Customer Reviews: PACE: Rediscover Your Native Fitness
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on October 29, 2007
First off, I don't work for the publishing company and this is my first review on Amazon. I am a bit confused about what everyone is reviewing...the book or the shipping service???? What does one have to do with the other?

In review of the book - I have found it to be an incredible asset to my day. The book itself is a quick read which allows you more time to work out. It is the first fitness book I've read that gives you specifically designed workouts for every type of "cardio" machine you can think of, including jumping rope and swimming. It teaches you to continue to challenge yourself on a daily basis - something a lot of us don't do when it comes to our fitness.

I have been working with the program since the middle of August and have seen great results. I enjoy that I can get better results in 20 minutes than I ever did in 45 minutes - most people like the idea. More is not always better!!!

As for the emails and the solicitations from Dr. Sears...simple solution, take your name off the mailing list instead of writing complaints about it!

I do agree the forum is something else to be desired and would not recommend spending the money per month on it. Instead, get your friends to join the program and discuss successes and difficulties with each other! But, do try the program - it works!
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on October 8, 2007
I've been doing PACE workouts for 4 weeks now, and I've lost 9 pounds. I am NOT affiliated with Dr. Sears or the publishers of this book in ANY WAY. I just found some info online and decided to try it. My lung capacity has increased, my endurance has increased, and I've found that I'm consistently able to increase my speed at the top interval of the workout almost every time I do it. I have 2 small kids and a young baby at home, and I don't have time for long workouts. Plus I'm still getting caught up on all that lost sleep! This is SO DOABLE because I can do it in less than 20 minutes without feeling guilty about not working out longer! I've added this to my normal routine of 15-minute strength training workouts (T-Tapp), alternating between the two, and apparently it's working very well! Try won't be sorry!
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on June 26, 2007
I was interested in trying this method because doing what I thought was healthy wasn't working and many times after working out I felt I had wasted my time. The book is well written and simple to follow. The first workout I did following this program just rocked!! In a fraction of the time I was finished and completely satisfied with what I had done. I began seeing visible results by the end of the first week and I could really feel my body "tightening up". The workouts are short so I never feel I don't have the time, and unlike the duration exercise I was doing before, I never feel like I wasted my time. Even if you're a little tired, you just can't have a bad workout. This has been a great answer for me and you can apply it to anything.
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on April 12, 2007
Do you think you need long punishing workouts to improve your fitness? Think again. Dr. Sears has developed a PACE workout program that allows you to, literally, pace yourself and prevent or reverse heart disease in the process.

Unlike conventional interval training regimes, the PACE program focuses on the rest periods between the intense intervals. After you exert for several seconds or a minute you have a recovery period of 1-2 minutes or more in which you focus on getting your heart rate to within 20 beats of its resting rate. In this way you increase your lung capacity (and your longevity) and strengthen your heart.

Dr. Sears provides many different examples of PACE workouts, none of them lasting longer than 15-20 minutes, using the outdoors, pool and many different types of equipment. There's enough variety to appeal to anyone. You can use any style of exercise you want as long as you progressively increase the intensity and focus on lowering your heart rate during the recovery periods. You have the freedom to adapt the program to your own preferences and fitness level.

I have exercised in this way for several years now with good results and find it easy to incorporate these type of exercises into my daily routine. Sometimes I bike up and down the hill in front of my house in intervals. Other time I just sprint in the backyard or use an aerobic step and run up and down it for one minute intervals. I've found that the key is letting the heart rate return almost back to normal during the rest interval and really like that rest is just as important as the exercise.

He cites several credible research studies when making his case that endurance training is actually harmful to you and PACE workouts are superior. Although technical at times, his arguments are accessible to anyone interested in losing fat, increasing their longevity, and having a strong heart and lungs well into old age. You won't regret reading this book and trying the PACE workout.
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on February 27, 2008
I have always been a 'round' person and I come from a very 'round' family. Exercising and losing weight have been life long challenges for me. Then along came PACE. Even me, 5ft 4in, 180 lbs, could do this program in one-minute increments. It was a little tough in the beginning (yeah, I was that out of shape) but in no time, I felt myself getting stronger and thinner. Anyone can customize PACE to his or her life. I ride my bike, sprint, rollerblade and swim. The way you can apply this program is up to you. The principles are what are important in this program: exertion/rest. I am not going to lie; I was thrilled with being thinner but the real plus was feeling better. A lot better! I no longer compare myself to others. It really has changed my life. Not being self-conscious has made me confident enough to do things that the `round' me never dreamed of! (Diet is very important as well.)
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on February 5, 2008
Talk about results! Dr. Sears's PACE book changed my life. His take on fitness really works, it takes about 80% less time than the usual long, boring workout routines, and the changes -- physically and in terms of mood -- are lasting.

I used to be a heavy smoker, 50 lbs overweight, pretty much a couch potato. I'd joined a gym but usu. didn't get around to going (I was a little embarrassed about my appearance, to be totally honest). And the workout routines like "cardio" and weight lifting were so dull, I couldn't stay with it. Even when I did them with consistency, I wasn't seeing much in the way of real improvement.

Then a friend told me about Dr. Sears's PACE challenge and how it had really worked for him. So I subscribed to his on-line e newsletter (he puts out two a week, really helpful, plus longer features monthly) and started getting a truly different perspective on health.

After my copy of the PACE book arrived, I started putting the principles into practice. The book really lets you go at your own "pace." And Dr. Sears's take is pretty convincing.

The key for me is it's not about long, boring routines. He's got a totally different take on fitness -- you increase intensity, but not duration, to lose weight and build muscle. You can choose which kind of exercise you want to do -- anything that gets your heart rate up. Plus you can do it anywhere.

I lost the weight, but more importantly, I got my heart and lung capacity back up to where I NEVER get winded like I used to -- moving furniture, doing yard work, even playing pick-up football on Sundays (something I hadn't done since college. Plus I'm not sore and tired from hours in the gym. I don't spend hours at the health club or a lot of money on memberships

Everyone should give PACE a try!

I also recommend checking out Dr. Sears's Web site -- [...] That's where I signed up for the newsletter; it helped me get a handle on how his PACE program fits in with health and diet, which have really helped me stay fit. I ordered a few of his nutritional supplements and find I've got more energy than ever. More people should know about him.
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on January 25, 2008
I've long been a fan of Dr. Sears and am happy to see this book finally in print. As is frequently the case, Al Sears is ahead of the curve. The idea of high intensity short duration interval training is finally getting it's due, and the research is beginning to come out to support it. Think about it: did you ever see a flabby sprinter? I like the PACE program because it's doable, effective and easy to follow. If you're tired of 60-90 minute workouts on a treadmill, you should absolutely give this program a try. I wrote about it in my book, 'The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth" because I really believe it deserves a wider audience.

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS
author, 'The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth"
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on February 2, 2008
I started the PACE program about 2 months ago and I just love it. I don't have time to spend hours at the gym. With PACE I spend about 10 to 15 minutes 4 times a week. It is perfect if you are a busy person and don't have a lot of time. And, I do it wherever and whenever I want. It is an incredibly flexible program. The bonus...I lost weight. So far I lost 13 pounds. I feel great.

As for the book itself, it is very easy to follow. Exercise plans are perfectly laid out for you. It also gives you charts to track your progress. You can also go on-line and ask questions on the PACE Forum. So far I used it about three or four times and found it very helpful for motivation.

The bottome line is, if you want to get healthy and live longer you should pick up a copy of this book. I am glad I did.
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on September 12, 2008
I have been on the pace program for over a year....This program is great. The other reviews that were negative were probably because they did not use the program the correct way. You have to get out of the thinking that more is better. Long walks, pushing heavy object for long periods of time and running long distances. Once you get out of the masses thinking you will have great bennifits with this program. It has got me very fit and people do wonder if I spend long hours in the gym. When I tell them what I do they dont believe me. Well, I know this is great and Al Sears is a very reputable doctor and I do recommend him highly.
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I did an extensive review of Dr. Sears' latest book Pace: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution (Exercise Workout Books) so I won't go into detail here as the new book is more or less an update of this one and far superior. Having said that, I can tell you this program is based on sound science and the basic premise of the program is used by a growing multitude of fitness experts.

Many people who promoted long distance running died while or shortly after running. Man was not meant to run like that. This program helps me keep my blood pressure and weight down and gives me functional strength. I was skeptical at first like many others. If it didn't work, I'd have no reason to recommend it. But it does work and is a superior way to get and keep fit in a busy world.

It doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite sports or yoga or other fitness methods when you do the PACE program. Not at all. It just means you can free yourself from "cardio" that actually makes your heart smaller (to be more efficient) instead of larger and stronger as it becomes using this program. Also, there's no reason to spend lots of time exercising. This is a form of HIT, which is excellent interval training. Older people will especially enjoy this program. I also recommend The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough

Highly recommended.

-- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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