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on June 9, 2009
Apparently the previous reviewer didn't actually SEE the film which I do believe is a prerequisite to a good review. This film is an eye-opener, an in depth examination of the extent that closeted gay politicians (and there are many) will go to protect themselves. This protection takes the form of the most vehement method of defense, reaction-formation. The primary point of the film is to question the practice of outing closeted gay politicians who promote and protect their own careers at the expense of the rights of others. Larry Craig is seen as a rather pathetic figure who's accusations of gay encounters go as far back as the 1980's, long before his last bathroom fiasco. Also interviewed are politicians who have come out of the closet (or been forced out) explaining the freedom attained through honesty. Most interesting is information surrounding the current governor of Florida. The film is riveting from beginning to end. Illustrations of a Freudian slip by a Fox news reporter provide a moment of laughter, while the censoring of an Anderson Cooper (of all people) Bill Maher interview which omits Maher's naming of a gay politician gives question to the beltways conspiracy to protect right-wing gay politicians and their staff. You will be amazed and surprised at the disclosures this film has to offer! A must see. Watch for the Republican conservative who takes his gay "right hand man" all over the world for extended travel but makes sure their arrival is always one day apart.
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on October 1, 2009
This documentary really opened my eyes to what is happening in Washington DC. I had heard for years about a large number of closeted homosexuals within the Republican Party. When Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting toilet sex, it came as no surprise. But this documentary really shines a light on more of these hypocrites. Very well done and the facts are meticulously backed up. Must see!
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on June 22, 2009
It has been said; "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Even worse, is when good men lie about who they are and work for the opposition!

Unfortunately it is unpopular in many circles to be homosexual. I understand that you may want to hide to further your career or your political agenda. But to actively work against yourself and your rights is masochistic. If nothing else, I think the movie Outrage will educate all of us as to how self-hatred is belittling to the individual and harmful to society at large.

I love a good documentary. This one is definitely good, and definitely worth seeing!
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on April 18, 2014
I'm not sure I liked the politics of this dvd. Sure some people were exposed for being queer when they exhibited politics that expressed an alternate point of view. I think the dvd needed more analysis of why people were the way they were. More exposure of the fear that keeps many of us in the closet. And even now its so safe in some countries but still a death sentence in others. Straight thinkers still think they have the right to decide if its ok to be queer or not. Maybe I need to make my own movie about this because it will always be about truth of who I am and nothing to do with choice. You can choose to be out or not, not queer or not.
Maybe too American in its views, I was disappointed but come from a country where we were the first in the world to let women vote. That may have been done for very dubious reasons at the time but started New Zealand on a very cool road of being able to be honest about who you were. The hyp of this movie sounded good but the content was not so good.
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on July 12, 2014
This is a must see for all Americans who think they know why many politicians vote against any policies pertaining to the Gay community, and it has nothing to do with God and the Bible. This documentary does a great job showing the hypocrisy, self loathing, and inherent evil in many of our politicians, most who appear to be Republican, although I am sure there are some democrats out there as well who have the same self hating issues.

There seems to be a lot of Gay closeted politicians holding office than you would never possibly imagine, many who have consistently voted against any policies that would prevent Gay people from discrimination. You should be "outraged."
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on November 24, 2009
Everyone's sex life is their own; it's no one's business what we do in our bedrooms, UNTIL some individuals (as our politicians do) decide to exercise their moral authority as though it was given to them by God.

It is disturbing to see how the people who lead our nation display duplicity every day. What good can we expect of people who can't be true to themselves?

It is very important to understand that this documentary does not present a compelling position for or against homosexuality. This documentary simply reveals the cheap games some politicians are playing to deceive their family and their people, while hiding the reality of their lives.

The saddest part for me was seeing the exwife of James McGreevy , the previous governor of New Jersey, who found out that her husband of many years and the father of her daughter was gay all along. How can we believe, as a nation, that somebody who can engage in such a selfish deception with his own family can work for the best interest of his nation?

It is time for people to stop following empty slogans and self appointed saints, it is time to think and this documentary will help!
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Not many people can claim to be old enough to recall the marvelous Harry Hay, founder of the original gay rights group The Mattachine Society. Well, I may make such a claim. I recall the way Harry insisted on gay people 'beating' straight society at its own game, dressing well, being well educated, so forth.

He was roundly criticized for kissing up to the straight 'ideal', whatever that is.

Decades later, the unpleasant act of the gay community outing celebrities was begun. No one liked this at all except rabid activists. Trust me, I know because I was one of them, but I was never that rabid.

With this film, another kind of outing is being done that I wholly support. As a lifelong and proud Gay American, in spite of a loving wife who accepts us as we are, and because I live religious vows as a Buddhist priest--I support this kind of outing, and this film. Here the main focal point is the hatred, hypocrisy and un-Constitutional activity in Congress.

Gay bashers on the Hill. Real nice. And most of them are gay. This film tells the recent story of Congress' biggest disgrace, one joined by the mainstream media: gaybashing at its slickest. Exposing gay Congress members is the only way to fight back, as all citizens should.

What disappoints here is that the message is not passionate enough. I admire former Gov. McCreevy for coming out...but is a teary interview with him any substitute for aggressive confrontation? The founder of Blogactive does this type of confronting, Bless Him, but not on film. C'mon, man, where's your Michael Moore spirit?

I for one would have liked to see a lot more in-your-face questioning, more exposition. The disgusting Rep. Craig...wrist-slap. The even more revolting Gov. Crist...really limp-wristed slap. C'mon, where's the Larry Kramer drink-in-your-face reporting? Do I have to sit and listen to Kramer tell the STORY of how he threw a drink in a politician's face?

In any case, don't miss the educational chance with this film. Only be warned: there is fairly explicit interview material at the start and it very nearly put me right off watching the rest of this otherwise decently presented documentary.

And who knows? THIS may be a historical beginning of a new GAY ERA.
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"Outrage" is an excellent documentary that attacks the hypocrisy of elected officials in Washington, D.C. (often male Republicans but sometimes Democrat) who are members of the LGBTQ community but hide that from the public for the sake of their careers and their inability to come to terms with the fact that they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or anything other than heterosexual. It's incredible to watch the lengths some people have gone to hurt their peers in the LGBTQ community by introducing and/or supporting laws that deny or take away gay rights that shouldn't even be questioned like gay adoption and gay marriage. All throughout the film there are stories of hypocritical elected officials lashing out at the LGBTQ public while desperately clinging on to a fake "heterosexual" marriage. It amazes me that their "spouses" actually put up with so much garbage although admittedly some may be in denial.

One closeted hypocrite in this film is former Senator Larry Craig who sought out sexual encounters with men in bathrooms; one man states he had a one-night stand with Craig at Craig's house but Craig warned he would ruin him if he told anyone. Yet "Craig supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, which barred extension of rights to same-sex couples." How awful! The film also tells it like it is with a spotlight on Mary Cheney's refusal to help her own LGBTQ community; she could have influenced her father (then Vice President Dick Cheney) to help and not harm the community--Mary stood silently by while President Bush terrified people by pushing for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union that can only be between a man and a woman!

We also get interview time with former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. McGreevey had the strength to come out, but he came out after wrecking the lives of others. When Jim McGreevey admitted he had an affair with another man, he told his wife and family he had been gay all along and in denial. McGreevey also promptly resigned from office; naturally we just can't have a gay Governor! In addition, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch are revealed to be closeted gay hypocrites and we even learn that D.C. has many gay people working there although a lot of them hide in the closet with wives as if they were living in arranged marriages.

Look also for fascinating interview footage with some very brave gay men including Larry Kramer, Michelangelo Signorile and Michael Rogers who has outed closeted gay politicians publicly opposing gay rights.

There's much more I can write but I'll leave the rest out so as not to spoil it all for you! The bonus features include deleted scenes and an optional commentary by writer/director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering.

"Outrage" is mandatory viewing for anyone in the LGBTQ community and those of us who appreciate political documentaries. People studying politics in general would do well to get this film for their collections.
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on October 21, 2011
the Closeted Conservative is alive and well in Washington DC apparently, keeping alive the grand old tradition of Roy Cohn and J Edgar Hoover.

This documentary DVD 'Outrage' makes the interesting point that Washington DC is probably more gay than San Francisco, especially so if you count all the closeted conservatives like Mitch McConnell, Larry Craig, Eric Cantor, Lyndsey Graham, Karl Rove and on and on and on.

What is it about politics and closeted conservatives? It must have a primal attraction just like Broadway for the uncloseted, it's just another form of theater where you get to be as vicious and backstabbing as you want while raking in the lobbyist cash and partying all night after screwing the opposition during the day. And the closeted Rush Limbaugh has given them all a free ride to get in office with his poisonous brainwashing of the low-information electorate.
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Kirby Dick ("This Film Is Not Yet Rated") in "Outrage" has produced a film that every gay and lesbian in this country should see and take to heart. And it should be required viewing by the main stream media as well. Mr. Dick's purpose was to make a film showing the hypocrisy of closeted gay people in positions of power-- congressmen, mayors, governors, et.-- who introduce and pass laws harmful to gay people. It is his belief and the activists he interviews-- Larry Karmer, Andrew Sullivan, Michelangelo Signorile, Rodger McFarlane, of course Michael Rogers et al.-- that these reprehensible people should be thrown out of their closets sooner rather than later.

Mr. Dick names names: this extremely-well documented documentary begins with the pathetic story of Larry Craig, the Republican Senator from Idaho who was busted in a men's room: "I am not gay." Others on the wall of infamy: Ed Koch, Charlie Crist, David Dreier, Jim MCCrery. Mary Cheney, the former employee of Coors Beer, makes the list too although she is not in the closet. She gets highlighted because she could have done something for the rights of gay people since she is the daughter of the ex-vice president but chose not to do so.

There are few heroes here. It is difficult to get much excited about Jim Kolbe who outed himself before someone else did or Jim McGreevey for that matter, or two former Log Cabin Republicans who offer commentary. Mr. Dick said when asked about why he used these two men in the film, is that they knew of many closeted Republicans who work for many elected officials in Washington. My favorite quotation is this really stomach-turning film: "You can't swing a cat without hitting a gay staffer in Washington." A close second would be what Larry Kramer said when Ed Koch, who lived in the same apartment building with him and McFarlane, knelt down to pat Kramer's dog at the apartment mailboxes. He grabs up the dog and says: "That's the man who killed all of Daddy's friends."

There are other features included with this DVD: deleted scenes (one in which Michael Rogers goes to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky), a moving tribute to Rodger McFarlane, a panel discussion with Larry Kramer, McFarlane, Dick and Michelangelo and Sigorile, and Dick taking Q's and A's from an audience.

Powerful, depressing, outrageous, "Outrage" deserves to be seen and acted on. The good guys in the film remind all of us-- and show footage from a speech by Harvey Milk years ago where he said the same thing-- that gays and lesbians all over the U. S. should come out now. That includes closeted politicians
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