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on July 16, 2010
Let's start with the good: I was super excited when I got this phone. The multi-app feature is really great. Very very convenient. I really can't rave about this enough because I can be on the phone with anyone, and I can surf the web, text, and play sudoku all at the same time. This is just phenomenal to me. I like the keyboard as I have very small hands, so it's not difficult to type on.

Okay now the bad:
1. This phone is incredibly delicate and flimsy. My phone slipped off of my bed and onto the carpet, and it CRACKED. So naturally, I bought a protector for it. Because of the phone's design, the only protectors available are the hard plastic ones. I literally went through three of them in four weeks before I decided to give up on them all together, the tiny tabs that hold them are are just not strong enough and they break so easily. Much less, the case doesn't protect it if you drop it. In both instances I dropped it (from short distances I might add), the case actually popped off and broke, offering no protection at all. The phone just isn't designed well enough to support any kind of protective apparatus that doesn't fully enclose it. Also, when I put the first case on my new phone, it actually scuffed up the corners. This phone is soooooo delicate, I must reiterate.

2. Some of the touch buttons on the phone have an incredible delay. When I push to answer a phone call, it takes at least 3 seconds for the call to pick up. When my alarm goes off, I literally have to push the screen three or four times before it will respond. I should also add that the phone doesn't hang up right away when you push the end button. Sometimes it takes 3 seconds or so, giving me ample time to curse at the lag of my phone while I am still leaving my mother a voicemail.

3. My alarms go off when I have the phone on SILENT. This is just ridiculous in my opinion and it was especially inconvenient when I figured it out as my alarm went off in the middle of my class, and it took me several seconds to press the dismiss button. Also, alarms I have set randomly turn off on me, which is incredibly inconvenient.

4. Battery life is abysmal at best. If I don't charge my phone every night, it WILL die. I don't even make a lot of phone calls either and I only use the internet/navigation when absolutely necessary, so this applies even with minimal use of the phone. And one thing I hate the most about this phone is this: say your battery is going low. Most people turn their phones off to preserve batter life, right? I do this with the Pre and my battery life goes DOWN even more. I have never had a phone that does this and it really just pisses me off.

So basically, this is a phone with a great concept and a horrible design. If you are patient and graceful and capable of never dropping your phone, then maybe this phone would be great for you; just keep it in some sort of leather case. Multitasking really is top-notch and if you choose to buy this phone, then this should be the reason you buy it. Overall this phone has served its purpose, but I would much rather have something more reliable.

Oh and the touchstone charger is a joke (or mine was at least). It's supposed to be convenient; just drop and go... but I swear I had to stand there for a least 30 seconds moving it to a position where it would actually charge. It's so inconvenient, I just plug my phone in now.
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on April 8, 2010
I had only had my Pre for 6 months when I started having major issues with it. First issue started with trying to make or receive phone calls, once the send button was pressed the screen went black and would not come back on even after pressing the power button on the top of the phone but the phone call itself went through. Only way to end the phone call was to take the battery out. I took it to Sprint the next day and they could not explain why or what was causing the issues so they ordered a new Pre to replace it. I received the replacement phone withing a couple of business days. Not even 24 hrs after receiving the new phone did I start to have issues. While charging the phone, the battery became so hot that it shut the phone off, hot to the touch and if it had gotten any hotter it would have burned somebody. I took it back to Sprint and had to have the charger and usb cable replaced. Next day the power button stops working so the only way to get the screen to become active again is slide the keyboard up. Back to Sprint I go and they order another replacement phone, mind you these phones are refurbished. The only way you can contact palm without being charged 14.95 for the service call is if you do the chat online with a palm representative. I spoke with someone the same night the power button wouldn't work, explained all the issues I was having and asked if there was anything they could do since it was obviously a manufactuer defect. Their response was that they could not send me a new phone and that a refurbished one was as good as a new one. They were not willing to do anything! I even told the rep that I was so disappointed in the quality of the phone that I was about to buy an Iphone and their response was ok. I contacted a manager at the Sprint store and explained the situation and they allowed me to switch phones entirely. I now have the Samsung Moment which is immensly better. I will never own another palm product after this experience just by the pure fact they don't really care about their customers. Wouldn't you want to do something for your customer after they've had that many issues?
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on January 30, 2011
I did a lot of research before deciding to get a Palm Pre. I'd heard many of the good and bad stories, and despite everyone I know telling me to get an Android or iPhone, I decided the Palm Pre was for me. I've had it for about six months now, and I can honestly say that I wish I'd listened to my friends and invested in a different smartphone. Here's a summary of my experience (keep in mind, I'm what you'd call a "late adopter" when it comes to tech products):

The Good:
- the interface is really easy to navigate. It's about as simple as the iPhone as far as usability -- great for non-tech people (as opposed to Android phones).
- the keypad. Call me old-fashioned, but I LOVE real keypads. The keys are small and took awhile to adjust to, but I'd say I was up to full-typing speed with minimal errors within a couple weeks.
- I love the overall feel of the phone. It's not heavy, it's not too big (like, say, the Evo), and it's comfortable to carry around in a pocket or while talking on it.
- The camera has a flash. That's the one and only thing I can boast about when compared to my fiance's iPhone 3GS.

The Bad:
- The biggest problem with Palm is that there just aren't enough customers out there to motivate HP/Palm to fix errors with the phone and keep it competitive with other smartphones. This would have been a fantastic phone a few years ago, but now it's just underwhelming and downright frustrating. An example: my phone often freezes and says I have too many "cards" (i.e., apps) running at the same time and I need to shut some down -- this happens when I have no apps running at all. My phone then becomes inoperable until I reboot it. I've heard from my fellow Pre users that this happens to them as well, and the Sprint repair store said that this is a common problem, but one that Palm has yet to fix. It doesn't seem hopeful that they're even working on a solution to this.
- The amount of apps you can buy from the Palm store is so limited, especially when compared to other smartphones. Again, it doesn't seem like this will be improved any time soon.
- Once you take the back off the phone (to either replace the battery or put the TouchPad backing on the phone), the back never fits tightly again -- it becomes a bit loose and feels cheaper.
- When you receive a missed call, a notification appears. The problem is, when you tap the missed call notification, instead of taking you to the info of the caller, it immediately calls the person back. This is the most annoying feature of the phone, because you end up calling people before knowing who they are, which results in either you hanging up on them or having an awkward conversation. I can't count the number of times I've done this!

If you're still convinced a Palm Pre is for you, please take this advice: buy Sprint's insurance package ($7/mo). About 4 months into my contract, my phone screen started turning on and off at random, and would continue doing this until the battery died. I had to replace my entire phone because of this issue. Every friend I have who has owned a Pre has also had to replace their phone for some reason, so it is definitely worth paying a few extra dollars per month rather than having to pay for a replacement phone.

In conclusion, I would not recommend anyone to buy this phone. But, if you decide to go Palm, be prepared to have it break on you long before your contract is up.
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on April 18, 2010
I normally don't buy first generation products. I like others to make the investment, play with it for awhile, and then let me know if it's worth the money. Thsi time around I needed a new phone and the Pre was just being released, so I went for it. At first I loved it, but I soon realized that I hate this phone!

I'd had it less than a month when I encountered the first glitch. Just an hour or two after removing the phone from the charger, I went to use the phone and it was dead, Dead, DEAD! It was so dead that it would not acknowledge the charger when I plugged it back in. I thought the phone was completely dead until I took it to the Sprint store and the got it working for me. It has done this several times since. Sometimes it requires removing the battery for a few minutes to get it working again; but when I do that I have to recharge it. Of course, during that time, I am without a phone - sometimes and hour or two at a time.

I am also on my second bout with no internet service. I previously went a month without the ability to receive email or access the internet. It was over the holidays last year and it took me awhile to get to the point that I was going to send the stupid thing and when it started working again. Just a couple of days ago, I lost internet service again. This time I won't wait so long to send it back in.

The keyboard is tight and difficult to use. I am woman and I struggle with it, so I don't see how a man with larger hands could use the keyboard effectively. The camera on this phone also leaves a lot to be desired. It really seems to be an oversight and the photo quality is very lacking. If the developers are going to go, they should go all the way! And the little piece that fits over the charging port is already broken off. The phone seems very delicate, but the accessories available to protect make using it even more difficult.

Then there is the issue with the aps. There are no good ones for the Pre. Palm has done a terrible job at getting good and useful aps developed for this phone. There was one that I used quite regularly - City Mobile - to find things I needed while traveling for work, but that hasn't worked in weeks now.

This phone is unreliable and has too many quirks at this point. Maybe the Plus is better, but my experience has left me no desire to find out. I cannot get back to a Blackberry fast enough!
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on March 27, 2010
Pros:great multitasking, awesome memory space, and visually appealing.

Cons: Get Ready for the list...
I had the phone for only 3 weeks before it broke. The sound stopped working, so that in order to have a conversation with someone I had to either use a headset or put it on speaker. Technicians couldn't fix it, so they were going to replace it...but, why would I want to replace a phone that breaks within 30 days...I went right back to the Blackberry.

Aside from breaking, there are other cons...
-the phone is made of some rubber-plastic material that leaves fingerprints everywhere. I had to constantly clean the screen.
-the battery life is horrible. I can go nearly 2 days of normal use with the blackberry without charging the battery...the palm never made it through a single day before it threatened to to power down
-Scrolling back a page is have to swipe your finger along the bottom of the phone, but it takes 3-4 tries before the phone realizes that you want to go back a page...why not just install a back button?
-Earphone jack is in an awkward place (top of the phone), so when you slide it up to text the earphones often get knocked out
-No virtual keyboard (I hear though, that you can now pay to download the v-keyboard...but, do you really want to spend more money after buying a $550 phone?)

I bought the phone because I read moderately good reviews about it...and, I regret it. I wish there was an honest review out there when I was buying the phone, so here it is. The Palm Pre's only advantages as a smart phone are the touchscreen (which is not as responsive as an i-phone), it's memory(which, if you buy the Blkbry you can buy a memory card with the $100-$150 you'll save), and it's multitasking (I'll admit, that part was pretty cool...but not worth the problems the phone had--also, blkbry is now in the early stages of incorporating multi-task, so it won't be long until the blkbry is superior in that aspect too)

BEST OPTION FOR YOU: WAIT UNTIL PALM PRE FIXES MAJOR GLITCHES...UNTIL THEN STICK TO THE BLACKBERRY....I HAD MINE FOR OVER A YEAR AND NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. HAD THE PALM PRE FOR 3 WEEKS BEFORE I NEEDED A REPLACEMENT. (Btw, a friend of mine had the Palm Pre for 2 months before switching to another smartphone...he had similar concerns).
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VINE VOICEon May 5, 2010
I am now awaiting my second Palm Pre replacement. I'm so disappointed with this phone.

My previous Palm I had for 2 1/2 years and I kinda wish I was still using that one, but it is now being used by my spouse who cracked the screen on his phone and is using it until his upgrade date; it's still going strong, it's just becoming obsolete. So, I write this from the viewpoint that I have had a very GOOD Palm experience. Unfortunately, it's been one problem after another when I decided to get the Palm Pre.

What I do like about it is how it intergrates contacts, especially with Facebook. I like the multi-tasking. I don't care for the small-ish screen, but it was something that I could live with. I like the memos and notes feature. I like the Apps. However, none of that matters when the touch screen doesn't work!

With my first Palm Pre the clock began to display the incorrect time. I did some research and found that this is a common problem with the Pre and there's no way to fix it. So, when I would miss a call, I wouldn't know the time that they called because the incorrect time display was always changing. That is a HUGE minus. I did contact Palm support and was told "we are aware of the problem", but offered no fixes. Shortly after that, it would not allow me to download Apps. When I would try, I got "download not complete" over and over. I took it in to Sprint's repair and (I have insurance, thank goodness) and they said it wasn't fixable and I would get a new phone.

I get the new phone and get everything transferred and I'm thinking I'm good to go; things did go good for a couple of weeks and then I'm ending a phone conversation and I can't end the phone call. What I discover is that the touch screen has stopped working. Off I go back to the Sprint repair place and I'm told once again that the problem is "unfixable" and they will order me a new one. At this point, I haven't gotten the new phone and I am still using the old one. I can receive calls and that is ALL. I am unable to terminate phone calls and I can't check my voice mail because I can't hang up. Huge problem for me.

So, I'm going to give it one more try. If this phone malfunctions, I'm done with Palm Pre. Sprint is just going to have to give me an upgrade EARLY as I have been a long time customer with an expensive plan.

If you are reading this, don't mark "not helpful" just because you don't agree with my review. If you have had great luck with the Palm Pre, I'm truly happy for you. I haven't and so have many other people (as I have now found out). I believe people need to have as much information as possible before they make a choice. That means knowing the good and the not so good. The phone has come way down in price for a reason.

Update: I've had my replacement Pre for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. I am going to keep posting updates if this changes or if it stays how it is. This phone really does have some great features, like running multiple applications. I'll keep you all posted.


So, my third Palm Pre has been chugging right along with no problems thus far. I've finally been able to experience the Pre the way it was meant to be.
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on May 26, 2010
This phone was not worth the $150 paid for. I miss my iPhone b/c of this phone. It's still nice because its a smartphone, but a crappy one. I cant end calls unless i pull out my battery, my on/off switch doesn't work, and the speaker sounds horrible. This weekend Im going to call print and see if I can send it back and get the htc or just a brand new Pre.
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on May 4, 2011
I can hardly wait until I can upgrade my phone! This phone freezes up frequently, the touch screen is sporadic and the battery life sucks. The email programs take forever and a year to delete and empty the trash. Standby time is not more than a couple of hours, God forbid if you do anything with it during that time. I have to carry a charger with me everywhere I go.

There are many, many apps- Love that! I can download to the cell then transfer to my computer saving my hotspot bandwidth- love that! I can use it as a hot spot for our home computers- Love that!

My upgrade phone will be an iPhone. I have never hated a phone as much as this one. I strongly suspect you look elsewhere for a smartphone.
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on August 12, 2010
I bought this phone when it came out last year. The WebOS concept is very good, and the interface is nice and clean. HOWEVER,

1) The phone is super flimsy!! The two pieces wobble when it's open. I dropped it ONCE from about 3 ft and the corner broke.
2) The keyboard sucks. They look and feel like gummy bears, and are prone to stick. Sometimes I get no letters; sometimes I get double letters.
3) The CPU is underpowered for what the software wants to do. Everything's got a three second delay.
4) Too many software bugs. When I wake up the phone sometimes the time display rolls back a minute or two. WTF??
5) Need to charge the phone every day. Even if you barely use it at all, with five bars signal, it still dies by the end of the day.
6) App store is a joke.

Sprint's network is pretty decent where I live, but every time I type on the phone I want to smash it, that's how bad it is. Save yourself some headache and buy something else.
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on August 26, 2009
I have been w/ sprint for 10 years and have always had a palm - I replaced my Treo 700p with pre.
I just replaced my pre with iphone 3gs - I gave my wife my pre and she is also not thrilled with it. I am writing this review because I was pretty dissatisfied to actually leave palm and sprint after so much time.

My main reason for giving up on pre was the phone - I live in Miami area and the service was unreliable - and the pre did not give me near as good reception as did my treo.
Besides that, the phone interface is not user friendly - not nearly as good as iphone which I really like. It does not list favorites! calling people on your favorite list should be quick and easy, but palm doesn't have a favorites list (it does have speed dial, but not very convenient)

Answering the pre when the phone rings require you to drag symbol off screen - again for some reason, this was difficult and often the phone call was lost by the time I succeeded.

I had several other problems - it would link nicely with my car's bluetooth, but then after i left car, if phone rang I would answer and not hear anyone because the phone was still somehow communicating on bluetooth.

Keeping several windows open is a nice feature that pre has, but still it is very slow to load each feature as opposed to the apps on iphone which are instantaneous.

the internet service at least for me was also occasionally unreliable.

another problem with phone is that maximum volume is not very loud - and I have perfect hearing, but still had trouble.

the camera is great. I love the size of pre. I love the slideout keyboard. There are some good things, but the phone is the most important and it drove me crazy.

I already like the iphone much more - didn't want to get it, because the hype is annoying. also costs more.

on a side note, sprint customer service has really improved - now excellent - what a big change.

the next generation pre i am sure will be much better, but they better hurry before everyone has iphone
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