Customer Reviews: Kill Doctor Lucky Game
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on December 4, 2011
I bought this version of the game because it included the "...And His Little Dog, Too" expansion, and was disappointed to find that the wooden pawns and spite tokens from the previous edition (from Titanic Games) had been replaced with illustrated cardboard punch-outs for this Paizo edition. The illustrations are good and the cardboard is sturdy to be sure, but I think I preferred those wooden pieces. Also, the cards in this edition are not textured like they were with the Titanic edition, and therefore don't shuffle as well. I assume that's why the price for this Paizo edition is a little cheaper even with the expansion included.

You win by killing Dr. Lucky, who moves around his mansion in a generally predictable pattern. You can only kill him when you are in the same room with him, and no other player can see you. Go for it with your bare hands, or play a weapon card to increase your chances. Move yourself OR the Doctor by playing a room card when the timing is right. Other players will try to foil your attempts by playing "failure" cards that don't have to be, but probably should be read aloud, because most of them range from absurd to hilarious.

As someone who plays this game often, I unfortunately don't find the Dog expansion or its rule variants to offer that much more interest. However, the basic game is so good, that I will still continue to play it with friends and even my kids, now that they're old enough to appreciate the humor. Finishing him off in the kitchen with a Civil War cannon, or in the armory with a monkey hand always makes for a good laugh around the table.

I own 4 versions of this game, going back over 10 years to when it came in a skinny little black-and-white box with board sections made of laminated card stock, and you had to use the pawns from monopoly or some other game you never play. It cost about 6 bucks. The humor and the simple game mechanics made it one of my favorites then, and made me realize that a great design is the most important feature of a game. If it isn't fun or interesting, nobody will want to play no matter what it looks like. The original design with the finely illustrated board and cards make this a winner all around, and highly recommended even without the wooden pieces.
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on December 19, 2012
This doesn't get played often enough at my house. I picked it up a while ago after seeing a couple reviews and the idea of a "Clue prequel" sounded great. We have played it a couple times with 3-5 people, and it seems like the more the merrier.

Basic Idea: You hate Dr. Lucky (it's fun to come up with a reason depending on the character your choose) and want to kill him. You can only kill him when nobody is looking. Line-of-Sight is determined by doorways, not your character's position in the room. When you try to murder him, you may play a murder weapon, using it's murder value (plus any spite tokens you have), or play nothing, using your hands, which have a murder value of 1 (plus any spite tokens you have). Everyone else, in turn, plays Failure cards that have to add up to the murder value. If they succeed, you fail. If they can't, then you killed Dr. Lucky.

Component Quality: This is the first version I've played of Kill Dr. Lucky, so I have no experience with the wooden tokens, but the cardboard pieces are very sturdy and add character and flair to the game with the artwork of each character on them. I think it's better to pick a person than a color, anyway. The cards aren't bad. I see them getting bent fairly easily, perhaps, but you're not drawing and shuffling them a lot, so I don't see that happening often.

Gameplay: Plainly put, it's a lot of fun. Reading the Failure cards is a hoot. There's a bit of strategy involved with trying to set yourself up to get Dr. Lucky to walk into your room so it jumps to be your turn and chaining that together to get more cards quickly. The game gets tense toward the end as Failure cards get used up and you know his fate is imminent. Also, sometimes trying to kill Dr. Lucky without a weapon just to get more spite tokens to add to your murder value is useful and another thing to consider.

Rule Clarity and Tweaking: The people I play with get bored listening to rules being read, so being able to sum up the rules is important and you're able to do that with these rules. The rules are very detailed, mentioning different scenarios and having a bit of wit in them. Two important things we've noted, though, are that (1) you can see through the Gallery balcony into the Dining Room, Drawing Room, Foyer, and Piazza and that (2) you only draw a card on your turn if you're in a named room. We have changed the second rule for 3 player games to be allowed to draw a card anywhere. It helps get more Failure cards into your hand and help the game last a little longer. Also note that the first time around, everybody goes in order regardless of what happens on the board. We misread this rule when we tried to play with 7 people once and the last 3 people weren't getting to go and were very unhappy.

And His Little Dog, Too: While I haven't played with the expansion, I think it will add a very fun new dimension to the game. There are three variations, and in all of them, the dog moves like a player, one room at a time, towards Dr. Lucky, basically following him around the mansion. The first variation is "Old Dog", which treats the dog like another player who prevents Dr. Lucky from being killed if the dog has line-of-sight. I feel this is best for games of 3-4 players as it helps prevent an early death. The second variation is "New Tricks", which gives the dog a spite token every time Dr. Lucky escapes being murdered, but you manage to kill the dog, you get all of it's spite tokens. This variant should be good for games with 5 or more players as you may need the extra spite tokens to overcome all the Failure cards that the other players may have. The third variant combines the two into "Old Dog, New Tricks", which I think is the best overall as it combines strategy of "Do I leave the dog alive to help stop other players from killing Dr. Lucky or do I take it out to become more powerful?"

Overall: I really like playing this and hope that it gets pulled off the shelf more. This ends up being a game where one or two people will say "Yes! Let's play!" and the others will go "Oooh, alright", but two or three turns in, they're full in character, shouting "Stay away from the old man! He's mine!" The mechanics are solid and the fact that there's basically a built in timer (Failure cards running out) help keep the game to a limited time. We have had games that are over quickly due to luck of the draw (first hand has nobody with Failure cards and the first person can kill Dr. Lucky in a couple minutes). I also wish there were a couple more "Move" cards. We played a 4 player game last night and the game ended with 3 cards left in the deck and I had only seen 3 Move cards in my hand. I think a couple more of those would help. It still gets a solid 4/5 from me. This is a must get for anyone who enjoys moving around a board, drawing and playing cards, and witty humor.
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on October 26, 2011
I purchased this game a while back but was unable to play it until recently. My wife and I decided to open the game and play this at our Halloween party. The objective, quite simple, is to kill Dr. Lucky while preventing the other players from doing so. The rules are quite simple, but it will take you a few rounds to figure them out if you haven't played before.

The game itself is high quality. The game was packaged well, all the spite tokens and wooden player/Dr. Lucky pieces came in a Ziploc bag (so I didn't have to hunt around for one). The cards are really colorful and have great graphics on them. There is a smattering of humor on all the cards from some of the weapons (kill Dr. Lucky with a "Tight hat") to the failure cards (if you bother to read the text).

Setup time: 15 Minutes (setup board, players choose their pieces and to read the rules)
Play time: Varies, but with a group of 6, it took about an hour and a half.
Replayability: Definitely.
Fun: Definitely! A lot of our players weren't too keen about playing it (mainly because of the name). But in the end, all of them enjoyed it and a few wanted to buy it.
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on January 2, 2011
My family really, really enjoyed this one. At first it seemed somewhat convoluted, but not for long. There was much hooting and hollering and laughter, a must for a game to be a success in this household. Challenging but not overly difficult, even my ten year old had no problems navigating this game. It's as much fun to be foiled by your opponents as it is to foil them, and the competition to off Dr. Lucky makes for some hilarious conversations. However, pretty soon you'll be cursing the existence of Dr. Lucky's little dog, because wherever he goes, the dog follows (albeit slowly) and you can't kill Dr. Lucky if anyone, even the dog, can see you!

This game is a jolly good one, and we love it :)
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on March 25, 2013
Game is well designed and good for 3-4 players, but better with the more players you have as games with fewer players will often end quickly.
Cards are humorous and everything is colorful. Game time is about 30-45 minutes. The rules are easy to pick up, especially for kids that love board games and understand the basics of this kind of game-play.
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on February 12, 2013
I enjoyed this game so much. It takes a lot of reading to get through the instructions and you will still likely have to play a bit to really get it but once you do it is really fun. The play can be a bit slow but that will probably get better the more you play. The reason I do not give it 5 stars is twofold.

1. There are a lot of cards in the deck (I figure 100 or so) and the cards consist of 4 categories. One is supposed to use the 4 card types to maneuver around the board, attempt to kill the doctor, and to thwart others attempts to kill the doctor. The problem arises in the deal of the cards. Several of our players received almost all of one category (after extensive shuffling). Once this happens your options on your turn are extremely limited and can get a bit boring.

2. Turns do not go in order. Players are skipped based on the doctors movements. This basically means that in a big game (6-7 players) you might not take a turn for quite sometime (10 min or more). This didn't bother me but did turn some players off of the game.

Overall, I enjoy this game and can't wait to play it again. I just hope I can find enough people who also don't might the turn taking pauses and the luck of the draw that can cause more waiting.
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on June 6, 2014
Ever wonder what happened before the game Clue even began? Well, this game plays out that scenario. You are friends, employees, and clients of Dr. Lucky and you want him dead. He did you wrong somehow. He didn't pay your last paycheck, he insulted your pet rock, or didn't invite you to his half-birthday party. What ever the reason, you hold a grudge the length of a sharp knife.

You have to navigate to Dr. Lucky to try to kill him without being seen by his other guests. There are survival cards that other players can play to keep Dr. Lucky alive during your murder attempt. Alive enough so that they can kill him themselves.

It's a dark little game that plays fairly fast. It lasts longer with more players as there is more chance for you to be seen. However, the deck quickly diminishes and survival cards aren't in the game forever. There is a built in timer to end the game faster. Good for groups who would like a darker variant of Clue.
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on September 22, 2013
Many people have thought this game was a more complicated version of Clue. Well, it's not really. Yes, you play a character, and yes you can use weapons to kill Dr. Lucky, but you don't have to. There is a lot more strategy to it, and luck as well. It's really an interesting game. You have to pay close attention to what's happening or you might miss your opportunity to make a kill. You can get passed over and miss your turn rather easily too. Every time we play it, we never know who is going to win.
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on May 11, 2014
Kill Dr. Lucky has been a good go too game for us when we have a non-gamer crowd. The rules are fairly simple and with the expansion you can easily adjust game length. Want a short game, 3-4 players with no dog will be quick. Want a long game with 3 players, add the dog and you could go for 2 hours. The humor on the cards is enjoyable the first few times through but they do get repetitive. There is enough strategy for the experienced gamer not to be bored. In large games (6-7 players) you can find yourself with a lot of downtime, so be sure you play this in a social group or there will be lots of awkward silence.
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on October 8, 2012
The object of this game is to "Kill Doctor Lucky." Its similar to clue with some twists. Instead of figuring out who killed someone, with what weapon, and where the object of this game is to Kill Doctor Lucky in a room, with a weapon, while no one is watching.

Provides a lot of fun for our family. Played with my nephew age 13 and he was able to pick up the game quickly. More fun with more people.
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