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on September 14, 2012
The 1 minute cake recipe is so good that I would buy this entire book if that was the only recipe in it and the other 219 pages were blank!

If you're looking for a book to help get you introduced and acclimated with Paleo baking, this is it! Are you bored with the Paleo diet because all you eat are meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts with no variety at all? Buy this book. Do you think that you can never make this diet work for you because you have kids who need to have cookies and cake once and awhile because they're kids and that's what kids do but all your baked good attempts turn out flat, dry and unappetizing? Buy this book. Are you missing s'mores, Girl Scout thin mint cookies and onion rings? Buy this book. Do you miss making pancakes with your family on Saturday mornings and decorating sugar cookies at Christmas time? BUY THIS BOOK. Seriously Tammy knocked it out of the park with these recipes to help you indulge, relax and enjoy your Paleo life!

To read the rest of my review please follow this link: [...]
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on September 14, 2012
I love meat and vegetables as much as the next guy (or gal!) and 90% of the time, that is what I choose to eat. However, there inevitably comes a time when I get a craving for something sweet, crunchy, or crumbly; in other words I want to indulge. For those moments, Paleo Indulgences is the perfect resource for making delicious Paleo-friendly (read "gluten-free", "grain-free", "healthy fats", and "real-food" ingredients) baked goods, desserts, snacks and other such treats. There are also some creative and delicious "everyday" recipes like the Cincinnati chili, kale chips and slow-cooked BBQ beef.

The book itself is beautifully laid out with drool-worthy pictures and easy to navigate contents. There is just enough information on nutrition and the Paleo philosophy to get a beginner up to speed but not so much that it becomes overwhelming. The recipes too are very approachable and don't require a laundry list of ingredients or complicated steps; you don't have to be a trained chef to indulge in these goodies!
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I have a number of Paleo cookbooks, including many with dessert items and things like bread and pancakes that aren't really great for everyday eating, but as the author points out make a wonderful indulgence. What I love about this one is that the author has a wonderful mix of really unusual and creative recipes that can easily be tweaked to suit my own tastes and needs.

Some of them are fast and easy to make such as the super quick bread on page 42. I made this microwaved bread from almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, and sea salt, along with coconut oil and egg and a little bit of water, and in five minutes I was spreading jam on something that tasted like homemade cornbread. Some of them are more involved, such as the coconut colada ice cream on page 202 made from coconut milk, ripe bananas, diced pineapple, limes, and shredded coconut, or the no bake meyer lemon tarts on page 52 that use soaked raw cashews to get a creamy consistency for the filling.

One of the things I love best about this cookbook is that I know exactly what I'm going to find from looking at the cover. Indulgences. I know that this is not food that I should be eating every day, but when I'm in the mood for a special treat or if I'm going out to a social gathering where Paleo foods may not be the norm, I know that I can make something from this book and feel like I am indulging without going wildly off my diet in a way that's going to make me feel gross afterwards.

You should know going in that some of the recipes do contain dairy. I don't consider dairy Paleo ever, so I was a little disappointed to see things like a cheesecake that actually does contain cheese and sour cream. I was especially disappointed on the zucchini pizza boats to see that while dairy is not listed in any of the ingredients, the photograph clearly shows a pizza boat that is covered in cheese. I know how to make a pretty wicked coconut cream sauce that bakes up very nicely on top of many casseroles - why didn't she suggest something like that? On the very few recipes that do contain dairy, I wish the author had stretched her creativity to come up with some dairy free alternatives. That said, there are very few recipes that contain dairy in this book, and the norm is to have creative alternatives to dairy and other non-Paleo ingredients. Overall the author does a fantastic job at this. Truly fantastic.

Here's a listing of some of my favorite recipes from this book:
super quick bread
gingerbread mini loaves
cinnamon maple frosting
no bake chocolate tarts
no bake meyer lemon tarts
no bake pumpkin tarts
chocolate mini buns
one minute chocolate cake
whoopie pies
macadamia date macaroons
skinny mint cookies (thin mints)
sugar cookies
a Paleo version of Samoa cookies
no bake macadamia thumbprints with whipped chocolate ganache
pecan sandies
graham crackers
egg white bread
granola bars
fruit dip
banana pecan pancakes
bacon guacamole
bacon dip
Cincinnati chili
chicken and dumplings
bacon burger with maple pancake buns
rosemary pork burgers
Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy
Paleo pizza crust
zucchini pizza boats - even though I was disappointed in the photo having cheese all over it, I have to say I'm totally impressed by the idea
Asian pork lettuce cups
taro soft tacos
sun butter bark
chocolate cherry coconut bark
candied coconut walnuts
coconut milk caramels
mint chip ice cream
pumpkin pie-cicle
like-magic chocolate ice cream topping

While the above recipes are my favorite, they certainly aren't the only recipes in the book. Most Paleo cookbooks get by on offering a few really exciting new recipes along with a whole bunch of rehashed foods that we all know are Paleo and if you've been eating Paleo for any time, you're already kind of tired of eating them. Burgers with no buns, frittatas, breakfast hash. I'm especially delighted with this cookbook because it's a reasonably thick cookbook and yet the author doesn't fall back on any of those Paleo standbys that most other authors use as filler.

Overall once you are settled into a Paleo lifestyle and feel really confident that you can handle introducing the occasional indulgence into your diet and life, this is a must-have book. The photos are attractive, the recipes are clear and have obviously been well tested, and the ideas give you so many places to experiment and jump off that you'll find this cookbook a much beloved addition to your library.
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on October 22, 2012
Not going to lie: cooking with nut and coconut flours and lots of eggs is weird. I've tried many recipes that just end up tasting like souffle, which is great if you want souffle but not great if you wanted cake. This book makes it not weird and the results actually taste like something you'd want to eat. Bonus points for not including odd or hard to come by ingredients (gums, powders, etc). It's actually kind of dangerous having sweets so easy to make . . .

And the book is gorgeous to look at. Looking through the recipes at the stuff I COULD make, if I wanted to, is almost more fun than actually making and eating the food!
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The recipes are great! I am so glad to have this cookbook to fill the gaps in my way of eating. I do not eat any grains or sugar and this does a great job providing variety. I have this book and "Well Fed" in my kindle and am covered from breakfast to dessert, they are a good pair to have since Paleo Indulgences has a lot of baked goods and sweet tooth fixes and Well Fed covers a lot of savory and dinner ideas. Just getting these two books has breathed A LOT of life back into my way of eating, it has rejuvenated my desire to stay sugar and grain free. I am not full paleo since I eat full fat dairy, but these books are great for anyone looking to improve their health.
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on September 17, 2012
I'll admit it--my first thought was, "Oh, another Paleo cookbook." Paleo is currently exploding in popularity, and the cookbooks are starting to flood the market. Which is great, but for an experienced and confident home cook like myself, I've already got a bookshelf full of cookbooks I rarely reference.

Boy, was I wrong! Paleo Indulgences is a gorgeous, sumptuous feast for the eyes and the belly. The photos define the term "food p*rn" and the layout is stylish, yet uncluttered. Inside are recipes for things I always wondered if it would be possible to make according to Paleo guidelines, like onion rings, crackers, a Thin Mint-style cookie, whoopie pies, and a cupcake frosting that can handle being at room temp for more than a few minutes.

My 3-year-old daughter is already addicted to the Banana-Pecan Pancakes. I'm making the Cincinnati Chili tonight, and I'm looking forward to many, many more recipes in here. I'm certain I'll be trying new recipes from this book frequently in the next few weeks, and I'll be returning to favorites for years to come.
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on September 18, 2012
As a fellow paleo mom and paleo cookbook author, I am so glad to have this resource! I am NOT a baker so when it comes to special occasions, birthdays, or days that I want to make a treat with my kids, I'm usually scrambling to come up with a recipe that is grain, dairy, and sugar free. Now Paleo Indulgences has come to the rescue! I love how the book is designed, the pictures are beautiful, and Tammy's balanced, sensible approach to this lifestyle is refreshing. Also, the book includes several amazing recipes that are not just "treats" for special occasions but that we'll be happy to indulge in everyday! We have especially enjoyed the "Zucchini Pizza Boats" Thank you Tammy!
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on November 15, 2012
This is my new favorite cookbook. And surprisingly, it's not because of the desserts. I've been spending the last three weeks exploring the savory section of this book and I haven't been disappointed yet. Just as with her cookbook, The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, Tammy Credicott has put together recipes that are easy-to-follow and plate-licking-good. So far, I've made the Salisbury Steak, Cincinnati chili, rosemary pork burgers, meatball sub (including the most dangerously easy quick bread known to Paleo eaters), zucchini pizza boats, Chinese pepper steak, Mandarin chicken and decadent brownies. All of them have been wonderful so far. I have drooled over all of the sweet recipes, too. It's only a matter of time before I make my way through those, too. I highly recommend this book. And now I'm going to go daydream about all the ways I'm going to use that quick bread.
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on September 18, 2012
Wow! I could just leave it at that and be done, but I can't. This cookbook is amazing! This cookbook is full of fantastic easy to follow recipes, beautiful pictures, and easy step by step instructions. I have already prepared several recipes out of the book and each have been happily eaten up...with no leftovers, now there's a problem!! I love how she has the different sections of re-created family favorites. Please don't think that this cookbook only includes sweets and goodies, because you would be missing out on the main dishes! I love that I can provide an alternative to the over processed and sugar laden products on the market to celebrate special occasions. Life happens and this cookbook allows some fun to be o.k. now and then!! So yes...GET THIS COOKBOOK!!!
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on March 12, 2015
The recipes and pictures in this book look awesome… I will update as I try more recipes but so far these recipes don't work and look nothing like their pictures! The fact that this book got so many stars is perplexing. The egg white bread came out looking nothing like the picture - they were even flatter than pancakes - and I am a pastry chef. I followed the recipe exactly as written… anyone else? Also, the dumplings for the chicken and dumplings completely disintegrated when I added them to the simmering chicken broth ruining a perfectly good pot of chicken soup made with expensive pasture raised chicken. Not only did the dumpling recipe completely fail (and again I followed the directions to the letter) but they look nothing like the dumplings as pictured… the dumplings in the picture are white and the dumpling mixture is very yellow. Not happy so far...
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