Customer Reviews: 3 Point Products Oval-8 Finger Individual Splint, Size 5, 0.4 Ounce
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on August 22, 2010
I injured my finger (mallet finger injury) and was looking at 6 weeks in a splint. Every other splint I could find had some major drawback-- not waterproof (have to cover it just to wash hands let alone shower), doesn't hold finger straight enough, waterproof tape messes up the skin, awkward to type while wearing....
This splint is genius. I can wear it 24/7, it's waterproof, supports my finger, I can type with it on, shower, basically anything... love it.
Two comments, though. One, the splint supports so well that if you try to be too active while wearing the splint you can put pressure on the skin/bone surrounding the injury site. I fished all day wearing the splint and the injury felt fine, but the surrounding area was sore. Second, I recommend buying two sizes to start- the correct size for where you will be using it (see the instruction on how to size) and the next size up to allow for any temporary swelling in the finger. I started with a size 5 splint and am glad I just received the 6!
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on February 25, 2010
I was the lucky recipient of "mallet finger" after hitting my finger by accident a few weeks ago. The orthopedist who diagnosed it gave me a bulky plastic Stax splint that did the job of keeping it rigid, but was very difficult to type or do other chores with. He had never heard of the Oval-8 splint, so I did research online and decided to purchase the sizing kit so I could fit myself. (Note that the sizing kit has splints in every size, so you do not need to purchase splints separately). While it's not exactly "unnoticeable" (it still feels like you've got a snug plastic ring on your finger), it's a much more comfortable and practical alternative to stack or aluminum splints. You can wash your hands, bathe, and type with it on, and it doesn't get grotty like taped bandages. It slips a little when it gets wet but has yet to slide off. If you're faced with weeks of splinting, I believe it's worth the investment to upgrade to the Oval-8.
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on November 6, 2012
I have to admit I am a medical professional, which made me wary of devices sold online. Pleasant surprise though.

I suffered with increasing dysfunction of my ring finger, along with pain in the palm of my hand at the base of the finger. It made typing a nightmare and was keeping me up at night. Taping was uncomfortable, pain patches were ineffective, and I knew it was time for cortisone. I found a hand surgeon and got the injection. In many cases there is no instant relief. I didn't even get relief in a week. Rather than go through that again (in some ways the cure waas worse than the injury), I decided to try a splint. The medical literature is divided on which of the two types to use but the rationale for this one seemed reasonable.

It worked. It gave my finger and hand a chance to rest, especially at night. Wore it sometimes during the day; it's hardly noticeable so you don't get "what happened?" and hear all the old wive's tales on curing trigger finger. The inactivity must have given the cortisone a chance to work.

I was pain-free within days, and function returned a little bit later. I'm keeping the device just in case there is a next time. I'm not big on surgery.
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on October 20, 2008
This is the greatest product ever. I have trigger finger and at the time I was given one of these splints, I was told I would have to have surgery to correct the constant pain I was esperiencing. After wearing this at night for 6 weeks, the swelling had disappeared as had the pain. I then lost the splint and was desperate until I found I could order one. This is worth every penny. The pain is gone and I can now go weeks without wearing it and then the pain returns only if I have done something to trigger it. I highly recommend trying this.
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on October 23, 2010
I have Multiple Sclerosis. My fingers are starting to curl. In the evening I can wear Resting Hand Splints but during the day, while propelling my manual wheelchair, I am active and need the use of my hands. The Oval-8 finger splints enable me to continue my activities of daily living with greater ease. I wear 3 splints on my right hand. It does not interfere. The cost of the splints are very reasonable. The size of the splints are close to the ring size of the fingers. However, I ordered a size larger for my ring finger. I strongly recommend Oval-8 Splints.
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on June 16, 2014
For some unknown reason, my doctor used an aluminum splint with tape to correct the mallet finger on my right hand ring finger. The splint would get dirty, fall off when the tape got wet, and made my condition look worse than it really was. I found the Oval-8 splint on the internet, and it solved all the problems associated with the "doc-fix". Anybody who needs a finger splint needs to consider using the Oval-8 splint. I wore the Oval-8 splint for 36 weeks (6 times longer than the doctor recommended I wear a splint) to "guarantee" that the detached tendon would reattach itself to the bone. I could not, and would not, wear the doctor's splint that long, but I almost miss wearing the Oval-8 splint. By the way my finger is 100% restored to its original shape. This device is the real McCoy when it comes to a finger splint.
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on April 14, 2011
This splint is amazing. I suffered from mallet finger and after 8 weeks of trying every kind of splint available...finding the paper clip and adhesive free tender tape worked the best...I finally stumbled upon the oval 8 splint. It is THE BEST. Holds the finger completely secure and straight without having the annoying tape on the skin. You can wash your hands and dry them and really you don't even realize you have a splint on for the most part. I was very disappointed in how weak and "saggy" my finger was after 8 weeks of splinting. I am hoping another few weeks with this splint will help. If it doesn't I will probably just wear the oval 8 splint for the rest of my life. It seriously is that good, it woudn't even bother me to make it a permanent part of my hand!
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on March 15, 2014
The reason I ordered this product was to splint my left thumb to treat a condition called trigger finger. When it arrived, the product looked to be of excellent quality and very nicely designed, but size 10 was far too small for my thumb. I should have done my homework and found the correct ring size before ordering.

While waiting for the splint to arrive, I found that I could very effectively splint my thumb by wrapping it in Johnson & Johnson's 1/2" hospital grade waterproof tape, and that the tape would last all day. However, change the tape every day to avoid skin problems.

After the splint arrived, I found that size 10 was way too small. I should have gone to a jeweler and asked them to size my thumb. So I returned the product. By which time I went to a hand specialist who (temporarily) cured the trigger thumb with a steroid injection.


The trigger thumb came back again six months after the injection and I had need of a thumb splint again. This time around I purchased a ring sizing set for $9 from Amazon and discovered my thumb is a size 15. And ordered a size 15 splint from the manufacturer. I am wearing the splint now and am finding it very effective. However, to stop it from slipping off, I've been wrapping parts of the splint with the aforementioned Johnson and Johnson waterproof surgical tape, to cause a tighter fit.


The ad for this product is inadequate. It should clearly state that the buyer must precisely determine the ring finger size for the finger to be splinted and then buy the appropriate size (I surveyed the various ads and chose the largest size I could see, size 10: unfortunately, size 10 proved to be too small for my thumb). To measure your finger size, either visit a friendly jeweler, or for about $10 order a ring sizer. Sizers are available that cover sizes 1 through 15, in half size increments.

I note that the manufacturer's website recommends buying three splints that bracket the ring finger size, because the diameter of an individual finger can vary over quite brief periods of time. Very pricey at about $30 for three.
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on February 5, 2016
My doctor gave me a size 6, which worked great day one. After the swelling went down the next day and the splint became loose, I called my doctor again but he was out of 5's. We tried a 4 but it was too small. I called multiple medical supply stores in the area but nobody carried it locally. Amazon to the rescue! I shimmed the 6 with a length of Popsicle stick until I received the replacement. Size 5 fit perfectly out of the box. Since these are made of thermal plastic, they can be spot heated and adjusted slightly to custom fit as needed, but I didn't resort to that. I think I might only trust my doctor to make that modification, anyway, given the cost of these things. These are available in graduated sets of 3 sizes, which might make sense for most people, especially if you haven't been sized by your doctor. The manufacturer has a downloadable printable sizing tool, which I used to validate the size I needed, but I imagine it might not be perfect for everyone.

Typical splints are obtrusive, cumbersome and tend to get dingy, especially if taped to secure them. With these, once you have a good fit, you can pretty much forget it's there. Wear it to sleep, shower and wash your hands without removing it. It stays put and keeps your knuckle extended. I'm on my second of eight weeks in this splint and I often forget it's there. I can assume the remaining six weeks will be the same. It seems durable enough that it can be used intermittently or continuously beyond the prescribed 8 weeks, if necessary.

Most online images display it worn upside-down. Wear it with the band up and the oval down (palm side) to keep your finger from flexing. I keep mine slightly offset to allow the sensitive side of my joint to barely protrude from the oval. Apparently, the sizing is different depending on which end you slide on, so if it's not immediately comfortable, try the other end.

I had a tough time shelling out over 10 bucks for one little piece of plastic, but I don't regret it at all. Perhaps the cost will come down when these things catch on, like I think they should. Still, you might want to talk to your doctor first to see if it's right for you.
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on January 11, 2013
My wife had been complaining about her trigger finger for some time. I saw this product after doing a search and after reading the reviews I decided to purchase her one. It arrived in a timely manner and she is very well pleased with it. The pain is almost gone when she wears it.
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