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on February 9, 2012
Ok, so I've got about a week of use out of them so far and here's what I got so far.


-Do they really work? I would say yes. I had eye surgery a few years ago and my eyes would always get really dry and red after a few hours of gaming. So far, haven't had this problem since I got these and my eyes feel alot better during/after gaming/browsing/working.
-They're really lightweight and come with a microfiber-esque cloth case/sock (although some people have reported getting a hard case of some sort (got my at the gunnar website)).
-Materials and finish are both great.
-Slight tint is easy to get used to. Improves contrast.
-Frame and Arms are flexible and nose pads are said to be adjustable.
-You can have them made with a prescription. (20/20 so no need for this but comes in handy for some (: )

Cons (Some are on a personal level)

-They feel like prescription glasses in some ways, HAD to get used to them. They seem to have a slight... lets say magnification, that only works well to a certain distance (say, Chair to Monitor/Couch to TV). I walked around while wearing them for 5 minutes (after getting used to them) and I did indeed get dizzy and my eyes hurt a little.
-While materials and finish are great, some might think they feel flimsy and poorly constructed because they are thin and lightweight (but that was by design). I do NOT feel like I'm going to accidentally break these, but then again I had glasses so I know how to take care of them.
-Fit was one of the more "personal" issues with them. They do fit me (mid/large head), but the arms have a curve to them that seem like they were made for a rounder head. My ears hurt a little after a few hours. Using headphones make them a little more comfortable though.
-I've developed a slight dependency/addiction. Since the screen/letters/details look a little bigger (probably about 5%), I feel weird when looking at some monitor without them.

Considering all the pros and cons, I would say this is a solid product. Some issues would require me finding the right frame (although its difficult considering I don't live in the US or Canada or a store that carries these). Finding the right frame for me, these would be 9/10. All in all, these make a nice addition to anyone who spends several hours in front of a screen. Worth the $79.00 price tag for me.
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on March 12, 2013
I feel this product is definitely worth the buy. I stare at a computer all day, and these are perfect for work. They look great, and the view while they're on is actually quite neat. I've actually had nice comments from people (even though I say, "Oh, it's only temporary" haha) These glasses beat my expectations by a long shot.
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on October 12, 2011
I play my PS3 pretty often, along with a lot of screen time with my macbook pro as I am a college student. Before these glasses my eyes would be blood shot red after 5 plus hours on any screen (I also have 20/20 vision, just strains my eyes when I have to look at an LCD screen for too long, but any other real life activities have no effect on my vision, so I am convinced it is only caused by the over exposure to LCD (LED) screens.)

I was a total skeptic when it came to these glasses and I put them off for the longest time (for about a year), but when my eyestrains began to intensify and gave me bad headaches, I began to look for an alternative. After reaading many testimonials I took a leap and just bought these, and I have to say THANK YOU GUNNAR! My eyes never strain anymore, my vision seems to be alot better when looking at LCD screens, and the glasses even appear to add a level of definition to High Definition itself. They make the pictures colors pop more and give them a slight graphic boost allowing you to full enjoy what ever you are viewing.

While playing my PS3, I would get a type of tunnel vision where I could not scan the screen while playing to see my surroundings to well, and it would make me a little woozy, but these things keep my focus level up and on high alert as they give a slight magnification to go along with the clarity that allows you to scan all areas of the screen, making you prepared for any situation which is great! And for all the skeptics out there, don't make the same mistake I did, your eyes are something that you are going to use for the rest of your life, and even though the price tag is a little hefty, these glasses are worth every penny! You can't put a price on headache free gaming with improved comfort for maximum performance conditions for your eyes!

Thats just my little rant, I believe every gamer should have these, they are the real deal.
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on April 20, 2011
I'm a contacts wearer, and if I game for anymore than 30 mins, I feel my them drying up, and my eyes becoming really sore. So I thought, what the heck, give these a try.
Gunnar Optiks is definitely onto something good here. They work really well. Reduced eye strain, contacts no longer felt dry after some gaming, and comes with a great storage case.

So they work, but I'm just not a fan of their build quality. The frame just feels like the cheapest thing ever. Yea, they're extremely light, but I feel like I have to be extra careful when taking them out of or putting them back in the case. It bends way too easily, to the point where one of the lenses popped out when I was adjusting the nose piece. It's an easy fix to pop them back in, but that's more what you'd expect from $10 gas station sunglasses, not $80 gaming glasses.
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on May 21, 2014
I bought these a couple of years ago as sort of an impulse buy; I was big into the League of Legends scene and a pretty hardcore gamer at the time, so it made sense to buy these, obviously. Right? But anyway, I don't really game as much as I did two years ago and even when I was gaming, I didn't really use these a whole lot. And there would be days that I didn't wear them where I would get headaches from too much screen exposure; at first I thought it might be dehydration because a side-effect of my gaming problem was being too lazy to get up and get water. So I started hydrating more, which didn't help. Eventually I stopped gaming, so the headaches went away.

With the void in my free time left by my departure from gaming, I had more time to fine-tune my programming skills (I study Computer Science) and I actually ended up spending more time in front of the screens than I did when I was gaming, which resulted in more headaches like the same ones I had before. After a few instances of these headaches, I decided to dust off the glasses, which at this point I had just assumed were a placebo moneymaking scheme because of the gimmicky nature of "wearing-colored-lenses-that-look-cool-and-all-the-pro-gamers-wear-them".

The effect these lenses had was noticeable immediately. I'm now working at a summer internship and there's not a day I don't put these on. Not only have I not gotten a single-eye strain headache in the three weeks I've been working so far (the headaches would normally happen once or twice a week during periods of constant use), but I even feel less tired at the end of the day (now my girlfriend isn't always mad at me for being too tired to do stuff with her after work, bonus side effect), which I'm assuming has to do with the eye strain-reduction.

They are also extremely light weight and don't get in the way at all. I have on-ear headphones and I don't feel like I'm wearing these at all, and they're not heavy so they don't really get in the way or feel like I'm wearing something tacky on my face. The build seems a little flimsy, but that's just a natural drawback of being so lightweight; I bought a hard case to keep them in for transportation which is much nicer to have than the flimsy little bag/cleaning cloth that came with the lenses and I don't really see their flimsiness as being a problem.

Bottom line; if you have eye strain problems that cause headaches and "tired eyes", look no further than Gunnar Optiks. If you are on the fence because these lenses seem placebo-y, don't be. Two years later, I'm glad I finally get to benefit from what this product has to offer, and the difference is pretty remarkable. Would recommend, easy 5 stars for me.
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on March 3, 2015
After trying these and fully understanding light, I can say Gunnars is all hype and marketing.

I am giving it two stars for its gaming design and it does work to an extent. But, for the price it is selling, I think they should be more transparent with the truth.
Yellow tinted lens block blue light. That's it. Special coating with the proper wavelengths/thickness corresponding to blue light can also "block" blue light. But, since Gunnars lens are yellow, it already blocks blue light.
It does block some UV, but I really wish Gunnars would list the lens material, so we'd know exactly how much UV it's blocking and by what method is it being blocked. Yellow tinted glasses block some spectrums of UV light aside from blue.

Also, I believe their "geometry lens design" might be a downfall, when I wore these glasses and looked at a light source that's maybe 3 - 7ft away, I would see two blue dots (one left and one right of the light source). It is most noticeable when looking at bulbs, doesn't really matter if it's cool or warm. Very bothersome.

With a company this big and reputable, especially charging these prices, I do expect them to at least list the lens material. i-AMP tech.. what is that? Explain it or I don't care. Is it made of plastic or PC? Yes, there's a difference. I emailed Gunnars to ask, but received no reply. I asked on Amazon, but every answer is just a guess at best.

tldr; don't bother unless you have a lot of money to spend or just in it for the brand. Otherwise, there are better brands out there who will respect your business more.

EDIT: note... I know it seems like I came on board just to smear. But, hear me out.
I initially bought four Gunnars, to give one each to my siblings. We all use tech a lot. When I received them, I decided to try one first for a few days before giving these out. I research if it's really worth it. Is the Gunnars design and technology really patented and other glasses do not work as well? or is it clever marketing? If I'm paying this much for plastic... it just wasn't justified. If there were better reasons to keep the Gunnars.. I would have LOVED to keep it. I really like the gamer look. I said to myself, if it is anti-glare and lens made of PC.. I would have kept it.. and probably bought at least 6 pairs for family members. But, it's neither of these. So, I returned all of them.
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on June 19, 2012
Here's the scoop, they work. They make my eyes feel less dry when blinking.(As opposed to when I don't wear them when on the computer.) However, I get a fairly annoying headache when wearing them. This normally happens when I move my head, looking across the screen. (Playing FPSs or reading, take your pick.) So, if you don't move your head and eyes, I suppose they wouldn't give you an annoying headache.

Note: I do wear prescription lenses, but I'm nearsighted, so I don't require glasses for reading or on the computer. It'll make things look worse if you do use them for other purposes besides the computer, however. (Ex: Walking around your house with them on.)
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on April 27, 2013
Other reviews are showing that the product is build with poor quality and feels flimsy. I agree with the flimsy part but the product is build in my opinion the best it can be because these are suppose to be thin glasses so that they can fit behind your ears with a headset on and not hurt your ears. I am an avid gamer and these don't hurt my ears at all when I have my headset on for hours on end. These also help with the eye fatigue i get when looking at a computer monitor to long and that is the main reason why I purchased them.
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on February 2, 2012
I bought these to help me keep my eyes whole because i do a lot of gaming and general computer use and a lot at night.

-They are very light weight so they fit well and sometimes seem as if they arent there.
-The yellow tint really doesn't affect viewing.
-They have a zooming effect

Not really cons:
-They came with a fabric bag for them, I would have liked a serious glasses case, I use my express case
-A cleaning cloth would have been really great, fortunately i have one, because they smudge up really easily

I would say that my eyes are less fatigued from use, but i still have burning eyes as a result of not blinking since i look at a screen. These dont address that and i never expected them to.

The best example of how great these are is when one night i had a hard time seeing the words on my computer screen while doing School work, I would have to squint my eyes, it was late and i was kind of tired. Gunnars to the rescue!! As soon as I put them on everything was readable, because of the zooming effect that they have.
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on February 2, 2015
I purchased these as a Christmas gift for my 16 year old son. They were on his Christmas list, I waited to write my review because I wanted to see what he really thought of them and make sure it wasn't a status purchase.From homework or games, has been wearing them everyday while on the computer.
I purchased a pair of Gamma Rays for myself so I could compare. There is a softer feel when looking through the Gunnars that help your eyes not feel strained. I honestly thought a yellow lens would be a yellow lens. The Gamma Rays do help but the experience of eye relaxation wasn't as strong. This is a case of getting what you pay for. Like most reviews, I can confirm the smudges. So an investment in good cleaning clothes and case is not a bad idea. We have the Gunnar case and for the price/quality, I will recommend it too.
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