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on September 8, 2011
I live on a farm, miles from the nearest town and neighbors. My place has been hit a couple of times, quick grab and go scoundrels and not much more. I purchased 6 of these to place around our property and I used lithium batteries, not the cheaper types that you might install in a flashlight.

The lithium batteries power a small red LED light that blinks on and off and give the impression the cameras are "on" and "seeing" what might be in their view. The LEDs have been blinking reliably for a month straight and at night they look VERY real.

I'm impressed with this device because they resemble true cameras that emit an invisible infrared light for night viewing. They have held up well in storms and are easy to adjust and rotate. If someone looks close at the front of the camera, it appears to have built in infrared illuminators. These are the new technology "lights" that provide an invisible light that the eye can not see, but a professional crook might understand and know is the same style of light used on expensive "game cameras" that hunters use to capture images of animals at night.

I'm happy with my purchase and I feel these "fake" cameras do a good job to discourage thieves.

(UPDATE... NOVEMBER 2013. These "cameras" are still working well and in the 2 years since I wrote this review, I have not had any crooks steal anything from me.

Some points...
* Lithium batteries. Sometimes they will run the camera for 3 weeks and sometimes they run 5 weeks. I surmise this might have something to do with cold or hot season.
* Some discussions here stating "no wires" and my thoughts are "no big deal" because WiFi cameras look a lot like this and, cameras placed around by deer hunters have no wires, because the have SD cards that can record video.

Bottom line... in two years, I have not had a failure in anyone of the 6 "cameras" I bought, and the little red blinking LED light is easy to see at night. They have been sitting outside, unprotected and have been rained on, snowed on, have stayed out in the Texas sun (it was 111 degrees here one summer) and they haven't missed a beat.
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on February 26, 2014
I integrated these with my real cameras for purposes of confusion. After reading and talking to Security Installers and looking at my 3 real cameras, something I learned, the thieves have these figured out already, but you can fix that.

First off real cameras do not have a blinking red light on front. To thieves this is a dead giveaway. Leave the battery out. Real Camera's have a green light on the back, and it does not blink and is only for the purpose of showing that the camera's are activated. But, as soon as a knowledgable thief sees a blinking red light on a security camera, that tells them this is fake. And to note, I am not giving away anything here, that information is available on many of the Security sites.

Secondly, real camera's can be wireless but if they are they do not necessarily have a visible antennae. None of mine do. But they all have some power source, not batteries. They will not have the single thick wire that you see on these (At least the camera's I received). They will have two thin wires going into a hole behind the camera.

Blinking red light and single thick wire is a dead giveaway to the thieves.

Drop the battery and drill two tiny holes behind the camera. Get yourself some red and black thin wire and attach it to the back of the camera (I used a small piece of electrical tape) and stick the other ends of the wires in the holes.

Thieves wont know the difference between real and fake.

Otherwise they look absolutely real and were pretty soldily built, even compared to my real cameras.
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on August 6, 2013
First off, I am an electrician. I have installed hundreds of these types of cameras in the past. I can assure you that these cameras look EXACTLY like the REAL THING. It does come with a blinking red LED light. Personally, if you are concerned with this camera looking authentic, I would highly suggest that you DO NOT activate the red light. It has been a long time since camera's like this have utilized any type of flashing light. If you want to "announce" the presence of the cameras, then purchase the package of plastic signs to post around the camera's location. They are BIG, RED and WHITE with an image of a camera on them. Hard to miss.
This camera looks very realistic even upon close inspection, mostly due to the "infrared" illuminators that are present in both this item and in the real thing. Just be sure to thread the wire THRU the mounting bracket, then push it back that it looks like the wire then goes "into" the wall. Just like the real thing!
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on October 25, 2011
Just a couple weeks ago I heard noises outside very late at night and saw through the 2nd floor window two punks trying to break into a car. I made a noise, they saw me, and they ran away. I imediately wanted something to deter this from happening again so I got this fake vid cam as a temporary measure until I get something that takes real photos. So far no noises, but its too early to tell.

From my point of view, this fake camera looks real from afar, especially if you install it somewhere elevated and out of reach. I highly recommend the latter because, up close, it looks and feels plasticy. At night, a trespasser might not tell the difference. But since its low quality and empty inside, it can be easily destroyed and knocked down (by the trespasser). ANother tip, it comes with a realistic power wire stemming from behind the camera down to the mounting bracket., but obviously, you have to install it in a place where its believable. Dont be installing it on a palm tree or concrete wall expecting burglars to think there's power running to the camera.

The battery compartment was a real pain to take off, I felt like I was ripping the thing apart. But once installed the red LED light blinked continuously for 1 second every second. So it WILL be noticed. Now people will know you have "eyes at night". WIll they think its fake? WIll they think you are protecting something important? Only time will tell, because this camera won't.

UPDATE 10/26/12 *******
Its been a year now since I originally wrote this review, and so far I haven't come across an incident where I was startled by suspicious activity from the outside (knock on wood). I did have to replace the batteries once during this time period... just dont let anyone see you put batteries in a security camera with a cable running into the wall.
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on March 11, 2011
Looks good. Can't tell it's a fake. It takes 2 AA batteries. I have had it on for 3 months and it is still blinking bright. Gonna get another one to mount on the garage wall.
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on February 17, 2015
These are cheap quality plastic cameras. However, they are dummy cameras, so if you follow this advice they should work for you. Don't put batteries in them!!! If you do, a red led light will continuously blink on the cameras face. Security cameras don't do that, and most thieves know that.
Second, install them up high enough where they can't be reached w/out a ladder.
Do not use the cheap sticker included in the box.
If you put these outside, seal around the mounting plate with a silicone sealer, like you would a motion flood light. This will help make it look more realistic.
Las, but not least, strip back an inch or so of the black sheathing on the cable, and put in a black wire and a red wire running out of it. The objective is to make it look as real as possible.
review image
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on July 8, 2012
FYI, the camera I received is NOT the exact camera pictured in the listing. I have posted photos of the cameras I received in the photos section of the product page. The cameras I received have a white cable coming out of the back, and there is no letting or graphics on the sides. It's a slightly different design. Same bright silver plastic color, though. Oh, and no little yellow sticker.

That being said. These cameras are great for the price. They look real, even though they are made of plastic. Anyone you are trying to scare off won't get close enough to find out. The wire is white, which I'm not a fan of. Realistically, it should be black. The pivots on these don't seem to be as flexible as they would be on the one pictured on the listing that has the ball joint. But again, for the price, they are perfect. They go up in seconds, and they look real.

The flashing red LED light is motion activated, so it is NOT constantly on. The range on the motion detector is only about 12", and I tested with both cameras I received. I didn't buy it for the flashing light, as other reviewers said, no REAL camera has a flashing LED. I have real Foscam outdoor cameras, and they don't have any flashing lights.

Bottom line is, if you are looking for an inexpensive camera that looks real, then buy these. You won't find anything better for the price.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 21, 2011
After having my work space broken into, I got this fake camera as a theft deterrent. It lasted about 4 days, before someone climbed 15 ft to rip it off the wall. Now they know it was a dummy camera and I doubt I will replace it with another. Next time, I'm getting the real thing so those punks can be caught.
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on February 18, 2011
The "camera" appears real and the blinking light can be seen from a long distance.Can not tell that this is not a real camera.
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on September 13, 2011
The most important question anyone should ask themselves is; does this dummy camera look real. Will it fool people into thinking it's an actual functioning camera. If the answer is yes, then you have found what you're looking for and you should consider buying it. But what if the answer isn't quite "yes." What if it only comes close?

I liked the way this camera looked over the others that were offered and I bought it. When it arrived, my initial thought was; I guess it looks as real as a plastic camera can. Sometimes it's hard to tell from an items picture what you're going to get until you actually hold it in your hand. Don't get me wrong, the photo they have posted is actually what you will receive. There is no deception; just understand it's all plastic. Maybe real security camera's and their accociated mounting brackets are actually made of plastic these days, I don't know. I guess I was hoping for some thin aluminum somewhere to help with the deception. I agree with the other reviewers in one sense; it does look real ... but I have to add, 'if it's not viewed too closely or when it's dark.' If you have somewhere high you can mount it, I think you will be pleased. Keep in mind not to mount it too high because you will eventually have to replace the batteries (2 AA, not included.) Also, don't mount it directly under an unmovable object for the same reason. The battery compartment is on top of the camera and you don't want to take the entire camera down just to swap out the batteries. You may also want to consider buying a coaxial cable and tying it together with the fake cord that comes with the camera. All real cameras use coaxial cable. One final thought; there's a lot of debate regarding the blinking light. Do what you feel is right. I personally kept the blinking light on, but it's vey easy to stop it by simply removing the batteries.

This camera comes close and I am currently using it. It has fooled some of my neighbors already and that's a good sign it's doing what it was intended to do. On the other hand, some of my neighbors could be just humoring me and not saying anything.
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