Customer Reviews: PS Audio - Dectet Power Center, 10 Receptacles
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on March 21, 2016
I have heard this in several systems and been very happy with the results. Quiet parts were quieter and music was more musical with nice liquid natural sound, however, on my system it did very little. My guess is this, if your power is very clean, like isolated lines, etc. and your equipment is pretty well isolated anyway, it may not make much of a difference. In the case that it is not near perfect, I think this for the money is as good as any of the better (Audience, Chang, Richard Grey, etc.(not Monster) units. The thing is that this one, does a very good job on the sound for a reasonable cost. (you can even use a better power cord for more improvement in sound) So you have to decide if you are looking for better sound, equipment protection, extra umf, etc. then buy the one that does that but buy from someplace where you can return it, like Amazon or a good local dealer where you may be able to borrow one for a test in your system. Some do better then others for a particular system then others and it takes some experimentation.
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on January 22, 2016
This was the second best upgrade I made with my vintage tube amp stereo setups. It is not just a small improvement. I was so impressed with the Dectet that I purchased a PS Audio P10 Regenerator and that has really made all the difference. The P!0 has 10 outlets same as the Dectet. The major improvement is the more expensive one gives power conditioning regulating voltagesto keep everything safe and stable. Start with Dectet then talk with PS Audio and find the regulator that best serves your needs. I admit I was the guy that thought upgrading cables, speaker cables, HDMI, RCA, XLR, and certainly Power Cables was a gimmick. I can tell you what I have learned is that your stereo or surround or tv setup is only as great as its weakest link. I'm so glad I bought this Dectet and plan to purchase several more as finances allow. I am so happy that I upgraded all the power cables that are used with both of these PS Audio power sources. I purchased all Pangea power cables and couldn't be more pleased with the combo. PS Audio sells their own power cables and I'm certain that they are even better than what I have but although I have changed my beliefs I refused to purchase one power cable at a time when I was able to upgrade all my cables with the less expensive Pangea power cables but I suppose that is for another review. Where I live, even having upgraded out home electrical service from 100 to 200 amps, electricity varies greatly during the course of the day especially in summer with Air Conditioners running in the afternoons.
I used to have problems but after adding these wonderful PS Audio products that is a thing of the past I don't miss at all. When you can, its always best to run dedicated electrical lines to your amplifiers from your house electric panel but this is an easy fix that offers much protection for your cherished gear. If you see your computer screens or TV screen lighten and darken at times, that is most likely due to electrical demands higher than available power and that is not a concern once you have these great component savers....also have less problems with computer failures and expensive repairs on my PCs as well as plasma and Led TVs since using Dectet. I questioned these prices at first but after a year or more having them I can tell you I no longer have to take gear into be repaired and replace batteries for rechargeable gadgets. May sound unbelievable but I don't think much time will go by before my Dectet will have paid for itself. Try a Dectet in your Home Theater or Stereo setups and Computer setups and find out what those in the know are excited about. If you are going to use tax refund for a nice setup treat your setup to a Dectet and see and hear the difference. Really this has been an investment that is paying off in my situation. Best of luck and enjoy.
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on January 28, 2016
Not many reviews on this, which is surprising.

Because it is quite amazing.

It gave my my system the final push to sounding more open, more relaxed, more unforcefully detailed, without altering the color or timber of instruments.

I can run my digital rig off battery power, and noticed a major difference between the sound of my preamp plugged into the wall, vs. a power conditioner. Most of them use filtering that, while squelching noise, also compress dynamics noticibly, changing the emphasis on the overall system sound. My favorite sound is the preamp straight into the wall, but my laptop and DAC do need to be plugged in to charge, so this is a temporary solution, but offered a good guide of what the system can sound like, without this filtration, that either changed the tone of my system, the attack of music, or the soundstaging of instrument placement.

I've tried numerous conditioners, that all seemed to hurt the overall sound more than help. Some didn't even help reduce noise. Moved onto a homemade high quality power strip made with hubbell outlets, wired in cascading or true parallel. They got closer.

The Dectet solved my problem. It sounds like my preamp is plugged directly into the wall. No limit of dynamics, no change in timbre. But music sounds slightly more relaxed now. Details sound clear in a gentle and spacious way. Bass goes a little deeper, and sounds a little tighter, and the mids have the same texture as plugged into the wall, but more subtle sounds seem to come out with, again, a unforced clarity that makes long listening sessions a pleasure.

I'm using an upgraded power cable, which cost a whopping $150 bucks, placing this combo exactly at half the cost of the last power conditioner I used in my system, and it's much better. It allows music to breathe easily, without affecting dynamics or tone, adding just a touch of refinement and ease to the sound, making music easy to listen to for hours on end.

In short, if you're looking for a power conditioner that will add more slam, smooth out your sound, the Dectet won't do that. What it seems to do, is make a system sound as open and dynamic and spacious as your components will allow.

It's quite wonderful.
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on December 7, 2012
First of all, I like the way it looks. I was almost about to trade this in for a furman but I'm really glad I didn't (they look ugly as heck). I have a lot of components, and I've built up a miniature audiophile system over the past year. I have an xbox, bdp, cdp, tt, phono preamp, headphone amp, integrated amp, cassette deck, tv, ttpsu, a bunch of crap. I had wires sticking up all over the place and I thought it looked pretty dangerous! I wanted to clean up the mess but also increase the quality of my system.

I did a lot of research on power strips at first. I looked at furman's small, cheap model that goes for 180, the monster blocks which all go below 200. WHATHIFI recommended some such british componentry but I didn't know if that stuff would be the correct voltage. At first I wanted to spend about 20-40 dollars, not thinking that power mattered all that much, but then you hear about how these cheaper units can compress dynamics, which is a black mark of death for audio. So I guess I could have bought a sub 100 dollar power strip and been done with it, but anything that was recommended had its detractors. I wanted a one time cure-all solution.

I then looked at the furmans at 200 and above et al. They've all got voltage counters and crazy gizmos, but I know that when there's a bunch of little lights and buttons, they didn't focus on the component itself, so probably cheap crap.

So I seriously considered the 200 furman (because I like to be cheap) and heck, even read up on the furman 15 pfi (a dealer really recommended this to me). The PS Audio Dectet is new, but the idea is not. There was a duet and a quintet, or quartet or something before this. If you want a power conditioner (glorified power strip) below a thousand, there's the unknown dectet, the 15pfi, and 20pfi, and a bunch of meandering strangers under 500 dollars, which you don't know if they'll compress dynamics or simply just explode as soon as you plug them in (I'm joking), so the dectet seemed a safe bet for as little money as possible.

I only picked up this dectet as the last piece of the puzzle of my system. As the manual will tell you, if you don't already have some good pcs plugged into your equipment (I use shunyata) you will introduce noise into the line with all your other equipment in respective zones. unless you can't or are told my respective manuals not to, you should upgrade power cables long before thinking of any kind of power conditioner, this is the LAST proverbial step, in my opinion.

So right now I have my integrated and phono preamp in the high current zone, my ttpsu and headphone amp in zone 1, and tv, cdp xbox bdp in zone 2. At first I thought the tv compressed the dynamics of the cdp on its respective line (zone), as they tell you it's not a good idea to mix audio with visual. Of course ps audio customer reps treat this a bit cavalierly, and I found out that a venom source pc cannot drive a 32 " flat screen samsung optimally, and this was bringing down everything with it. with the stock pc, though, the tv runs fine, as does the cd player. with a venom 3 on the tv, everything is still fine, likely because of the lower guage.
What can I say about the sound? everything runs smoothly. I noticed that plugging my phono preamp into the high current outlet makes all vinyl sound AMAZING. My tv looks great, and anything off netflix looks almost blu ray quality when I watch it. cd player sounds really good (I have this on a venom s). The dectet seems to clean the power so that i'm just hearing the component itself, without any interference or low noise from the ac.
Let me also mention that I have the whole thing hooked up (gulp) to an outlet with a shunyata hydra hc vtx. PS audio insists you use their cables (I've heard they're quite warm), and you can get an ac5 for about 200. My dealer really pushed shunyata on me though, and I already had my brio-r hooked up with a venom 3, so I figured why not stay with the guys I trust. Basically though, I think the principal is to hook up all your equipment on one of these with not only the heaviest gauge cable you can afford, but something better (in my opinion) than all of your equipments' power cords. I had never tried the hydra, but I can say that it helps the bass and low level hz part of the sound of all my music (or could it be the conditioner?). I never bothered to hook up the stock cable because I think that's a waste of time, and shame on you if you do that. I think you want one good pc to influence everything in your system, even for the stuff you can't replace pcs on, to give it as good a chance of sounding great as you can.

>>>proceeds to be unlazy and immediately experiment with all possible combinations :)

--I just unplugged my integrated (with the venom 3 on it) from the dectet and plugged it into the wall, with everything else intact on the dectet into the hydra, and it sounds (i'm shocked by this) horribly distorted, like there was a ton of sound in there besides the music. again, i'm surprised.

--I just put in the stock pc (in the dectet), with my integrated in the wall (again with venom 3 on the brio-r). same distortion. you'll only hear it if you've heard the sound without the distortion. head amp is surprisingly hard to drive with my grado 325is, I have to turn it up a lot more. of course I noticed this with a pro ject headbox s I had before, it suddenly drove my headphones effortlessly when plugged into the dectet with the hydra. basically I feel I'd have to turn everything up a lot more to get past the artifacts in the sound I'm hearing now. I realize why I had my amp turned up to 11 or 12 before. basically everything is a lot rougher now, like there's a chunk of haze on all of the music through low-mid-high registers, like the sun is being blocked out by darkness.

--plugging amp with venom into --stock pc on dectet-- is also loud and noisy, but now more blocked off than when I had integrated plugged into the wall.

--just for fun, I plugged the dectet into the wall with a venom 3, with the brio plugged into the dectet with the hydra. lots of power for the brio-r now, but still sounds really funky (no one should ever do this except to experiment). cymbals sound like paper and everything is really shut off. there's now an echo that's more noticeable. if you don't think you can hear the differences power makes, then experiment some time, you'll be surprised.

so I'm really surprised, even I had begun to think it was all a placebo effect. the ps audio dectet + hydra hc vtx is a pretty swingin' combination. I'll have to get a hydra for my integrated someday, but for now I'm quite satisfied. of course the hydra was made for shunyata's power conditioner (which goes about 1500-2000 dollars (gulp))so of course my combo works out pretty nice. I'd put at least an ac5 on the dectet if not higher, but I think if you have the money, a hydra (whatever length you get you don't want the pc dragging on the floor, I don't [and you'll notice at audio conventions people go to great lengths to make sure this doesn't happen]) is a pretty safe bet. I also put my dectet on top of my rack, don't put it on a carpet floor because static is BAD. You want the power source for all your equipment well ventilated and protected from ANY water or moisture (possible spills).

In conclusion I can easily hand out five stars, but realize you'll be buying an expensive power cord in addition to the dectet itself. running on the stock pc almost destroys the point of buying this, as you'll read in the manual, sadly, when you open the box on christmas day. The PS audio dectet is an exceptional starting point/entry level power conditioner for any system (with the right power cord).
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on February 18, 2016
Plenty of space to plug in thick power cables. I like the designated high-power, analogue and digital sectors. It is easy to switch on and off. After 3-4 months I have had no issues, so it must be doing its job.
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on March 13, 2016
Works as advertised.
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on September 25, 2015
Just what I was looking for with good reviews, a fair price, under/over voltage conditions, and isolated analog/digital outlets.
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on November 21, 2014
Works good
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