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on December 9, 2012
have had this approximately 90 hours. Initially, there were DVD menu freezes, streaming freezes, then a notice popped up for a firmware update. After updating, it freezes more often than before, and has gotten to the point where even the power button on top of the machine won't work. In order to get back to the menu, you have to physically unplug it, then turn it on, at which point it will freeze when trying to access the network. Then you can exit out, return to the home menu, and if you are lucky, use it for another hour before it freezes again, when you have to unplug it and start over. It won't play an entire movie without freezing, and at most you can watch 45 minutes of Netflix. Even after being disconnected from any power source overnight, the operation is glacially slow. Push network - 30 seconds later, it will pop up. Push Netflix, wait 90 seconds. Push play, wait 90 seconds. Pause, play, and search all take at least 90 seconds to respond. I am most certainly returning this pile of crap.

edit: After a second firmware update, the unit functions properly, but it's kind of like an old car. You have to hold your tongue right, and tickle the remote buttons perfectly to get it to work. Yes, it's annoying, but at least it works now.
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on December 19, 2012
Just does not support Amazon videos as it says in the product description. We kinda wish we had stuck with the Roku but this is ok. It doesn't pick up our wifi signal as well as the Roku and Hulu plus and Netflix are significantly slower to load than they are on the Wii and the Roku. Don't buy it for the wifi. If you are buying it for the blue ray it is fine but nothing beats Roku for streaming. We might take it back and get a cheap DVD player and another Roku instead.
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on January 25, 2013
It has some wifi stuff and plays bluray but in hindsight it is not worth the price and I wish I got something else. Lots of not user friendly issues. I bought it new and sealed from Wallyworld

On and off are delayed - if you turn it on you have to wait to be able to turn back off and if you try too soon it has issues and it becomes hard to tell which direction it intends to go. It will display "bye" and "hello" but that is right before going into process. It would be nice to simply have an actual on and off.

Blu rays will not start up 15% of the time. It will say the format is undectectable or unreadable and you have to eject and start again. It has only happened on blurays but happens with about 1 out of every 6 times I put one in.

wifi slow to connect - once you get wifi setup it should be pretty basic, but takes far longer than any tablet, laptop, or phone we own to actually connect to a live wifi when you start player up.

open/close button quirky - it opens find but when open and then push same button for close, it will, more often than not, move a millimeter or two and stop. It acts like it is catching on something but upon inspection it appears to be a system problem where it starts to close and then gets signal to open.

Remote has issues or this is new dvd/bluray world - it does not have a "menu" button but instead a "top menu" button. This button fails to be able to bring up menu about 1/3 of the time. Then I have to simply fast forward through previews to get to menu. Even in middle of film it wont go to menu sometimes and have to fast forward to end (past credits and everything) or open then close and fast forward to menu. I am not sure if this is a problem with the player or a new format issue where movie makers are trying to stop people from skipping ads and previews, but it is quite annoying.

UPDATE: June 2013 - I sold this player and bought the Sony BDP-S590 to replace it. Bought it in March and it works great.
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on January 12, 2013
It freezes constantly and you have to unplug it and plug it back in. It wont shut off. It wont play half the time. This thing is junk...spend a little more and get a better one!
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on February 19, 2013
Wish i had not bought this. 1) It has poor ability to read smudged or SLIGHTLY scratched discs. When i switched to this player a number of my previously perfectly playable discs now generate a "Disk unreadable" message and this player wont play them. Put them back in the old player and they play fine. 2) It cannot play discs at a higher forward speed so you can move ahead to look for something. It can do 4x speed but nothing faster (even tho it offers up to 32X) - it freezes. 3) Sometimes the entire player freezes for no apparent reason - only fix is to unplug it. 4) settings menu system is not easy to navigate - hard to find things.
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on January 4, 2014
Quite simply I do not recommend this Blu-Ray play for any reason whatsoever. Here's why:

-Often freezes and will not respond to anything other than physically disconnecting power to the device
-Netflix & other streaming apps painfully slow to use. Takes several seconds to respond to button presses, especially when watching something
-Netflix app has a poor design compared to other products with the service
-Very, very, very limited selection of streaming services. Doesn't have Amazon Prime. What?
-On-screen interface is just terribly designed both in function and aesthetics.
-Compatible USB storage devices are extremely limited. Haven't found one yet that works actually.
-Poor button design on the device: Power button is next to the disc tray, yet the tray eject button is on the opposite side of the player. Really?
-And only 4 buttons on it: power, eject, stop, play (however this is not uncommon)
-Remote control button layout is also somewhat strange, and you can accidentally hit the wrong button far too easily, which takes 10 minutes to get back to where you were because this thing is soooo sloooowww.
-Physically larger than many other current and better Blu-Ray players
-Very limited physical connections: HDMI out, Composite (analog) Video out, Analog audio out, Ethernet port. That's it.

-It (attempts to) serve(s) its intended purpose (just not very well)
-(insert strained/qualified positive attribute here)
-Built-in wifi. yes really. (Or maybe it's actually a new kind of NFC since you pretty much have to set it next to your wireless router.)
-Sits flat on a shelf
-It is a solid
-Assembled from interchangeable parts (Eli Whitney would be so proud)
-Has a laser inside of it
-It's not ugly I guess
-Has a remote control...with buttons...powered by batteries. Ooooooo.
-Usually can connect to the World Wide Interwebnet (including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus and that's it)
-Will be fun to destroy it when it either completely dies (since it's already kind of a zombie anyway) or when I get a new Blu-Ray player.
-Did I mention it has laser inside of it? And that it's *BLUE*? Cool..... Cool cool cool.

This player gets one star because it does actually play movies. Also, you know, that's kinda the lowest possible rating Amazon has. For the money there are many much better options for an internet-connected Blu-Ray player. I would look at the Sony models personally.

Update: This player is still junk.
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on December 30, 2012
This product is being advertised on Amazon as having the Amazon Instant Video Application. It does not! I have the same model I received as a Christmas gift. I am thankful for the thought and sentiment behind the gift, but having a prime membership one should be aware if you plan on streaming Amazon Prime from it, this is not the device for you. It does have Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow, and Hulu, but that is it. I am giving poor review because product is not as advertised, otherwise it seems to work fine.
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on January 3, 2013
I have been a happy Panasonic customer in the past but this most recent purchase is a real disappointment. This device is so slow to turn on and perform routine tasks that it's painful. I was further disappointed that the remote control can only be programmed with Panasonic TVs. When the remote started acting up I looked for the manual "play" and "pause" button on the unit itself only to find it didn't have any (it only has a "power" button and an "open/close" button). The worst thing though was that it wouldn't even play Blu-Ray disks. Save yourself grief and do not buy this model!
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on June 20, 2013
I bought this because it had Wifi and USB It freezes way to often and I have never gotten the USB connection to work. It sees the videos but will not play them.
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on February 2, 2015
I play and stream NETFLIX thru this BluRay player and I'm very happy with it. It works quite flawlessly. I own two of these players. I believe they're not being made anymore and those that are available new cost about $50-$60 more than I paid for the first one. I like to see more BluRay smart DVD players that have RCA type audio & video outputs in the rear of them.
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