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on October 30, 2012
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OUT FOR BLOOD is the fourth book in the House of Comarré series and I really enjoyed it. The pace was quicker, the POV changes were handled more smoothly, and the plotlines were integrated much better.

Chrysabelle has had the Ring of Sorrows melted down and stitched into her skin as signum. It is giving her some odd powers, but she is still more concerned about searching for her brother. At least she has a lead now; she believes it is Damian, the comar kidnapped by Daciana and Tatiana. He just happens to be in the same place as the half-vampire child, Lilith. The KM are determined to have the child and they are not above forcing Chrysabelle to retrieve her.

At the beginning of the book, I was worried that Mal and Chrysabelle's relationship had devolved, but Ms. Painter quickly turned it around and finally gave us the smoochies we had been waiting for. I really enjoy Mal and Chrysabelle as a pair; they work well together and are dedicated to one another. I loved seeing them both finally admit to their feelings. There were some really beautiful moments between the two of them in this book. The ending was a complete game changer though and I already cannot wait for the next book.

Fi and Doc were sweet together as always though I don't think their story has finished playing out. I feel like there will still be repercussions from the events in this novel and especially from the mate fight in the arena. I can't wait to see how Doc develops as pride leader.

I'm not sure I see how Yahla was really necessary for the plotline, but I am happy that a new KM section chief has been appointed at the very least. A basilisk, who would have guessed? Creek's role here was somewhat minor, but I think he will have a much bigger role to play in Paradise City in the next book. Even though Creek wasn't himself when he was dealing with her, I really came to hate the mayor and the actions she took in this book.

We see a new side to Tatiana as she takes care of Lilith. She's almost, dare I say, compassionate. You begin to feel bad for her because it seems like all she wants to do is protect her family (her, Lilith, Octavian, and Daci). Then she's back to her ways and you don't feel sorry for her anymore. I think she has become a more complex villian here and in the previous book, but I bet we haven't seen anything yet. She's going to be a force of pure vengance in the next book.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with this entry into the series. That ending was a complete killer though. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book, LAST BLOOD, to find out what happens with Chrysabelle and Mal and their increasingly complicated relationship.

Thank you to Netgalley and Orbit Books for providing an ARC copy of this book!
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on January 26, 2013
The first House of Comarre book in the series was great: a tight plot, nice world building and a lead hero and heroine who had depth. Unfortunately, each succeeding book has been worse and worse and I finally gave up on this series with this book.

Chrysabelle's actions become more selfish and childish as the series progresses. In the first book, she seemed like a strong character with depth, but each succeeding book opens with her brooding in her house and deciding to embark on another adventure for poorly explained motives.

The first book focused on only a few characters to good effect. However, this last book took the cake as nearly every character-major and minor-had a storyline that needed to be followed, expanded upon and needlessly discussed. And the ending of the book had me rolling my eyes-too obvious and dramatic. It felt like I was reading Twilight.

All urgency from the first book lessens as the series progresses. Everyone makes a big deal about Samhain and the breaking of the Covenant but those events take a back seat to all the character drama.

The main plot of the book could have been intriguing but between all the meandering threads for the ever-increasing cast of characters, it got lost. All in all, I felt like I was reading a really bad soap opera.
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on January 9, 2013
Oh. I am still recovering from finishing the next to last installment in the House of Comarré series. The author did an amazing job at adding twists along the way. There was one point, near the beginning, where I was blindsided and then one toward the end where she really threw me for one. It hasn't happened much lately, where an author can throw curve balls at me that I hadn't at least suspected. But damn, kudos to Kristen Painter for this. My mind is still trying to grasp the last curve ball...that

However, while my mind is still reeling over those surprises, it's also weeping. Yes, my mind (and the rest of me) are weeping. The ending was like a stake to my heart. With one more book left though, I know it will all work out. Well, maybe not all of it but what matters most to me, better work out! :)

This book is filled with a lot of craziness of what people are willing to do for family. Basically every character is dealing with something family related and they all go through different lengths to make sure they protect those they care for most. It's very touching though sometimes idiotic. But, like they say, people go to great lengths to protect those they love and it's the absolute truth.

I do have to say this is probably the first book where I didn't mind reading from Tatiana's point of view whereas all the previous books I was just like argh, enough of you. Taking care of Lilith surely has changed her and not for the better. (Well, I mean that in the sense that she's not as cold as she once was, which will be her downfall)

If you like vampires and are looking for something different and maybe more mature, then I highly recommend this series. Though it's categorized as adult, I do believe younger readers can also enjoy it. There are so many characters in this series for you to fall in love with and let me tell you, I think you'll find yourself attached to most everyone. I know I have.

Reviewed by Jessica @ Step Into Fiction
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on November 6, 2012
Character wise OUT FOR BLOOD was full of just about everyone and everyone's points of view like usual. I still enjoy following along with Chrystabelle's voice and story. I'm kinda sick of Tatiana and no one seeing through her bull shit. I mean really!?!? How much crap can one bad guy get away with? Will she ever die? I sure hope so, I despise the parts in the book where her character is talking. I could not stand Creek in OUT FOR BLOOD he annoyed the heck out of me. So glad the love triangle is over with. The Mayor, uggh *rolls eyes*, that's all she deserves. I still love Mal, cant reveal to much about him in book 4 but *sad face*. The parts with Maddox and Fiona were extremely entertaining. Those two are a trip and Fiona pulls out a can of whoop ass. It was fun to "watch" her go all Alpha female.

I can't say that I'm terribly shocked by the ending. I didn't see it coming or anything but i guess I kind of expect Chrystabelle not to have anything go anywhere near easy for her. The situation definitely makes me think that book 5 will be a roller coaster ride. This is one of those series were you would be utterly lost if starting from anywhere but the beginning. All in all OUT FOR BLOOD was a great addition to the series and you wont want to miss it.
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on November 4, 2012
I no longer think of the House of Comarre as a series, I think of it as a saga. The world is so rich, the characters so well drawn, the plot so complex, that it has taken on a life of its own. Lots of new things happen in this book, not the least of which is Chrysabelle's new ability to come back from the dead, a power gained by using the sacred gold from a ring of power to re-apply the signum to her skin. At least I have no more sleepless nights wondering how she will match the life-span (no, make that death-span) of Mal--a vampire, cursed, yes, but still destined to live a long time. Ms. Painter's world-building skills are awesome and if you've not read the earlier books in the saga, I urge you to pick up Blood Rights (House of Comarré) and get started - it won't take you long to catch up, the books are too compelling to put down. If you have, like I, devoured this book within days of it's release, alas, we'll have to wait impatiently for the final episode from Ms. Painter's talented pen.
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on November 3, 2012
Out for Blood by Kristen Painter is the 4th book in her House of Commare series. This story picks up shortly after Bad Blood left off.

Chrysabelle is still trying to discover the ramifications from using the Ring of Sorrows gold as her signum. After she initially pushes Mal away again, she regrets her actions and tries to make amends. She finds herself in a situation, that literally kills her, and Mal thinking he has lost the love of his life, watches in amazement as she comes back to life.

Finally as the story progresses, we get to see the romance between Chrysabelle and Mal comes to fruitation. Mal loves Chrysabelle with everything he has, even though the voices of the beast inside him push him to be evil.

But Out for Blood has many continuing stories ongoing, with the characters we have come to enjoy in the earlier books:

Tatiana is the villain, and her usual nasty self, but now she has a child she adores, a child who becomes the first born vampire, and whom will also be a daywalker. Tatiana, who is feared by all, will stop at nothing, even plot to kill those against her, who stand in her way.

Chrysabelle is also determined to find her brother, and save him from Tatiana, and asks Mal and friends to help her. With her unusual signum, which has given her abilities that she needs to find more about, Chrysabelle is now one of the strongest Commarre's. Tatiana of course wants her.

Doc, who is a feline shapeshifter, and Fi, who is a ghost, are the other romantic couple, and now that Doc becomes the leader of his pack, the laws require him to marry the former leaders wife. Fi must go over and beyond to find away to free Doc, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

Creek, who must still answer to the Kubai Mata, is forced to push Chrysabelle, to help bring back that child to them, as she goes to find her brother. Creek comes under the spell of a soul taker, and under her influence causes the Mayor to make rash and dangerous decisions. Those of which will endanger and anger his family & friends.

There is a lot of action, and excitement, as each story heads for their own climax. There were a number of twists, and a surprise ending. It wasn't really a cliffhanger, but nevertheless, it was a shocker. Kristen Painter does a fantastic job with her world building of vampires, comarre, shapeshifters, ghosts, etc. This is also a unique storyline, very different then most vampire books. You really need to read this series from the start to understand this world, and what the comarre are. This was an excellent book, exciting read, and with that ending, we have to hope Painter gets us the next book fast.
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on December 24, 2012
Fourth in the House of Comarré urban fantasy series set in an parallel world in a contemporary U.S.---New Florida to be exact.

My Take
Oh, wow. This was a ride-and-a-half, settling some issues and starting up others. And now I have to wait for the next book, Last Blood (and the last! Wahhh). Arghh, I don' wanna wait!!

Poor Doc's between a rock and a hard place, and he just isn't thinking when Fi and Heaven first confront each other. I'm kind of surprised that Fiona is so petty-minded, about the shoes and about Doc's new problems. I hadn't expected her to be so insecure. Octavian, on the other hand, is incredible! He has slid into place as Tatiana's consort so easily, and I was so shocked by his easy out at the end. I would have thought he'd have more on the ball.

Then there's Tommy. It's both too easy and too slow for him to figure out what Yahla is up to. He's just lucky that Annika has shown up!

Hoo-ie, Tatiana really screwed up on this one. Who knew the Castus would take this stand? It so serves her right. I cannot wait until book 5 to find out how the other Dominus take this! I'm wondering if Octavian really killed himself or if Kosmina is also Kubai Mata.

Oh man, Amery and Mortalis bring in a convict fae who can taste Chrysabelle's gold and tell her what it all means. The payment he demands is...just incredibly high. Too high in my opinion.

The issues between Chrysabelle and Mal felt a little forced, but only a little. It's absolutely perfect for that nasty, dramatic ending!

The Story
Chrysabelle had the Ring of Sorrows melted down so she could use the sacred gold to recreate her signum tattoos. Only there seem to be some side effects. Now she has two goals: find her brother by blood and discover why she can't die.

And she doesn't have time to run errands for the Kubai Mata, no matter what they threaten. Although, the Kubai Mata haven't learned, yet, what Chyrsabelle did with the Ring of Sorrows.

It's Williamette Alden's reasons for quitting as alderman that start Mayor White thinking along these lines. But it's Yahla possessing Tommy that sets up the disastrous events that has varcolai and vampires furious. It seems that losing her grandchild has unhinged the mayor.

It becomes a quid pro quo when Mal offers to take Doc's place, but the mayor betrays them out of her own hubris. The pride is demanding a death for Brutus', and this ought to satisfy them all. Who knew it could have such amazing benefits?

Fiona has her own ideas on how to get Heaven out of Doc's life. And it seems someone agrees with her.

Meanwhile, Dominic and Katsumi, Mal and Chrysabelle, Amery, and Mortalis have their own rescue mission to fly.

The Characters
Chrysabelle Lapointe is a former comarré, although she had her signums re-tattooed in Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3). Velimai is a wysper fae and serves Chrysabelle as her assistant now that Maris is dead. Jerem is her ursine-shifter driver. Aurelian is the comarré historian.

Malkolm is a noble vampire who was cast out, declared anathema; one who's in love with Chrysabelle with whom he has a controversial relationship.

It's a vampire nightclub which Dominic, the vampire for whom Maris left the comarré, runs. Mortalis is a shadeux fae who works for him. Katsumi Tanaka is a vicious little vampire. Alice is one of the fake comarré and much smarter than most. Luciano is Dominic's nephew from the House of Paole. He's a caedo, an elite assassin, but froze on his last job.Tec is a varcolai bouncer.

Preacher is a day-walking vampire who lives in a church. He fell in love with Julia White, the mayor's daughter, and they had a baby, Mariela. Damian is a comar who defected from Tatiana in Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3). He no longer cares what happens to himself, but he will never bend the knee again. Amery, a shadeux fae, is one of the pilots who flies Mal and Chrysabelle to Europe.

The Varcolai
Maddoc "Doc" Mayes has just inherited all of Sinjin's property, his position as leader of the Paradise City pride, his nightclub Bar Nine, and his wife after events in Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3). You can imagine how this makes his girlfriend Fiona feel! Heaven Silva is Sinjin's wife, a jaguar shifter and the most spoiled bitch you'll ever meet. Isaiah is his new butler. Both Omur, a cheetah-shifter, and Barasa, the pride's chief physician and a tiger-shifter, are on's Council.

Rodrigo Silva is Heaven's father, the São Paulo pride leader of 10,000-plus varcolai. He offers his third son, Remo, to Doc as his third councilor.

The Kubai Mata
Thomas Creek is a felon on parole for what I wouldn't consider a crime. The Kubai Mata sprang him and now they own his soul. If he wants his family kept safe and himself out of jail. Yahla, a soulseeking half-raven, half woman, a creature from his grandmother's tales of her people. Rosa Mae Jumper, a.k.a., Mawmaw, is Tommy's grandmother, a tribe healer.

Lola Diaz White is the mayor of Paradise City. Valerie is her administrative assistant with a crush on John. Police Chief Vernadetto is furious with the mayor about the curfew. John Havoc, a varcolai, is the captain of her security team; Luke Havoc, also varcolai and related to John, recently joined her security. Hilda is her maid who runs out of the house like a bat outta hell. Hector is the comar she buys.

The Elders and Dominus
Tatiana was Malcolm's human wife, and she's schemed and killed her way to her current position as the Dominus of the Tepes Clan. Samael has given Lilith to Tatiana to raise and protect. Lord Octavian was Tatiana's human household chief of staff before she turned him in Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré, #2). Lady Daciana is an Elder and one of Tatiana's who escaped in New Florida. Kosmina, Lilith's nanny, has a potion for Otavian. Oana is the baby's wet nurse.

Samael is the head of the Castus Sanguis which created vampires. The Castus have some really nasty ideas of fun, although I think Tatiana deserves everything they do to her.

Lord Grigor is a Dominus; Svetla is his Elder, another poisonous bitch. Lord Syler is Dominus of House of Bathory; Lords Zephrim and Timotheius are also Domini.

The comarré are humans specially bred for the richest, most intoxicating blood. They're then sold for tremendous sums of money to the vampires who can afford it. Only, they have an ulterior motive in their existence. One the vampires would destroy them for if they knew of it. While comarré is an all-encompassing term, it may also refer to a female while a comar is specifically male. Kine is how the vampires refer to humans. An ancient term for cow. Varcolai are animal shifters descended from fallen angels and animals.

Kubai Mata is a powerful organization that cares only for its own ends with a mandate to police the othernaturals. Sector Chief Argent for the KM is a crusty old bastard and a dragonshifter. Annika is a basilisk who replaces Argent.

The Cover
The cover is consistent with the earlier three books. A black, ornately carved frame with a brocade panel beneath the opening and little red skulls that first appear to be roses in the center of each side frames Mari in a contemplative mood. Facing us, Chrysabelle has crossed her arms in front of her, catching her white embroidered and lace-edged dress as it falls from her shoulders. Her white hair is loosely tied back with a long red ribbon, and her head is tilted down as she studies her new signum tattoos. She's clutching her glowing red sacres, a harbinger of things to come.

Oh yeah, this title is accurate as it seems that everyone is Out for Blood.
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on November 10, 2012
get all the speculative fiction news and reviews at [...]

Although this is the fourth book in the series, OUT FOR BLOOD is the first of Kristen Painter's work I've read. Sometimes it's not easy to jump into the middle of a series. It can be difficult for the author to balance introducing the characters to new readers while not boring longtime fans. Too little info, and the new readers might feel alienated. As a new reader, I did not feel alienated. Painter introduced the story and characters very well, and I was able to easily slip into the story and follow along.

Chrysabelle is a comarré, which appears to be a race of humans who are specially raised to become blood donors for vampires. From what I gather the relationship is typically business like, but for Chrysabelle and Mal, they are in love. Comarrés have tattoos made of gold, and in the previous book Chrysabelle's tattoo was replaced with gold from a magic ring. It seems the ring's powers may have transferred to Chrysabelle.

But this isn't just Chrysabelle and Mal's story. Stories from other characters in Paradise City are folded over each other in an intricate braid:

Thomas Creek is dealing with a supernatural woman with feathers for hair. She possesses him and has him do her bidding, including advising the mayor to put a curfew on the city for all supernaturals.

In the previous book, Doc killed the leader of the Paradise City feline pride (cat shape-shifters), making him the new pride leader. The job comes with inheriting the wife of the dead leader. This does not please Doc's fiancé Fi. She's pissed. Both try to find a way out of the arrangement.

The mayor of Paradise City, a human, wants her grandchild back and she's willing to go to great lengths to make it happen-- including becoming a vampire.

The grandchild in question is half-human, half- vampire and in the possession of Tatiana, the ruling head of the vampires, and she's not willing to part with the infant girl for any reason-- in fact she's willing to set people up and watch them fry to prove her point.

The child is a mcguffin in this story, as pretty much everyone wants her. And for some reason, many of these people want Chrysabelle to retrieve the child. This is where things kind of fell apart for me. Perhaps in previous books Chrysabelle is shown to be strong and capable-- someone who goes after things-- but I didn't see it here. As characters go, I found Chrysabelle to be flat. Stuff happens to her. Other characters come to her with their problems. Looking back on the story, Chrysabelle lacked a goal. She didn't decide to go get the child until much later in the story when she no longer had a choice, and otherwise she was trying to find her brother, but she didn't actively pursue this goal any more than she went after answers about her strange new powers. Other characters brought her information while she ran around trying to help everyone else with their problems-- only to make things worse after making some dumb decisions. I wanted to like Chrysabelle. I wanted to love this book. But her character just didn't work for me.

OUT FOR BLOOD is an urban fantasy with multiple points of view making for richly layered reading. It has all the back-stabbing, politics and posturing of an epic fantasy but it's packaged in an urban fantasy world with familiar creatures with new twists. With lots to love, it's sure to please urban fantasy fans.

Rating: B
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The House of Comarre series is one that really needs to be read in order. Out for Blood is book 4, and if you pick this book up without reading the earlier books, you will be lost.

There is so much going on in Out For Blood. There are multiple viewpoints and the story skips around from character group to character group a lot. Doc is the new pack leader and has to deal with all sorts of ramifications, including an unexpected wife. Chrysabelle and Mal are full of angst and Chrysabelle is determined to stick with her own agenda. Creek gets mixed up with a weird crow goddess, and Tatiana continues to instigate drama and trouble wherever she goes. Even the Mayor plays a larger role in this book and causes trouble. With so much going on, Out For Blood felt disjointed to me. The changes in viewpoint happened so often that it was easy to get distracted from the story.

Despite the viewpoint changing constantly, Out For Blood was still a really good read. The various characters all have their role to play in the overall storyline, and surprises happen around every corner. I was disappointed with Creek in this book. His crow-lady felt like a superfluous character, and I didn't like her much either. I also didn't like the mayor, who went crazy in this book, and I did not expect that at all. I did like the new Kubai Mata character, Annika. She is a unique character, with a good personality and because of that, she helped me like the Kubai Mata a lot more. I liked that Chrysabelle and Mal started showing some growth and better understanding of each other. Kristen Painter throws in some huge, unexpected plot twists near the end that left me reeling.

Out For Blood may not be my favorite book in the series, but it set new plot-lines into motion and kept my interest in the series. After reading the first four books in the series, I am invested and hooked on the story. I am eager for the fifth book to see what consequences come next and how each of the characters will move forward. All things considered, Out For Blood was a good read and I rate it 3.5 of 5 stars.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*
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on November 20, 2012
Out for Blood is the latest in Painter's House of Comarre series. Last year the first three books were released in consecutive months to each other and now it's been about a year since Bad Blood has been released. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't remember everything that had taken place up to this point. Painter does a good job of recapping the events of the previous books without boring us down with an info dump.

Like the previous books, this book picks up right where Bad Blood left off. Crysabelle has just returned from the Aurelian trying to get the name of her brother, but the Aurelian "killed" her. Or tried to. There's still a lot to learn about the gold Crysabelle tattooed into her body. I was a little worried because Crysabelle starts off the book very spiteful and mean (especially to Mal) and I was worried that would be the theme for her the entire book, but it wasn't. That would have brought down the whole book for me, if there was such a character departation as that.

There are a lot of voices in the story. While it still is mainly Mal and Chrysabelle's story we get a lot of other POVs. Painter does a wonderful job of balancing these different characters out. She also has a great way of keeping the reader engaged by knowing how to end a sequence in just the right spot so you keep reading until you get back to that point and its conclusion.

The ending of course leads us into the next book Last Blood. I assume, by the title, that this is the last in the series or a least the last in this story arc. I look forward to the next book. Painter set up some very interesting twists by the end of Out for Blood and I can't wait to see how they all get tied up.
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