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199 of 205 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2008
It comes with the headset, a charging cradle with power adaptor, and a 3 inch usb cable (for synching purposes).

Straight out of the box this looks professional and a high quality design.

It has a power on/off button, a vol+ and vol-, and a MUTE button. All are instinctively located. It can be worn on the left or right ear via a swivel clip common on most bluetooth headsets nowadays.

How do you use it you may ask?
You plug in the headset via the small usb cable to the playstation3 and it automatically syncs it with your ps3. I have heard that you need to delete any other bluetooth headsets in order to do this but that was not my experience. Wait till you see the red ring flash twice and your done.

Don't synch it using the bluetooth discovery method. If you do so it will function like a regular bluetooth headset and some features will not work correctly (such as on screen indication of your volume level, battery life gauge, the mute button, and on screen display if your mute is on or off).

The only complaint I have is that the "headset speaker" is sort of big and the rubber ring that goes around it isn't very soft and can hurt your ear after less than 30 minutes. I did find a solution to this if you just don't jam in into your ear canal that far into your ear it is very comfortable and functional. Just sort of barely seat it into your ear and it works and feels great.

The sound quality is way better than any other bluetooth headset I have used on my ps3 (I have used 4 different ones, all with great levels of success).

It also claims to have a "speakerphone"/microphone function when the headset is in the cradle. I have not had a chance to test this.

In addition the battery life on this claims to be 8 hours with 300 hours of standby which is fantastic.

Finally, it can be used as a bluetooth headset with a bluetooth compatible cellphone.
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on October 26, 2008
I purchased this from another retailer and I thought I'd share some thoughts about it. For starters, it is MUCH better then the Metal Gear Solid 4 bluetooth headset. The MGS headset had way too much static when trying to use it. With this headset I get virtually no static at all. It looks very stylish and professional looking, especially with the little PS logo on it as well.

Is it worth the $50 price tag? Well that all depends on the person using it. It goes great with almost any cell phone, and works perfect with the ps3 and heck it'll work pretty well with any computer that has BT capability as well. The one little gripe I have about it though is that it starts to hurt my ear after about 1-2 hours. It's not because it's a design flaw, but more because I have such large ears. Other then those few little things, I highly recommend this BT headset. Great job Sony!
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on October 27, 2008
some faqs about this...

-this is the same headset that is included with socom confrontation.
-the ear hook is flexible so you can bend/flex it into your desired shape, it is also reversible so you can flip the hook to use it on the left or right ear.
-the docking station uses a USB cable to charge the headset; so not just the ps3 can charge it but any computer with a usb port can.

paired it to my blackberry curve, and it worked perfectly.
look and feels nice.
mic and sound quality is great.

for the guy that gave it 1 star... read the manual!
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on March 9, 2009
This headset works great with the PS3. The sound quality is much better than my old Motorola Bluetooth headset i was using. There is little to no echo. The charging stand, speaker works great when you aren't using it on your head. Make sure that you follow the directions and sync it via usb not bluetooth. This allows you to get a lot more features from the headset/speaker stand. (It gives instructions to do this in the manual provided).

I give this item only three total stars because of the comfort factor. The piece that fits over the ear is nice and works but its the piece that goes into the ear that is not very comfortable. If you have the headset on for extended periods of time you will most likely have to switch ears or at least take it out ever so often.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
Everyone should know that practically, every Bluetooth headset works with the PS3. The reason to buy this one is that it is made specifically for the PS3 and it provides certain features that the 'other' sets don't. When properly paired with the PS3 (using the USB wire, NOT the standard Bluetooth pairing process) you will be able to see your set's status such as 'battery charge' or mute on/off on-screen. There is also a voice command mode that would allow certain games to better interpret your voice commands.

To summarize the positives:
- integrates with the PS3 better than other sets
- may be better at helping the PS3 recognize your voice commands (haven't tested this myself yet)
- good, convenient placement for the 'mute' button
- good color coordination with your PS3 and your other PS3 peripherals
- works with any Bluetooth capable phone
- my kids think it's cool

On the negative side:
- relatively expensive
- not the best design in the world
- not very good fit for MY ear (most headsets do not fit well in my ear)

Overall, the negatives are not such a big deal. It gets 4 stars because, if price was not an issue, this would be, without a doubt, the first headset I would pick to use with my PS3.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2008
I havent used any other bluetooth headsets for my PS3 but I have heard plenty of them in use while playing online games. This headset delivers your voice in a clear and clean tone and is suprisingly comfortable to wear. Everyone always asks me what headset I am using because it sounds so good. Definitely worth a purchase if you dont have a headset already or if you are looking for an affordable upgrade to the current one you are using. You can also use this with your bluetooth capable cell phone as well.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2009
I've been using the headset for the last two days, and so far I like it. It's a good product, but it does have some flaws that keep it from being perfect.

I liked:

* The audio quality. It's excellent; I've been using this when playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer, and I have no problem hearing my teammates.
* Easy to synch. Simply plug in with the USB to the PS3. That's it. No menus, no holding buttons, no waiting for flashing lights.
* Mute button. It's the biggest button on the headset, so you can't miss it. Push it once, and the headset is muted. Great for those times when you need to answer a call, or yell at a family member, or do something that the rest of the world does not need to hear.
* Easy to charge. Connect any USB cable to it and begin charging. You can also use the stand to charge it, but I couldn't. Details are further down.
* Simple on-screen display. Once paired, the PS3 will show you batter life, just like with the wireless controllers, and if the mic is muted or not with a simple press of a button.

I did not like:

* Constant beeping when the headset is muted. When playing, if you mute the headset, you will hear a beep every 30 seconds or so, I guess to remind you that it's muted. It's a little annoying.
* That after a while, about 40 minutes or so using it, the headset becomes uncomfortable. You can switch the clip and put it in your other ear, which is why this isn't a major flaw, but for some people it might just be.
* The little rubber cover for the USB connection on the headset is a bit difficult to move. This is just a personal gripe, but it's something that I just didn't like.
* The charging stand. I don't know if I'm missing something simple or what, but I cannot connect the headset to the stand at all. Inside the stand is a little connector that goes inside the headset so it can charge, but again, I don't know if mine is defective or what, but it will not connect. I tried pushing it, sliding it around, but nothing. The headset will not go in. I have no plans on using this as a desktop microphone, and I can simply connect a USB cable directly to the headset to charge, so really the stand would have been useless for me anyway, but still.

So there it is. $40 or so for a headset is not bad. Sure, you can buy cheaper bluetooth headsets anywhere, but if you need it to play online, than this is the best option for it.
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on December 16, 2008
The ps3 bluetooth headset is really put together well. I also have a Motorola headset, and chatting with other gamers online was difficult. I would always have to change back to my corded headset so it wouldn't buzz in their ear on their end. (They described it sounded like a lathe running in the background). After buying this headset i am very satisfied from the quality of it. It also comes with a charging dock that is very useful. You can turn it on and talk through it (while it is in the dock) and have the tv as the output. It can also be used with your cell phone. When it is paired with the ps3, on the screen it shows what the battery level is at, volume, and HQ mode. Overall I am very pleased with this product.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2008
Don't believe all of the negative hype. The negative reviews caused me to wait until this headset was on a decent sale. Now that I own the headset, I'm glad I purchased it.

It works great with the PS3, and my cellphone. I use this headset everyday, when at home or away; however, I have not tried the docked microphone feature.

One reviewer complained that the headset is setup for only the right ear. This is incorrect. It's easily reversible for either ear.

One reviewer complained about the build quality. The build quality is very good, but I do have one complaint. The internal printed circuit board "floats" inside the unit. What does this mean? If I rock my head from side-to-side, I hear a faint clicking sound, as the PCB bounces off the inside walls of the headset. It really isn't that bad, and not noticeable if I'm on a call, or online.

I am a gadget geek, and like the charge while docked feature. I really wish it came with a power supply to charge without having to hook it up to the PS3. Luckily I had a spare compatible power supply from an older cellphone. Also having a mini USB port on the headset itself, allows me to carry one USB cable when traveling, to use/charge multiple devices.

The buttons are well placed. The +/- volume and mute buttons are really easy to find. The one other button which is multi-function when using a cellphone is a bit small, but at least it has a rigged button which makes it easy to find by feel.

Some of the headsets I've used in the past were impossible to use in busy areas (airports, train stations, etc.). The gain on the microphone would be terrible, or the speaker would be too weak to hear. Not a problem with this headset. Everyone says I sound almost too loud on the phone, and messages I've left for myself have sounded great. Likewise I am yet to find a scenario where I could not hear the person on the phone.

My wife is not a big gamer, but she tried the headset too. Even though she won't use it to play games, she liked it enough to want to replace her Motorola headset she's using now with her phone.

To sum up:

Good build and ergonomics.
Sounds great, and microphone works great.
Charge for drained battery, about three hours.
Nice docking station.

PCB should have been seated better in headset housing.
Not shipped with a power supply.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2008
I am new to using bluetooth devices and found using it to be very simple. I had to charge it 1st but after that connecting it to my PS3 it was easy and connecting it to my phone was even easier. One gripe with was I could not get it to sync using the usb cable so I had to use discovery mode so I am missing a few features like battery life and stuff like that. I will probably figure that out later once I get the hang of using bluetooth since this is my 1st headset with bluetooth. Even though it was my 1st time using a bluetooth headset I was very happy with how simple it was. When I use it as a headset for my phone people dont even know I am not using a headset since the quality is so good. The audio quality of the ear piece is very nice as well with no gripes about it. I like the way the its setup as well with volume up on top and down on the bottom. Answering calls is a simple task a well with just a tap of the button on the side.

Overall my major gripe is its not very comfortable and my ears are kinda big so no matter how I adjusted it on either of my ears it would get uncomfortable after awhile. I could never get the headset to feel snug. I think most people agree with the fact that it does get uncomfortable after awhile though.

I have yet to use it on Playstation Network and I will edit this review later when I have but I have heard it works pretty good. Since I am new to this I wonder how easy it will be. I am waiting for Resistance 2 to try it out.


I got on PSN recently and I found that after about an hour the headset felt like it was cutting the inside of my right ear. I guess its b/c the headset goes in the ear instead of on it. I hear these things are like that for some people so I switched ears and it wasn't so bad but I hear more bass like sounds in my left ear which is my problem not the sets. Worked very well playing on PSN and everyone could hear me fine and vice versa. I wish it felt more snug against my ear but its kinda loose b/c my ears are big. Its pretty easy to use and you know onscreen whether its mute or not and plus it beeps in your ear. Just like with XBOX live you have to look for mics b/c not everyone uses them and some people are plain annoying as I am sure everyone knows. I still stick to my 5 star rating.
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