Customer Reviews: Out of the Vein [Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD]
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on February 8, 2005
Probably one of the most powerful lyrical phrases I've ever heard. I have had this CD since it's (agonizingly long awaited) release date nearly two years ago, and it's still in my CD-changer and playing right now. For no particular reaaon (as I feel I am "preaching tot he choir" here) I felt compelled to put up a quick review for my fellow music afficionados. On a scale of 1 to 5 this one warrants a solid 24. Of the over 600 record/CD's I've been amassing for some 20 years, "Out of the Vein" has definitely lodged itself solidly in my own personal "Hall of Fame". Third Eye Blind is a tremendous musical powerhouse, one that I can only hope goes on to a decades-spanning career the likes of which exemplified by a few of my other personal favorites: Rush, Yes, U2, and the hopefully not much longer to be dormant Van Halen. At the risk of grandiosity... I see Stephan Jenkins coming into the same circle of songwriting geniuses as Neil Peart and Bruce Hornsby. On a more personal note, I can identify with the emotional suffering of a "messy breakup", and a few years back during the personal devastation of my own divorce, it was 3EB's "Blue" that - for reasons I can't explain - played a BIG part in my ability to move on and begin healing. When I hear lines like "I kept your sweater until the scent was gone / Wrapped up in my hands when the days were long." I can FEEL in a very real and visceral way exactly what Stephan is communicating.  Maybe it's the fusion of such powerful personal feelings set against a backdrop of energetic, upbeat and (most importantly) refeshingly original musical arrangements that gives 3EB's creations their power, if not a life of their own. Get this CD, Get all three Third Eye Blind releases -- You will be anything but disappointed. --Bob
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on May 20, 2003
It's been close to 4 years since the release of Third Eye Blind's sophomore release. 4 years wasn't too much time for 3eb to loose their grip though. Their new record, Out of the Vein, houses all the goodness that made their debut a must. Frontman Stephan Jenkins leads 3eb with a brand new fresh load of songs to put them back on the map. Despite the weak new single "Blinded" Out of the Vein boasts excellent tracks like "Forget Myself" "Crystal Baller" "Wake For Young Souls" "Misfits" and "Good Man." Jenkins keeps up his lyrical guiness up with a poetic renactment of his break-up with actress Charlize Theron which covers just about the whole album despite "Misfits" and "Wake For Young Souls." As always you can pick up on his love for Greek Mythology ("Chemicals wear me down in your summertime bacchanalian"). The only big mistake was to leave out the stunning Slow Motion-ish track "My Time in Exile" only featured on the DVD. Never-the-less Third Eye Blind still prove they can rock on Out of the Vein. 8/10
Highlights: "Wake For Young Souls" "Crystal Baller" "Forget Myself" "Misfits" "Good Man"
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on January 14, 2004
Third Eye Blind, in my opinion, is one of the most innovative rock groups of our time, it seems as though they are always looking to raise the standard musically, not settling for run-of-the-mill music. The album is contagious, to be honest I wasn't real thrilled with the first listen, but after a few spins, I found myself craving more. Other than a few sexual innuendos, lyrically I enjoyed it. I can say with confidence that this was my favorite album of 2003, and even after 50+ listens, the effect is the same. 'Crystal Baller', 'My Hit and Run' and the opening track 'Faster' are some highlights, definitely check it out and let it grow on you...
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on October 3, 2003
Third Eye has achieved a following and fan base through their ability to connect with the common listener. Relationships, fights, sex, death, and self doubt are just some of the topics they tend to touch on, but lead singer Stephan Jenkins has the ability to make you step into his life.
With the release of their third effort, Out Of Vein, things have not changed. The lyrics are just as dark, the sex is just as raw, and the tones have an uplifting but negative vibe at the same time. For a true Third Eye fan, this is a Third Eye CD. If your someone who is looking for Semi-Charmed Kinda Life, that was 5 years ago, times change, and so does music. All in all, it's the same band, and they continue to evolve their sound.
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on October 24, 2003
In my first listen to "Out of the Vein" I wasn't sure what to think of this new album of 3eb. It seemed different than "Blue", but it wasn't the Self-Titled very much either.
That is, basically, because it's neither. It has some elements from Blue, where Stephan Jenkins and the gang decided to use very "pop"-ish sounds, and had maybe two or three songs that stood out. But it also reminds various songs off the self-titled CD, which was definitely the better out of the two.
"Out of the Vein" is a great mix of the Self-Titled and "Blue". It has the perkyness and vividness of "Blue" (in songs like "Forget Myself", "Faster" and "Blinded") but some of the 'blueness' and sadness of the Self-Titled (heard in "Crystal Baller", "Misfits" and "Self Righetous").
This album has a much better flow than the previous (the tiresome "Blue" was very bunched up in genres of songs), and a much more evolved musical sense from the Self-Titled.
Jenkins wrote or co-wrote every single song in this album, and you can feel it. His incredible voice (for my opinion) fits every song, and you know he sings with feeling.
Kudos to Stephan Jenkins, Arion Salazar, Tony Fredianelli and Brad Hargreaves for a great third album, a gift to all 3eb fans.
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on August 24, 2005
OOTV has certainly grown on me in the two years I've had it. There's definitely enough good stuff on there to call it an above average record, and I commend 3eb for that. And maybe if this was the first album instead of the third, it would be on my list of top 5 favorite albums of all time. But that's the problem. Third Eye Blind's first two albums were for a lack of a better world absolutely incredible, and OOTV simply can't compete. When it comes down to it, they've lost something. It could be the signature sound of Kevin Cadogan; it could be that this album is just overprocessed; it could be the fact that Stephan Jenkins is just getting older. All I know is I'm craving the band I heard for the first time way back in '97, that ballsy, aggressive, power pop that none of us could forget. Buy this album; it's worth it. But for something that will truly touch you, Blue and Self-titled.
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on April 17, 2006
I've been a music connoisseur for a long time now. From Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Christian, House, Techno, Folk, Jazz, Classic, Punk I've literally bought CDs from every possible genre on Amazon. I love music. And of all my CDs, this is one that I always come back to. Genre-wise, this would be closest to pop rock, but much like Maroon Five's "Songs About Jane", this type of mainstreamish rock is less canned and just never seems to get old. Especially since the lyrics on this album are well written. For the past 3 years this CD has always resurfaced for me.

However, like 99% of CDs there are imperfections. 11 and 12 should pretty much be stricken from this great compilation, but that still leaves 12 (if you count the hidden track) WORTHY tunes that will always be there waiting for you in your CD/MP3 collection.

This is an excellent CD.
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on May 20, 2003
I never thought 3EB would top their inaugural album, and while I loved most of Blue, it didn't come close to matching the eclecticness of the songs on the self-titled CD. Clearly on the first album, Jenkins was going through hell and wanted the rest of the world to know about it and maybe cathartically relate to some portion of his torment.
"Out of the Vein" hits the mark on all points. Jenkins love-life is such public knowledge that you feel almost guiltily vouyeristic in listening to the songs about his former girlfriend, supermodel and actress Charlize Theron. These are some seriously personal songs, people! He deals with this breakup with reflections of his romantic life in everyday happenings and significant events, such as his motorcycle crash. "My Hit and Run" is one of the best songs they have ever written.
Lyrically, this album ranges from deeply poetic to sarcastically goofy, but always in a deliberate manner. I think they may have written their strongest lyrics yet.
Musically, you have the layered, crescendoing trademark 3EB sound that we fans love. Improved is the musicianship and the backing vocals are much stronger on this album than any previous. They are a tighter band than ever before, and Jenkins vocal range has expanded and become more accurate and effortless.
Is it superior to the first album? Its incredibly close, but for me the first album has so many milestone personal associations on each song I would be hard pressed to appreciate this one more. Still yet, each time I listen to OOTV I gain a broader appreciation for it. This is a remarkable CD.
Bottom line: Take your [money] and immediately go buy this album. It's a masterpiece of therapeutic songwriting and infectious melodies that will make it a regular in your CD player.
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on May 16, 2003
I have been a Third Eye Blind fan since 1998 when "Semi-Charmed Life" became a pop smash. Since then, I have followed the band and became a huge fan of their first self titled cd. Their second album "Blue" was a bit of a disappointment but it still garnered success off of the radio friendly "Never Let You Go." Nearly three and a half years later, Third Eye blind has returned strongly with "Out of the Vein" The cd track listing that is posted right now is incorrect. The true order is
1.Faster 7/10 rating
Awesome song, great guitars, suggestive lyrics (probably why the cd got a parental advisory sticker)
2.Blinded (When I See You) 8/10 rating
This is the first single off this album and will stick in your head immediately after hearing it. Catchy tune with great lyrics.
3.Forget Myself 8/10
Another catchy song, definitely has single potential.
4.Danger 7/10
Upbeat rockin song, great background vocals on this one.
5.Crystal Baller 10/10
This song is flawless from the beautiful lyrics to the wonderful guitar work. In my opinion, the second best song on the cd,
6.My Hit and Run 7/10
Great song, interesting story behind it
7.Misfits 6/10
Whether he admits to it or not, this song was co-written by Fred Durst, which is probably why this is one of my least faves on the album.
8.Can't Get Away From You 10/10
Best song on the album
9. Wake For Young Souls 7/10
An oldie from 3eb, this song was originally written in 1994.
10.Palm Reader 7/10
Catchy tune
11.Self Righteous 6/10
Still not sure about this song, it might be too slow but it might still grow on me
12.Company 6/10
Decent song, not one of the best on the cd tho.
13.Good Man 9/10
Awesome song
Hidden track- Another Life 8/10
Another great song, just let Good Man keep playing and at the 4:52 second mark, this song will start up.
Overall, this is a great cd from the best lyricist (Stephan Jenkins) on Earth and one of the most musically talented bands as well. See them live and you will really be able to feel 3eb's energy.
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on May 14, 2003
It's more of the same from 3EB and that's not neccessarily a bad thing! Third Eye Blind's CD were incredible, my favorite albums by far. Aside from their radio hits (Semi-Charmed Life, How's It Gonna Be, Never Let You Go), this band has major depth and they proved that over and over again throughout the first two albums. Out of the Vein is no different. It continues with the same spontaneous but powerful lyrics by Stephen Jenkins, same great guitar work, same sudden change-ups in the middle of songs. As usual, this album takes some getting used to. I've always had to listen to a 3EB album a few times before the intricate songs took on shape and meaning, but once they do, one really starts to appreciate each and every single one. What sets Third Eye Blind apart from the rest is the little things they throw into their songs. All of these trademarks of Third Eye Blind can be found on Out of the Vein. All of the tracks are wonderful but standouts include the first single, Blinded (When I See You), Danger, Wake for Young Souls, and Crystal Baller.
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