Customer Reviews: Our Little Corner of the World: Music From Gilmore Girls
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First, to keep you from wasting an afternoon trying to figure out which episode of "Gilmore Girls" had the Pernice Brothers doing "Clear Spot," forget about it because it never happened. That particular group did "The Weakest Shade of Blue" during Season 4 on "Chicken or Beef?" but as for the song that appears on this collection of songs from "Gilmore Girls" it was not on the show, which is too bad because it really fits it quite well (irony abounds, pass it on). It took me a while to find that out today and if Scott Patterson has a major league baseball card I cannot figure out what it would be or if I have it (I certainly do not have any of his minor league cards for the Columbus Clippers). Despite this one glaring example these songs are mostly from the first and second seasons, with several from the third, and for fans of the WB series this is an excellent collection of music from the show.

There are three groups of tracks on this "Music from 'Gilmore Girls,'" beginning with the one that includes the theme song, "Where You Lead I Will Follow," sung most appropriately by Carole King and her daughter Louise Goffin (odd that it is not the first track on the album but the eighth). Then there are the incidental themes that pop up in just about every episode written by Sam Phillip, all of which are labeled "cues." Now you know that the perky "la-la" song is called "Getting Married" and the slower one is "Waltz #1." I am not sure how to really describe the difference between "Maybe Next Week" and "Rory and Lane" in terms of "la-la" songs but they will be familiar as soon as you play them.

The largest category are those tracks associated with key moments in the show, such as from the start of "Sadie, Sadie," where "I Found Love" by the Free Design plays as the Gilmore Girls walk around a Stars Hollow where everybody has one of Lorelai's thousand daisies. If that makes you think about the previous episode, then be happy that the album includes "One Line" by PJ Harvey Love, which is from the moment in "Love, Daisies, and Troubadours" where Rory tells Dean "I love you, you idiot" and kisses him. You also get "My Little Corner of the World" by Yo La Tengo from the end of that episode as Lorelai and Rory run to each other to share their good news, but the previous track makes you think of when Dean told Rory "I love you" in "Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers" and she said nothing, while John Lennon sang "Oh My Love." Big Star's "Thirteen" is from "Rory's Dance" when she goes walking with Dean through Stars Hollow afterwards. I am not sure if the Gilmore girls seeing the destroyed perfect snowman after "The Bracebridge Dinner" constitutes a great moment, but we get Bjork's "Human Behavior" here as well.

If for some reason you prefer Jess to Dean (not me and I wanted Felicity to choose Noel too) then you have "Girl From Mars" by Ash, which is at the end of "Nick & Nora, Sid & Nancy" when Jess and Rory engage in cute book talk. There is also Elastica's "Car Song" from "Teach Me Tonight," which is what is playing right before the car accident. "O'oh" by Yoko Ono is from "Lorelia's Graduation Day," when Rory and Jess are checking out New York City. This is not all about Lorelai and Rory, because you also get the cover of "What a Wonderful World" by Joey Ramone that plays when Luke knocks a hole in his apartment wall for Jess to have his own apartment in "Lost and Found" from Season 2. Yes, there are some memorable songs that are not here, but you probably already have everything by the Bangles and "Someone To Watch Over Me" by Ricki Lee Jones.

Finally, there are tracks that we did not really get to listen to. For example, in the second season episode "Like Mother, Like Daughter" we get both the song that Rory was listening to when the guidance counselor interrupted her at lunch at the start of the episode, "Know Your Onion!" by the Shins, and the song she listens to at the end, "It's Alright, Baby" by Komeda. "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" by XTC is the song that Lane plays off of her new CD for Rory in "The Lorelias' First Day at Chilton." Rory likes "Child Psychology" by Black Box Recorder, another song Lane brings over, played in "Emily in Wonderland," because it depresses her. Claudine Longet's version of "God Only Knows" is the song Rory and Lane try to listen to in "Double Date" while Lorelai is trying to study and keeps making them adjust the volume. Slumber Party's "I Don't Mind" is from "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes," which is when Rory dyes Lane's hair.

Darn. Two songs left over. "Tell Her What She Wants to Know" is a complete song by Sam Phillips that was in Season 4's "Ballroom & Biscotti." Grant-Lee Phillips's "Smile" is from the end of "Application Anxiety," as Luke and Taylor are having a fight and Rory and Lorelai are strolling around Stars Hollow again. The last one goes in the third category and I guess the other one does by default. I guess the whole "Clear Shot" search has left me more shaken (but not stirred) than I had thought.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon October 15, 2002
The Gilmore Girls is a great television program on the WB about a mother, Lorelei, who is from a well-to-do family, got pregnant at sixteen, left home to raise her daughter Rory alone. Now Rory is sixteen and Lorelei and her are best friends. They live in the quirky Connecticut town of Stars Hollow that is full of strange, but lovable townsfolk. The show is full of witty dialogue and has a hip sense of music. The soundtrack to the program shows off its eclectic musical tastes. Carole King originally recorded "Where You Lead" on her Tapestry album and the show uses an updated version she recorded with her daughter Louise Goffin as its theme song. Grant Lee Phillips plays a troubadour on the show who plays musical interludes throughout episodes and he contributes the strong "Smile". Sam Phillips does not appear on the show, but her music is a strong part of each episode and the little snippets of her simple la-la-la cues are sprinkled throughout the album. Another strong aspect of the album is that while it has many well-known artists like John Lennon, XTC, Big Star and Joey Ramone, it doesn't pick obvious songs from their catalogues, but lesser known gems. Mr. Lennon's "Oh My Love" is a beautiful and tender song, XTC's "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" perfectly encapsulates Lorelei's love life. Big Star's "Thirteen" is a sweet acoustic number and Joey Ramone rips through a thrashing version of the standard "What A Wonderful World". The Free Design's "I Found Love" is a quirky pop tune from the early 70's and The Shin's "Know Your Onion" is a quirky pop tune from 2001. Other standout tracks include Ash's rocking "Girl From Mars", PJ Harvey's "One Line" and Yo Lo Tengo's "My Little Corner Of The World".
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on October 2, 2002
Okay, there's no shame in admitting that you love the Gilmore Girls if you're a heterosexual male. It's a great television show that features excellent characters, witty writing, two very attractive actresses, a hip sense of pop culture, and some of the best music ever heard on network TV.
With a name like "Gilmore Girls" and with a teenage daughter as one of the leads, you'd expect that the show would submerge itself in the latest artificial bubblegum pop group fad. That couldn't be further from the truth. Gilmore Girls is a show that embraces real music, especially indie music. This is a show where the characters love to dance to the latest XTC album, or sit around talking about Claudine Longet and Yoko Ono, or jump with joy when they get tickets to a Bangles concert. (And instead of coming up with some contrived reason for meeting the band, they just sit in the middle of the concert hall along with the rest of the audience. How's that for a TV show being original?)
This album is simply wonderful. Along with Sam Philip's lyrical musical cues from the show, it includes 20 great songs from such well-known and little-known groups as XTC, Joey Ramone (doing a wicked cover of a Louis Armstrong classic), Komeda, Slumber Party, Yo La Tengo, and Elastica. I have to admit that I had never heard of a lot of these groups prior to buying this CD, which I'm now kicking myself for. This CD will broaden your musical tastes, and it will make you appreciate some very underappreciated groups. As for myself, I plan on spending a lot of time in my local used record store looking for more from these groups.
And not enough can be said of the new recording Carole King did with daughter Louise Goffin of her classic Tapestry song, "Where You Lead I Will Follow." Used as the Gilmore Girls' theme song, this new recording goes beyond the 45 seconds shown on TV and gives us a great song that really captures the theme of a show about mothers and daughters.
So, in summary, if you're a fan of the Gilmore Girls, you need to buy this CD. If you like great music, you need to buy this CD. And even if you've never heard of the Gilmore Girls or watched the show, I highly suggest that you give the TV show and this CD a try. You may very well be surprised by what you find.
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on March 25, 2003
The Gilmore Girls is one of the few TV shows right now that I find worth watching. No other show currently in my opinion (and I am sure someone has tried) can capture the honesty, simplicity and down to earth quality of this program. The acting is tops, and the music that is compiled here serves to polarize the connection between the hearts of the characters and the personality & quirkiness of storylines.
The majority of the songs have a sunny 60s folk rock feel. Solid vocals that are dreamy but clear. There are few raunchy tracks like the late Punk Rock maven, Joey Ramone's version of Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World," Elastica's flirty, dodgy "Car Song", and XTC's careful love-love butcherfest "I'M The man Who Murdered Love."
Many of the songs are not popular tunes from artists but small nifty gems that are still worth pocketing like PJ Harvey's "One Line," John Lennon's "Oh My Love," and Yo La Tengo's "My Little Corner Of The World."
Bjork's "Human Behavior" is an interesting pick amongst the rock driven selections. However, it serves to clean your palette and set you up for more familiar 60s tambourine and peachy vocals that follow such as Claudine Longet's version of the Beach Boys' classic "God Only Knows."
Over all this album is a welcome compilation to anybody out there that can appreciate the sound of the 60s, Indie Rock & Britpop.
There isn't a track I don't like on this CD.
Personal Track Recommendations:
- Track 03 - Black Box Recorder - "Child Psychology"
- Track 05 - The Free Design - "I Found Love"
- Track 07 - John Lennon - "Oh My Love"
- Track 12 - XTC - "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love"
- Track 19 - Claudine Longet - "God Only Knows"
- Track 21 - Yoko Ono - "O'Oh"
- Track 24 - Yo La Tengo - "My Little Corner Of the World"
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on August 20, 2005
Love the show Gilmore Girls since the very beginning and love all the great array of music that has always graced the show! I was happy to find out about this eclectic mix of songs from the show and even happier when I received it!! It is great, not only the music which ranges from the Ramones to Bjork and The Shins, but it is funny when you can place the song with the episode, it is fun!! A definite have CD for the Gilmore Girls fan and any music lover!!!
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on March 5, 2003
The first couple of times I listened to this CD, I didn't enjoy it that much. In fact, I thought it was pretty weird. So I put it away for a couple of months. But a couple of weeks ago I decided to listen to it again, and since then it hasn't left my CD player. I don't know what it is about it that made it "click" this time, but it sure did.
The song choices on this CD are very eclectic, which may be a turn-off to some. But I encourage you to stick with it, even if you're a fan of more traditional, "pop" music. Quite a few of these songs/artists aren't well known, but all are treasures. My personal favorites are the songs by the Shins, XTC, Ash, Slumber Party, Elastica, and PJ Harvey. You'll also find the cute "la la" clips that are part of what makes the show so unique.
All in all, I definitely reccomend this CD. Even if it doesn't strike a chord with the first listen or two, give it another try, and you'll probably learn to love it just as much as I do. :)
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on October 13, 2002
Okay, a little background: I am a teenage female who has loved the TV show Gilmore Girls since the first season--And why not? Hilariously witty writing, strong, relatable characters, and a great soundtrack. I really couldn't wait until the soundtrack came out-I ordered it on this website as soon as I could. And it was worth the wait. From the upbeat "Know Your Onion"(The Shins) to the slower but still meaningful "Oh My Love" (John Lennon) and everything in between, this CD is great for Gilmore fans, music fans, and just about anyone else. I highly recommend both the soundtrack and the TV show--Tuesday 7:00 EST on the WB Network, by the way.
PS: For those of you really obsessed with the show (like me)and can catch a few inside jokes, the cover booklet has some amusing photos: Lane's "Korea=Death" postcard, Babette's gnome, the oven stuffed with shoes...
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on August 27, 2004
This is an interesting soundtrack. I like the Gilmore Girls but only watch it sporadically, and I was admittedly a little embarrassed to be at Barnes and Noble buying a companion cd to the show. But the music exceeded my expectations. There's the Ramones singing "What A Wonderful World" with a whole lot of exuberance and zing, as well as Carole King's beautiful and heartfelt "Where You Lead I Will Follow." Ash's "Girl From Mars" also stood out for me and has a fun, good beat. I like most of the other songs on the album--there's a lot of variety, rock, and hipness here. Certainly not a cd with a lot of depth or profundity to it but a great addition to my ever growing going-to-work music.
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on August 8, 2005
This is a must have for any Gilmore Girl Fan!

It has all the different "la la la's" that they play when something good is happening or when something sad is happening. Plus they have the song that they played when Lorelai and Rory made the snowwoman who had stroke mouth!

Must have, must have, must have!
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on September 19, 2003
I'm a faithful Gilmore Girls fan so I was happy to hear that there was a soundtrack on the market. Rarely have I ever found a soundtrack that I really enjoyed EVERY single song. I love the fact that this collection has a mixture of fun, uptempo songs like "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" and slow, thoughtful numbers like "My Little Corner of the World." This CD has a wonderful mix of rare gems and I would highly recommend it to anyone (even if you don't watch Gilmore Girls). :-)
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