Overpriced! C'mon, it's a toy for kids! Make a cheaper version! Why would this company make such an expensive toy that every kid will want but only a select few will be able to afford? It is ridiculous. I'm so annoyed with the Lionel company about this that I refuse to buy it.
asked by Daphne Doodleberry on November 27, 2006
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You DO realize that you're hard pressed to find ANY Lionel train set for under $100 right? Then to factor in that this is a specially designed one that they have to pay royalties on, well... it's pretty obvious why it's more than $100. It's still far cheaper than a LOT of their other sets and it's just terrific quality.

My best friend growing up had both of her parents working for Lionel so I've been playing with ALL of their trains since I was 8 (am now 24) and I have to say that this set is one of the best quality sets that they've produced for this price. It's amazing really. I do wish the locomotive had a flywheel because of the add-ons they've made. But aside from that, this set is truly breathtaking and quite underpriced in my opinion.

And sorry to disappoint you but this set isn't just for kids. Lionel trains have long been a hobby that a great many adults enjoy.

In fact, I purchased this set for my MOTHER for use as a Christmas decoration. So, it's a little short sighted to think that only kids will be using this.

But, fact of the matter is, a lot of kids CAN afford this. Kids are walking around with iPods and Xboxes which are at LEAST the same price as this, if not more. You'll pardon me if I scoff over the notion that kids (parents really) can't afford this.

I know a lot of parents who've bought this for their kids. Before I purchased it, I asked around my friends and found that 8 people I knew had the set or had close friends who'd purchased the set. We're not upper class people. Just normal run of the mill suburban middle class folks.

Yes, there are still a lot out there who won't be able to afford it it but hey, that's life. Tough break. I wish I was rich like Prince William so I could buy an Aston Martin. Alas, I'm not so tough break for me.
Nichole Montross answered on November 29, 2006

It is more than the quality of Lionel and have had sets and accessories since the 1950's. This is going to be a collectible in time and worth many more times than paid. Just as the stuff I have in the original orange boxes and the OPA Korean War price controls are now worth thousands of dollars. And by the way, it is not a toy. This is serious collectible purchasing that will be worth more than any ipod that loses its value when you buy it and does not last as long, what with batteries and hard drives, etc.
M. Garofalo MD answered on December 7, 2006

You cry about expensive toy train sets, but I'll bet you're also among the first who complains about American consumer products being made in Chinese sweatshops. You liberals are all alike, expecting to be paid top dollar for your cushy college-educated jobs, yet suffer a stroke when it comes time to spend a dollar. Wake up cheapskates, you're part of the reason the American economy is failing. If you can't buy something nice, then don't buy anything at all.
Harvey Henkelmann answered on March 8, 2007

Lionel makes quality trains, and for that price they are very well made. You want a cheap train? My advice to you is that you might want buy New Bright's trains, but then, if you do - please don't wine and complain once the servos die.
Matthew R. Olson answered on June 9, 2007

If you had payed attention with a little research they do make a cheaper version called the G gauge!Plastic...better suited as a kids toy compared to this.If you are into and collect trains then this would be your purchase as the engine is metal not plastic...
Deacon answered on December 3, 2008

Whaaaa, Whaaa. My guess is that this set is more an heirloom and special Xmas decoration than it is a kids toy. Sure it was built to allow kids to use and have fun but cmon I don't think this was meant to be a kids toy. If you want a kids toy you can go buy a cheap plastic set hat your child can push around a plastic track and then move on to their next toy. I would not buy this for a kid to abuse but would buy it for myself to display at Christmas to bring back the nostalgia of old times past. This way it remains special for everyone when Xmas rolls around and because of the price you have a more dependable product you can rely on for years. Sorry you can't afford but if you save for a few years and then buy one maybe you can make believe you really are rich and all your dreams will come true.
Douglas M. Moeller answered on December 11, 2011

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