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on March 29, 2012
Before I purchased this Panasonic DMP-BDT220 WiFi Blu-Ray DVD Player, I had researched virtually every player available on the market. There's a lot to pick from, but I wanted to find the player that had the best all-around features, and a great price that would fit my budget. And after looking at a dozen or so different players, I concluded that this Panasonic player was the best pick in its price range. Other players, have various other options, a varied amount of output connections, and may specify on-board memory configurations, etc. While this player does not specify the memory amount, it appears to be sufficient enough to load streaming media (such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu Plus and play it back without any hesitation or pauses.

After receiving the player, I hooked it up, and it worked perfectly right from the start. Found my WiFi network without any problems. I entered the security password information and it was connected to my WiFi network and my Internet connection in seconds. Even configured itself with connecting to my other devices and PCs on my network also without any problems. I did not have to enter any network address configurations or anything except for the router/network access password. I was able to instantly see the pictures and videos on my shared PCs on my home network.

I use this for my Netflix streaming and it works great with no problems at all. And there is no lag time between the apps selection under the Internet portion of the player, but that might be because I'm using this on a fairly high-speed 10/2 broadband connection.

I've also used several of the other Internet apps on the player, and they all worked great as well.

The Pros of this player is that it worked perfectly right out of the box, and it was a snap to setup, connect to the Internet through my WiFi network, and very easy to tell it to automatically download and update the firmware. This can also be done by downloading the firmware file from a computer and putting it on a CD-ROM or a flash drive, and then inserting that into the player, and the player will then see it, and automatically update the firmware.

The only Cons of this player, if one at all, would be that it lacks a second HDMI or Component HD connection on the back of the player, but for me, that wasn't a problem, as I connected this player, using the HDMI connection, directly to my HDTV. It does offer also an optical digital audio out connection, which I have connected to my Sony 7.1 Home Theater System, and it works perfectly. Blu-Ray movies look and sound GREAT!!

ALL IN ALL, I think this is a terrific WiFi Player from Panasonic and I think anyone would be very satisfied with this player. I know I am. And doing a lot of research before I purchased this did help in picking a very good player. I think it's the best WiFi Blu-Ray player in its price category.

One last suggestion though, is to purchase a color calibration DVD, which is available on Amazon, to calibrate or re-calibrate your TV using the Blu-ray Player. This will assure you that your television is set correctly, for not only color, but also for hue, brightness and contrast as well.
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on March 10, 2012
Bought the DMP-BDT220 to replace a DMP-BDT110 that Amazon agreed to take back after the return period had already ended. That player was terrible. From day one it suffered from constant audio and video dropouts when watching both discs and Netflix streaming. I decided to let it ride hoping an eventual firmware upgrade would cure the problem but that didn't work. So I read that Panasonic had just released their 2012 lineup of Bluray players and I decided I would give them one more chance. I own many Panasonic products and most of them are top notch so I was hoping the DMP-BDT110 was just an anomaly.

The 220 arrived today and I quickly connected it using only an HDMI cable and the power cable since it is wifi capable. It connected with no problem to my network and after entering my password, Netflix worked fine - no video problems, no audio problems. Time will tell if that continues. Popped in a Bluray disc to check that out and watched for a few hours and once again - no video problems, no audio problems. Things are looking good.

I can't speak whatsoever on the 3D aspect of the player because I don't have a 3D TV. I bought the 220 just to get the Viera Connect feature which includes Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Streaming. In 2D, picture quality and audio is great for both discs and streaming.

The remote is fine but I use a Harmony remote so it will probably just be put away.

The only negative things I have to say about the 220 is I find the menu system to be a bit clunky and when you get into the Viera Connect menu button pushes become a little laggy. If every net connected device worked like Roku, the world would be a better place.

So in conclusion, I'm pretty pleased with the 220. I got rid of a cable on the back, in the brief time that I used it the dropouts seem to have been corrected and the picture and sound are great.

Last, I would like to thank Amazon for taking the 110 back because it was legitimately beyond the return period. That's why I like Amazon, that's why I am an Amazon Prime member and that's why I will continue to spend money with them.

Update - May 19, 2012: After two months of working fine, I put the Chronicle blu ray in tonight and the player wouldn't play the disc. It kept defaulting back to the Panasonic home screen like it didn't have a disc in. I unplugged the player for a minute and plugged it back in. The disc was recognized but then when the movie started, the audio began dropping out every 5-10 seconds. We took the disc upstairs and it played flawlessly on an older LG blu ray player. After the movie ended, I took the disc back downstairs to try and diagnose the problem. On a whim I turned off the BD Live feature and the disc played fine during the portion that was dropping out previously. Maybe just a fluke but that's still not functioning properly. I'm going to monitor but if it starts doing it again, I am returning the BDT220 and then I am done with Panasonic blu ray players.

Update - June 2nd, 2012: The BD Live off wasn't the fix. Did some more research and it sounds more and more like it is an HDMI handshake issue involving copyright protection on discs.

I ordered a set of the latest version HDMI cables and if this doesn't work, I am going to get a Sony BDP-S390.

Update - July 15th, 2012: Didn't get around to using a new HDMI cable but I haven't had any problems since the Chronicle blu ray disc.

Update - June 5th, 2013: Pleased to say that after several firmware updates, it is playing nice with everything EXCEPT The Trailer Park Boys box set.
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on June 29, 2012
OK, I won't bore you by repeating what's already been said here 250 times. Yes it is a great player and affordable BUT it doesn't work well with NetFlix.

Until now. The NetFlix problem is not inside the BDT220. It is in Netflix.

Specifically your "Manage Video Quality" settings. By default it is not set to anything. Go to, log into your account, and click on the link in the upper right called Your Account & Help. Scroll down to the "Watching Instantly On Your TV or Computer" section and click on the link for Manage Video Quality.

Choose one of Good, Better, or Best (probably you will notice NONE of these options are selected - that is the problem).

Note - it took about two days for the new setting to kick in. So be patient.

No more Netflix timeouts!!!!

Good luck.
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on July 28, 2011
This Panasonic DMP-BD110 is the fourth BD player that I have purchased in since 2007 (my first being the Panasonic DMP-BD10A, second a Sharp HP20, third a Panasonic DMP-BD60). As you can imagine, the last thing I really needed was another BD player, however, I just got a great deal on a 3D tv and, well, you know how it goes. :)

I am giving this product a qualified 5 stars, with this caveat: for most people, it would be well worth it to spend the extra money to purchase the the next model up (the Panasonic DMP-BDT210), which includes the wireless-n wifi dongle. These two players are essentially the same with the exception of the dongle, some cosmetic differences and the motion sensor that opens the BD tray (not something I care for to be honest). For those purchasing the BDT110, if you do not have access to an ethernet connection for internet, you will be stuck buying a dongle for Panasonic's exorbitant price (since no other dongles work). This is a big knock against this player that has been pointed out by other reviewers. For my purposes, however, the BDT110 is just splendid since my router sits right behind my tv and I have it hooked up using an ethernet cable.

BD Playback Quality: To be fair, with the current line of players from all the major brands have excellent BD playback and they all upscale dvd's well. The technology has improved and there is no bad one in the bunch in terms of video playback. Some players are faster at loading BD discs than others, with the Panasonic being on the fast side of this equation. 3D performance is also excellent, although I can't say whether that is attributable to the TV (Panasonic L37DT30) or the player or some combination of both. I can say that the player is very responsive and I have had no issues in two weeks that I have owned it. Whatever problems the player had last spring have been fully resolved by firmware updates (which come regularly).

Viera Cast: The Viera Cast suite is terrific. My tv is equipped with viera cast as well and you would think they would be the same. Surprisingly, they are not. The version used on the BD players is MUCH better. This is particularly true for the Netflix application. The Netflix application on the BDT110 provides a search feature that allows you to search the entire Netflix database. You essentially have the same access and control over content as you would on your computer. The Playback is smooth. Movies and shows, including HD content, load quickly and require little if any time for buffering. You can skip scenes and the interface works similarly to the one on the Roku XD box--excellent. It doesn't look as sexy as the interface on the Apple TV, but it is more functional. Also available is Amazon Instant, including free streaming for Amazon Prime members (like me). Excellent quality as well and you have access to the latest movies and shows. The YouTube app is also outstanding, giving you access to your subscriptions, videos is essentially a more complete than most apps you'll find on mobile devices. I haven't really used the Fox Sports App or played games on the player, but the Viera Cast system has a lot of potentially and it's quite impressive.

The Remote: The remote is well thought out, with a dedicated netflix button (NICE!). The buttons could be a bit bigger though and less crowded. This is pretty typical for BD players these days, which have definitely cheapened the quality of the remotes.

Playback of pictures and videos from an SDHC Card or USB drive: Again, a big improvement over the version on panasonic tv. The files are layed out in an easy to search manner, line by line. The player is able to crunch through all the usual formats, including: .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .avi, .xvid, mpeg-2 etc. This player does stumble a bit on high bitrate .mkv files in 1080p, but many media players have some issues with these files (some can't play them at all). Most of us will use 720p .mkv files anyway, and those are no problem at all. Photo playback in .jpg are no problem, photos are easy to search for, load quickly and look great!

Word of Caution: Please be aware that if you are buying this player to play 3d Movies and content and you do not have receiver (AVR) that is HDMI 1.4 compliant (in other words, 3D ready), you will have to run the HDMI cable directly to the tv and then run a toslink (optical cable) to the receiver for sound. This means that if you do not have a 3d ready receiver and are using this player for 3d content, you will not be able to play 3d content through the receiver. Moreover, being limited to the optical cable for the audio feed means that you will not be able to use the lossless audio formats on the disks (i.e., no Dolby TrueHd, DTS-MA etc.). This is not a big deal for my set up, but some people will surely be disappointed. Panasonic does have a solution. The BDT310, which costs around $200 on Amazon, has two HDMI outputs, one for video to the TV and one for audio to the receiver. If you have a non-3d receiver and must have 3d and hi-def audio, this is probably your best choice (or you can buy a new receiver--which will cost a lot more than the BDT310). Just some food for thought. Please also note that this is an issue with 3d playback through HDMI 1.3 receivers and is not unique to Panasonic. It effects ALL 3D BD players--so no stars are going to be deducted. If you do not care about the 3d playback and just intend to use the player as a regular BD non-3d player it will function like any other BD player and you can run the hdmi straight to the AVR as usual and get lossless sound formats--so for you people who have not yet adopted 3d technology, you can ignore this paragraph.

In short, this is an excellent choice in BD player, particularly if you don't need wifi included. If you do need wifi access, the BDT210 is the better value. With that caveat, I give the BDT110 five stars.

EDIT 6/22/11: I have been using the BDT110 for a couple of months now and I continue to enjoy the player immensely. I have only watched 15 or so BD disks and a handful of DVDS. I have had no issue at all with playback and the image and sound quality have been more than satisfactory. I am continuing to enjoy streaming apps from Netflix and Amazon, probably for more than an hour or two a day. Both apps have worked flawlessly. I have also been using the player to view home videos of my 11 week old that I shoot with Sony HX9V cameras in fully 1080p at 60fps in AVCHD format (28mbps). This profile is beyond bluray, which limited to 1080i at 60fps at 24mbps (or 1080p at 30fps or 24fps). Again, I have had no issue at all with playback. I am extremely impressed with the image processing power of this player. If I could give this line of players from Panasonic a sixth star, I would.
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on June 6, 2015
The purpose of my review thus far is to include a few images I didn't have upon purchase that others may want to see. The only way to do this is to write an actual review so I will update as I use the player more over time. At first glance the player is well made and is no larger than a good sized tablet. You can hold it in one hand. I have an image included of it next to our already small cable box. It really is not much larger than a disc case. Setup was painless and I purposely avoided even looking at the directions for this reason, to see how hard it would be with no understanding of the product. I had it ready to go in less than 10 minutes. The hardest part was turning on my laptop to get the wifi security code. The power cord is similar in shape and size to a cellular adapter.. even the plug is the same. There are only two connections on the back of the player.. the power and the HDMI port.. that's it. So for those who are wondering, there is no ethernet port to connect via cable. It's all wireless.. and if your TV for some reason doesn't have an HDMI port you'll need an adapter. The remote is easy to use and if you have a Panasonic TV it will operate that as well. Pictures below and i'll update as I use it more.

*For quick reference since Amazon chose not to give much at all of a description of the product they're selling, here is the Panasonic page that describes this player and its features in full detail.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 19, 2012
I got a new Blu-ray player since my Sony player never really did Netflix very well. So I did the usual looking through reviews I selected a Panasonic. One of the reasons I selected Panasonic is that my TV is also Panasonic and I was hopeful that I can use the TV remote to control the player with the Viera-link HDMI controls. (My player is out of the line of sight in the closet). Initially I was very happy the Panasonic. The streaming functions worked very well: connected quickly and very few interruptions. Then it did a firmware update. The player struggles to connect to the network. It will sometimes connect if I go through all of the setup menus and configure the network again. If it can even connect to the network, Netflix is miserable to use.
As I write this, the player will connect to the network but can't connect to Netflix and then the player freezes up. I have to turn it off, which takes a good 2-3 minutes of "Please Wait" before it actually turns off. This experience reminds me of a Samsung BD player I had a couples years back. It did a firmware update and it wouldn't play DVD's from certain movie studios. It took them months to get it fixed. Don't manufacturers know that there is a ton of competition for electronics and that it is really easy to get pissed and never buy their products again? I won't be buying a Samsung anytime soon. I don't want to write off Panasonic just yet. Fix your firmware!! While I have to soapbox out, Why can't BD players figure out this streaming thing? Netflix works everytime on the Wii and my iphone and my laptop and my Kindle Fire, etc.
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on June 1, 2011
I tested the unit with a Panasonic VIERA TC-P54VT25 3D plasma set.

First, let's deal with some of the negative comments in other reviews.

After upgrading the firmware to version 1.63, Netflix streams with no problem.
The 3D version of Avatar, plays just fine.

I haven't seen a lot of people testing the 2D to 3D conversion, so I gave it a try. I first tried it on a DVD version of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The opening battle scene looked great and gave the impression of depth that is not apparent in 2D. While the 3D appearance is not as "obvious" as that of a 3D disc,the feeling of depth makes the movie much more enjoyable. I then tried comparing the 2D and 3D blu ray versions of Avatar. Using the 2D version converted to 3D gave added dimension to the film, most noticeably when the background and foreground were far apart. The drop floating in the cryo unit at the beginning of the film, does not stand out as much as the true 3D version. Still, when Jake's cryo unit opens against the background of the ship's interior, the depth you perceive is quite good.

2D to 3D conversion will never be as good as what a 3D disc can achieve, but if you have a large collection of 2D action and adventure type movies, it's a great feature.
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on March 14, 2011
First of all, I really hate the saying 'WiFi Ready' Which says to me... it is ready for WiFi.. all you need is WiFi. Of course that isn't the case. It just means that it has a USB port and some on board drivers to help you part with $80 for the WiFi adapter. Save yourself some aggravation and check out the NETGEAR Home Theater Internet Connection Kit (Black). It is faster than WiFi and will work with your next Blu-Ray player too. Not to mention your xbox, networked TV, etc.

Anyway.... When I first hooked up the player the first thing that naturally occurs is the setup. Wow... it was grainy and horrible looking. I was worried. Of course this was hooked up to a brand new Panasonic VIERA TC-P42G25 42-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV, and I had not refined all of the Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint, etc... settings yet. So I put in a BD and things looked good. Not great. But good. After a couple more days of tweaking the TV I came back to do some more hands on testing of the BD and Viera Cast functions. My kids watched the Cars BD, and it looked FABULOUS! Of course that disc always looks good, even on an old broken TV. Wasn't sold. Then that evening my wife and I had rented The American on DVD. This is when I got really impressed. The DVD up-conversion was truly amazing. If I had not known better, I would have thought this was a BD. Then I resumed looking at the Viera Cast apps. I haven't looked at Netflix since that is on the Panasonic TV, but I was truly impressed with VuDu. The full 1080p and Dolby Plus 5.1 signal was great. The picture was stunning, and it starts streaming QUICK. With no artifacts that I have seen. Rental prices were a little steep, but regardless I was impressed.

Other things important to potential buyers. It loads fast. There are options to reduce startup times too. This is great, because when I use my other BD player to play a movie for my children, they have lost interest by the time the player loads the film. Another nice feature is the VieraLink. This makes it work well with at least Panasonic sets. When I turn on the player, my TV switches to the correct input automatically. Very nice. When I turn off my TV, it will automatically power down the BD player. Also very nice.

I haven't tested any 3D content on the disc player yet. So I cannot comment on that. But I imagine it will be stunning since it handles other BD content well.

Cons: This is really a con I guess, but more of a CONcern. The front fascia, is a big plastic door. I just have a feeling that one day a child will rip it off. Won't be the end of the world, but it just seems a little unneeded. But I guess if it protects the buttons from peanut butter etc.. for a while it's really a plus. We'll see.
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on March 20, 2012
Before I purchased this player, I already owned two other Panasonic Blu-ray players. They are outstanding value and performance.

I bought this model to replace my horrible Pioneer Elite BDP-31FD; got to be one of the worst players in the world. Crashed all the time requiring hard reset, couldn't scan and was sooooo slooooow[...]

In contrast, this Panasonic player is so fast. Just seconds to eject and it's so fast to get to just about any disc menu. Most Blu-rays I have are loaded on the disc menu in less than 30 seconds. Scanning through movies is flawless. There are so many other features it offers, which I'll let you read in the other reviews. The UI is very pleasing. Wireless and wired network connection and firmware updating was so easy (I have "g" with WPA2).

THE ONE THING I did not do my homework well enough on was determining if it had component video out (1080i) for my non-HDMI HD 1080i tv. I prefer digital audio optical out, which this player has, but I did not see in the amazon details whether or not this player had component video out. Unfortunately, I did not see the hyperlink just below the "Product Details" text that shows you this model's specs from Panasonic, which I learned after unboxing that it does not list component video out as being available. I wish amazon would have had a rear-view picture like so many other models do. So, I took a chance that it had component video because my two other Panasonic players both have component video. Sadly, I had to swap out one of my other players (65K model) for this one. JUST BE AWARE of this if you require component video.

All-in-all, an excellent player. I am sold on Panasonic blu-ray players.
review image
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on December 19, 2014
This is the best affordable 3D 4k (UHD)up-scaling streaming blu-ray player out there.very easy to use and has awesome picture.if i had to say anything that could use work is the remote is on the small side and buttons are close together,really no big deal but i like the dmp-bdt220 remote better.which will work on this unit. i've had no issues with it and i use it daily for watching netflix and hulu plus watch blu-rays and dvds. never misses a beat. i own the panasonic 220 and 500 models which also are very reliable. i do wish it was built as good as the 500 which has the look and feel of a top model. this model is more like the 220's replacement in build the fact it has 2 hdmi outputs,very few player have this option.none at this price point.there is one that cost more unless on sale from samsung the BD-F7500/ZA, but i like the dmp-bdt460 better for the sd card slot and 4k jpeg up conversion that the samsung does not have it only up-scales dvd and blu-ray to 4K. the miracast is a nice feature for mirroring your android device to your far its been a great player and for the money can't be even has a web browser that gets the job done for basic surfing the web.i was thinking about getting the oppo 103d but really can't justify the cost of a high end player.sure its built better but in reality the pictures are so close to the same i couldn't do it. and i heard no difference in sound quality.definitely not $400 difference.and if this is anything like the other ones I've owned from panasonic it will last a long time.
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