PRICE? Is there anything special about these cars? I just placed an order for these and then thought about the price. I can buy hot wheels for $.97 each. There are only 10 in this pack, so therefore, the most should be $9.70...unless there is something special about these. Any ideas?
asked by Heather on November 30, 2006
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Heather, you'd think they'd be cheaper for selling them in a bulk pack of 10... me too! I usually see them for about $9.99 in Walmart and think... why?! Yet, every time I take my sons to the store to pick a car they always want the big pack! My 8-year old said that they big packs have "cooler" cars in them. When I compared them to the single packs they did seem to have more detailed graphics than most. If I'm just going to pick up a few I buy them seperatly, but for some reason all the kids like the "big packs".

Edit: Just realized that the original post was almost two years ago. WOW.. lol. I still hope I helped someone with the answer. ;)
Jennifer Outerbridge answered on November 20, 2008
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Well, I just realized that they are charging the original price if I choose super saver shipping. Now what am I saving exactly??? I feel scammed for having prime membership...lame!
M. Campos answered on February 26, 2012
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