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66 of 68 people found the following review helpful
on April 21, 2015
Eating food after working out makes sense.

There's a fair amount of research that shows that eating protein and carbohydrate after training helps decrease muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis rates. This is why I've always followed my workouts with about 30 to 40 grams of protein and about 1 gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight, and I like to think it has helped me make more gains in the gym.

I used this P90X product daily until the bottle ran out and it tasted fine but I can't say I've noticed any difference in my workouts or how I feel after training and eating. My cheap and tasty omelette and bowl of oatmeal seems to be equally effective for post-workout nutrition as this expensive supplement.

So, it's back to eggs and oats for me. You may want to consider trying the same thing before buying protein supplements with simple added sugars like this.

Before I sign off I think it's worth mentioning that one post-workout recovery supplement I HAVE found helpful is LEGION Recharge, Naturally Sweetened Post-Workout supplement with Creatine for Muscle Growth & Muscle Recovery, Fruit Punch, 60 Servings. It's not a protein or carbohydrate supplement--it contains creatine, L-carnitine L-tartrate, and corosolic acid--and I've noticed a significant increase in strength in the gym and decrease in muscle soreness on the days following training.
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463 of 517 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2011
Issues of taste aside, I don't find this 'recovery drink' does what it says it does. Both my wife and I did our third round of P90X. Prior to starting we ordered the recovery drink. We both suffer from post-workout fatigue, cramps and so forth. I wanted to see if this helped. I like trying to accurately review products so we switched off using the drink every 3 weeks and tracked every day how we felt after the workout, 1 hour after the workout, and 12 hours after the workout. We also measured the improvement in performance for workouts following the use of the drink. And measured frequency of cramps and any other physiological effects. In short we didn't notice any difference in anything. Statistically we felt the same and performed similarly with or without the drink. Cramp counts were the same. It just didn't seem to do anything.

My main concern with this product however is the sugar. There are two problems. First they use fructose instead of glucose as the primary carbohydrate. They use some glucose (dextrose) but the first ingredient is fructose. If you think fructose ("the fruit sugar") is good for you then disregard my review. But anyone familiar with the work of Robert Lustig knows how damaging fructose can be. You can do your own research and make your own call on that one. At the very least they should have mitigated the fructose absorption with a fiber additive.

The second problem is that each drink contains 36 grams of fructose. This is basically the amount of sugar in a 12oz can of cola.

The other thing to note is the research papers cited in the product description. I wanted to see what these papers actually had to say and it's interesting.

The first paper considers the effect of carbohydrate use prior and during resistance training (it suggests it improves performance such as total work or duration of training) and after training (it suggests it aids in recovery). All well and good. They also found however the blood glucose and insulin levels dramatically increased from taking a carbohydrate supplement. I consider this bad. Also consuming carbohydrates post-workout as P90X suggests can lead to lower protein synthesis (bad). At the very least you should drink this stuff prior to working out. And it should also be noted that there are many studies, as discussed by these researchers, where these positive effects were not shown.

The second paper simply discusses the need for protein post-workout (you are building muscles after all) and that milk proteins have better utilization than soy proteins. This drink uses milk proteins. Fine.

Probably more interesting is that when you research the composition of the drink it is pretty easy to make your own. Orange juice concentrate + milk whey powder + supplemental all-vitamin pill = 95% of what this drink is. If you purchase at Costco like I do you can get 6 months of this drink for less than this costs.
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64 of 78 people found the following review helpful
on April 9, 2011
Many of the reviews here comment about the better taste in the original P90X Results and Recovery Formula. One of the reviews mentioned the switch away from fructose in the reformulation, which is true. Let me add more facts about the ingredient changes and then some subjective comparisons. First, the facts.

The primary ingredient in both formulas is still sugar, which is why this drink serves primarily as a carbohydrate replacement after a workout. The "new and improved" formula removes the fructose. The primary sugars in the old formula were fructose, dextrose and maltodextrin (in that order). The new formula's sugars are primarily dextrose and maltodextrin. Besides the sugar change, the biggest change seems to be the new formula contains half the fat and twice the dietary fiber of the old formula.

Fat facts: The old formula contains 2g of fat per serving, with 30mg of cholesterol. The new formula has 1g of fat and 20mg of cholesterol -- half the fat and 1/3 less cholesterol. However, the new formula contains about twice the amount of saturated fats, from 0.5g in the old to slightly less than 1g in the new.

Most of the actual ingredients remain the same, although the new formula apparently contains no artificial flavors, which the old formula did. Both still provide 700mg of L-arginine, 500mg of L-glutamine and 500mg of creatine monohydrate per serving. Both contain 220 calories per serving and the serving size is still 60g.

What's the same or nearly the same?
Calories: 220
Vitamin A: 60% DV
Vitamin C: 750% DV
Vitamin E: 500% DV
Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 : 30% DV
Sodium: 150mg
Total carbs: 13% DV (39g in old, 40g in new)
Potassium: 4% DV (OLD: 147mg, NEW: 155mg)

With those facts dispensed with, I find the flavor of the new formula less pleasing although they are both sweet, tasty drinks with an orange flavor. The old formula tastes much like a drinkable version of an orange creamsicle. If you never had one of those, it is a popsicle made from vanilla ice cream, coated with a sugary orange concoction. Yum! If you hate orange creamicles, you will not miss the old formula.

The new formula still tastes good, but gone is the milky, vanilla ice cream flavor. The new formula tastes a little like orange-flavored Tang. I will take the new flavor over the old in exchange for losing half the fat and some of the cholestrol.

I rate this product 4 stars because it seems to contain the ingredients I hear recommended to replenish the body after a hard workout with weights. It doesn't get 5 stars because this product is pricey. As Tony Horton, the buff Beachbody P90X exercise leader, says himself during the Legs and Back routine, the recovery drink "is money." I'm betting it is. It is a LOT of money for the Beachbody company, Product Partners. But heck, I buy it for what it has in it and the convenience of finding it all in one tasty, easy to mix drink.
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113 of 146 people found the following review helpful
on April 1, 2011
I'm about to start the last 30 days of P90X and I have enjoyed the program since day 1. I initially felt like a sucker buying a workout DVD that's featured on late night infomercials, much less a product that was pushed at the end of said infomercial DVD.

I finally broke down a bought the product several weeks ago, after running out of my basic whey protein supplement. I would have used the product from day 1 of P90X, but I had 2 reservations (not including the infomercial aspect):

1. Cost. This drink is significantly higher than other supplements. Especially for someone like me that has never been big on supplements.

2. The negative reviews on the flavor, and how the formula had been changed.

I think the concerns about the flavor are exaggerated. But as the post says: you can't miss what you never had. I'm not a fan of citrus flavors in general, but I actually do enjoy the taste of the drink. If you're having second thoughts based on the taste reviews, I would encourage you to try it for yourself. Beachbody offers a money back guarantee if you don't like it.

Does it work? I've only been using it for several weeks now. Before I had the drink I was mixing up a "poor man's recovery drink" with whey protein and apple juice. I will say that I do have more energy during/after the workouts, and feel better after downing some recovery drink. Placebo effect? Maybe. Correlation doesn't always equal causation. I'm also in the second phase of P90X where the carb allotment in the diet increases... so that will have an impact on energy levels as well.

Many other reviewers have made this point, and I'll reiterate it here. Don't price yourself out of P90X. Don't feel like this drink is a requirement. It's expensive, and there are better ways to spend if you're on a budget. If it comes down to buying supplements, or high quality foods, I'll take the latter every time. No use dumping money on expensive supplements to go off and buy crap food. If you can afford to drop the $$$ every month, and you're pushing yourself during the workouts, this is the way to go. It makes me feel better, and I'm seeing positive results so far. But remember, all the supplements in the world aren't going to replace hard work and eating right.

I can now miss what I had. I assumed since I ordered this product in March that it would be the "New and Improved" version, however it was not. The above review was indeed for the old drink. Amazon must have had a back stock of the old formula, as the new version started shipping some time in Jan 2011 from Beachbody. However on my last order (late April 2011), the tub bears the "New and Improved" label.

Bottom line, I still think it tastes fine. The power is much finer and has a bit of an aftertaste. The first thing I noticed is that the old formula dissolved on contact with water, but this one takes quite a bit of mixing. I would recommend a blender or one of the cups with a whisk inside. Sure the old one tasted better, but the new formula does appear to have better ingredients than the original (glucose vs fructose etc). If you're interested in the exact changes check the Beachbody forums where Beachbody higher-ups explain exactly how and why they changed the formula. After reading the posts I felt confident that it was actually improved and not "cheapened."
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on October 15, 2014
For those who own insanity we can all agree that we end up really sore in the first few days and I always stopped doing the work out because of that. This is my third time trying to finish insanity so I decided to buy this and trust me it really works. I didn't feel as sore the day after. If you drink this it will It help you recover for the next workout and you'll feel energized. Before I bought this I read some reviews that said the taste is horrible to be honest it's not, It's ok to me its like a creamy orange flavor but I don't find it to be horrible. The purpose of this product is to get you recovered for your next intense workout, trust me it works 100 I would recommended it to anyone.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2014
I find this really helps me recover after a tough workout like Insanity. I only use one scoop in month 1 but the full dose for month 2....
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 20, 2014
After taking this formula during and after every workout does wonders for body. also tastes great and easy to miix.thank you very much.
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59 of 81 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2011
As someone who works out constantly, I have to say this product is a joke. It would be fine if it weren't priced at a point that is actually considered theft of dumb people in some countries.

What does R&R give you? Carbs (sugar). Vitamins. A miniscule amount of protein. If you look beyond the advertizing language and just read the label, you realize quickly this is incredibly expensive for what you get. Try:

1) A good multivitamin, as well as a diet that meets your servings of fruits/veggies. Berries are especially good.

2) 40g carbs with 26g sugars? You may as well drink a can of coke if you want this effect. That is mostly in jest; the healthier alternative is juice which is naturally high in sugar. For complex carbs, you can google that to find out brown rice, etc will get you there.

3) Whey protein. This R&R mix severely skimps on protein. Optimum Nutrition is a good brand, mix half milk and half water to improve the taste (but it's already pretty good!). This entire thing is optional if you're getting enough protein from your diet (mmmm... chicken).

Just think critically about what you're paying for with this stuff. P90X is great, but they are clearly using that to market an entire line of products. In general, you also want to get yourself eating better, not relying on a powdered drink as your magic wand. In general I believe natural sources of nutrition will always be better than powdered, lab-grown versions.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2015
First off. Im the type of person who never write reviews even if the product works, I just tell people I know personally.

My story starts with me at 315 lbs and finally saying enough is enough . I started researching up the ying yang and started working out with what I had at home, p90x interchangeable dumbbells and a bench press. Im an ex highschool and college football athlete so I did those old workouts with new modified ones I got from myself or YouTube. I downloaded the my fitness pal app to track my meals and fitness point pro which is where i bought the 4 day workout plan and used that as my base or starting point. Besides completely changing my eating and sleeping schedule I used only 2 supplements. THIS ONE and shakeology meal replacement. With hard consistent workouts and eating right with the help of these 2 supplements I lost 60+ lbs in just shy of a year. (Currently fluctuating between 255 - 260 lbs)

I've used this recovery formula for 1year while also stopping it for about 5 or so months. (Ran out and money was tight)

MY USE OF IT.. I drank it every day after a workout only. I eventually switched to mixing it with the shakeology meal replacement shake (1 scoop each) and taking it before or during my workout, both ways worked fine with.

DURING THE USE of the recovery formula I noticed the next morning after a workout my body didn't feel as sore or worn out. I was able to walk normal, no extreme tightness in my muscles or anything like that. I still had some soreness but it was completely manageable, after all I like feeling sore because it let's me know what I'm doing is working.. All in all I felt good and was able to hit the weights hard again.

AFTER I STOPPED taking this product, I noticed I was extremely sore to the point I felt I needed an extra day off because my muscles were so tight even after stretching. This feeling is what helped me fall off the wagon, one day off turned into a week and a month and then a few months of nothing. I had progressed so far in a year and now I have to start all over. Which I started this last month. I haven't taken this product yet this time around but I just ordered it and can't wait to use it again.

I DONT LIKE the fructose and sugars at all, but since I cut out all other sugar from my diet I can manage with this. The 220 calories seems like a lot but I use just one scoop with unsweetened almond milk (2cups, 45 calories) and it's not bad on my daily intake of 2,500 cal. It tastes amazing too.

SO AGAIN, the big notice of how well this product works came to me when I STOPPED using it.

THIS IS NOT A MAGIC formula. It only helps with muscle soreness and recovery, thus the name!! You will still feel some soreness the next day depending on how hard you workout but it really helps limit it to the point where you can keep your workout schedule and hit it hard each time.

DONT be lazy while taking this and then come write a review saying it doesn't work..

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on December 22, 2014
i had ordered this product directly from Beachbody before and i had used it and absolutely loved the taste and would admit i was looking forward to the amazon shipment after i ordering from Amazon .
However, this second time around the Amazon shipment for the product came with a surprising Prop 65 warning. Such warning was not there when it came from Beachbody directly as far as i can remember.

Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is a California law formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.
It is an unique California-only "right to know" law that requires products sold in California to include warning notices about potential exposure to any of the 800+ chemicals or elements listed by the State of California to be toxic or potentially harmful, whether or not they are added artificially or are naturally occurring in plants and herbs.

This warning was specifically for LEAD concentrations. This was a complete surprise and concerning.
I did some research and read Beachbody's disclaimer in their website at the following link. Strangely this link is not available in Amazon or provided directly alongwith product information.

For ready reference you may want to review it here -

After much thought i decided against using this product and returned it un-opened to Amazon.
Though Beachbody has a good reputation and i have enjoyed its products,
I decided to use and leverage natural and organic products rather than such artificial supplements.

I am writing this review so that others can make an informed decision on purchase after reading the Prop 65 disclaimer.
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