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on June 11, 2010
I am writing this review in response to an earlier reviewer's comment about the hiss problem with this receiver.

I purchased this unit 6 months ago because I needed a receiver for under $700 that could handle a pair of 4ohm speakers. I was a bit skeptical about just how well this would work, but for less than $100 I believed it would be worth a shot.

Initially, I encountered a similar difficulty with the hiss (as well as some clipping and distortion).

However, as soon as I switched out the 4ohm speakers for an 8ohm Bose set, the receiver sang just fine. A keeper!

(Note that some minor amp hum is to be expected with *any* receiver. The only time I can hear it on this model is when I place my ear directly in front of the speakers. That said, I have noticed over the years that some reviewers can be quick to growl at equipment when the real problem is poor speaker placement. There are several good articles on the web that provide details on how to avoid the audible consequences of positioning speakers too high or at incorrect angles.)

That aside, here are a few other perks of the Pyle PT-260-A:

- At level 10 (out of 40) it provides good background sound. At 20, it can fill a large room and be heard clearly in the next room. At 30, it becomes uncomfortable to the ears.

- The EQ controls are programmed to handle a significant range, with the bass creeping as low as 40Hz (not always the case in cheaper model receivers, which usually only stretch to 60-80Hz). Meantime, the treble only reaches as far as 15kHz, which is actually a strength considering the depth of the bass (cheaper models tend to exaggerate the high end, which is why they tend to be characterized as sounding tinny). All that said, one slight twist of the EQ knobs can make quite a difference. Be sure to play around with different combinations until you land on just the right sound for your speakers and your setting.

- The mic inputs work great for karaoke. Not my cup of tea, per se, but wonderful for children who want to sing along with a CD. (They also will have a lot of fun with the echo control!)

And of course all equipment has quirks:

- For my needs (with only one component connected), the PT-260-A serves its purpose quite well. However, if you intend to input more than one component, there is only one selector switch on the unit itself (though there is a separate button for CD, Aux, Tuner, etc. on the remote). In addition, the unit sets to Tuner each time it powers up (which then blasts the room with radio static if you don't have the antenna connected).

- If you plan to use a turntable with this receiver, you will need to pick up a phono preamp (there is no powered input).

- The display is a bit cheesy. The EQ meter simply dances a preset light pattern that has nothing to do with the music being pushed through. (Though it can be amusing to watch it bounce out of rhythm with the music!)

So the verdict:

This receiver costs less than $100. For a model that operates on par with more expensive models, it is worth learning to live with a couple of minor bugs.

If you are on a budget, or have children who express an interest in listening to music, this is *the* way to go. If only a receiver of this quality had been available at this price when I was in high school! (In the early 1990s, the cheapest comparable model would have cost $250-350.)
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on June 7, 2013
This is clearly bottom of the barrel chinese made receiver.

Terrible distortion, terrible fm and am reception.

I would avoid this at all costs.
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on November 28, 2010
I bought this to put together a budget home stereo system, that I could also hook up things like my TV and CD/DVD player to.

Definitely a solid choice for an entry level system. Though it's not exactly clear in the product information, the rated 200w is total power, not per channel like other receivers are rated for. (You'll see on Amazon ones that say 300 watts (per channel) ). It has two channels, and two L/R speaker terminals for each channel.

According to the product information, each channel can handle two 25 watt 8ohm speakers (50w x 2 channels), or a single 50w 8ohm on each channel. It was a little bit confusing, but that's coming from an amateur.

I wouldn't recommend using 4 ohm speakers. One reviewer mentioned it would overheat, but also, in the manual, it does say normal impedance (for the device) is 8 ohms. The 200watt rating is a marketing trick I'm sure; 100watts per channel, x2 channels, @ 4 ohm. But it clearly says normal is 8 ohm. Maybe I misunderstand.

Other reviews mention how hard it is to set the radio memory. It is actually not all the difficult (and no, it's nowhere in the product "manual"). Figured it out on accident. You have to first press menu twice, while in radio mode, and then you can use the main dial as the radio tuner (or use the tuner button on the remote). Once at the desired station, press memory, and then press channel up. You can hit channel down to verify your station was saved.

Speaking of radio, I found it quite difficult to actually get stations in. Maybe I've got it setup wrong, but, at 93.7, I pick up background noise music from 103.7. And I can hear 93.7 from 95.5 all the way to 88.5, playing in the background. I've tried repositioning the antenna but it doesn't help. Something wrong with the tuner internally, I think. Does anyone else get this? Maybe it's because it's a saved channel, I don't know. Still odd and makes the radio almost useless. Which is okay, I can get radio through other devices and input.

Someone mentioned the dancing bars don't line up to the music- it seems to work fine on mine. When you change the display (via remote or menu/big wheel) it goes through the cycle, I guess to show you what it is. But after it flows to the music.

Overall very satisfied, does exactly what I need; deliver stereo sound. Minus one star for the radio tuner.
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on December 13, 2011
Stay away from this item it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The manual is vague and little to no help. It is advertised as a 2 channel tuner however I was never able to use second channel much less both together. Should have read all the reviews. I returned this item. I do not recommend it for anyone.
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on October 12, 2014
Understand what you're getting...
First of all, the fact that it can power two channels of audio doesn't mean that you can select which one you can play audio out of. You cannot. If you plug in speakers on both channels, it plays on both channels. There is no selectivity. The whole reason I bought this was to play on an indoor set of speakers and occasionally play the same music on an outdoor set of speaker, so the A/B had to be selectable. Unfortunately, this receiver does not work for that. This is why I will be returning it. The advertisement clearly sets it has A and B channels, which in more receivers means that you can select between them... oh, well...
Secondly, as reported by others, there is no power control from the remote control. I had planned on putting this receiver out of the way and controlling everything from the remote via a IR extender. Unfortunately, without a power button on the remote, I can't realistically do that.
Third, while you can select the programmed radio channels via the remote control, you cannot directly tune via the remote control. For those who already know what channels they want to program, this can be annoying, since the only option is to scan through the spectrum till you find the right channel, then program it. "Irritating" is about the only word for it.

The sound is fine, but there are too many detractors for me to recommend it to anyone except for those who need a basic system within arms reach and who have a lot of patience for the irritants.
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on May 10, 2012
Just received this Pyle Pro receiver/amp and got to say I'm impressed. First the box it was in look like it had been through a war zone, even the post office put the tape on it received in damaged condition. So got it out looked at it and did not see any damage to the unit, so hook it up and wow it sounds great. Have a set of Kenwood speakers(KL-777A 4 way speakers 110 watts) that flew with me over the pond. They are big made in 1972 pick them up in Guam and brought them back to Barksdale AF Base then to FL. Lighting took out everything else but these speakers. They take a lot to move them, this little Pyle Pro (PT260A) will move them and will make your ears hurt. Can't wait till I get some more wire and hook up the big TV I got to it. You won't go wrong on getting this little unit. Save lots of money and get a great sounding unit. Just have some good big speakers so they will handle the watts.
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on September 4, 2012
Pyle reciever is junk. Can't tune radio without remote , sounds tinny and the are no AB speaker selection. You are stuck with both speaker outputs, no choice. Also speaker connections are very difficult to connect. Going to throw out the door soon as new one arrives.
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on February 26, 2011
I needed a receiver for my home theatre system. Nothing fancy, just a stereo receiver / amplifier. It works well and sounds fine. I only wish the remote would control the power on / off function. Other than that it suits my purpose perfectly.
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on September 29, 2011
You've heard the old adage that you get what you pay for, right?
Well, it's true, this is about the cheapest FM Stereo receiver/amplifier out there right now, and the old adage has certainly proven to be true.

Even when hooked up to decent speakers, the sound from this unit is pretty cheezy. A powered subwoofer might help somewhat.

Using the supplied antennas, reception on FM was at best spotty and noisy, and for AM radio --next to non-existent. We have had no such problem before, so it is not our location. Perhaps a better antenna could help, but I have to wonder.

The so-called "user manual" is another case study in short changing the customer. It really explains nothing, least of all the rather wacky procedure for setting pre-set stations using the volume control knob!

By far the worst feature of this unit is the lack of an on/off power button on the remote. No, I'm not kidding... Who in their right mind today would buy any piece of home entertainment equipment, and even have to question as to whether the remote can power the unit on or off? Well not this one! Seriously, who thinks nowadays when they are going to buy a piece of electronic equipment with a remote: "Gee...I wonder if it has an on/off button?" Was this another cost cutting measure? If so, how cynical can a company be towards its customers? Who knows, maybe their engineers forgot to design it in. Either way....YIKES!

Imagine yourself in bed listening to some music then just as you about to fall asleep, you reach for the remote, then throw it down as you remember, and have to climb out of bed and walk across the room to the Pyle PT260 to shut it off manually.

Dumb....but not as dumb as I was in buying one.
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on February 24, 2012
Bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it! He said the only thing he didn't like about it was the bass, treble,and balance knob didn't show how far u are turning knob. It does, its just hard to see. I fixed the problem by putting a dab of white paint in the litttle indent in knob. The husband said its perfect now. :)

UPDATE: 1 yr 8 months later, still works great!
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