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on May 10, 2012
When I purchased this tablet, I knew that it would not perform like some of the more expensive models out there. I am very pleased with it so far. I haven't had any problems at all. I can browse the web and download apps, so, I am happy. Also, I can listen to music and watch videos. Even the battery life is okay with me. I don't expect miracles when I don't pay alot for a product because I know that the lower the value of a product means the less manpower and etc was put into it as well. I'm not the most technical person, but, anyone who knows me know that I do like my gadgets. As long as they do what is advertised on the box, I can live with it. Great product! To those that are complaining, I say, Go ahead and spend more and get one of those expensive tablets... It's really what you want anyway. To those that just want a tablet for simple fuctions such as reading/downloading books and simple stuff such as music, pictures, videos and surfing. This is your tablet. :)
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on April 23, 2012
I bought this tablet at Big Lots and it actually works quite well, it has ICS installed and I was able to get the google app market installed without issues. If you are looking for a simple, small tablet that lets you play games, read email, listen to internet radio, netflix etc than this will be a good way to start with an Android tablet. It is quite responsive, the screen is decent for reading and watching movies. I haven't added more memory to it but that is easily possible, I believe up to 32gb.
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on June 11, 2012
I love Amazon but I too (like others) purchased this product from a local retailer for $89 for a Father's Day gift for my hubby. I haven't been able to put it down though as I have enjoyed using it and have had fun customizing it for him. I am a newbie Android person and I found the tablet and the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system to be very user friendly and downloading the Amazon App store was a breeze. I immediately downloaded Netflix and Angry Birds from Amazon and have purchased a 16g SDHC card on Amazon. WiFi set up was easy and I have not had any disconnects. Netflix runs great and I think I am now addicted to Angry Birds. When I was in town yesterday, I brought the tablet along and easily connected to the various WiFi spots offered by local businesses. This tablet can't be beat for a newbie Android person to play games, watch YouTube videos, visit their favorite web sites and check email and all this for under $100.
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on July 26, 2012
Just got this tab and I am very pleased with this device. I have low vison and this tab is the first that I have gotten that I didn't need to install a third party tool to make the font bigger so it is a plus for me. The tablet seems to be fairly well constructed and is very light. It does heat up a little but isn't overly warm even after long periods of use. The tablet I purchased was from Shopko and came with a keyboard/ faux leather stand and is reasonabiblbe for people with small hands. The usb post is mini usb and works with hubs if you get an adapter to convert the mini usb to standard size usb connection.

The only real downside for me is that everything is done thru only usb port on the tablet, so as far as I know for now you can;t use a keyboard and charge it at the same time. As stated in previous reviews you can get the market working on this tab. I am not really sure that it didn't come with it cause I only had to install 3 files to get the market going, didn't even need talk.

I would recommend this tablet to beginners to intermediate users.

Here is where you can find the user guide for the polaroid tablets: [...]
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on July 17, 2012
Having read the other reviews here, decided to take the plunge and visit the "Big" store to get this $99 Andro 2.3 tablet (on sale for $89). What the heck, can use it free for 30 days if decide I don't want it and keep receipt.

I found that the comments in the other Amazon reviews were accurate -- sharp bright screen, good touch response, decent battery life, 32 GB micro-SD slot, even a video-to-TV port. This tablet is good for meeting basic internet needs: email, ebooks (Kobo app built-in), MP3s, voice recorder, browsing, video (except those requiring Flash) etc. Nothing fancy though: no cameras, no GPS, no bluetooth. Have experienced no problems dropping wifi connection (yet).

(if one reads the other reviews here, it will become apparent that there are several minor variations of this device on the market with slightly different designations. Mine appears to be an early 701C with Andro 2.3. Product details for the others (701i, 702C) will necessarily vary...I'm simply describing the particular device I received. Sorry I was forced to post this review under the product described as "Android 4.0" -- noplace else I could have!)

A few items not mentioned elsewhere: 1) it comes with a wall charger 2) Android sometimes glitches randomly. Nothing serious, just bothersome. For instance, once while punching numbers into the calculator, the alpha keyboard popped up and I couldn't get rid of it! Had to return to the Home screen and re-enter the calculator (which still had my calculation-in-progress). Sometimes when zooming an image in the browser, it gets confused and moves the image way over to one side where it isn't viewable. Had to pan all around to regain the image. As for the Kobo ebook app, the advanced features work very poorly, particularly when highlighting text. I can complain only about little hiccups like these, nothing serious so far; but I've only been using the tablet for a few weeks now so we'll have to see.

There are nuisance problems inherent in any device that uses a touchscreen for both input and output. Most frustrating is accidentally selecting a hyperlink when trying merely to scroll the screen. The lack of physical arrow keys and a Forward button in the browser only worsens this problem. For heavy-duty typing one may wish to consider attaching a physical keyboard, but without bluetooth the only way is via USB. All the USB keyboards I've been able to find have very poor reviews. I should mention that using a stylus makes the touchscreen much more precise to use, but not having anyplace to stow it is also a nuisance.

There are four hardware buttons on the side edge. I find them rather small and inconvenient to use. Most often the onscreen virtual buttons are handier.

Polaroid includes a brochure with a number for a toll-free help line. There is also a built-in app for web-based help. Haven't needed to try it out yet, but nice to know it's available. The brochure claims to offer lifetime support, but I can't see how they can do that for such an inexpensive product.

For those interested in hacking this Polaroid, I can recommend a place on the web. Run a search for the string "Polaroid tablet rooted". Click on the first link presented, "OFFICIAL Polaroid PMID701c THREAD". The first post describes how to install the missing Google Play app. Later on the thread describes how to "root" the Android OS, as they say. Note that since some models of the Polaroid 7" tablet come with Android 4 ICS installed, you may need to search the thread for instructions specific to that OS.

This device seems to be solidly built and reliable (so far), but all these little problems add up to a 4-star product, IMHO. But for a hundred bucks, this gadget is still a decent buy, so I give five stars overall.
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[Important note on June 18, 2012]
My original review below was mainly about how the Polaroid PMID701i compares to the older 701C. It appears that Amazon vendors are now shipping a newer model, the 702C, even though the product picture still shows the 701i. Here's to help you distinguish between those three models:

- All three tablets have 7-inch capacitive screen, 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash, microSDHC slot, etc.
- Earlier 701C came with Android 2.3, but later units are converted to 4.0. The 701i and 702C come with 4.0 only.
- Earlier 701C and 701i have a video output port, but some later units left it out. 702C added a front-facing 640x480 camera, but no video-output port.
- 701C and 701i have navigation buttons (Back/Options/Home) on the side but no volume control buttons. 702C has volume control but no navigation buttons (except for the Home button in front).
- Casings of the 701C and 701i feel more 'blocky' (not a bad thing). The 702C is curved on the back to make it appear thinner.

Based on my hands-on experience with all three models, I will say the old 701C is the best value, followed by the 702C. The 701i is a bad deal because its WiFi reception is really poor.

Original review follows:
The biggest selling point of this Polaroid Internet tablet PMID701i is that it comes with the latest Android 4.0 operating system, codename "Ice Cream Sandwich". I already have a Polaroid PMID701C which runs Android 2.3 ("Gingerbread") and it works very well. But like most people, I assumed that the newer operating system must be better. That's why I went to my local discount store (name ends with "Lots") and bought the new PMID701i.

After thorough evaluation and side-by-side comparison between the two models, however, I returned the new 701i. Here are my reasons why:

[Display Brightness]
The first thing I noticed is that the display for the new 701i is dimmer and less contrast compared to my old 701C. In fact, I have to crank the new tablet's screen brightness setting to 100%, while the old one is typically left at 50%. See my uploaded picture in the 'Customer Images' section for a side-by-side comparison. The dimmer display could be by design to prolong battery life, or it could be that Polaroid switched to a cheaper LED backlight module.

[Wireless Reception]
I installed the free Wi-Fi Analyzer on both tablets. The old tablet can typically detect 6-8 WiFi networks in my neighborhood, while the new one can only detect 3-4. Worse yet, the signal strength on the new tablet is about 10dB lower (meaning that the RF signal received is only one-tenth the power) compared to that on the old one. See my uploaded customer image for illustration. The poor WiFi reception results in slow connection and frequent dropout when surfing the Internet or downloading Apps. Again, this could be by design to reserve power, or it could be that Polaroid switched to a cheaper RF module.

[Touch Screen Response]
The touch screen of my old 701C is responsive and fast. For example, while looking at the list of 'My Apps' in Amazon App Store, I can swipe my finger and see all the apps flying through the screen at top speed. It only takes me 2-3 swipes to pass through all 140 of my apps. On the new 701i the screen is slightly sluggish and feels 'heavy'. It takes 6-7 swipes to pass through the same 140 apps. This could be due to the fact that Android 4.0 is more bloated, so it is stressing the CPU or graphic processor.

[App Compatibility]
I found some apps that runs on my old 701C but not on the new 701i. Two of my favorites are Audubon Birds and Cut the Rope. So in terms of compatibility with existing apps, it seems like staying with Gingerbread is better - at least for now.

[Android 4.0 Interface]
In general, I found Ice Cream Sandwich to be easy to use. But then again, I'm already experienced with Android 3.0 using my VIZIO Tablet VTAB1008, so there's hardly any learning curve. When compared to the old Android 2.3, the new interface looks flashier with more animation. Each screen or pop-up window is jam packed with more information. The down-side is that the default system font ('Large') is too small for the 7" display, making it difficult to read for older people like myself. I have to increase the system font to 'huge' for some texts to be readable.

The bottom part of the screen is permanently reserved for system functions (Back, Home, Options, Volume +/-, etc). This is somewhat useful since the Polaroid tablet has no hardware volume buttons. On the flip side, the screen area is now 8% smaller in landscape mode, and it is easy to accidentally exit the game while playing Angry Birds.

[Bottom Line]
The old PMID701C is a much better value. The new 701i may seem like an upgrade, but its hardware performance is a big disappointment. In my opinion, the difference in interface between 'Ice Cream Sandwich' and 'Gingerbread' is definitively not worth paying extra for this 'upgrade'.
review image review image
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on June 5, 2012
I used this tablet once with Android 2.3 and once with 4.0 ice cream sandwich . It works great with 2.3 but once they upgraded and put 4.0 OS they did not upgrade the RAMs and the newer system requires higher resources so therefore you get a tablet with newer version of system but very very slow and it crashes a whole lot and it can barely pick up the WIFI signal . My advice is to buy this tablet with the old 2.3 gingerbread and it works great but if you get with 4.0 ice cream OS then you are going to hate it and send it back like I did .
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on March 26, 2013
I received the tablet as a gift. After a few months use it(used it a few times a week) wouldn't boot up past the android screen. I contacted their customer service and the information I got from them was of no help at all.
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on August 31, 2012
I got mine at B'Lots after the Memorial Day rush. It was my first-ever tablet, and my first experience with an Andriod OS. (I know, I'm a bit behind in the times.)
I knew I wasnt paying a lot for it, so I didnt have high expectations. That being said, here's the Pros and Cons.

- Cheap. I didnt like shelling out almost $100 for it, but it beat shelling out 3-400.
- It's a tablet. Yay!
- I was finally able to find out how addicting Angry Birds is.
- Free app available each day.

- Software volume keys were unnecessary due to the hardware buttons, and took up valuable screen space.
- Rotation sensor noticably lags
- Unsupported by most app vendors. WWF would not run, Fruit Ninja wouldn't, and many other common apps.
- Widescreen 7" format meant the keyboard had weird-shaped keys that meant many typos, even with a stylus; forget about doing any kind of writing/text input with this. Often the keyboard covered the part of the page you were typing into, so you don't know you made a mistake until afterwards.
- Even with a stylus, took many times to try to close tabs in browser. the digitizer is just not that precise to hit that little-bitty 'X' with any accuracy.
- Wifi connection was great at work, but knocked my computer and cablemodem off-line by requesting/using/hogging too much bandwidth.

Bottom line is, I gave it 30 days to convince me, but it didn't. I could only download and play webapps at work, I couldn't browse or even write a review without major frustrations, and there were a lot of apps it would not run. I returned it to BLots within the return window, and found other ways to spend the money.

I *was* considering saving up for a Kindle, but with the same screen dimensions, I don't think I'd be any more satisfied.
I guess I'll save up for an older-model iThingy.

aka The Other David
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on June 9, 2012
After buying/returning Land Connect(Netflix app wouldn't load)and Maylong Tablets (constant screen freezes) -
I bought a Polaroid 7" 702C to test it. It plays Netflix without any problems. However,downloading Netflix from Amazon Apps via a PC took several attempts. Could not do it from Google Play.This tablet is very light. Screen quality is good. Curiously, there is no Google Speech Recognition capability on this tablet. The other two tabs did have that function. I have tried unsuccessfully to download that app, but cannnot. It has no HDMI port and no host cable and will not recognize external USB devices, such as a mouse, flash drive, or wireless keyboard (like the Maylong would). Overall, it is keeper because it plays Netflix. Price $89.00 at Big Lots (sorry Amazon, you did not have the 702C and this product could be returned directly to a store). I must add, however, that all my purchases from Amazon have been delivered in a timely fashion and I like buying for Amazon.
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