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on March 21, 2015
Great little camera, but has been superseded by later models.
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on October 8, 2011
This camera is a great mix of size and flexibility its the best ccd based digital camera on the market. Yes there are smaller the canon s95 , but the s95 doesn't have hot shoe for external flash. Yes is only shoots 720p video but of excellent quality and with manual control and you can use the zoom while shooting video, yet unlike the sonys its still pictures are excellent. It shoots in raw and with large cheap sd memory cards there no reason to shoot Jpeg + raw. Its fast to focus (even fast with the recent firmware upgrade). And that beautiful fast f2.0 lens for you "natural light" hounds this is great fun camera. I can go on for one of those reviews that could take a whole page. If your look for a great all around high quality ccd camera that's more step above normal high end point shoots and will grow as your photography still improve the LX5 is the camera for you.
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on January 22, 2016
Beautiful camera, just not set up the way I like to shoot
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on May 15, 2013
it's fine, high ISO is good. not so good for human figure, Despite its shortcomings, notably its weak JPEG processing, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 delivers an excellent all-around shooting experience--fastest in its class, full featured, and capable of shooting some very nice photos.
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on December 29, 2010
I have a Canon DSLR (not 5D2 level) which I basically use for shooting portrait, and I always use my P&S for shooting landscape, I haven't see much difference when aperture is small and ISO is set to low, so I keep using P&S for landscape, unfortunately, my IXUS 60 died recently

So I decided to continue my tradition since carrying DSLR with landscape lens is just not comfortable, and my choice is between LX5 and S95

The image quality is almost identical, which I did not expect since most of the reviews say LX5 has the edge over S95, I guess it's like saying entry-level DSLR has the edge over S95 in landscape to me, I admit S95 might be a little worse, however, I care more about the light quality than everything else. So, to me, S95 is at the same level with LX5

(If I can figure out any noticeable image quality difference, I will definitely keep the better one)

I returned LX 5 for the following reason

the lens cap is beyond annoying
the menu is just too bad compared with Canon (I admit this might be subjective since I've always been a Canon user)
the body is much larger than S95

Enough said, since LX5 can not offer any noticeable image quality advantage over S95, I will have to choose the one that makes me feel comfortable

Maybe I will return S95 in the future for the cheaper one, if I find S95 has no edge over them, but that's another story
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on February 29, 2016
Compact but picture quality is not that great.
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on May 30, 2012
The camera came well packed. I immediately started taking tests photos of flowers around my home. It was sunny outside and the shots were excellent in focus and definition, colors were balanced. The camera is well made and feels solid. With good light the focus is fast. Macros are very well focused. The F2.0 lens allows shots with little light and no flash.

Indoors was not as good, AWB often results in reddish colors. The camera is not light and does not really fit in a pocket. I could not find a small practical bag for it so I bought the Panasonic leather bag which fits it perfectly.

The zoom is slow and it would have been better if it was longer. I hesitated between the Canon S95 and the Lumix LX-5 but I had good experience with Panasonic and bad with Canon so I finally selected the Lumix based on quality.

Added on 11/1/02: After working perfectly for almost 6 months, the flash stopped working. I looked on several forums and found that it is not an unusual problem. Buyer beware...

I will try to have the camera fixed or returned
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on October 17, 2011
I normally shoot canon point and shoots but after laying waste to three of them over 5 years, I decided to give panasonic a try. And I really want to like this camera.

I use them primarily as a backup to Nikon DSLRs while walking around or to shoot over my steering wheel or out a window while driving blindfolded and drinking coffee. (just kidding , I've given up coffee).

I've used most recently Sd 800, A720, and S90's for this purpose. The S90 if it's actually working correctly can take a pretty good snap. Even the A720 shoots pretty well in available light and it seems more balanced than the panasonic. (but they're both not really pocket cams). The A 720 works surprisingly well one handed in decent light while at 70 mph. I wish the lenses were more sealed against the elements, but they're in high winds like I sometimes shoot things (dust) can sometimes..ruin a little camera.

So my 720 after 10000 shots has sensor issues, and my s 90 even after being repaired by canon continues to have intermittant focus issues and can now only focus at 24. (but I mostly shoot it wide anyway)..
So just before leaving for a long 7200 mile road trip I bought a panasonic as a walk about camera and maybe shoot it while driving (but that cap issue is a real drawback). It has decent specs, decent reviews and it's not too too big ...yeah it is..too big. too heavy,cap is annoying as heck..

It's a heavy little guy. certainly not as pocketable as an s90/95 and it seems at least at night, not to shoot as reliably as the S90. and not having an integrated cap? at this price level? means, you're using a case of some sort. It's not in your pant pocket. It's strapped to your neck or in a case on your belt....not nearly as available as an S90/95. Not nearly as concealed.

It does feel substantial and with both the s90/95 and panasonic transfer cold from metal to skin fast. (wear thin gloves in 20 or below weather or you're hands will get cold really fast).

The Panasonic certainly doesn't work well at all while driving....I'm not sure if it's the bulk , or the weight to one side while holding it while driving with the other hand. It just doesn't work well. You've got to take off the cap, power it up, and shoot. With the canon's, you just power it up....point it out the window at 100 mph and fire away. No real worry about the excessive wind resistance, not any more so than holding your hand palm up out the window, the panasonic....just handles differently one handed.

I might just have to practice more one handed with it, popping off the cap , blindly one handed., but you can hold an S90 or A series canon out the window of a moving car with one hand and not really fear dropping it. and fire it with a finger on your left hand or your thumb or finger on your right depending on which hand you're shooting with. The panasonic not so much.... and it's probably button placement to weight ratio with one hand issue with my tiny little hands. It's a special application use that it fails miserably at. Score one for Canon.

The picture quality seems OK in daylight to dusk, night it's a bit less capable hand held than the Canon 90 in very dark situations. I don't know why yet , I've only shot under 3000 pictures and haven't really inspected the shots that well. But the canon seem less grainly for shots taken of the same subject at similar settings.
(yeah I carry at least two cameras at all times while walking around, maybe three, thank goodness for cargo shorts.)

I made the mistake with the panasonic of shooting a series of dusk after sunset shots at 1600 hand held, and it's a bit too grainy over 800. Usable maybe at 1600 but pretty grainy.
As is the S90. But the S90 seems to take a more stable picture at a lower ISO even as low as 80 compared to the Panasonic....and it's really easy to change settings on the Canon via the rings. the panasonic isn't hard...but the Canon seems easier. You don't have to look at the display as often or maybe its a twist of the rings on the canons vs. to a sequence of button presses on the panasonic that make the difference in handling feel better leaning toward the Canon S90/95.

I can almost reliably be sitting in my car at a traffic light at an intersection and snap a half way decent shot at night on the s90 at 80-100 iso thru an car open window. Yet the panasonic for some reason and it might just be the way I hold the two cameras, even if I'm standing on the street with the panasonic at 800 the canon seems to best it at 200 , maybe the stabilization systems are different,. Could be I'm moving a tad bit more with the panasonic balancing differently. IF I have enough time to get the shot off with the panasonic while at a doesn't seem to do as well.

It's nice that it shoots wider 24 v 28. and can zoom kinda far. but if I'm missing shots? due to camera operational time lag 4 mm means nothing. It's still is missed shot.

And I do like some aspects of the panasonic's handling. But I think it's gonna be a second place finisher to a new now discontinued replacement s 95 to my now 28mm only S90. . (even with all the little problems users report). The S100 seems to get dim fast after 28mm. But it might be worth looking at too for the extra 100 smackers considering I do sometimes forget just where I took a particular shot. (gps) and maybe it can shoot more reliably and with less noise in low light. The other CMOS Canon I own the SD4000 is a royal piece of kit....couldn't shoot it's way out of a wet paper bag ......just a waste . So not all little canons work well either.
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on September 27, 2015
Very impressive camera,, simply love it😊
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on April 17, 2013
I researched before buying this camera. I am not a bit disappointed with its performance. I was not looking for bells and whistles of a professional camera because I am not there yet. I love the photos and videos and I am planning on learning more as I go. I wish it had some more zoom but I am very pleased as it is.
The price was right and Amazon delivered promptly.
I did not give five stars because I am waiting for Panasonic to come up with a telephoto lens for this camera.
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