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Price:$9.99 - $164.53
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on June 25, 2009
This year has been full of sequels and many of them have been downright awful, but rest assured if your a Fan of Overlord, Overlord II is worth every penny!

The controls are very familiar with a few enhancements. The same raunchy fun humor that was in Overlord returns along with the 4 minion types and the ability to forge, decorate your private chambers and the portal system that lets you get around from place to place nicely.

Some new features include the ability to resurrect minions who have names at the expense of Life Force. For instance you might have a level 4 minion that you could resurrect for 8 life force. It's a nice touch that prevents you from having to find upgraded weapons and armor for the minions. Mounts, which adds a new level of ability to the minions including jumping onto areas that are otherwise inaccessible even to minions. Minion Control, In various dungeons, you'll run across an item that can be used to swap your body with a minion. A very nice touch that actually lets you run into those nooks and corners that the overlord otherwise couldn't visit.

Additionally, there are two methods of game play. Domination and Destruction. Since all overlords are evil by nature, the developers took the Good vs evil theme and applied it as evil vs really evil. Various quests and your decisions to enslave vs kill peasants will determine which path you've chosen.

While Overlord had a solid story, so far Overlord II feels to me to be a stronger more engrossing story than it's predecessor. I particularly like the touch of starting out as a kid who's getting pelted by snowballs. :)

While I have seen some reviews that complain of only having one button to attack, I think it important to point out that this isn't Halo or GTA. This game builds upon it's own design. The idea is that you're strong and controlling of minions who can do lowly tasks for you such as slaughter peasants and clubbing seals. With that being said, the controls are surprisingly more advanced than they might appear at first and the Demo doesn't teach you these like the game does.

All in all if your a fan of the first one, this is a must buy. If you've never tried Overlord then I highly recommend downloading the demo of Overlord II. The content within the demo is a portion of the tutorial and allows you to get your feet wet with the controls and game humor. If you find yourself liking the demo even a little, the full version is something you'll most likely like.
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on July 1, 2009
The first Overlord game was a refreshingly original, so at the time I was happy to pay sixty dollars for it. The second offering, which I rented instead of just buying it on the day of release, is pretty much a retread in familiar territory. Granted, they've added a few things (the minion mounts are cool), and *tried* to fix a few things (camera is improved, but still very annoying), I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was playing a budget title.

Just like in the first, controlling the minions can get quite annoying, especially if in an intense battle. Even with the improvements on the mini map, it can sometimes be unclear what you're supposed to do. The camera is still the worst feature of the game, but this go-around it is due to glitches. (For example, if the camera closes in on a focus point, it often gets stuck in that focused position.)

If you didn't like the first one, this isn't going to change your mind; if you did like the first one (like I did), I'd wait for this one to drop to 30. It really is just a budget title, but its a good budget title. I'm just thankful I rented it instead of diving right in and going for the launch day purchase.
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on December 4, 2015
Came across this at a pawn shop ! NEVER HEARD OF THIS WHAT SO EVER!!!! So, i said why not and bought it. Well, i must say this is a very fun game. You basically have minions and , hey its like that game pikman, they follow you around and you can send them up ahead and control them to do what you want.
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on July 13, 2009
It's good to be bad.

Set years after the original Overlord, Overlord 2 is what it was and more. In essence, you control the Overlord, who in turn control the Minions, lovable little imps who come in four convenient colors - Brown, Green, Red, and Blue, with respective elemental powers. You use these minions to fight magical creatures, and solve puzzles in a quest to defeat the corrupt and powerful Empire.

I'm gonna put this out here right now - Overlord 2 is a vast improvement over the original Overlord and it's expansion, Raising Hell. Except they didn't quite improve enough. To get the unpleasantness out of the way right now, there are numerous noticeable pathing errors, control glitches, and the animations for all characters are, quite frankly, sub par. In this technical age, there is no reason or excuse not to have lips look like they're speaking the correct words. And as much as I hate bringing it up, the game also froze up two times for me. The movement of the Overlord seems floaty and insubstantial, and the minion's AI is a bit stupid (whether this is intentional or not is debatable).

The gameplay is a good mixture of old fashioned RTSing and action game hack-and-slashing. The Brown minions are your basic melee troops, the most durable, and able to pick up and use found weapons and armor. The Reds are your ranged units, shooting fireballs and such, very weak in melee combat. The Greens are stealthy, backstabbing little imps with the ability to cloak, and the Blues are the prerequisite medics, reviving fallen minions. You must use each in your quest

To be honest, the reason I was drawn to Overlord 2 was not that I had played the first one, that I liked action-RTS games, or that I had a subconscious desire to do evil. No, the reason I saw it was because of it's writer, Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Terry Pratchett. It's nice to see that writing talent, in this case, is hereditary. It's very funny to even walk through a town, and the writing shines in your hideous henchman, Gnarl.

In short, if you like controlling hordes of little gremlins, don't mind a few annoyances, and enjoy the writing of the Pratchett Clan, you'll like Overlord 2.
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on May 19, 2011
I'm still playing this game and it is even better than the first. There's more to do and you can multiple mistresses and level up minions more. The only drawback is the weapon stats have been restricted to preset weapons instead of customizable weapons. Oh well, the new minion possession and resurrection helps. It was also delivered on time and in excellent condition. Love this game.
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on April 22, 2012
Overlord II does what Overlords do. Make you feel like a badass. puzzles are challenging and fights are some of the most creative in the genre thanks to well though out differences in enemies. while normal enemies can be pounded with minions and if your not lazy the Overlord himself, tougher enemies are puzzles themselves and often require a combination of moves in order to deal with. Graphics are like stale bread, but worlds are rich enough with environment to forgive those flaws. Sadly the camera still sucks, but it doesn't put to much stress on the enjoyment.

The story is dead on tongue and cheek with humor sprinkled about. It's starts off well enough with the Overlord beginning his conquest which at most times feels like a comedy which by the end goes a 360 turn and is dead on Serious dark fantasy. Some disappointment is that the enemies aren't quite what they were from the first game. Instead of fighting Hero after Hero that made the you feel like Sauron sniping the fellowship one by one, you're fighting the oppressive Glorious empire and Emperor Solonius which makes you feel like King William beginning a conquest of England from King Harold. It's nice that the villains certainly gives you a run for your money on the evil department, but you won't really feel like the stereotypical bad guy from the first game.

I might add that I absolutely love the minions.
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on October 13, 2011
I played this about a year ago so the details are hazy, but overall the game was not impressive. I remember being bored while playing it - quite a bit of it was repetitive and I was often unclear on exactly what to do. I recall it also being quite glitchy.

They incorporated new mechanics that could have added to the game, such as being able to control boats etc, but ultimately just became tedious.

I will give it a plus for incorporating minion mounts. Your minions are able to mount various creatures depending on their color and subsequently add abilities.
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on January 2, 2014
I hate to say this because I think I would have liked this game if not for the scene escaping the spider queens lair which is so frustrating and down right annoying that it completely ruined the entire game. Seriously save your self the agony and do not buy this ever.
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on July 24, 2012
Set in an age when a New Order has been established, Minionkind and all magical creatures are hunted to the ends of the world, it is time for revenge! The Glorious Empire has risen and with the great Overlord banished and trapped in the Abyss, discover your destiny and lat waste to the decadent Empire. If you like the first Overlord game, then you will love Overlord 2!
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on April 13, 2010
An all-around solid title, that provides good entertainment for its value, with a lengthy single-player campaign and all the twisted overlording you can bear to enact.
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