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on June 21, 2013
It is difficult to articulate the impact this book has had on my life and will most certainly have on yours... Ben Newman has created a masterpiece here. As you read the book and follow the characters, it is impossible to not feel strong emotions. This book is listed as a business book, but in reality this book is for anyone with a pulse - a true life changer. If you have dreams or there is anything in your life that you would like to see improve, this book is for you. Because of the impact this book has had on my life, it is now my go-to gift for my best friends and top clients. Own your succes - dont sit around waiting for it to happen! Pick up a copy now!
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on July 25, 2013
This business fable drew me in immediately and I could not put it down. Most books in the realm of success and transformation make their message complicated and are a chore to get through.

Ben Newman shares the story of Pierce Edwards in a straightforward, vulnerable and completely relatable manner. I could feel what Pierce was going through, what he was thinking and could relate with where he was in his life.

To top it off, when you follow through yourself and take action by reflectively and thoughtfully doing the work from the exercises and questions, you will begin to transform your own life's story.

Thank you Ben for sharing this unique and wonderfully enlightening story that has opened my eyes and my heart to the possibilities ahead.
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on January 5, 2013
Believing in yourself deeply takes courage and this book reminds me of that fact. When we chose to take that courage and invest it in others then we really can do great things. This book reminded me of my desire for a legacy for my children, grandchildren and those that God allows me to impact. Read it and put the ideas to work on your life!
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on August 23, 2012
Ben Newman has delivered his best book yet with "Own Your Success" and he is quickly on his way to being one of the most influential life strategists in the country. Ben's strategy of finding and developing a "passion for the process" is by far the most profound concept I have discovered in the motivational literature and has truly revolutionized the way I approach my own law firm and my life.

The concept is simple yet profound - the most certain way to success is to focus daily on the process itself, and not obsess/worry/contemplate on what the "final" result may be. In other words, take one play at a time in life, in business, in everything.

The real genius of this book is Ben gives concrete and practical examples of HOW to do this. I have personally used his concepts in building my law firm and I can state without hesistation they have accelerated my firm's growth, client base, and overall financial health. If you want to improve your life immediately, read this book. It a fast paced and interesting read, and if correctly implemented, you will experience more success than you can even imagine. Very good book.
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on August 23, 2013
At first I thought the book was a little too tacky and forced kind of like a lifetime made for tv movie. A guy always wanted to be something since he was a boy, had early childhood tragedy, eventually married, became successful, and had the perfect family (1 boy, 1 girl, and a caring wife who was a homemaker), and everything he could want (materially), but has an intervention and realizes he's forgotten what is important in life.

However, once you meet the inspiring characters and read their messages the book does get much better. Many good takeaways. I highly recommend to those who are just starting out their career and need motivation or those lacking direction.
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on August 22, 2013
Ben Newman writes an extraordinary tale of one man's journey for self discovery and understanding through four enlightening encounters. Through these meetings, his "truths" serve as a reminder of the gifts around us each and every day if we stop to see what truly is before us. Ben reminds us of the power of choice and that we can take inventory and start living the life we were designed for NOW. His book is smart, poignant, and refreshingly real ... as we each can see parts of ourselves reflected in Pierce's journey. He leaves you wanting to further evaluate your life and become more purposeful in the 'living legacy' you are creating.
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on October 3, 2012
A great, easy to read story that stays inspirational and entertaining throughout. There are some great lessons that can be applied to one's personal, professional and financial life. They are both timeless and subtle in how they are introduced and they are reinforced through a story that will resonate with many professionals who have their priorities out of order. It is also applicable to those who daily strive for balance by reminding the reader WHY it is important and then providing tools and strategies to help ANYONE in ANY profession achieve greater harmony in their professional and personal lives.

Ben has written a classic.
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on June 22, 2013
This book is a must read for anyone with that relentless drive it takes to succeed. It is a great lesson in understanding what it takes to TRULY succeed. It helps you to realize the level of balance that is required in life. With out balance you may succeed at your one area of relentless focus but you won't experience true success or ever reach your full potential without some form of balance and reflection. Read this book and learn the lessons the easy way.

A great read.
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on February 6, 2014
While starting to read this book, I fought a little. I was already reading so many things due to a career change that at first I just skimmed. As I continued in my journey I had to stop and take into account ALL of the amazing things I had already been learning under the leadership of Ben Newman. The fact that he was already so successful and had done so many things in HIS life.
I then stopped and started again. Reading every word as if my life depended on it for answers I was looking for. Amazingly enough it was the case. As I have read this book it has directed me and taught me about digging deep into places I don't always like to go. Places that needed unearthed and dealt with. Places that would become my secure areas and courageous testimonies to the change that which was starting in my life. I have now gone back to this book to remind me consistently that I CAN own my success and deserve that. Its takes hard work and determination but a change of mind and strong desire to want to live and become who I am meant to be are the light to the path. I, as so many others have stated, use this book as reference and gift to those who may be looking to be challenged to dig deep. To find themselves to not give up on a dream or a passion because life has become a circular motion. I am beyond blessed to have this easy reading, well dictated and encouraging book on my app....and many other places of the house. I share it every time I have the chance! YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN!!!!! Just PUSH PURCHASE!!!!!! Thank you Ben Newman for this work of greatness and for continuing to do what you do! This book will be the preset to many adventures to remind me of so many things to take with me on every journey started!!!!
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on February 3, 2014
I often question myself seeking the answers in every corner of life. Fighting hard to understand what is meant for my life. I am a mother of four, a wife of 14 years, and a career woman who serves every day. Often wondering what is the purpose, really? Have I stopped to build my foundation? Do I really know my WHY? Am I truly letting those advocates in my life believe in me and support me to the best of their abilities? As I write this review my life is changing in leaps and bounds. I am going in many directions, that I never thought possible. Trying to understand what God is placing in my life. Holding myself back from the impact I have on the lives of those around me. Just like many, I Fight for balance of being a perfect mom and great business women. Getting in my own way, really! I am Rushing to get it all in before I leave this world. Realizing through reading this book “it’s not about how long you live; it’s about how you live while you are here. Yes! It really is that simple. How am I living while I am here? I often want to run away for just a night to think without the duties of mommy calling me every second. I want to go on this incredible journey where I can be impacted by great leaders that I can have eye contact without interruptions and learn from he wisdom that they are laying at my feet. I want to cry without pushing it all down to put on the happy mommy face. Wondering why I had to sacrifice so much in my life to get right where I am now. Just a few days ago Ben Newman reminded me of this “Don't make the mistake of tripping on anything that is behind YOU." As read this statement over and over I understand that it’s not the past that makes me who I am. It's what I am going to do with it that makes me able to DO GREAT THINGS! I decided to slow down and focus. I do not have to run away to Go on a journey in life. The journey, the people, the inspiration is really one person or ONE BOOK AWAY! Making myself grab this book from the shelf and dusting off what will change my life forever, but only if I let it. I took this journey right along with Pierce, felt his emotions, forced myself to hear Sara and fight for the cries of children. . Jealous for what is about to happen. I must stop acting from a place with pain and JUST FIGHT! This book has given me depth to a whole new life. It has helped me believe that I Am a unique, authentic, Sassy, Passionate person who must believe in myself and just keep fighting. Accept the Truths and build my foundation to greatness! Thank you Ben Newman truly from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration and through this book you have given me confidence to keep fighting stronger and better than ever. Putting on my BOOTS and DIGGING DEEP!
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