied Territories ... has greatly improved. Life expectancy has increased from 48 years to 62 years; infant mortality has dropped sharply..." (Pg. 73)
"While the New Testament often describes Israel and the Church in similar terms... on no definite occasion does the New Testament ever call the Church, 'Israel.' ... 'The Israel of God' does not refer to the whole Church. It refers to believing Jews." (Pg. 129)
"The Church erred fatally by thinking that God's disfavor toward Israel was permanent! Yet as the chosen people, Israel has suffered greatly because of its national disobedience." (Pg. 158)
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on April 20, 2009
Oh, my word, this book is a must read. Michael Brown does a great job at getting his point across about the understanding of the persecution of the Jews and the future and our place in it. We need to know this information and I am so changed by knowing it. I recommend this book to anyone no matter the level of knowledge you have on the matter.
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on November 26, 2013
As the son of an evangelical pastor I highly recommend that every Christian read this book. This is probably the only book that I have ever read that has brought me to tears. Very moving, and insightful; a favorite in my collection.
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on December 7, 2011
This book was recommended by our Rabbi in order for us that are new to the Messianic/Jewish faith would have some understanding of the Jewish thoughts surrounding Christianity and the Cross. This was one of five books that he has asked us to read - and I must say - my heart was nearly torn from my chest - It is a wonderful book that will open your heart and eyes (if you are really looking) to review everything you have ever been taught as a Christian. Look deep in your heart - read G-d's Word and read this book - a lot of light will come through.
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