Customer Reviews: Planetary Formulas Horse Chestnut Cream 2oz
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on December 6, 2008
My grandfather had a German care giver who introduced him to horse chestnut cream (imported from Germany) back in the 60's. He swore it helped reduce his purple ankles, varicose veins, and scaling. When I developed some of the same symptoms, due to stasis, I thought I'd give the preparation a try. Good news, it is available in the USA and it seems to work. Even my doctor said he noticed an improvement. Guess like any medication you should let your doctor know what medications you are using, even topical preparations. Recommend reviewing the outstanding information about this product on the internet. It is available through many web sites, but Amazon seemed to have the best price. BTW, the cream instructions say to use for at least 6 weeks to get results, so you might consider purchasing several jars. Another thing, the cream has a strong odor some might find offensive.

Ordered several additional bottles in December. They were never received and Amazon recently cancelled the order. Strange a company would list a product they can not supply. Still believe the product is great, just have a problem with a company listing product and taking more than a month to inform the customer they can not deliver an order.
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on July 2, 2013
This rating is for the Horse Chestnut Cream AND the supplement. I had to give a star rating for each, and thought I'd give it a 4 to start, and work my way from there. I plan on updating as I use the product.

**Horse Chestnut Cream: Started on 7/3/13, is a deep taupe, thick yet smooth consistency, smell is medicinal like a Bengay type of smell. It's not a repulsive smell and the scent began to fade after about 20 minutes or so. Scent eventually was completely gone. It gave a cooling feel when applied to the varicose veins on my lower legs, (calves, shins, behind knees).

**Horse Chestnut supplement by Nature's Way: started on 7/1/13. Taking 1 pill, 2xd, with food. No tummy upset.

7/15/13 - No noted changes. Been faithful with both the cream and the supplement.
7/21/13 - Slightly less bulging of the varicose veins and they don't seem to pop out as often. It's a very slight difference but something is better than nothing. The trial continues. I'd like to completely finish the bottle of Horse Chestnut AND the Horse Chestnut Cream. The cream is tedious to keep up with and I can see how easy it could be to "forget" or "pass". I'm not quitting and will remain faithful to it. I keep it with my toothbrush since I'm there every morning and night. It insures I won't forget to apply.
8/2/13 - Soon to be finishing up the first bottle. I've noticed that the veins aren't as dark in color, &thought they still protrude on & off throughout the day, it's not quite as much, AND easier to go back in! I will not be stopping the supplements, but am beginning to question my need for the cream. In all fairness, I will finish the full container of the cream before making the decision whether or not to buy again. I will be staying on the supplement as my gut is telling me, that this is what's really helping. I suspect that the cream would be if I had discomfort in areas, (in which I do not).
9/21/13 - In the past three weeks, I've been less consistent with the CREAM and when I saw that there wasn't a change in the appearance of color and size of the veins, it helped me see the cream alone wasn't causing the improvements. It may be that the pills I'm taking are the cause of the improvements! Maybe this cream will be helpful if you have pain, but since I haven't any pain, I am opting not to purchase the cream again. I will remain on the pills.
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on December 31, 2012
I don't have varicose/spider veins so I cannot comment about that.

However.... I am prone to sore, tired muscles as well as swollen ankles and feet, which is especially true after long walks and car rides. I initially started using it just for these problems and was delighted to discover that 10-15 minutes after using this product, my muscles would feel better and any leg cramps would essentially be gone. The swelling was also be noticeably reduced. Now that I'm using it on my feet and ankles almost every day, I find that these no longer swell in the first place. This is like a miracle for me, as I do long walks (a few miles) every single day if not twice a day and thought I'd always be miserable from the edema.

I've recently started using it under my eyes and noticed improvements in puffiness and dark circles - beginning the morning after my very first use. The improvements in puffiness are especially dramatic, the dark circles have only improved slightly. Still, that's more than I can say after months of using some very expensive under eye creams that were (allegedly) made for this purpose. I feel that with continued use, both dark circles and puffiness will continue to improve. As I'm still on my first jar, have only just started using it under my eyes yet have already seen some results, I have to say that I'm impressed. It's the softest and smoothest the area under my eyes has been in quite some time.

Two days ago, a friend of mine fell and severely injured his ankle. In addition to elevation and ice, I recommended he go ahead and try this cream to see if it would help the bruising, swelling and pain. Again, after the first use, he commented that his ankle wasn't hurting as much and the swelling had gone down, even though he had since stopped doing the elevation and ice. It wasn't a miracle but it did give him some almost immediate relief from both pain and swelling.

Regarding the smell: Neither my friend nor I especially minded the smell, especially as this cream absorbs so quickly and thoroughly while the odor also dissipates rather quickly. The best description I can give of the smell is that it's like a combination of Vicks Vapor Rub and pure Witch Hazel, neither of which I find terribly offensive. It kinds of reminds me of old medicine mixed with young, earthy herbs. Even if you hate the smell, it really doesn't last very long.

Few moisturizers I've ever tried absorb as well as this, nor leave my skin anywhere near as soft and smooth. It has worked decisively well for all the reasons which caused me to buy it - and I've found some new uses for it. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who has problems with sore muscles, edema, bruising, puffiness and dark circles under the eye, or even just severely dry skin. I'll continue keeping this product on hand.
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on April 20, 2012
Horse Chestnut really works! Mayo Clinic told me to try Venastat, but it caused stomach pain. I looked at the ingredients and decided to see if I could find Horse Chestnut, the active ingredient - I found it in a tincture (liquid extract). I have been using the Horse Chestnut tincture off and on for 4 years and it really helps a lot. I had edema (swelling from fluid buildup) around my ankles with severe burning sensations and it really worked. I have no more edema. I do occasionally get some burning sensations, so I take it again. I just add it to juice. (Caution: It caused my High Blood Pressure to go up even more when it helped my leg veins to quit leaking, so watch your Blood Pressure if it is high already.)

This cream is made to work slowly, and Vericose Veins takes awhile to go away. Here is a suggestion, try the tincture (in juice) and see if it works better, then use the cream to keep it working. There are other tinctures that I read about in the last couple of days which are suppose to help too. (From what I remember reading:)Dr Oz said to use Butchers Broom; A book titled "Nature's Medicine" by Prevention said to use Gotu Kola externally, paint the liquid on your legs. Another book titled "Miracle Medicine Foods" by Rex Adams had a lot of really good suggestions in it (that sounded like they might work even faster).

Another thing that helps is to clean up your diet. (Nothing will help very much if you don't at least do that.) Vericose Veins are caused by sluggish blood that can't make it back up to the heart due to weak valves or thick blood. Get rid of "white flour & sugar" products as much as you can and start eating more raw veggies and beans, the extra fiber helps. Also, getting your circulation going better by walking (or exercising) is a huge help - just start out slow and go small distances until you're legs are doing better.
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on October 14, 2012
I bought this because varicose veins are hereditary & I started to notice severe leg pain that seems to be coming from my veins, I also have restless leg syndrome & started to notice the makings of small, bright purple varicose veins on the sides of my heels so I read the reiews & decided to buy this stuff. I only used it for the 1st time yesterday when I had experienced severe & persistant leg pain & I was originally going to wait to write this review but I swear, I reached for this & smeared some on both legs rubbing it in & within a few short minutes the pain started to subside remarkably! The cream is flesh toned, & has a wonderful cooling sensation after rubbing it in really good. It smells like vicks vapor rub but this smell completely goes away after a short while! It is amazing & I reccomend it highly as long as it stays affordable & effective! I may add on to this review if I notice a lessening in the appearance of my veins. I will purchase a jar for my mom! :)

November 21, 2012: I just inspected my feet & ankles & the small, bright reddish-purple spider veins are GONE! :-D
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on May 30, 2012
I've been dealing with varicose viens now for the better part of a decade. If you are reading this, you probably have been too. This cream is seriously the first thing I've used that has made a noticeable difference in the appearance of the viens on my legs. I've been applying, twice a day, for about a week now, and the difference is showing. I am more than pleased!
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on August 7, 2011
I was REALLY anxious that Planetary would not resume production of their Horse Chestnut Cream. It had helped my spider/varicose veins so much. I re-ordered as soon as I got the email from Amazon that it was again available. Although I don't apply it every day, or even on a regular schedule, the cream STILL works wonders for me. I only have a smallish grouping in the back of one knee, but this cream sure seems to help keep the sizes and discolorations to a minimum.
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on June 18, 2014
Oh Lord I hate the smell. To give you a hint. My granddaughter came over and said, ewww Nana what is that smell and her face was all shrunk up only had a small about on my is the myrrh and rosemary....hate those smells. Had I been able to find the ingredients, I would not have bought it.
Now, having said that, I do think it is a good cream. My leg vines and arm molds are lightening.
So, if u don't mind the smells of myrrh and rosemary...I say go for it... It is a BIG jar and will last long.....

Smell is big for me... ;0(
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on March 14, 2013
This doesn't smell too great, and you don't see any signs that it might work right away, and after using it for a month, see none. It's messy and doesn't absorb very well either. Do not recommend. Go with Vita-K instead.
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on July 1, 2010
I've been using this on my legs for about a month now. I had a few spots where I have some spider veins. Although the spots aren't gone, they have faded a good deal and the general tone of my legs has definitely improved. Also I was getting some weird pains/pulsations that have completely gone away since using the product. Not a miracle cream, but I think it does work reasonably well. Also the smell is strong, medicine-like but I actually liked it after a while :)
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