Customer Reviews: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 4 Economy Pack Plus 192 Count
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on June 22, 2012
I had always been a loyal customer for pampers products. My son is now 11 months old and except for the first month, I had always used only pampers diapers and wipes. I have used these products in India and the quality was much better. I came to USA last month and since I had always used pampers, I went for pampers diapers again.

To my dismay, the quality is so low but I thought that it would atleast work well. I have noted that it doesn't last for more than 5 hours. I put the diaper on at 830PM in the night and must change it at around 2 AM in the morning. One day night I didn't change his diaper at 2 and I woke up at 3AM when my son woke up crying, I was so shocked to see the diaper gel lying all over the bed. The bed and the comforter was all covered with the gel that came out.

I feel that pampers should atleast consider the health of babies and make sure that their products are upto the standards.
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on December 9, 2015
I have tried other brands of diapers, but pampers have always worked the best. I have used them for all three of my babies and they always kept them dry even overnight, and never had problems with rashes like when I tried a different brand. Pampers baby dry does just that, keeps your baby dry!
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on June 27, 2013
I have twins that are almost 2 now so needless to say I have gone through my share of diapers (350-700 per month depending on age). These by far are the most horrible diaper ever made! I have always loved pampers swaddlers so when the girls moved into size 4 I somehow ordered these as the next level. I really have nothing but scathing remarks for this diaper but let me just tell you the main problem. These diapers look like baby has a big saggy load in their diaper all the time even if they haven't peed yet. I have other stories but trust me when I tell you stay away. I almost panicked thinking I was out of diaper luck but I learned that there is the real size 4 pampers swaddlers so thank goodness I was turned back on to the right diaper!
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on February 29, 2012
I used Pampers Swaddlers from the very start since it's what the hospital sent us home with. When my daughter started moving up in size, and the price per diaper started to hike, I decided to research other options that would save me money. Baby Dry had decent reviews and I thought, being the same company, how different could these diapers be?

Different enough that I see why there's a fairly large price gap.

For one, I can't stand the way the Baby Dry diapers smell after they've been saturated. In the morning when I go into my daughter's room, the first thing I can smell is the diaper. Ugh! I never noticed this so much with Swaddlers. Yes, there is an odor after the diaper has been wet and sitting overnight, but it's not nearly offensive with the Swaddlers as with the Baby Dry.

The fit of the two diapers is somewhat similar, but I think Swaddlers give slightly more coverage up the back.

My other issue is that I'm not convinced the Baby Dry absorbs better than Swaddlers. Again, when the diaper has been soaked overnight and it's being changed, the surface inside the Baby Dry is anything but dry. Swaddlers actually do seem fairly dry after having been soaked. The Baby Dry also just seems to get really squishy and soggy for overnight use. Whatever the Swaddlers use to absorb wetness inside seems to get firm when it's full.

I also appreciate the wetness indicator line on Swaddlers. Baby Dry do not have these.

I think if I was using these from the start, I wouldn't be as quick to complain. But Pampers Swaddlers spoiled us! The huge price gap between the two lines had me dealing with the Baby Dry for quite some time, though. And when I have an opportunity to get Swaddlers at a more competitive price, I easily jump on that before considering the Baby Dry.

As far as leaks go, though, I will give both lines credit in that I've never had leakage problems (perhaps with the exception of when my daughter was a newborn and had really watery #2). Also, must mention that my daughter no longer goes #2 in her diaper and hasn't for months, so I haven't really been able to "test" how well either of the diapers could hold up to that.
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I've read a number of reviews here about leaky diapers and problems with runoff. While I don't discount their experience, we haven't experienced anything like that with our baby. It's possible some of the leaking may be a result of baby's size and/or activity level.

Our baby was born a premie at 27 weeks. At 1 lb 14 oz, he was so tiny, even the XS diapers appeared enormous on him. We were introduced to Pampers Swaddlers while he was in the neonatal ICU (NICU). The NICU at our hospital uses Pampers Swaddlers exclusively for all their babies. After we got him home, we did too. I figured, if it's good enough for a hospital taking care of and saving the life of these babies on a daily basis (ours included), then it's good enough for us at home. He's since graduated out of Swaddlers (they only make them through size 3). When our baby moved to size 4, we tried Pampers Baby Dry, unscented.

Our experience with them is pretty much the same as Swaddlers. We find the fit and performance to be the same and they're just as easy to put on and affix. The self-adhesive straps on either side make changing a snap. Dirty diapers can be rolled up and the straps stetched out over the rolled up diaper to form a ball that is easily thrown away with the waste safely contained deep inside the bundle. Our baby even likes the Sesame Street characters on the diapers. He points at each one and names them, with a smile. We're very happy with Pampers Baby Dry.

Amazon easily has the best price I've ever seen for these diapers, if you sign up for Subscribe And Save. Where can you find a box of 192 diapers for under $40? That's an amazing price. We're big fans of Amazon Prime and based on our personal experience, we heartily recommend Pampers Baby Dry.
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on September 10, 2013
There seems to have been a redesign of some sort to the Baby Dry diapers in the past month+. Since my last order (Received August 9th, but started using them later in August) there is a new design and the colors and characters changed slightly. Guess they changed something else in the construction of the diaper as well since my child has never blown out of the baby dry diapers, but in this new batch/redesign alone feels wet as if the liquid is passing right through the diaper. This never happened before, and we still have a few of the older ones in a bag my wife brings around and they do not blow out like these ones. 4 wet feeling diapers in less than 2 weeks, and never felt that before in all the time we've been using them.

I also noticed that Amazon now has a message stating "There is a newer version of this item". Guess the box design has been changed, and the quantity of size 4's is only 180 now instead of the 192. I sure hope Pampers didn't pull a fast one and lower the quality, quantity, and leave the price the same.

Child #2 is on the way and I am a die hard Pampers fan, but if these diapers continue to blow out I will be looking at one of the other main available brands. I don't care to bargain shop store brand diapers, and I mostly buy my Pampers exclusively on Amazon, so I will consider other brands Amazon carries.

I used to consider these diapers a 5 star product, but I have them at a 4 star for now until I see how they prove to be over the next few weeks.

I have another case showing up this week and if this second case does the same as the August batch, I will be saying bye to Pampers and spreading the word.
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on November 19, 2015
We've tried Huggies, up and up and luvs and we always go back to pampers despite other deals we may receive. We rarely ever have leaks with pampers. It's absorbent and moves with your child when they walk, run or crawl. It's extremely comfortable and there's no strong smells. The designs are gender neutral.
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on February 6, 2013
Summary: these leak terribly. Today, between my two twins I had 3 leaks and now I have a huge pile of laundry. It's not a fluke - it's been this way for the last week+ that we've been using these diapers. I ordered 2 boxes of these, and the second unopened box is going back to Amazon. No more.

In more detail: I have twins and from sizes NB through 3 they have been wearing Pampers Swaddlers, which were fantastic. When it came time to switch to size 4, I looked around on Amazon and only found Sensitive Swaddlers in size 4, which were much more expensive compared to regular Swaddlers. So... I thought why not try these cheaper Baby Dry ones. I mean, they are Pampers, same brand, so how different can they be? A WORLD of difference. We went from not having any leaks ever to having a rash and leaking 3 times a day. In order for the babies to stay dry, I literally have to change them every 90 minutes now, which is ridiculous. So: cliche by so true - you do get what you pay for. And in this case, I am not saving any money because I am going through the diapers at a much higher rate. I'm going back to Swaddlers, even though they are more expensive, they are worth every penny.
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on November 1, 2013
My kiddo doesn't get a diaper rash when we use these for overnights, we use a different brand for the day (Nature Babycare), as it breaks down better in a landfill, but they are not adequate for overnights, as the other brand will not keep him dry. These are good for 12 plus hours... have had him leak only when he is in the diaper and then sitting up/like reading a book in bed, and if he doesn't let us change him after he has been in it for a while. Once we bought these, we have been using them throughout the sizes... the size 4 seems to be on the smaller size, when he was 30 pounds (the package says up to 37 pounds) then he was already ready for size 5... and he has a very skinny butt, he is almost 3 but wears a 2T pant, as he is very skinny...
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on April 8, 2013
I've been using the Baby Dry for the last half year and never had any problems until the latest box. I did switch over to Cruisers for a while until I ran out and went back to continuing my subscription with Baby Dry. Lately, this box has been leaking from the front of the diaper a lot. It's as if it's seeping through the front of the diaper even though the diaper is not even half full. My son ended up waking every morning completely wet in the front and on the bed (and note that I did already change his diaper 3-4 hours after he fell asleep since I was afraid it would overflow by morning). Even during the day, 2 hours after I just changed his diaper and he'd get his onesie wet again. Right now, I have to change him twice as often and we're using up this box twice as fast. I haven't had any issues with cruisers though so we use that at night since I do have some left. I'm also going to give Huggies Little Movers a try. I would have given it a 3 stars but thought since they were really good before, I'd give it a 4 stars still.
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