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The following are my conclusions and observations following several hours of testing. It is possible that I missed a feature or two but I am quite confident that I was able to test all the major ones.

The setup and first impressions:
I don't know why, I imagined a bigger device. I am pleased to note that the keypad is a lot thinner than I imagined - about half an inch thick and pretty light.

It fits nicely on top of any standard PS3 controller thanks to a clamp that, once it clicks in, it makes the keypad appear as if it was part of the controller's body. The three controller buttons that it covers: PS3, Select and Start are present on the pad at their expected locations but they only work when the keypad is attached to the controller. All other buttons work regardless of the keypad being attached or detached.

The keyboard is okay but it's better suited for larger hands (or long thumbs). As a Blackberry user, I find this keyboard less comfortable than that of a classic Blackberry - but I've been using Blackberies for almost 10 years already so I may be a little bit spoiled or maybe biased toward their ergonomics.

As far as workmanship is concerned, my impression is one of a well-built, durable device. It integrates well, visually and functionally with the PS3 controllers.

The setup:
After a couple of hours of charging through the USB port (cable not included), the keypad is ready to use. Once the On/Off switch is set to On, all that's needed is for the keypad to be connected to the PS3 through a USB cable and the pairing is done automatically.

The workings:
The keypad operates in two modes: as a keyboard or, interestingly, as a touch pad.

In keyboard mode, you get a QWERTY keyboard with well separated, round little keys. The letters, numeric and punctuation keys are where you would expect them to be but the special keys are not exactly at their familiar places and some of the less essential ones (PgUp, PgDn, End, Home and the function keys) are missing. Special characters can be entered with the help of 2 modifier keys (the Blue and the Orange).

Three special keys allow you to enable the touch pad mode or quickly jump to your PS3 message box or friends list icons - I did not find the last 2 very useful.

Until you make yourself familiar with some of the less obvious key combinations it's a good idea to save the instructions pamphlet (a 17"x11" folded sheet) found in the package.

The touch pad mode is very interesting in that, after pressing the 'touch pad key', the keyboard is disabled and a section of the keyboard emulates a laptop's touch pad and the 2 cursor keys emulate mouse buttons and you can interact with your environment as if you were using a mouse.

I am a 'knob' person as far as mouse emulation is concerned but, based on my testing, the touch pad mode, while interesting and innovative, is not very well implemented. For example, while in Browser mode, it does not allow you to scroll down your browser window, something that is easily and intuitively accomplished with the R3/L3 analog sticks. The cursor, when controlled with the touch pad was jumpy, either moving from one corner of the window to another or, sometimes, not moving at all. The good news is that all the controller buttons, including the sticks, are fully functional all the time so, people like me, won't have to use the touch pad.

Brief evaluation:
+ Bluetooth device, does not require dongles or wires
+ Replaces a full-size keyboard, well suited for entering passwords or brief messages
+ Perfectly integrated, physically and functionally with the PS3 controller - generally, it does not interfere with game play
+ Rechargeable battery
+ According to Sony (not tested by me) it can be paired with other Bluetooth devices (don't lose that manual)

- Adds weight to the controller
- Some of the special keys are placed at unfamiliar locations
- Keys 'real estate' wasted by assigning 2 keys to jump to the message box and the friends list
- Touch pad does not work very well
- Small hands may find it a bit uncomfortable

Before I started writing this review, I thought I was going to award this keypad 3 stars but, once I listed the pros and the cons I see that the negatives are relatively minor. The major disappointment is the touch pad but it's not something that I am going to miss because I am already happy with the R3/L3. 3.5 stars should be the fair score but I am rounding it up to 4 because my overall impression is positive.

With HOME now a reality, this is likely to become an increasingly useful add-on.
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Before I received this keypad, I had a keyboard wired to the PS3 while playing games on the couch. Whenever I wanted to type a message I would get off the couch, sit on the floor, and type. When I saw this keypad I had a few reservations, but I knew I this would be a better solution.

From pulling the keypad out of the package and putting it to use is pretty simple but takes a little time. Pairing and charging work just like the controllers do. This product comes with no charge, so plug it into the PS3 and let it charge up. When ready the keypad clamps firmly into place resting on the controller with the keys away from the body. Turn the power on and it is ready to use. After calibration the keypad can be used as a touchpad with the touch of a button. Plus a couple shortcut keys are included for checking messages and viewing friends.

I usually play the PS3 at night in a dimly lit room. The keypad is laid out mostly like a normal keyboard; however there are a few minor differences. Because of my playing environment, I would find backlit keys to be a big help. Additionally the touchpad feature works, but is a bit difficult to properly navigate the finger motion to what should happen on the screen. Perhaps the touchpad feature takes more getting used to than the rest of the features.

One of my reservations was related to where the keypad rests on the controller. Being away from the body and above the R3 and L3 buttons, I was concerned they would get in the way making the keypad difficult to use. I have to admit this is not the case for me at all. The buttons are laid out so that they can be used comfortably; I had no problems pressing the keys. The keypad doesn't get in the way for game play either.

Overall this quality constructed product is designed well. While there are a few weaknesses, Sony delivers the functionality they claim. This keypad is priced in line with other Sony PS3 products and worth the expense for me. For those that type short messages and such, the PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad is worthy of consideration.

Fits firmly on the controller
Easy to setup and use
Well designed quality constructed product

Keys are not backlit
Touchpad feature not so easy to use
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on January 7, 2009
Once Sony flipped the switch on Home, I saw an ad for this keyboard in the Home mall. Two or three stunted interactions with fellow gamers (most likely teenagers who could kick the snot out of me in any FPS, with their eyes closed), I realized the hunt and peck method of data entry using the PS3 remote was aggravating at best, time-consuming at worst.

After striking out at all box stores in the days leading up to and after Christmas, I finally found the PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad on Amazon. Once charged up, I took it for a spin, using it to enter URLs while using the PS3 broswer.

Unless you have thin, delicate fingers, be prepared to fat-finger the hell out this thing... even with the extensive Blackberry Curve keyboard typing experience, I was a misspelling fool for the first day or two... My only complaint (aside from being cursed with apparently pudgy fingers, is that the alternate key values (accessed by shifting between two buttons on the top left and right of the device) do not "pop" against the black device background, forcing me to hold the controller to my nose to see if I was typing a : or a ;.

Pros: Device is well balanced and unobtrusive. I keep it on my controller even while playing games that do not require its use. Battery life seems to be of the same caliber of the remotes themselves, ensuring hours of uninterrupted play (or until the wife makes me shut down.) Pairing with the PS3 was quick and easy.

Buy it, get used to it, and you'll be typing away in no time... just be prepared to use the backspace liberally.
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on December 16, 2008
My original review of this product mentioned its utility as a Bluetooth Touchpad/Keyboard for use with the Mac in a Media Center/10-foot setup.

As of 10.6.6, this device no longer works properly (loses connection after a few seconds) - so I can no longer recommend this item for use with a computer/media center. Still works fine for PS3, though keeping it charged is a bit of a pain, and the buttons are quite small. Takes a bit of practice to type without errors. Nice for entering registration codes and email addresses, that sort of thing.

Apologies to anyone who found my original review useful and had a disappointing experience - my initial experience with the device was really great, which is why I was compelled to create the original post. Time makes fools of us all, I guess.
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on December 21, 2008
Well i just bought the Keypad for PS3 today and ive been hearing that people complain about the touch sensitive mouse is way too sensitive and almost unusable. Well i thought that too when i first got it and then i read the instructions. You have to seperatly calaborate the touchpad when in touchmode with ps3 for it to work properly. Heres the steps

1. Go to Internet Browser

2. Activate Touch pad(the hand with index finger pointing)

3. Hold blue and orrange shoulder buttons for 2 seconds until the ligh flashes

Now your touch pad should be calaborated. ENJOY!

Sorry if everyone already knows this just wanted people to know so they dont think its the keypads problem. READ THE MANUAL.
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VINE VOICEon July 14, 2009
At around 20 seconds into the video I uploaded, I typed "it's hard to type really fast with this keypad!!!" -- it took about 15 seconds to type that for me with the keypad. (I was trying my best to type as fast as I could with it) That's more than 3 times the amount it would take me on a regular keyboard. And you know when it ends up having punctuations, it becomes harder to type with holding the "secondary/function" buttons.

If you do a lot of chatting on PSHome or want to message your friends quickly, this is definitely NOT your primary accessory. I don't care how fast you type on a regular keyboard, you will NOT type as fast on this keypad. Just be aware of that. I have pretty small fingers but it's not that convenient trying to type fast on it, especially since you have to press down the keys all the way or else it won't necessarily register the input.

I actually didn't know about the touch pad feature when I bought this. I think it's pretty nifty that the keys actually act as a touch pad/mouse once you turn that mode on. Again, it obviously isn't a mouse replacement, not being as accurate of course, but I still think it was definitely a nice "touch". (pun intended) It's definitely quicker than moving the cursor from one corner to the other using the joystick.

It does add some noticeable weight difference when it is attached, and it also raises the select/start button, so you might be prone to hitting it more on certain action games if you still have it attached.

The PS button (the power button) isn't technically a real button on the keypad, but it's pretty clever how it works; since it attaches right on top of the controller, it's just basically another plastic that pushes down on the actual PS button on the SIXAXIS.

If you're not using the keypad for awhile, even if you have the switch to on, it does go into sleep mode and it'll take a second or two to wake up/register before you can begin typing again.

- Bluetooth (no annoying wires)
- Quick shortcut to Messages/Friends (although read the Cons for its repetitiveness)
- Can act as a touch pad mouse
- Great for "small talk" and search/browsing the web.
- Looks pretty clean, nice, sexy (would look sexier if it were... again, backlit!) on the controller.

- Keys are not backlit (Like millions of people have suggested, this would have been really nice and convenient!)
- Small keys - need to be pressed relatively hard to register. (softer keys would have been better)
- The "Message" and "Friend" button does essentially the same thing (if you have lots of people on your friend list, and let's say you have your 30th friend on the list selected; and then you press 'Message', it will instantly take you up to the Message box, but if you press the 'Friend' button afterward, hoping to take you back to the 30th friend or wherever it was at, it won't. It just basically stays at the Message box again.
- It does require recharging on its own (USB cable not included)

Overall, if you really love your PS3, it's a nice accessory to have just one, but it's definitely not a keyboard replacement.

Although it's really nothing spectacular, I think the biggest benefit of having this is actually the shortcut to your messages/friend list buttons -- if you have a lot of friends on your list. I REALLY wish the keys were backlit. That would have definitely increased a star in the rating.

Definitely not a 5-star, but I'll give it a 3 1/2 stars being harsh.

For the price, I think the PlayStation 3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro is a better value and more useful/sexier.
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on December 29, 2008
Sony has released their own brand of a keypad, which I have been waiting for. How does it stack up versus a USB keyboard? It's quite convenient and lightweight, you may have some questions like I did, and I'll answer those...

1) Does it snap onto the controller by using the usb port?

No it does not, but rather, it uses a latch kind of approach and simply snaps top of the controller. It is easy to attach and deattach. Once it's on tight, it does not wobble or become loose.

2) Can I still use the trigger buttons?

Yes, you can, you can use the trigger buttons without rubbing against the keypad, gameplay is not affected when using the keypad.

How does it feel? Well, if you're an avid texter (or textist) it's almost second nature. However, there is a slight learning curve with this keypad, it will take you a while to use the symbols and to capitalize. One problem I have with this keypad, is when typing, hitting the "A" key, sometimes activates the Caplocks. They feel too close to each other.

Another thing that becomes somewhat of a nuisance, is having to charge the keypad. So you can't just take it out of the box, attach and play. There's an ON and OFF button located on the top right. You need to charge the keypad first to use it, you can't just charge it for 30 minutes and turn it on, it needs to be FULLY CHARGED. This can be somewhat of annoying if you need to charge either your Six Axis, Dual Shock 3 and the keypad at the same time.

Overall, I like the design of this keypad, and it's more convenient than having a USB keyboard. I'm not a big fan of voice chat, so this keypad comes in handy for such games (like Home) I would recommend anyone who uses a keyboard, or doesn't like voice chat to get this product. It's also great for surfing the internet on your PS3.
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on September 5, 2013
I bought this for final fantasy xiv... I wasn't sure if it would work or not but it did so I'm happy... Thanks Amazon. Bman
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on December 18, 2008
I preordered it along with a remote for the PS3 from Amazon. They are second on my favorite list of online stores. Newegg being the first. The release date for the keypad was supposed to be the 15th. Amazon shipped it along with my remote on the 14th. The stated arrival date was also beat by one day.

Of course this thing is in the usual bullet proof packaging which is slightly annoying. Once I got the keypad out, I was impressed with the feel of it. I think it weighs a little less than the Dualshock 3 controller(s) that I have. It does add weight. Though for some reason the keypad does not seem to throw off the balance of the controller by much but it obviously does change the feel. I'm not a small guy so maybe that has something to do with it.

The keyboard is automagically paired by turning on the keyboard and then plugging it into the PS3 with a USB cable. The instructions for this thing are hidden in the packaging. So pulling the cardboard out of the plastic and unfolding it reveals the paper foldout.

Not being a small guy, my fingers are fairly long but thin. So I have only one small issue when using the keypad with my thumbs; I know how to type. I'm not the best but I rarely look at the keyboard. So using my thumbs to type will take some getting used to but it is obviously easier and less frustrating than using just a controller. Oh, it does have the raised bumps on the F and J keys, though I am not sure if those will help. The bumps make those two keys feel like they need to be deburred. They probably should have been put in the middle of the keys instead of at their bottom end.

The keypad clamps onto the controller very nicely and does not move. The Start, Select, and PS buttons are extended through the keypad as shown in the pics and line up perfectly. There is a button on both the right and the left edge of the keypad. They are color coded and used to access the extra characters on some of the buttons. The shift key works as it should so the blue colored characters above the numbers (the usual exclamation, ampersand, parentheses, etc.) can be accessed by the color coded button or the shift key.

The last feature is that most of the keys can be used as a mouse pad - just the letter keys. I hate mouse pads and since I hate them my review of this function is biased. I used the PS3's browser to check out the "mouse pad". Underneath the Sony logo are three buttons. The one in the center changes the keypad to a mouse pad. Using the keyboard as a mouse pad is jerky and I hate it even more than a mouse pad. Moving my thumb faster over the keys does not seem to engage any acceleration in the pointer. Going slower over the keys does not seem to work any better. All in all the left analog stick is much better for moving the pointer than Sony's attempt at a mouse pad function. Because I did not expect this feature, hate mouse pads and don't use them, I did not use this function as a factor in my rating.

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on December 21, 2008
i got this keypad here on amazon.
its arrived in the "red label", I've seen some on ebay with the "black label".
i think there are some variations between the red and black version.
which has some different/extra characters.

-to the right of "L" you have strange "E'" instead the ";"(semi-colon, it's still there but its now a gold function key).
-to the left of "P" you have a "#" sign instead an "'"(apostrophe, also still there but now a blue function key).
-the "shift" keys are spelled out instead of having arrows pointing up.
-the "return/enter" key is spelled out, instead of having the left pointing arrow.
-some of the "blue" and "gold" function buttons are placed differently.

im not sure if they are shipping out the wrong version or not. but this keypad has more "function" characters then the black label versions. which is a good thing.

overall this has a complete qwerty keyboard but i wish the apostrophe and semi-colon were standard keys instead of function keys.
if they added lit-keys it would of made this keypad perfect
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