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on January 7, 2012
i used to buy the deva omega3 supplements ([...]) and liked them very much except that i had to take so many per day because they only contain 200mg DHA per capusle (no EPA). the last time i went on amazon to reorder the deva supplements i found these and decided to give them a shot - with 320mg DHA and 130mg EPA (not sure what makes up the other 50mg, the facts say 500mg total) i can cut down on how many capsules i take each day (i take these for inflammation which requires a higher dose than what is usually recommended).

so the pro is that the capsules contain 120mg more DHA and 130mg more EPA than the deva supplements. also, for the amount of omega3 you're getting ovega-3 is less expensive (even with the deva price being reduced on amazon). the cons are:
* capsule size is significantly larger...i'd say by 30%-40%. however, they are still relatively easy to swallow as they have a smooth coating
* the capsules have an odd smell...sort of a plastic/seaweed combo. not super strong so it's not a big deal to me, though i prefer the deva supplements on this point (they didn't have any noticeable scent)

overall i think i like the ovega-3 supplements better - mostly because i have to take fewer per day, and also because they are a bit less expensive. however, if i only required 200mg-400mg of omega-3 per day i'd probably stick with deva because they are smaller and don't have an odd scent.

EDIT: some reviews of this product imply that you would need to take 2-3 deva supplements to equal one ovega-3 supplement which is misleading. the deva supplements contain 200mg of DHA, 0mg EPA. the ovega-3 supplements contain 320mg DHA, 130mg EPA. DHA and EPA work in different ways, and most people require more DHA than EPA (which is undoubtedly why ovega-3 has more DHA than EPA in it). therefore one cannot make a 'total mg to total mg' comparison of these two supplements; only a 'total DHA to total DHA' and 'total EPA to total EPA' comparison.

UPDATE (04.23.13): when i first purchased these supplements they were about $17, arrived within three days of purchase, and the order was fulfilled by the vitamin shoppe. every order thereafter (i've ordered these through amazon about ten times now) was fulfilled by a different company, but the cost and shipping time remained about the same. the last time i placed an order it was fulfilled by PharmaFrag. the price was about $20 total (including shipping) and the order took over two weeks to arrive - at one point i was actually going to get in contact with them to ask if they forgot to ship it, but finally arrived shortly after that. i was annoyed about the price increase and ridiculous amount of time it took the order to be mailed out but i wasn't going to amend my review because at that point i thought each time i ordered this product it was coming from the same company and this time was just a fluke.

today i received an email from PharmaFrag - this is an excerpt of that email:

"I would please ask you to take just a few minutes and leave us a 5 star feedback by clicking on the link Bellow: This will be greatly appreciated and helpful. Please do not give us a bad feedback or even a neutral. It will make our account on a negative site and it will affect our ability to serve you in the future."

i thought this was a pretty weird email which is basically telling me to give them five stars. having never before received this email after purchasing ovega-3, i looked into my order history and realized i have been buying this product from a different company each time i order. the point of this lengthy update is that i think PharmaFrag is a pretty slimy company and i won't be purchasing from them again. in addition, when i consider the fact that the price is higher and it took forever for the ovega-3 to get to me, i've decided to just buy this from my local vitamin supply shop (which is selling it for about $25 - the additional $3 is well worth getting the product immediately and not supporting a company that i think it trying to manipulate people into giving positive feedback for inadequate service).

i want to make it clear that i did NOT change my star rating of this product. i still think the product itself is great, i just wanted to include this update so people know if they're ordering from PharmaFrag their order may take a really long time to arrive. also, in my original review i made the point that this product has a better bang for your buck than the deva supplements, but if the price keeps going up that won't be true anymore.
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on May 26, 2011
I just received this item last week. I am really impressed with it!

I searched 2 weeks for a product with exactly what I was looking for at a decent price and I found this!

The Product:


*60 soft gels (2 month supply at one a day (on bottle) or 30 day supply if you take 2 a day)

*The pills give 130 EPA and 320 DHA in the form of algal oil for EACH soft gel

*They are soft gels (made with all plant materials and non gmo) Modified cornstarch, carragreenan, glycerin, sorbitol, water, beta-carotene, caramel

*The pills kinda large, but easy to swallow, especially with it being a soft gel

*The glycerin in this is made from palm oil and the cornstarch used is made with
NON-GMO based corn!

*They don't smell like fish..they have a faint dry grass smell to them kinda like dry rabbit pellet food.

*Doesn't cause fishy burping taste, etc (theres never any indication that i've taken it really, which is good)

*Comes in a Large Dark colored bottle

*has more DHA per serving than other pills and is supplemented with EPA which some other pills are not!

~Cons: No Safety Child Cap! Hopefully they will give this option in the future!

(I do keep mine up in the top cabinet, but you never know what can happen when you have kids)


This price was good for $22 plus FREE shipping, But they ended up charging me $11 for shipping...Next time I will buy directly from Amazon since they have it for $24 with definite super saver shipping!

I received in less than a week, which is average =)

~Overall great product and I highly recommended it! I am a Vegan and am so glad that I found this!

for more info on the source of their algae, etc..check out the oveg-3 has lots of good info and even a free coupon for $1 off! W@@T!
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on December 13, 2011
This is a excellent vegetarian product and alternative to fish oil. I usually purchase Deva Vegetarian Supplements, but this is a MUCH better deal and product than Deva's comparable Deva Vegan Omega-3 Dha, Algae, 200 mg,, 90 Vcaps or DEVA Vegan Vitamins Vegan DHA (Algae) 200mg Vegan Softgels, 90-Count Bottle - Deva requires 3 capsules to compare to what Ovega can do two capsules, all while saving you a few extra bucks. I cannot even find a comparable product at my local natural foods store. This is the best value for Vegetarian Sourced Omega Supplements. Highly Recommended!
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on March 8, 2013
I wrote their customer service voicing concern over the caramel ingredient and this is what they said:

"The colorants used in Ovega-3 are caramel and beta-carotene. Both are derived from natural sources and considered safe for use in food products (dietary supplements) when meeting certain standards set by the FDA. As the algal oil is very sensitive to heat and light, we added a colorant in the soft-gel capsule to add an extra layer of protection for the algal contained within. The source of the caramel in from DE highly refined corn syrup."

I then inquired about the sorbitol ingredient. I asked if it was naturally sourced or synthetic [...] and this is what they said:
"There are no synthetic ingredients in our products. Also, all ingredients are non GMO."
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on March 4, 2013
I originally bought this supplement because I am a vegetarian, and I got sick of hearing one of my coworkers bug me about not getting enough protein and omega-3 fatty acids. First off, I get plenty of protein, but maybe I wasn't getting enough omega-3's? Also, considering that I want to have children in the future, that is not something I want to risk. I tried adding flax to some of my meals, but that was not sufficient, seeing as you can barely even use the ALA found in flax seed.

A happy surprise was that of clear skin! I've had mild acne for years. It was never bad enough to see a dermatologist and take some sort of prescription with side-effects galore, so I never worried too much. About 2 weeks after starting to take one of these a day, it cleared up! When the bottle ran out, I kept forgetting to order more, and it came back. As soon as I started taking it again, it cleared back up in a few days! How awesome!!!

I would like to mention that the price has increased a couple dollars since I started taking them a few months ago. I don't mind paying more if necessary, but it bothers me when companies increase price just because they can. Hopefully there will be more products (competition) in the future to prevent that and ensure that we are paying a fair price.

UPDATE (March 16, 2013)
I first purchased this product for $15.95 in August and September, 2012. The next time I purchased it was on January 27, 2013 for $17.73. As of March 16, 2013, it is being sold for $23.99. Yup. They've increased the price by 50.4% in 7 months, and by 35.3% in 1 and a half months. Unless Amerifit decreases the price, I will buy from other companies. That is a HORRIBLE business practice. No thank you.

UPDATE (March 13, 2014)
I will change the star rating. I am happy to see the price back down to something more reasonable. I was unhappy with how quickly the price had jumped up over a year ago, but I am very happy to see that it was temporary.
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on March 24, 2014
This product gets a one-star rating from me because I can't stand it when "health products" end up ruining the overall quality of their products by tossing into the mixture unnecessary toxic ingredients like carrageenan.

Carrageenan has been shown to cause inflammation at several levels of organization in the body. Here is a brief summary written by well-known and respected Dr. Andrew Weil.

I bought this for my pregnant wife, but I would definitely not have if the ingredients had been displayed on this page. Carrageenan is a big no-no for us and even more so for pregnant women, who are probably one of the biggest target demographics for this product.

I will be frantically searching for a better algal oil product containing both DHA and EPA for the next week and once I find that product I'll be returning this to Amazon.

Health product fail.
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on March 5, 2016
As many have mentioned, these capsules started out around $17 and have since hiked to nearly $27 a bottle... I understand that there is normal inflation of around 3% annually in the marketplace, but even compounded over a few years it does not equal the 60% markup that this product has seen, with absolutely no improvement in the quality or experience of the product. Very disappointing.
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on September 18, 2012
It's Vegetarian, but it contains:

Caramel color
(search: caramel colors under fire Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI))
The class of caramel colorants seems to matter.

(search: Stonyfield The Question of Carrageenan Safety)
The type of carrageenan seems to matter.

Why add an artificial sweetener to a pill that's swallowed?
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on April 25, 2015
This product contains carrageenan. Why must companies include ingredients like this in their products.
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on January 12, 2012
After much research and reading online in regards to omega nutrition for vegans I decided to give this vitamin supplement a try. I was pleasantly surprised that there truly was no aftertaste (nothing "fishy"). All is needed is one a day and this is a two month supply. I was taking the Deva brand, but as I read more, I discovered that it didn't offer complete DHA+EPA as Ovega 3 does. Overall, I am quite pleased with this purchase and will continue to use them. You can visit their website too (like I did) and receive a coupon towards your next purchase. Glad to have found this product.
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