Customer Reviews: Pampers Cruisers, Size 3, 160-Count
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on May 3, 2007
Our daughter graduated from the Swaddlers to the Cruisers. We bought 2 boxes, because we figured she'll need a lot of diapers. We liked the fit and they didn't leak BUT they left little cotton pieces all over.

She started to get mild irritation on her bottom.

We contacted Pampers and they sent a coupon for replacement diapers. There was no correspondence from them, just a coupon. We assumed that pack was just defective.

We bought another box. It still left cotton. We returned it and bought another. Finally a package that didn't leave cotton pieces! Yet her irritation changed to a rash covering her whole bottom, her lower abdomen and lower back (everywhere the diaper touched...but not in the creases...). We stopped using her wipes, thinking we were wiping off the bits of cotton too hard. Then in a few days her rash had developed further.

We thought maybe it was allergies, so I stopped introducing new foods. It persisted, then we thought it was diaper rash due to moisture; therefore we changed her every hour. We lathered her in diaper rash medications, trying 4 different ones--none of which worked. We gave her Aveeno baths and the rash would become milder, but would come back just as bad in a few hours. Then a doctor told us it was it was fungal..yea gross! Therefore we treated it by applying a topical cream twice a day for weeks. This helped reduce the irritation by half, at least, but it still persisted.

3 months we thought of everything, we tried everything for a few days to see if it would go away but nothing seemed to cure it!!

Finally, I said that I didn't want to use the diapers at all for a week. We switched to Huggies. Like magic--I kid you not--in 2 days the rash was almost completely gone. Today, 4 days later, there was no sign of any irritation at all!!

Searching online, I have found other cases of parents having the same problem :( We are contacting Pampers to see what might be causing this, because she doesn't have allergies nor does she have sensitive skin.

For those of you that it doesn't cause a rash, you are lucky. For others, if you are seeing a rash, I'd try another brand :(
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on April 26, 2006
So basically Pampers has done it again and released a new "bigger and better" value pack to disguise a price hike. The old pack was 148 diapers for ~$34, or $0.23/diaper. Now it's 160 for ~$42, or $0.26/diaper. It's a good thing cruisers are so much better than any other diaper out there, because I am put off by their deceptive marketing practices. I don't even mind the price hike, I think they are worth it.. it's the way they try to hide it that bothers me.

Edit, 5/5/06: They've since reduced the price to 37.87. This is much more in line with the old price, now $0.236/diaper. Glad to see my concerns were addressed!
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on January 5, 2007
I love pampers cruisers and swaddlers. Cloth like, very little leakage, no leaking blue gels, and no stuck together gatherings. Unfortunately, I found out that my second child all the sudden became allergic to Pampers; I think it's the new ones with dry weave liners. He started to have red bumps on his bottom everywhere not characteristic of diaper rash (back, crotch, scrotum) and will not go away with diaper rash cream, topical antibiotics nor antifungals. I'm a pediatrician so I was really puzzled. I finally switched him to Huggies and used steroid cream and they went away. I even called Pampers and they told me that the diapers are still the same. ?@$#$ I found out that this is not uncommon with Pampers. So moms beware. If your baby comes down with just red bumps everywhere and will not get better with diaper rash crea or antifungals (nystatin, clotrimazole), it might be an allergic reaction.
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on March 25, 2010
So I received the new "dry max" diapers and yes, like the other reviewers are saying they have the look and feel of your average, cheap generic brand diaper with the old pampers price. Not exactly a soft and comfortable diaper like the old pampers. It's a bummer to have to look for a new brand of something I haven't given a second thought about for the last 8 months. Many are asking "why would pampers do this?" Here are my thoughts on the issue. As you may have noticed, there has been a major global economic downturn. Proctor & Gamble (makers of Pampers) has traditionally sold high-end products at a premium price (think Tide, crest, Pantene, Duracell, etc). The economy has forced many people to switch to cheaper brands, leaving P&G with billions in losses and over 3% decline in revenue in 2009. Bob McDonald, the new CEO of P&G, came in with guns blazing with a plan to increase profits (see USAToday's article "Proctor & Gamble Looks Beyond U.S. Borders"). In the case of Pampers, he was left with a choice to increase profits: increase the price of pampers, or decrease the quality and leave the price the same. The problem is that he apparently underestimated what would happen if you do this to parents who have better things to worry about than the quality of the diapers they have been relying on for years. If you want to make a clear statement to Mr. McDonald, stop buying pampers. He'll get the message, just as Coca-Cola got the message in 1985 when they replaced Coke with "New Coke" (see Wikipedia "new coke" for the similarities). And soon you'll see "Pampers Original" back on the shelves...
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on August 16, 2006
Snugger fitting than Target brand, Seventh Generation, and Huggies. Not one accident. Thick and absorbant. No chafing. Great elastic waistband and tabs stick firmly. Faint, but pleasant, scent. No complaints at all from our little girl. Yes, it costs a bit more, but absolutely well worth it.
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on January 7, 2010
These diapers are supposed to be for moving babies and in that respect they are pretty good. However, they do not withstand much liquid in them before they start filtering through.
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on October 16, 2006
I used to love Huggies Supreme diapers- until they switched them to this GentleCare or NaturalFit with HugFlex... and honestly they are terrible. The plain "old" Supreme diapers were the best, and now I can't even get them at any store in town anymore. SO I switched to Pampers Baby Dry, which are about 20 cents per pack cheaper than Pampers Cruisers. Those were the most terrible diapers I have EVER tried. Nearing desperation level, I tried Cruisers, and I'm glad I did. They are almost as good as the old Huggies Supreme diapers. I love that I can get them with free shipping from Amazon - plus if you enter in the codes on the inside of the packs you can get free stuff from the Pampers website. Not bad!
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on July 29, 2007
I love Pampers Cruisers. My daughter used them until she was potty trained and they were great. When my son outgrew the Swaddlers, I bought Cruisers. We went through one large box and then I tried some Huggies. Then, when I switched back to Cruisers I noticed an irritation developed on my son's stomach, at the top of the diaper. After a week, this "irritation" spread all over his bottom, to his back, and around his hips. It did not respond to diaper creams. His pediatrician diagnosed a yeast infection. The rash did not responed at all to the antifungal ointment that was prescribed or to the OTC antifungal that was subsequently recommended. I tried watching his diet and didn't introduce any new foods, I let him air dry when I changed his diaper, and I kept calling the nurse to see what we should do next. (I should add that my son does not seem to have sensitive has not been affected by soaps, detergents, or anything else.) After a few weeks, I realized that this rash was everywhere that the diaper touched, but not in creases, and there was even a white line where the elastics run along his butt. But everywhere else was an awful rash. I decided to switch diapers to see if the Cruisers were the problem, and within a week the rash was completely gone. This is after six or so long weeks of fighting this itchy rash. I had ruled out the Cruisers as the culprit because we had used a large box previously without incident. I'm not sure what happened, but the diapers in the new box did look a little different than the ones in the first box we used. I hope that this can help other parents to identify the cause of this rash before having their child suffer through a rash for so long. I don't think I had ever heard of a baby being allergic to diapers.
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on June 8, 2007
Cruisers are great! I hardly ever get blowouts, even during the times when my baby was exclusively breasfeed. At 15 months now, my little one is quite active and cruisers have held up very well, from all her pulling, tugging, rolling and climbing. My only complaint is that the cruisers from Amazon are not as absorbent as the cruisers from BJs and Target. I immediately noticed the difference when I opened the box. The diaper from Amazon felt thinner. I've been using the cruisers from Amazon for two days now and find myself chaging diapers more frequently (every two hours, up from every 3-4 hours). I don't know if Pampers recently made any changes to the cruisers line or maybe the ones from Amazon are just manufactured more cheaply (hence, the better pricing at Amazon). I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Bottomline: great product but don't get it from Amazon. I'm going to cancel my automatic delivery.
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on October 4, 2006
I love these diapers on my baby. They have a nice,pleasant scent, they fit well and handle large loads well. I will definitely be buying these again.
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