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on May 10, 2013
I just got this camera in time for the first nice weather weekend on the East Coast and we went to NYC with the family for a nice day in Central Park.
I purchases a ZS10 2 years ago and skipped last year's model to buy the ZS25 this year.

It is a very fast camera from start up time to auto focus time and shutter release. I can't even tell the difference in speed compared to my DSLR (5 yrs old)

Lumix is known for superior lens quality - I read an article that they have a very close working relationship with Leica which speaks for itself. So I wasn't surprised at the image quality - even at max zoom. BTW keep in mind this is a 24 mm to 480 mm lens - meaning that 24 mm is a nice wide angle - comes in handy for indoor and nice group shots.

The reason I sound so exciting is the video capability of this camera. We went to a school concert the other night and I took some incredible videos of our little girl on stage. Just make sure you switch the recoding mode to MP4 - the default setting is on AVCHD the compression mode that no computer can read!
The videos I took were great - not too noisy even though it was real dark.

I am very pleased and feel this is a great little camera that is compact but gives you lots of shooting options.
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on September 23, 2013
I was deciding between the ZS25 and the Canon SX280HS. I felt that the Canon had better picture quality but the battery life issue during video was a deal breaker. I decided to go with the ZS25 and I am impressed with it so far.

- Compact size. Perfect for traveling especially with the ability to charge the battery in the camera.
- Leica lens
- Very good picture quality with natural looking colors
- 20x optical zoom is impressive. Ability to zoom to 40x with intelligent resolution and maintain very good picture quality. See the pictures I posted.
- Intelligent Auto does a great job picking the best settings for the situation.
- Pictures taken with HDR have significantly better exposure
- Very good pictures in low light situations
- Panorama feature
- Very good HD video capability
- Many creative picture features
- Decent battery life (200+ shots with good mix of pictures, video, and flash). You should get a spare battery if you plan to be shooting for a full day.
- Made in Japan

- Pictures can appear soft. Intelligent Resolution makes the pictures noticeably sharper.
- Pictures viewed at 100% can appear noisy. This should not be an issue if printing to typical smaller photo sizes.
- Panorama feature is nice but picture quality is not as good as regular pictures
- Videos with zoom fully extended and be a little shaky

I gave the ZS25 four stars because the picture quality does not seem to be as good as my old Panasonic DMC-LZ2. The DMC-LZ2 takes excellent pictures for a 5MP point and shoot.

Overall, the ZS25 is a very good camera with many useful features. The Intelligent Auto feature makes it easy for anyone to take very good pictures with no effort, which is what many people look for in a point and shoot camera.
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on June 29, 2013
I have used the older model DMC-TZ5 for several years and love it. Previously I have owned Sony, Nikon and Canon pocket digital cameras and ended up giving them away. Lumix is by far the best. I wanted to upgrade to this DMC-ZS25 for more MP and the extended Zoom. This is an excellent camera for trips and vacations. It is small, light, compact and fits in your pocket. If you do not want to carry bulky DSLR's and still get lots of functions this is a good choice.

The only issue I have is Panasonic did away with the external battery charger. Now the battery has to be in the camera to charge. A USB cable and an external plug is provided. I do not like this system. Should something go wrong you will never be able to charge the battery. This has happened to the SONY DSC P1 a camera I purchased in 2001 for $799.00.

Panasonic DE-A65B battery charger adapter will work with this battery, DMW-BCG10PP. Since the spare batteries are sold on Amazon by third party vendors with many negative reviews I decided to purchase the spare battery and charger from Adorama.

Another minor issue I have is the microphone is mono and not stereo. This was not a deal breaker because the camera is great and Amazon had it at a reasonable price with quick shipping.

If you plan on keeping the camera for a while I would strongly recommend purchasing the battery charger adapter while they are still being made. It is actually a spare part for a different older model.
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on September 7, 2013
This little camera does it all very well. I am in my late sixties and I have been a photo buff most of my life. I am so happy to now have my ZS25 for my travel camera. It is very lightweight, simple, sturdy, and it takes great pictures.
The 24-480 mm lens is amazingly clear and undistorted throughout the range and the image stabilization lets you use that 480 in situations where you normally wouldn't even try.
I shoot mostly with the smart ISO setting. However, having a preset "scene" at the ready is very nice and it is simple and quick to change. I normally have mine set to "through glass" for candid shots through windows. As if that were not enough this little camera also has full manual settings plus Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and exposure compensation. So if your creative juices start flowing you have all the tools available.
The HD setting is one I thought I would not use much. However, after a few experiments I now just leave it on. Its biggest benefit is in backlit shots. It averages out a nice exposure almost every time. The HD effect is not the unrealistic overdone effect that you see in the photos making the rounds on the web. It simply brings out some highlights that have been missed in the given lighting conditions. That makes this camera truly a point-and-shoot. All you have to do is pay attention to your composition.
I don't know what more you could ask of a point-and-shoot camera. Panasonic has created the ultimate in this model. I once read a wise statement somewhere to the effect that "the worst camera in the world is the one you left home because you didn't want to bother carrying it around with you." You need never be in that situation again. There is always room for the ZS25.
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on September 30, 2013
I am a previous owner of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 (and before that the -FX07). I used these compact point-and-shoot cameras with great glee for the last 5-6 years until the -FS5 put a gray spot in every blue sky two week before I was to leave for vacation in Iceland. I looked extensively at the other Lumix cameras (I wanted the Leica lens & the features I was used to from the -FS5) and decided to upgrade to the -ZS25 for:

- Wide angle lens: This is awesome for group photos and scenery (and hand-held self-photos). I had this on my older cameras and it is great in this camera too.
- Macro mode: I love taking up-close flower pictures. Unfortunately, this doesn't work as well as on the -FS5 and -FX07 cameras. On the old cameras, I could always force the camera to focus on the flower I wanted; this doesn't always work now with the flower mode in the intelligent auto. However, when it did focus, the pictures were equally marvelous (or better) than before.
- Panoramic mode: This definitely took the most practice so it doesn't look choppy or have lines; however, once I got the hang of it, this is an amazing function. [see sample in customer photos]
- Hand-held night shot: This function is amazing. I used it in the Vasa museum in Stockholm (17th c. sailing ship in dim light) and the pictures look in even better light than what it looked like in real life. [see sample in customer photos]
- HDR: This function solves classic problem of trying to get the scenery and sky to look awesome in same photo. The camera decides when to use this in the intelligent auto mode (so you can't force the camera to do it) but it figured it out most of the time and took amazing shots. [see sample in customer photos]
- 20X optical zoom: I didn't even have the digital zoom turned on and was able to take really great zoomed in pictures without a tripod. The stabilization works really well.

The other note is that I rarely used the intelligent auto mode on my old Lumix cameras because I preferred to choose the mode. The technology has improved so much in the last 5 years that now the intelligent auto is so much smarter, it did a better job of choosing the mode than I did so I used it most of the time (unless taking a panorama). I really debated whether to spend the extra $100 (over the cheapest point and shoot Lumix models) and was very glad I did on vacation.

I also got an extra battery (Panasonic DMW-BCG10PP ID Secured Battery) and external battery charger (Panasonic DE-A65BB Battery Charger for DMW-BCG-10) from B&H Photo which allowed me to take more than 250 photos per day and to charge both batteries at night. This camera does not come with an external charger. Instead you have to use the (very short) cable to plug the camera in, which is annoying if there is no table at the level of the plug in.
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on January 18, 2014
My wife and I tested this camera for one day. We tested it thoroughly in various ambient lighting situations and with the flash. The zoom range is amazingly wide but the image quality is amazingly poor. We have a 2009 Canon 8 megapixel camera kicking around and after noticing the consistent softness in the Lumix images and the overly aggressive "smoothing" (that cannot be disabled), we compared images side by side with the old Canon A590IS. The old 8 megapixel Canon, which would today sell on eBay for about $25 bucks, absolutely blew away the Lumix on sharpness, shadow detail and especially on highlight detail. The Lumix images looked washed out, soft and noisy side by side compared to the Canon A590IS images.
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I like this camera a lot - I love most any Panasonic camera - although the photos are a little too soft.

-- The ZS25 is a fast camera for focusing, shutter response, etc.
-- Colors are good, natural. Not abnormally bright or vivid unless you have it set on vivid.
-- Leica lens - LOVE Leica!
-- You can optically zoom during the video and the zoom motor is quiet.
-- Metal body (aluminum?) - although it sounds like plastic when I tap on it, it has good build quality.
-- CMOS sensor.
-- Creative Controls: Like these, some never available in previous Panasonic cameras
-- Made in Japan!
-- Not too small, yet not too large. The buttons are well-spaced so you don't accidentally hit the wrong one.

-- Photos are a little too soft, but it all depends on your personal preference. Sometimes I'm told my photos are too sharp after I post process.
-- No separate battery charger, the battery charges inside the camera. This is starting to become the "new normal" with most camera manufacturers. Quit being so cheap Panasonic, supply us with a separate battery charger!
-- No RAW, for RAW enthusiasts (I am not).

The 1080 video is decent, but not as good as Sony cameras provide. Battery life - pretty much average. I got 200 photos and a couple videos before the low battery indicator was down to 1/3 left.

Four stars for this camera because I think the photos are a little soft. Not that I don't like this camera, I like it a lot. It's supposed to be the upgrade from the older ZS15 but I don't see much upgrade myself. If you have the ZS15 or ZS20 I don't see any need to buy this camera unless you want some of the special photo features like "stars".
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on April 29, 2013
Sad, but true - I've owned numerous smaller Panasonic Lumix cameras. The smaller, pocket-size versions all work well and last about 2-3 years before they go bad. By that time the technology changes anyway, so it's not a big deal for me to think about replacing them with the latest version.

They have always been well-made, and delivered excellent quality pictures. Expected the same for this one.

Tried it for over a week, but was just not loving it. The build quality of the Lumix DMC-XS25 was not as good as it should be. They seemed to have replaced some parts with more plastic than in past models, and the quality of the pictures was not perfect either. Disappointing, as I have loved all my other Panasonic cameras and recommended them to others. I still like the smaller versions they offer, but this one did not deliver.

It felt like it was going to break, and the photos at 16 MP didn't seem as crisp and sharp as you'd think they should be.

Instead, ended up paying less than $100 more for the Sony DSC-HX20V, which seemed like more of an investment but looking back I cannot imagine NOT doing it. The Sony is head and shoulders above this Panasonic. The only downside in comparison is that it's not as fast as the Panasonic (i.e., when you are trying to take pictures in rapid succession the Panasonic is much faster, as the Sony evaluates each photo as it's taken and corrects it electronically).

I still like Panasonic, but for this specific camera it's just not up-to-par.
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on December 16, 2013
This camera gets 5 stars for the way it looks and performs. The photos are very sharp and the directions easy to undertand. I took the disc in to be printed out on paper as I prefer hard copies. Now for the bad: I received this camera in a manila envelope and no protection except the box. I filed a compaint on that with Amazon. I also did not get the card for photos as stated in the ad. Ad says it is sold and distributed by Amazon.
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on June 2, 2014
I love the picture quality, the video quality, the "scene" options, espescially the sports and sunset options....i'd never buy anything BUT a Panasonic lumix!...I tried all the top cameras...[point and shoot cameras.]..and sent them all back but this one...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This camera produces picture quality as good as my friends dslr. It also has options to do creative retouch right through the camera itself. Everyone tells me my pictures are beautiful, and I have blown up scenery and other pictures to 16 by 20 inches, with no blur! If you love photographing your grandchildren at play, or hummingbirds and stopping their wings in flight, or a butterfly landed on your lilacs, this camera is for you!The zoom is amazing! And my sunset pictures I've blown up to 16 by 20 have sold, framed, for $75.00!....Eventually I hope to buy a Panasonic DSLR, but for now i'm very happy with this one. The price you cannot beat!, especially through I would recommend buying extra batteries so as to never risk missing your perfect shot! I got a battery 2 pack, plus charger, through Amazon. You plug the battery into the wall and charge, plus it came with a car charger. When your battery low warning comes on, just grab a new one fully charged and you're ready to go! I really do rate this camera a #5 star!
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