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on October 7, 2007
The Treo 755p is an improved Treo 650.

No external antenna.
EVDO - High speed data.

Shorter battery life when compared to the Treo 650.
Does not feel as sturdy as the Treo 650.
Sprint disabled the phone as modem capability unless you purchase a data plan to allow this capability. (This capability was free with the Treo 650 after a number of consumers fought with Sprint to enable this capability.

The Treo 755p is worth purchasing if you do not currently have a Treo device. If you have a Windows mobile version, I highly recommend this version due to the higher display resolution.
I only recommend this version for anyone that currently has a Treo if and only if they want to get rid of their external antenna and would like faster data speeds. Remember, if you currently use your phone as a modem you will have to pay an additional ~40.00 USD if you would like to keep this capability with the 755p.
Remember this is a smart phone and not a normal cell phone. There is a lot going on in this device and it will need to be restarted on occasion.
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2008
Treo 755 (Verizon) has the one of the best voice and sound quality that I have ever had in a cell phone. Since 1992, I have used 3 Motorola, 1 Kyocera, 1 Samsung, 1 Nokia and 1 HTC phones. Two of them were Windows Mobile based and really bad. Windows Mobile phones freeze all the time and although have lot of bells and whistles, most of the features don't work half the time. Palm software is much more intuitive to use and is more stable; but not without glitches. I have not been able to synchronize my calendar with Outlook on Treo. Keyboard on Treo 755p is cramped but you get used to it in a few days and begin to like it. The body is well contoured, fits nicely in hand and you can operate most functions, including keyboard, with one hand. Browser is bare minimum - you can't watch Youtube videos like you can on iPhone! Touchscreen is quick and responsive. Most applications are simple, unadorned but functional a.k.a. Google style.

My other main requirement in a smartphone is the ability to use Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, databases which I can do a lot better in Palm Treo than I could ever in Windows Pocket PC phones. They used to lock up. Two medical softwares that I use, UpToDate and Epocrates also work much better in Treo 755p than Windows Pocket PC phones.

My son has iPhone which I have used and seriously considered before buying Treo 755p. Unarguably, iPhone has the best user interface, is the best multimedia device and has beautifully designed mobile browser; but is not a reliable phone. AT&T signal and coverage are not as good as Verizon, the voice quality on iPhone not great, data speed is not 3G, the iPhone cannot be used as a cellular modem (without hacking) and does not have as much third party software as is available for Palm. Keyboard, with hard keys, is better in palm. Later in 2008 they are supposed to be coming with 3G iPhone and may be that will fix some of these deficiencies - but not the AT&T network.

I have been able to use Treo 755p as a cellular modem with my laptop and have gotten speed in the range of 800-900 kbs. Overall I am satisfied with Treo 755p and consider it to be the best choice amongst the PDA phones - at least on Verizon & Sprint.

Lot of people complain of Treo not being multitasking. But how many tasks can you do in device with such a small screen? Windows Mobile is multitasking and so unstable. Palm is a tried and true reliable platform. Who knows what Palm's next Linux based OS will be like? They tried their hand at Windows Mobile and the result is an unstable Windows Mobile device. More the third party applications you install, the slower the phone responds.

Therefore, my take on Smartphones and PDA Phones is:
1. Windows Mobile devices are awful and unusable most of the time.
2. Blackberries are primarily email devices with less PIM functionality and very little 3rd party software.
3. Symbian based devices like Nokia N95 are not that widely available on US carriers and neither are subsidized by them and don't have that much 3rd party software available. My experience with Nokia N95 is secondhand and I was not impressed.
4. iPhone is an awesome music and video player and has the best mobile browser but a below average phone. If you want an iPod with a great (but slower) web browser and phone is secondary to you, then go for iPhone.
4. If you want a reliable phone with decent PDA functionality, palm devices are the way to go. Centro is compact & pocketable, an ideal PDA phone, but is not available on Verizon as of now. Until then, chunkier Treo 755p is probably a good choice.
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on May 11, 2008
First off, I'd like to say that I do own this phone (well, it's blue, not burgundy) and have the Sprint service, and so far I really love both. I upgraded from a Treo 650 (had a 600 before that) and it's a huge difference. The Bluetooth works much better with my car, Google Maps combined with the super-fast Sprint EV-DO service (at least where I am) is amazing, and I have multiple bars in many places that T-Mobile prepaid (which I'm phasing out now) didn't reach at all.

Now for the complaining part. Sorry, but this is bugging me no end. Three of the eight reviews for the Sprint Treo 755P here were written by Verizon customers. A fourth was written by someone who never got the phone but was complaining about Sprint's poor treatment of him.

I'm assuming this is partly Amazon's fault, but I'm really tired of seeing negative reviews (and 1-star ratings that pull down the average) that have nothing to do with the product I'm trying to learn more about.
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on September 29, 2007
I have had my phone for over a month now, and I love it. Probably the best part about it is the battery life... it lasts for almost 2 days without having to recharge. The functions on the phone are great, and as far as the PDA goes I'd definetly recommend it for a first time PDA user, since it's very simple to use. The sound is fantastic, and to this point I have had no issues with Sprint's service. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5, is because of the 100$ rebate that was available when I bought the phone, but when I went back to get it it was no where to be found. Just do your research before buying a cell phone online.
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on September 21, 2007
I have had this phone for about a week. I am a new pda phone user, so I can't really rate how this compares to other pdas, but I like the Palm OS fairly well and love the functionality this has over my last normal phone. It's still pretty small and is easy to grip and hold in my hand. Sometimes my ear does touch the screen and hang up on accident though. The web and google maps are great. Palm OS needs a better way to do email than versa mail; I can't manage my google account very well that way.
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VINE VOICEon June 16, 2008
I've owned a rather extensive collection of Palm OS-based products, and while I believe that the 755p really IS a great smartphone, it COULD be better. Let me explain: This is my 3rd Treo (previously I've owned the 650 and 700p) and while there are some significant advances over the 650, in my opinion, if you still own a 650 and it still works great for you, I'd wait before spending the extra to upgrade. Why? The differences between the 650 and the 755p, while on the surface may seem to be rather significant, after all is said and done, aren't really that significant at all.

The MAJOR differences...let's examine them:

#1. The body. Okay, BIG difference here, I have to admit. No antenna nub at all (A very cool advance if you ask me). The 755p is thinner (but not by a HUGE margin) and lighter (this one really IS noticeable). The skin of the 755p is a HUGE difference to be sure. The rubberized coating really DOES sit well in the hand and is incredibly easy to hold. BIG improvement.
#2. More memory...again, a significant jump up to 128mb (although you'll only get to use 62.8 of them--something about rounding UP that tech folks apparently don't get) but this isn't anything that cannot be handeled without an expansion card--which is also different with the 755p--we jump from the standard SD card to the mini SD card, smaller but with the same abilities.
#3. EVDO service...again, pretty big difference...but to be fair, the 700p had it, too. This is the single BIGGEST reason to upgrade in my opinion if you still have the 650--but ONLY if your current provider has this feature in your area, if it doesn't, your 755p won't upload and view web pages any faster than the 650. WORTH checking out before you purchase I assure you. Once you have determined you have the service however, it really IS incredible how a tiny phone can surf the 'net faster than my DSL home computer can.

That's about it. Really.

The 650 may seem antiquaited by today's standards--and that wouldn't be entirely an untrue statement, but think about what the phone is capable of doing. You can upload Word Documents, edit, save and RE-e-mail them! Use the unit as a phone, play games, organize your life, take photos and video, text your family and friends and so much more. The only MAJOR worthwhile upgrade REALLY worth getting is EVDO, otherwise, the rest of the so-called fancy upgrades aren't much worth bragging about.

Now that I've almost turned you off to the 755p, I absolutely LOVE my phone. The Sound is quite impressive, and plenty louder than the 650 (or the 700p for that matter). The speakerphone is MUCH improved and the camera, while exactly the same (as on the 700p), I have discovered a 3rd party download which even allows me to upgrade my camera--which is rather significant when you consider what the phone could do right out of the box.

The PIM software hasn't much changed since I bought my first Palm years ago--the one without color if you can remember that far back. Sure there are a FEW new things they've added, but shamefully not nearly the advances that Windows Mobile has done with their system (which by most accounts really suffers by comparison as a whole). At the very least Palm could have added new color-schemes to the main page to at least allow you to sort-of make it look different. I'm not asking them to re-invent the wheel mind you--mostly because the Palm OS is so ridiculously simple to use changing it up TOO much would be simply stupid. I'm just asking for a few cosmetic that asking too much?

On a side note, I've handled the new Palm Centro, which is very nice and quite small--especially considering all it can do (as far as I am aware it doesn't do any more than the 700p or the 755p) but to be honest, for what I use it for, I honestly think it's actually TOO small. I realize that smaller is more cool these days, but seriously, if it is TOO small, doesn't that make it less user-friendly rather than convenient? I suppose if you have really small hands and especially fingers, using the keyboard may be fine for you, but while I am far from a big man, and my fingers are rather skinny actually, I still found the Centro a bit too small for my tastes--your experience may differ.

Overall, I love the convenience and reliability of the Palm's I have owned and find the 755p to be a capable smartphone that does almost everything I want with ease and simplicity. Every now and then I read or hear about someone's unit failing and getting poor service and/or response from Palm--while this has never happened to me I cannot comment on that, my experience has been wonderful and I will probably upgrade to the newest model shortly after it comes out, too (course that'll depend on my wife a bit...she's already not happy I upgraded to this model without consulting her first...oh well--it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right?).

Let me share with you what I think SHOULD come in the next upgrade for Palm smartphones: A minimum 1 gig internal memory--honestly, it OUGHT to be 8 gig or more, but I suppose I won't be greedy here. A faster processor, which WAS available before they manufactured the 700p, but shockingly wasn't added, and something that will allow you to view video's at YouTube (currently unavailable to Treo users) along with other online video sites, and MOST importantly: let's upgrade the Operating System even to just make it LOOK reasonably new compared with my old Palm from 9 YEARS ago. Seriously, I compare the latest Palm OS with what my old m125 looked like almost a DECADE ago and initially the difference looks to be virtually non-existent. You can either buy, or get for FREE many 3rd party programs that will have your Palm OS look almost exactly like a Windows Mobile Today screen or even a fake version of an Apple IPhone, and yet Palm continues to stagnate with amazingly OUTDATED looking software. Even though its tried and true and is way more stable than almost ANY program you can get with Windows Mobile, leaving it LOOKING stale is tantamount to telling your loyal customers that you simply don't care. I honestly believe that if you make these changes, people will FLOCK once again to the Palm platform. Also, Palm can only ignore buyer's suggestions and complaints for so long before everyone will eventually stop buying these products altogether. I have noticed a HUGE number of loyal Palm users intentionally switch to Windows Mobile simply because they have felt betrayed and ignored by Palm. Have they truly been treated this way? I can't say, but there are enough complaints that it cannot all be just sheer coincidence if you ask me.
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on October 10, 2009
This is a mostly negative review so to the negatives first.
My big complaint with my 755p is that it freezes or resets itself a couple of times or more a day. Always seems to do it when I want to make a call after having been on the web or email. This problem also happens when the bluetooth has issues. Then I have to wait until it resets itself or I have to remove the battery because it is stone-cold stuck. THIS is the reason I have given this phone a 2. THIS is the reason I often want to throw this phone against the wall.

The bluetooth functionality has some problems. It works fine when it works. Often however, the phone and the headset lose each other. If I catch it, I have to power down the BT earpiece and turn off the BT function in the phone, then turn BT back on. Then I have to turn on the earpiece. They find each other and they are back to happy. If I do not catch it, the 755p freezes or resets itself. THIS is the reason I have given this phone a 2. THIS is the reason I often want to throw this phone against the wall.

I have a problem with the Palm desktop on my PC. With this phone, the Palm desktop crashes immediately if I have the contact list is the folder where it normally resides. The contacts are the same set that I brought forward from my older versions of the Treo. No one seems to be able to figure it out. I have spent enough time on it, so I just have given up. Minor annoyance to me as I don't really use the Desktop anyway.

On to the positives.
I do not have too many or any problems with connecting to the voice or data networks with Sprint. Call quality is very good most of the time. No real complaints from me on this. I have noticed a couple of times/places that people on Verizon can connect when I cannot, not enough to be conclusive, just an observation. I still have no real complaints here.

The camera/video recorder are fine for me. Not high res, but they are great for catching pics or vids on the go. I use it for this all the time.

I mostly use the data network for web access, IMAP email, Google Maps and text messages. I am not a big user of the rest of the data stuff that Sprint offers.

Messaging works wonderfully, I like being able to send pics and vids, but I do wish that I could send larger vids. I do not like that the messaging client forces me over to the web for the pic or vid and then I lose the text that went along with the pic or vid in the stream of texts back in the messaging window. Minor annoyance for me.

IMAP email works great except that you can only view the Inbox. The whole idea of IMAP, for me anyway, was to
keep folders of messages on my server so I can get to them. Cannot do that with the 755p. A slight penalty for the phone on this from me.

Web access is good but there are many sites that this phone does not bring up correctly. Don't know why. Haven't taken the time to find out. No penalty for the phone on this from me.

Google maps is a good app, even if I am not a big fan of Goo. This phone does not have GPS, but I use Maps to find places all the time.

I really like what this phone is when it works and isn't getting stuck. The Palm 755p would be a GREAT phone except for the problems with freezing. And it seems to happen to many of us that have this phone. This would be 4 or 5 star rating from me except for that.

This is my fourth Treo: 600, 650, 700 and now the 755p. All had the Palm OS.
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on June 12, 2008
I purchased 2 of the 755p for myself (4/8/08) in burgundy & blue for my husband (5/5/08). I had to update the software on my phone but not my husbands. My 755p was a upgrade from my 700p and I upgraded my husband from a Sanyo flip phone. We both enjoy our toys with the exception of a few some what tolerable glitches. Both of us despise the fact that the phone gets really hot after use. So, if it weren't for our headsets we'd be fried! We're both mad at Palm for producing those flimsy stylus'!! For him, his phone stopped notifying him of voicemails (unless he's on a call) & from time to time his incoming calls/texts (some texts show up much later) don't come thru on the phone but that the network not the phone. For me, I've had the 650p (several swapped out) and the 700p. I was excited to get a new toy. Once I got my 755p, I simply synced over my info from my previous phone as I was told that it will transfer with no problem like with my other models. OH DA HORROR!! In doing so, I immediately noticed that all of the contact, calendar & task entries were duplicated! Also, in the contacts, there were blocks of people that had the same ringtone that was only for a particular person. It seemed that anyone listed right after that person had that ringtone, bday & anniversary until the next person that was assigned a ringtone the same thing happened & so on. Sadly, this also applied to birthdays & anniversaries (I helped a friend move from a 700p to a 755p, synced his info for him and got the same exact issues). I simply DO NOT have the patience to go in and correct each and every entry! It is SO frustrating! Lastly, the only downside for me in opting for the Palm OS over Windows is that you cannot choose to ONLY sync/access your Outlook Exchange mail ONLY like with the Windows OS. With the Palm OS you must sync everything; calendar, contact, task. I made the mistake of trying to do it and lost ALL of the info I had stored under Palm OS. I had completely erased my personal info and it was replaced with my work info! MAN, was I pissed off to the highest point of pisstivity! I had to go back and work magic to get the info back that I had from my last hot sync which sadly was like a week ago. Since that mishap, I sync daily at a specific time. I simply DO NOT care for Windows as its not as reliable to me as Palm OS. I just wish that Palm would upgrade their OS very SOON to incorporate the option of what to sync and what not to sync as Windows does. Then I'll be much more sassified. Not really digging the Centro, it feels cheap. Well, thats my 2 cents. I hope my lengthy review was helpful to you.
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on June 18, 2008
I've been a user of the Treo 755p by Sprint for over a year. This phone has never let me down. Very few signal drops, if any. I've taken it all over the US including Hawaii. I use the phone, email, Pocket Tunes and a couple of games. I upgraded to a 2GB mini SD memory card and I have about 300 songs with room for growth. I have Sony noise reducing headphones (about $40) and the sound is terrific and great on airplanes. I can also listen to the stored music via my car stereo using a USB patch cord.

The data transfer rate accessing the web is phenomenal - better than my broadband PC at home. I can bring up pictures, video, and other web sites in a matter of seconds. Receiving and sending email is a snap. Great for traveling. The ED VO (or whatever it's called) for fast web access is only $15/month, so I'm not sure where some reviewers are saying $40/month - that might be the Verizon plan, but this is a Sprint phone review site!

With all the average and negative reviews, I just had to share my experience with this phone. I'm an experienced user, but not a tech weanie at all. The Sprint support was very helpful in getting all the apps and web functional.

Hope this helps!
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on June 21, 2008
I had an earlier Samsung flip smartphone (sph-500) that I really liked, but declining battery life led me to research new options. The Treo 755p has exceeded my expectations on ease of use and the ability to accomodate a variety of downloaded apps. And since it is first and foremost a phone, the excellent sound quality is much appreciated.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise has been the speed of web browsing - much faster on Sprint's network than the AT&T network for my work phone. Speaking of Sprint, I've actually had no trouble and the new CEO is making significant investment in upgrading the customer experience so I don't expect any issues of the type others experienced.

I like the solid, ergonomic feel of the phone, and that it can be used conveniently one handed (with the option to flip for left handed users!). My last bit of advice would be to read the owners manual since I found several gems of infomation about features I didn't realize existed.
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