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on January 7, 2000
Over the top is such an emotionally moving film. The music that runs throughout the entire movie just adds to the effect. If someone is looking for the most inspirational speech in the history of mankind, then look no further than the scene right before the final arm wrestling match between Hawk and Bull Harley. Stallone emotionally explains how he becomes like a machine, or more specifically a truck, by simply turning his hat backwards. I watch this scene every morning to keep me going. This movie did not have enough white guys with perms in it, though.
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on December 9, 2009
Whoa, hey! Hey, remember that movie "Kramer vs. Kramer"? Yeah, that was about child custody, too. Yeah, but it wasn't that good. I don't know, it was missing something, you know? Ah, what was it missing? I can't.. oh, wait! I know! Arm wrestling!
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on May 23, 2008
Normally I'm not one for hyperbole, but I have few qualms stating that Over the Top is among the greatest arm-wrestling movies of the last half-century. Jam-packed with emotion, adrenaline, and the kind of edge-of-your-seat action that only two stationary, grunting men can provide, it's easy to see why many call it the "'Gone With the Wind' of wrist-endurance sport movies".
Like every screenplay written by Sylvester Stallone, Over the Top boasts a challenging and all-too plausible script-- in this case a cautionary tale about a sensitive trucker seeking to find redemption, the love of the son he abandoned, and most importantly, a new truck, through arm-wrestling. And while most actors and/or filmmakers would scoff at the idea of tackling such hot-button issues as overcoming the scars of child abandonment through competitive bicep-grappling, the fearless cast and crew of Over the Top are unafraid to take this plunge. In fact, they treat their subject with a reverence and photo-accurate attention to detail unmatched in modern cinema, so much so that it's easy at times to forget that you're watching a work of fiction and not a documentary.
The emotional roller-coaster that is this film also provides yet another showcase for Mr. Stallone's spine-tingling acting chops, as his emotional, monosyllabic father-son scenes remain some of the most courageous ever captured on film.
Attention Hollywood: the ticket-buying public has spoken. And we expect Over the Top's return engagement to a theater near us sooner rather than later.
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on April 8, 2000
This is a typical Stallone film with a typical Stallone script, which is exactly why I enjoyed it so much. All the elements are present in Lincoln Hawk, Stallones character in OTT, that made films like Rocky and First Blood so special. This is basically a road movie about a father whose trying to win the love of his son, Lincoln's ambition to win the world arm wrestling championship is cleverly used as a constant parody to the developing relationship between father and son. So as long as you aren't looking for anything too deep and meaningful and appreciate Stallones other films then you should really enjoy this.
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VINE VOICEon July 14, 2008
Over the Top is exactly that, over the top. The clever title is an obvious double-entendre in that it's a story about arm-wrestling that is completely ridiculous; yet, it somehow manages to be a highly enjoyable movie with real, albeit unanticipated, drama.

Amidst the preposterous father-son bonding, in which a borderline mongloid named Hawk (Sylvester Stallone) shares a long-haul trucking get-together with his son, as well as the finer points of arm wrestling - via a pulley system generically rigged up by Hawk (pun intended) - there is one the most comical, unbelievable scenes in movie history. While stopping for a bite to eat at a greasy spoon diner - in which Hawk's prissy, weakling, snowflake, WASP son preaches about the benefits of health food - Hawk decides that it is high time his son proves his worth and strength via an absurd arm-wrestling match staged between his son and a tough, street kid on top of a pinball machine. I'll let you be "surprised" by the outcome.

The ultimate arm wrestling showdown seems more like a collection of carnies or psych-ward patients than a group of competitors in an arm wrestling tournament. There is a pretty good chance that there was no blood testing at the time of this event, and if there were, more than one guy would be found with horse steroids or psychotropic drugs in his system. The favorite of the competition, Bull Harley, who seems like a villian in a video game because of his epic proportions, probably has stool bigger than Hawk's arms. Through sheer will and determination, Hawk manages to spin his hat around and channel the energy of 100 suns in order to win the title.

I'd feel bad about the spoiler if it weren't so painfully obvious and insignificant. The pleasure in this movie is the journey, not the destination. It's a great, mindless movie, and I watch it nearly every time it's on late-night TV.
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on January 24, 2010
I didn't really think this movie looked all that great on blu-ray until I popped in the regular DVD again for a comparison. The verdict - the standard DVD looks like garbage compared to the blu-ray. There is a noticeable improvement in the entire movie and certain scenes are vastly improved. Sound quality is improved, but nothing drastic...not that you would expect to be impressed by the sound in Over the Top. No features to speak of, but it's probably because they don't exist and not because Warners is holding out on us and will someday try to make everyone buy Over the Top: Extreme Ultimate Edition. Bottom line is that you might not play this movie and be instantly blown away by the quality, but taking into account how old it is and what the standard DVD looked like, it is worth the upgrade.
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on June 5, 2014
Over the top is one of my favorite Sylvester Stallone movies it's about how he goes to pick up his son at military school so they can meet each other and how is grandfather don't want him to know him because he sends guys out for him he sly Stallone is a truck driver Lincoln Hawk and he's going to a arm wrestling tornament and son found all the letters that was hidden from him in purses so if you didn't see this movie i recommend its one of his best family movies that everyone can watch.
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on May 13, 2014
Ihad to own this for my stallon collection well told story ever though it's in the world of arm wrestling . stallone is a truck driver Ethan hawk who's ex wife is the daughter of a millionaire who was responsible for breaking them up . alone the way they had a son who was shipped to a cadet academy while the mother fell to illness and under doctors care she sends a message out to have her son get to know his father. the meeting is awkward but as time goes by the boy realizes how great his father is . naturally there is a good stallone moment of words which he tells his son that he is spoiled and how everything was always handed to him and how to really go for what you want that life does not meet you halfway. as the movie goes on the mother passes away making the child more distant and runs back to the grand father but hawk goes after him making the grandfather mad enough to have him arrested but hawk will not stop.

some of the best parts are hawk driving his truck through a closed gated mansion and throwing a body guard through a door quite a family

this is a good tough honest blue collar springsteen type movie full of American grit where the true prize is not winning a new truck in a national arm wrestling contest but is keeping the promise of taking care of family and never giving up in going for what you want and never letting anything stand in your way
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on July 1, 2015
I always get a creepy feeling whenever I watch a movie released in the mid 80's I was only 5-6 years old back then and the soundtrack to many of those 80's films almost feels like a dream when I listen to the soundtrack music, but the explanation behind the eeriness is actually distant memories coming back! I haven't heard Kenny Loggin's "Meet Me Half Way" in MANY years, and the same can be said for Sammy Hagar's "The Winner Takes It All". I honestly completely forgot about these songs until this afternoon watching Over the Top.

Over the Top stars Sylvester Stallone who plays the role of a single truck driving father trying to win back his young highly intelligent and observant smart aleck son (played by David Mendenhall who mysteriously never became a huge star even though the potential was definitely there) because it turns out the mother is in the hospital, and she's trying to encourage the father to come back into the son's life (perhaps to gain custody of the son though it was never specifically stated... because this is a movie so apparently the best way to gain custody is to win an arm wrestling tournament. Makes sense, haha! Susan Blakely plays the role of the sick mother, and I actually think she was a bad person for the role because she did NOT seem believable portraying someone growing weaker and gradually dying. Wrong lady for that role.

Anyway the first half of this movie is, in my opinion, a lot better than the second half. The first half is all about the building relationship between Sylvester and his son. At first the son is extremely reluctant to go with Sylvester anywhere because he doesn't trust or like Sylvester despite claiming to be the boys father. Actually scratch that- probably *because* he's the father and the boy's understandably angry that Sylvester's never been in his life- *that's* why the boy doesn't get along with his father. That explains all the interesting storyline segments where the son gives Sylvester a hard time. Anyway after getting his son out of military school, the two head off in Sylvester's truck. I love the confidence-boosting segment concerning the son getting involved in an arm wrestling match at an arcade courtesy of Sylvester, and the segment where the son claims to know everything so Sylvester basically says "Alright, you think you know everything, why don't YOU drive this truck?"

So basically the arm wrestling storyline is kept subtle throughout the first half, and it's more about the two of them going on a little adventure while Sylvester tries to build the boys confidence. Some GREAT storytelling and acting/writing here. Sylvester Stallone might be better known as an action hero or a boxer but as a compassionate single father trying to win his sons love he succeeds in that regard as well. I just can't believe I never knew about this movie until now despite knowing the soundtrack REALLY well. Not sure if the songs released for this movie became popular because of the movie, or were already popular before the movie came out.

But the second half of the film? This is when the arm wrestling competition gets serious, and when Sylvester temporarily splits from his son after ending up in jail because he wrecks his son's grandfather's fancy mansion with his truck all because Sylvester didn't like the way the two of them were separated so he was out for revenge. Hilarious moment there. That's a bigger offense than the storyline suggests but again, 80's movie writing allows all this stuff to be an afterthought!

Rick Zumwalt's character is the big dude who plays the arm wrestling tournament champion. Interestingly he actually WAS a professional arm wrestler. I didn't know this until I did a google search. So he was the perfect guy for the role. Also, even though I love the soundtrack, I'd be crazy to think the music's appropriate for the film. It's not at all appropriate. It's too light with the Kenny Loggins and too cheesy with the Sammy Hagar and Eddie Money.

Overall, well Over the Top isn't entirely an action/adventure film because there's several touching and meaningful moments occurring between Sylvester and his son. Perhaps the fact that the storyline focuses around arm wrestling is a minor problem because it doesn't feel like a strong enough hook to lure me in, but they do everything they possibly can with it including a dramatic and suspenseful conclusion with Rick Zumwalt's character. Can Sylvester beat him? Let's see, Rick talks a big game, claims he's unstoppable, antagonizes Sylvester whenever he can (though perhaps not as much as he should've) and is portrayed as the biggest man you'll see for a country mile. You'll have to watch the movie to find out... or just read between the lines, LOL!
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on October 29, 2014
I really enjoyed this Stallone movie. I had heard of the title but had never seen it before purchasing it. I loved the relationship between Stallone and his son. The movie had a great story and some good action. The scenes involving the arm wrestling competition are crowd pleasers. I found myself cheering and rooting for Stallone during these scenes. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone. It is a great Stallone film and one that is definitely different for him.
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