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on December 19, 2011
I was excited to get the Pink Method after watching the "Sales Pitch" on Dr. Phil. After getting set up in my exercise room and starting with the Beginners workout I was shocked that you were expected to do Plank push-ups in the beginners course. I am over 50, but have been working out for years, I was really hoping the exercise videos would be more doable. If you are looking for an exercise program that gently works you into a routine, this is not the one for you.
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on August 26, 2013
Man, the reviews for this program are all over the place with half the people totally demonizing it and the other half loving it. The outrageous price that Amazon has this listed at is not helping either. Getting lost in all of this hype and overcharging is one of the best "clean food" diet plans I have found along with a series of dvds that can toe to toe with anything put out by Beachbody.

I will talk about the DVDs first. You get four DVDs: one for each of the three levels and one for the bonus workouts. Each dvd has three work outs on it. Level one - all three work outs are 18 - 20 minutes each. The workouts are Kardio, Strength Pull and Strength Push. Level two - each program is 25 - 28 minutes. The workouts are Kardio, strength lower body and strength upper body. Level three - each program is 35 - 40 minutes. The workouts are Kardio, Strength Pull and Strength Push. The bonus dvd is not really a "bonus" but instead are part of the primary program and you do one of them EVERY time you exercise. Each program is 15 minutes. The workouts are Athletic Abs, Mat lower body (pilates style for lower body and core) and Yoga Core. Each level is taught be a single instructor and they each do one of the bonus routines. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and motivating. The instructors cue very well and remind me of classic FIRM dvd instructors.

For thirty days you do one of the three programs on Level 1 plus the add-on workout for six days with one day for rest. You are exercising little over 30 minutes for the first level. The Kardio is a toughie and not "beginner" in that it is purposely designed to to condition you so that your fitness ablitiy increases to point you are able to handle longer exercise periods. The key to making this program work for you is to keep telling yourself it is just 18 minutes. The idea is to really push for those 18 minutes so your conditioning goes up and you will be amazed at how good it makes you feel if you have never really pushed yourself in an exercise program before. The push and pull are pretty standard cardio and weight training routines very similar in style and level to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. (Note: for more advanced exercisers you can do all three dvds for an excellent full body and cardio workout in about 55 minutes.)

The Next 30 days is level two and for the first two weeks you again do one of the Level 2 exercises and one of the bonus for total of approximately 40 minutes. The intensity is little higher and the workouts ten minutes longer. Again you have one cardio routine which uses light weights to keep heart rate up. The big difference is the toning programs are broken down into lower body and upper body. The third week in this level you start moving from the regular formula and the length of time of exercising starts to vary. One day you might do 2 of the level 2 programs for approximately 55 minutes and the next all three of the bonus dvds for 45 minutes. The intensity level here is around Jillian Micheal's harder 45 minute dvds, the Pink Firm dvds or Shaun T's T25.

The last level takes the biggest time crunch and the workouts are tough but at this point you should be well conditioned and your body more adjusted to the diet so a bigger push will be needed to continue to see results. These workouts really vary the times and are between 30 - 80 minutes and are designed to "confuse" your body with different lengths of training times and intensity. The cardio is mix of kickboxing and plyometrics. The Push and Pull are the dreaded Tabata training that is all the rage now. (Tabata means you perform an activity at max intensity for 20 seconds and recover for ten and rinse and repeat.) Inanity and Cathe exercisers will feel challenged on this level.

As good as the dvds are, for me the real worth of this program is the plan food diet. This is an easy to prepare diet plan that uses real simple food and it is great for a single busy person like myself and could be easily done by a working mom who has to prepare separate/different food for her family. You can follow the plan exactly and use the 82 day menu religiously or you can wing it with the "blueprint" guide and list of allowed foods. And speaking of foods, there is nothing expensive or so fancy you have to be a chef. Sample day: Breakfast: 1/2 oatmeal, cup raspberries and cup green tea. Lunch: 4 oz chicken breast, steamed or grilled zucchini and 1/2 cup brown rice. Dinner: 4 oz. beef tenderloin, green beans and medium sweet potato. If you have a rice cooker, vegetable steamer and George Forman type grill then you are all set. You will also need a good blender to make the smoothies which you will be having for breakfast and post workout snacks a lot. Most "exotic" foods on diet are couscous, quinoa, kale, arugula and few times tofu pops up but you can substitute that. The spices and seasonings one review moaned over being exotic and expensive are basil, dill, garlic, ginger, oregano and rosemary! The diet does list "Bragg's liquid Amino's" which is healthy soy sauce and is carried by Walmart and Amazon and even that is not necessary. Most stores now carry a "store-brand" Stevia that is almost the same price as the artificial sweeteners. Yes, you will have to cook your own meals and take your lunches with you to work. Yes, you might have to actually chop your veges. If times is real big issue then on either Saturday or Sunday chop everything up and prepare your grains for the week. When steaming my veges, I will place four or five servings of meat on top (like three chicken breasts and two pieces of fish) so I get the flavors of the meats on my veges and have several meals ready in case I get home late at night or do not have time in morning to cook my lunch.

The last thing I want to talk about is the much criticized Pink Reset portion of the diet. Yes, if you break this down to calories you probably are talking about around 800. This low calorie part or VLCD is meant to RESET your body and is supposed to be a shock and act as a cleanse. The idea is to jump start your weight loss so you get excited about the program. Also, the idea is to "shrink" your stomach so you get used to the smaller portions and to detox off all the bad stuff you were eating. If you eat a lot of processed and fast foods then this will be a shocker. YOU DO NOT EXERCISE DURING THIS PERIOD. You are eating whole food with UNLIMITED vegetables but no fruit except in smoothies and no grains. Yes, it is slow calories but it is high nutrients and you will not starve to death. The number of days you stay on the reset diet depends on your starting weight and height and varies from 3 - 14 and you stop sooner after you lose between 5 - 10 pounds. You will go back on the Reset for four days before you start levels 2 and 3. There is also the 7-Day Shred for when you are 5 - 10 pounds from your goal or hit a plateau. IF A VLCD IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU THEN JUST DO THE REGULAR DIET INSTEAD or add more veges.
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on March 1, 2012
My rating is probably closer to 3.5.

I will start off by saying if you want this product, purchase direct from the manufacturer. It's half the price (or less) and the purchase was hassle free. No tricks to try and upsell you on other products.

As for the "method" itself, it really isn't anything new. Low fat, low carb, moderate protein, fresh vegetables, and exercise. That's the "method" in a nutshell. The plan is a bit more involved. It consists of generally of 2 parts. Part one is the "Reset" which I would describe as a jumpstart. The second part, "Pink Primary" is the longterm plan.

"Reset" which, according to an interview (?) I saw with the author is to provide quick results and thus motivation for the user. It involves fairly severe calorie restriction for 7-14 days depending on your starting weight. The more weight you want/need to lose the longer you stay on "Reset". There is emphasis on NOT counting calories, but my curiosity got the best of me and I calculated that "Reset" calls for approx. 700-900 calories a day depending on food choices and amount of snacking (fresh, raw veggies only). It's not a surprise one sees rapid loss during this period.

After "Reset", you start "Primary" which has three phases which are related to a change in exercise, not food. (Though "Primary" allows the reintroduction of more "good carbs/"starches and thus, ultimately, a higher caloric intake. On "Reset" carbs came only from fruit and vegetables.). The meal plans remain the same, but exercise intensity and duration (DVD levels) change roughly every 30 days. So, you eat according to "Primary" guidelines and do level 1 DVD for 30 days. Go on a mini "Reset" for 4 days then move to level 2 DVD for the next 30 days. Afterward, another 4-day "Reset" it's on to level 3.

My guess, since I haven't completed a full 90 days yet, is you repeat until your down to the last 5 lbs then you kick it up several notches and do the "7-Day Shred".

In general, I love that the book/plan offers a full 90+ days of meal plans. If you don't like the choices, you can use the "blueprint" instead. (Protein + Veggies + Slow Carbs). It also offers lists of foods to choose from. Though, it also notes that the lists offered aren't exhaustive. There are also many more recipes available on the plan's online community to which you get access once you've purchased the plan. Though the overwhelming majority of the folks there are helpful, sympathetic and supportive, there are a few who are not. But, alas, that is the nature of online communities.

My disappointment with the program falls into two areas - the plan itself and results. First the plan. There are quite a few contradictions in the plan. For example, on "Reset" the book says fats are a "no-no" but you're allowed to use vegetable cooking spray, low-calorie salad dressing and reduced-fat mayonnaise. No soy, but the required "Reset" breakfast is a protein shake. The one whey protein product advertized on the website contains soy. These small details nagged at me. But more than that I became very wary when I realized I was supposed to eat under 1000 calories a day for up to 14 days. Everything I've ever read said that was a "no-no".

My own results have been mixed, I guess. Lost a pound a day the first 7 days of "Reset". The next 7 days, I lost only about a pound and a half the entire week. Since then, I've been gaining and losing the same 2-3 pounds. (Very common occurrence according to the posters on the Community Boards). Though, I've been losing inches. Ultimately, contrary to the author's intentions, quickly losing weight only to end up at a "scale standstill" it a lot more discouraging long term than the fast weigh loss was encouraging.


If you can get past all the hype, ignore some of the detail inconsistencies and mellow out your expectations, the plan does offer some good information. Though, it's nothing particularly new or revolutionary. And you'll still have to work for it to work.
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on February 23, 2012
I bought the P.I.N.K Method 2 weeks ago and I love it! I've lost 12 pounds already! I'm not a big fan, however, of the Pink Drink with Whey in it so I used Hemp Protien powder instead and loved it!

Menu: As far as the menu goes there are quite alot of things allow for you to eat. Find the individually wrapped fish and chicken that are vaccuum sealed. This is what I do since my family wont be eating what I eat. It's super convieniant. I find there is a great variety of options for a dinner. You don't have to follow the meal plan to a 'T' either. take inventory of the lists, and mix and match!! The recipes are geard towards a vegan diet (which I definately am NOT), so I use skim milk rather than almond milk or coconut milk or whatever. Just be sensible about what you substitute.

Exercise DVD's: I am a stay at home mom, but I never did much exercising (ok...none at all), and I weigh 269 pounds so I am not the fittest duck in the pond. The beginnign exercise DVD (which is the only one I've gotten to yet) isn't easy for me to do. It's a challenge. That's what it's supposed to be. The DVD offers variations for the workout, but I find that I don't need them 80% of the time. Bottom line: I'm not fit as a fiddle and the exercises are within my reach (even with bad knees and a back low back). :)

I would reccomend this product to any wman who wants to loose weight quickly, build muscle, and be healthy in the process!!
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on December 28, 2011
this is an intense work out not for the faint of heart. I have been watching only the beginner video and doubt if I will be ready for the next one for a long time. there is some less intense options shown but not enough. I am 64 and only been doing aqua arobics and 50 lbs overweight
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on April 1, 2012
I have tried every weight loss program out there from Weight Watchers to Opti-Fast to Jenny Craig to Atkins to Phen Fen... and more. As I approached my 66th birthday I realized I needed to loose 130 lbs. to be at my goal weight. The reality check was daunting. I saw the Dr. Phil Show and the Doctors, so I decided to give it a try. The price was right. I began on January 1, 2012 and three months later I am 40 lbs. less and healthier than I have been in years. The exercises are challenging but presented in a way that is not boring. The nutrition is smart, easy to follow and I'm rarely hungry. I have cut back on coffee and eliminated what little alcohol I did drink. I didn't want to write a review until I was well into the program, but today I begin my fourth month and I am here to say THIS PROGRAM WORKS
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on January 4, 2012
The Pink Method is a great idea but has many errors in the book and is probably a very difficult diet for someone who is very overweight to follow. The reset phase recommends around a thousand calories per day. The DVDs do not show enough modifications for beginners and the workouts are very tough. It also states you can start at any level of fitness but most people seem to be struggling. The book promises help on the website but the book and the website are incongruent. It's worth a try but you must be dedicated to it!
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on July 18, 2013
I like the fact that these workouts are relatively fast. I was doing P90X for awhile, but those are all 1 - 1/2 hrs 6 days a week. I just don't always have time for that. I am 54 and I am not sure I should keep doing so much especially 6 days a week, plus I just don't have that much time to devote to it.
The PINK method seems somewhat similar to what I was doing, but much more abbreviated. There are 2 different types of weight days and cardio. There are three different levels plus a bonus CD with abs, etc. the only thing I don't care for is that some of it is high impact, they do give modifications though and I always modify for myself anyway to protect my knees. I am sure for someone younger that doesn't mind high impact it would be fine. Overall, it seems to be a well done exercise method with different instructors which helps with the boredom factor.
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on March 27, 2012
I just finished Phase 3 of the program. I started at 200 pounds and a size 20, less than three months later I am 170 pounds and wearing a size 12. I am only halfway to my goal but this program has changed my life. I've been battling the bulge for 12 years, I've done countless diets and exercise programs. Most of them I'd lose weight and then gain it right back. This program puts together the fitness and the nutrition to compliment each other and the changes are amazing. Not only have I lost pounds and inches but I've gained something I never had in my "skinny" days...muscle tone. I can see the muscles in my biceps, triceps and thighs without flexing. While I still have quite a bit of belly to get rid of I can also see ab definition coming through.

One word of advice, definitely purchase this from the pink method website, if you pay in one installment it's only $68, the price on here is outrageous.
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on April 19, 2012
If you ready for hard work and a long term commitment, then this is for you! I've seen others say this is tough for those over 30, well I'm 47. I started January 12th and as of today have lost 30lbs. The bottom line is that if you are really serious and are ready to become an incredibly strong-healthy woman, then here it is. It is not for the people who expect weight to just magically fall off. It's hard work and it's all about a lifestyle change. Whole foods, not processed switching from dairy milk to almond and coconut milks. Any diet can work and yes this is nothing new. It was however the ONE for me and I have never felt better in my life. I'm 12lbs away from my goal of 135 - I'm 5' 6" and I'm so proud. I have formed lifelong friendships with other women on the program. We started our own facebook group and are currently in a 60 day challenge with each other. Love, Love, Love Pink Method!!! I would buy it directly from the site as well. It's only $60 bucks and well worth it.
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