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on July 6, 2007
My wife and I tried both Ovulex and Amberoz from Selmedica. At that time, the only useful review ovulex I could find is from here. All the other websites either are full of successful stories, which are exactly the same style as their own website, or apparently is affiliated with them. I did not find any objective or trustable reviews about their products. I checked their BBB record. The review is bad but not terribly bad at that time. Since my wife insist trying it and yes, the hospital bill is expensive, so I placed an order of value packs for $177+$8.77 shipping.

Several days later, the package arrived in a bubble mail envelop, instead of the plain box they promised on their websites. The smell of the pill is very strong from the package. I am very uncomfortable about this. This is the first time a company shipped $177 value goods using bubble mail. Furthermore, I am also surprised to find that there is no invoice inside the package. So I send them email to request an invoice and also complained their package. They sent me an email copy of invoice and ignored my complaint.

Both of us still tried the medicine for almost 2 weeks. I did not feel anything different. But my wife felt kind of nausea at first and got small allergy reaction after taking the pill. So she has to stop taking it. Later I found some interesting facts about this company that let me made up my mind to return the pills. I am not allowed to post link here. But you can do a google search using selmedica or selmedica ripoff and find the two articles by yourself. It is a pity that these two articles are not in the top results when I placed the order. Basically, here are the facts they found out:

1. Selmedica are not only selling ovulex, they are also selling many different types of medicine, which covers a broad aspects. They offer all types of money back guarantee for their products. This fact is also confirmed by their refund manager later when I returned the products. most of the problem reported on BBB is there unwillingness to refund. This indicated there is really some problem with their promise.
2. The most interesting facts about this company is that they have so many domain names now and past. If you checked out at BBB, the current BBB consumer report listed at least 30 different domain names of them and I don't think that is complete list. Why do they need so many domain and company names while none of them said they are affiliated with selmedica ? If their product is really good, do you think they need that? A normal business practice is to list all their products at their company websites. But they clearly don't want us to know they are selling all kinds of different products. Also it is interesting to know that the address of a 50 year company is either apartment of post office box and appeared in two cities. I am wondering if these pills are actually made in US.

3. The claim they have 50 years experience. But their company is not listed in yellow book in 2005. Based on BBB report, their business started from March 2004. Why do they need to lie about these basic facts? They claim their products are natural and therefore are side-effects free. But they do have side-effects from consumer report. Also There are many natural herbs which people are allergic to. Most of old Chinese pills are made from natural herbs but if not taken properly, it can cause problems very easily.

I don't trust this company any more and I decided to return their products. I did not get any response after 3 days. So I have to call them. First time the phone is busy. Second time I got in and a lady answered the phone. She emailed me a link to the RMA form shortly and it turns out she is their refund manager. They only have a post box address for address, which clearly shows that they are not a big company as they claim to be. And they state that they need 30 business days to process the return. I tried to follow their rules and mailed back the package ASAP. I have to email and call them several times to get my refund. I did not get any response after they received my return and even after I got the refund. That is more than one month. And I think I got the refund because I sent the email directly to their refund manager. I end up by paying $15 and spend such a big time and energy to deal with them and I am very happy that I don't need to deal with them any more. But keep in mind that that is under the condition that my credit card can still help me within this time frame.

Here are some helpful suggestions for others about selmedica:

1. I think their product is over priced and you don't know whether it is effective or not. I agree I would rather buy some multi-vitamin instead of buying from them. Although they offer one year money back, the guarantee really means nothing with a company with little credit. I don't trust a company who has so many domains and company names. Their efforts are all put into to webpage design and I highly suspect that they are making good medicine. Keep in mind that you can't ask for help from your credit card company after two statement periods. After that whether you can get the refund is at the mercy of that company. These are actually not important as long as there pills work well. But such a company really can't convince me that they can make good products.

2. Apparently this company knows very well how to promote there products on the internet. They not only have so many website without telling you that they are actually affiliated, they are also very active in different online forums. So just always have your own judgments when you read reviews. Some may not be real reviews, just somebody try to promote their products. Don't let the company make use of desperate people like us. Try to be critical.

3. It is funny that they need 30 business days to process the return and at the same time they are offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Probably this is the longest time I have seen. If they really need that long, it is either because their product is not good at all and so many people are returning it or they are trying to make the process difficult. If you lose faith to deal with them, they are happy to not give you the refund. So don't count on their guarantee if you want to try their products.

BTW, I do see their website changed a lot since January and they do offer more information on their websites and they still claim they have over 50 years experience. It is very easy to change a webpage and domain name. But they can't change their history at consumer report. Please just make your own judgments.
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on December 10, 2013
Definitely 5 stars. I got pregnant on my second month on Ovulex. It has been 7 years since our miscarriage. 7 years!!!! And no pregnancies in between that time even though I have read every book and tried every crazy thing possible. I do not care that its not the n'est company, because its still safer than half the crap ive tried at the doctor. I will continue recommending this because Im a true believer. I'm 8 weeks prego now, with lots of pregnancy symptoms so I feel this baby is going to stick! Baby dust to all.

I also recommend:
Taking charge of your fertility (best book)
Fertile Focus (about $25, reusable with no extra buy ons, seeing the fertile ferning is gorgeous and Def something that made me excited seeing)
Acupuncture (I found out a cheap community acupuncture, amazing, soooo relaxing Def continuing thru pregnancy)
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on September 14, 2013
I spent 5 years going through fertility treatments. I had 2 surgeries along with shots, pills, procedures, weekly Dr visits, ultrasounds and more. Every week for 5 years. After coming to the realization that I was never going to become pregnant, my sister bought me a bottle of Ovulex. After taking the pills for 4 months I became pregnant. My husband and I have a healthy, bright, smart and beautiful 5 year old daughter and I am forever thankful to Ovulex and forever suggesting it to anyone struggling to become pregnant. Research for yourself, the herbs in ovulex are so helpful. Not only did I become pregnant after just 4 months but my periods were much easier! Cramps, pms, breakouts, bloating were ALL better. I still take ovulex right now! I take it because it helps keep my hormones in balance and helps me have much easier periods.
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on August 24, 2012
I have PCOS & we were trying to have a baby for 5 years. I had my tubes dyed procedure, strongest clomid...nothing worked. Husband & I were desperate so "one" last chance. I bought these & within a few weeks found out i was pregnant. This does work.
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on January 16, 2014
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on December 25, 2013
I just received this product. I've seen a lot of good reviews so hopefully it will work. I've been trying to conceive for 10 years. I will start using it as soon as I get my period and I will keep everyone posted. I will update my rating if it works.

UPDATE: 01-05-14
Started ovulex 2 days ago. Too soon to tell if it's working but will continue to update..

I have been feeling cramps like if my period is going to come and it's weird because my last period was on 12/30/13 to 01/03/14 that was just 2 weeks ago and this never happened to me before.. I think it's too soon unless it's just ovulation pain.. I don't know.. =/ I will update again.
I've been cramping a lot, my breasts hurt a lot also but no period. I'm scared to test because I think my period is coming this month (I don't wanna put my hopes up) :/. I'm going to wait another week and I will update again.
No pregnancy this month. I got my period 2 days ago... I'm gonna try again this month. if it doesn't work I'm giving up on the pills and will go to a fertility doctor.
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on March 10, 2012
i used this product back in 2007 and got pregnant within 2 1/2 months after nearly 12 yrs of infertility.
i was told by ivf team i had less than 10% chance of getting pregnant if i go for ivf.i had very high fsh level 16.2 and my eggs were bad in quality and will not get mature.
i was age 38 when i had my son and later 39 when i had my 2nd son.
this medicine was discontinued in 2007 i think and another drug fertility blend came in the market saying its same as ovulex but it is not does not have same ingredients as ovulex which are basic to solve harmone issue.
anyway i would definately recomend it, its not expensive and really helps.i can imagine the pain of the women who go through infertility.
someone who gave it 2 stars only tried it for 2 weeks...thats strange, how can you write about it being good or bad after 2 weeks???
i had result after 2 1/2 months but you may need to keep taking for longer if you don,t see result soon, i was going to stop taking it when i was not getting result.
it does work.also use preseed aswel, its good.
good luck to all of you
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on September 18, 2013
I never really get my period. Me and my husband have been try to have a baby for a while now... I've been using the ovulex and I've actually been getting my period! So hopefully soon I will become pregnant!!! :)
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on July 28, 2013
After trying to conceive for 2 years after a miscarried I decided to give ovulex a try because I had nothing more to lose. I have done countless number of fertility medicines and treatments so $40 buck didn't seem like much. I started taking this on CD 4 which I thought was late but it says to start whenever. To my surprise 4 weeks later I found out I'm pregnant, unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage which is heartbreaking because this our second one. Once I feel back up to it I plan on using this again. While taking this pill it made me ovulate much sooner I ovulated on day 15 whereas I usually ovulated on day 25. I say give it a try, I know others have awful reviews but they were written many years ago. I never thought I'd be a person who got pregnant on the first try but it did work for me. I plan to update this once I fully recover from my miscarriage and start trying with ovulex again.

After taking some time off I decided to start again with ovluex in April and just found out I am pregnant. I cannot believe it. I will say this past month I did acupuncture, getting my back adjusted at the chiropractor (look up research on chiropractor care and infertility) and took mucinex days 7-15 of my cycle. I believe ovluex helped regulate me. Hopefully it will not end in miscarriage again. Like I've said before give it a shot
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I bought this product in October I am due August 2014. Happy to be having my second one next year.
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