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on September 9, 2013
In fairness I purchased this player to play DVDs and Blu-Ray, and thats all. It performs this function well. It comes with a ton of other features that are the same as the TVs, and if you have a Panasonic TV, you will never use the ones on the player. The TVs apps are much better anyways. What has me annoyed is the use of featured advertisements throughout their software. The one that pops up when you start the player can be disabled, but not the ones that pop up when using the internet functions. For a piece of hardware that I payed for, there is absolutely no reason to have ads. None. If this will be Panasonic's course, I will consider another brand next time.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got both the Panasonic DMPBDT330 and the DMPBDT230 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Players for two different rooms. Except for a difference in appearance, these two players are functionally the same except for a two slight differences. The DMPBT330 has an extra HDMI jack to for a connection to an audio receiver to allow for 7.1 audio through the HDMI cable, and the ability to up convert the picture to 4K UHD - or Ultra High Definition - The latest in TV technology at 3,840 X 2,160p. If you don't have 4K UHD yet (I don't), don't worry, the DMPBDT330 will still play HD and SD formats. For those who may be thinking ahead, it is nice to know that this player can handle the next jump in HD.

Panasonic has copied Sony or visa versa for the design of the DMP-BDT330 by making the player shaped like a trapezoid. This is called "Prismatic Cut Form Design". I'm still on the fence whether I like that, or prefer the common rectangular box. I guess it is somewhat futuristic? In any event it is made of a metallic silver finish, similar to the fake "stainless" finish like you might find a refrigerator. The whole front of unit is a slightly mirrored drop down door where you can plug in a USB drive or an SD card or access the play or stop buttons. Depending on the viewing angle the front looks black or mirror-like, but the display is easily visible. There is also a blue LED in middle that lights up when the power is on (this can be turned off in settings). On the top front right are eject, and power buttons from left to right. All of the rest of the controls are on the easy to use, easy to hold remote. One caveat about the "TV" function on the remote - it only controls Panasonic TV's and is not programmable to other brands. In my case I have a Samsung Smart TV, so if I need to change the volume, I have to grab another remote.

Setting up the Blu-Ray player is quite simple. First you need to connect the power cord, then an HDMI cable from the unit to your TV. The cable is not supplied in the box, but Amazon sells a high quality cable at a cheap price from Mediabridge, which I picked up for about six dollars. If you are trying to setup the DMP-BDT330 to an old school TV, forget about it! This player only has an HDMI and optical audio out jacks on the back, it does not have RCA composite jacks (those are the yellow, red and white ones).

Once you turn the unit on there is a setup display asking to choose the language, TV Aspect ration, and whether to use Quickstart (which is sort of like a sleep mode and uses slightly more power when "off"). If you choose the aspect ratio of the TV to 16:9 full then the player will stretch images that were not filmed in widescreen format so you will not see the black bars on the side. Personally I like to leave programs in their native resolution.

Next, is setting up the network using "Easy Network Settings". They are pretty easy. It's just like setting up any wireless device - Find the SSID of your network, and enter the password if you have password protection setup. The DMP-BDT330 connected to my home network within two seconds without any problems. The unit immediately notified me that there was a firmware update once it connected and I happily obliged. The download took about a minute and automatically installed and restarted the player. I didn't have to do anything! It was quick and easy. If you want to use a wired connection, there is also a fast Ethernet jack on the back to connect to the LAN, however the player uses a 802.11 n wireless connection that can connect up to 300 Mbps, so it is faster than plugging into the LAN. The internet connection on this device is solid.

After setup is complete (and firmware was upgraded), the home page is displayed. Another reviewer claimed that there were ads displayed as soon as the player is turned on. This did not happen to me, however there is a setting under System>Start-Up Banner in the menus that turns this feature on or off. Why anyone would want to see ads when they turn their Blu-Ray player on is beyond my comprehension.

The Home page is the control center of the DMP-BDT330. There are five options available on this page, which are setup in a cross-like shape. To navigate between them you use the arrow keys on the remote, and press the center button to choose your selection. The options are: Music, which you can select to play from a disc or USB drive, Videos from a disc SD Card or USB drive, Photos from a disc, SD Card or USB drive, Network from a network service, or your local network, and Setup which gives you various menu options.

While the home screen is not as pretty as the Smart Hub on my Samsung TV, it is functional. The default wallpaper Panasonic chooses for a background is a dull grey. Luckily, there is an option to change it to four other more colorful wallpapers. There is even a "personalization" option that allows four different users to have different wallpapers, and an icon of their choice from a picture from "Photos". This really serves no function, accept to preserve audio and picture settings for each user. After the initial setup, most people will set these once and probably never change them again, and other family members won't bother with their own settings.

Playing Music, Videos and Photos from media inserted into the player is pretty straight forward on the DMP-BDT330. When you insert a disc, USB drive or SD card a directory automatically appears on the screen and you can choose files, play music, watch a slide show etc. The directory is readable but not very pretty. It looks like an old 90's interface in light yellow and baby blue. That is part of the problem with this player, the user interface almost looks unfinished because it is so inconsistent. Panasonic really needs to make the visual part of it flow better.

Overall, both in video and audio the DMP-BDT330 does a good job. Standard DVD's look very good, Blu-Ray's look excellent, CD's and MP3's sound great. It is really nice to be able to throw an SD Card into this player and watch a slideshow of your pictures with various transitions. I have absolutely no complaints with the quality of the media displayed on this unit - it looks and sounds good.

If you select "Network" from the home page, you get the option to connect to your "Home Network", or "Network Service". If you select "Home Network" there are three options - "DNLA Client", "Miracast" or "Media Renderer". In order to use Miracast, it is necessary to have an Android device, which I don't own, so I could not test this feature. The DNLA Client feature worked perfectly, although it comes back to the ugly light yellow and baby blue interface again to select files. The player interface is better, but did not display album artwork for mp3 files, but neither does my Samsung TV, so this is not really an issue, it is something I need to further investigate. Anyway, the DMP-BDT330 found all of DNLA devices, including my network NAS and played all video and audio files without a glitch.

Panasonic does not do a good job explaining what the "Media Renderer" does. The Owner's manual points you to a web page that does not work, it should be: [...]. This Panasonic support site shows complicated diagrams with mistranslated words such as "Rooter" instead of "Router" and hard to follow instructions. As far as I can determine, the Media Render function is just some sort of transcoder. In any event, I won't be using it.

The "Network Services" function brings up the "apps" on the device. Pre-loaded are Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, You Tube, MLB.TV, Cinema Now, MLS, WSJ Live, Games, and a Web Browser. Don't even bother with the web browser. It is slow, clunky, it freezes up, is hard to read and needs a flash player upgrade that cannot be performed. Every video that I clicked on said it needed to update the Flash player, but if you tried, it said it could not recognize the application or something to that effect. Obviously Panasonic needs to address this issue in its next firmware upgrade. Other apps work well, but many require a subscription or registration, and many pay to view, such as Amazon Instant Video, Cinema Now, etc.

There is also a Marketplace where you can get more apps, many are free, but some you have to pay for. If you already have a Smart TV, most of the apps are redundant, but if you don't have an internet-connected TV you will really appreciate the network features on the DMP-BDT330. Some great free apps available are Facebook and Twitter, Pandora, TuneIn, Ustream, just to name a few. I really like having the dedicated "Netflix" button on the remote, and I think it looks better on the player than directly through my Samsung TV. I have to admit though, when using some of the apps in Network Services, a few times the player crashed, I got a black screen, or it just froze, and I had to unplug it to reset the machine. I don't remember which apps did this (it wasn't Netflix), or what I was doing at the time. Luckily, this did not happen very often, and it was easily fixed.

Overall, I found the DMP-BDT330 to be a nice player. Its interfaces need work to show consistency, the web browser is clunky and pretty unusable. One thing that surprised me was that this player did not offer a smartphone remote. All of the network connectivity was available, yet they left that function off of this model. I was generally pleased with the other network functions on the unit, as well as the DNLA functionality with my existing devices. Attached media also played well - USB, SD Card and CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray discs. Both video and audio were nice. But, unless you need the silver finish, the extra HDMI output and the 4K up conversion, I would buy the Panasonic DMP-BDT230 Smart Wi-Fi 3D Blu-Ray Player instead. It is the same unit at a cheaper price.

One thing I could not test is the DMP-BDT330's 3-D capabilities, since my TV is not 3-D capable. The last thing to add, for those who have PAL discs and wonder if they play on this unit without any modification, they will not. Probably a remote code sequence will add this capability. If anyone knows please add a comment.
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VINE VOICEon June 1, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Several years ago (it's hard to believe it has been that long ago, really, but 2009 is several years ago now), I bought a Panasonic BD player (DMP-BD60). Besides wanting the ability to play Blu-ray discs on that player, I had gotten that particular player because it also offered the ability to stream content from Amazon (along with a few other network apps that it supported).

That older player was getting long in the tooth and showing its age with a lack of some key network apps that I would like to have had available, among them one for streaming UV content from the nice little library that I've built up at Vudu.

This player offers the ability to stream content from Amazon, as well as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, hulu+ and others such as CinemaNow. Throw in, on top of all of that, the ability to browse the web directly on this player with it's own Web Browser application and you actually get a pretty nice little player that does a pretty nice job of offering everything you might need in your own media center.

Others would certainly look for the ability to access shared content from their own file servers, as well as the ability to play back content from memory cards and Flash Drives, and yes, this does that as well. It may not play all of the formats that could possibly be thrown at it, or, it might require updated firmware before it is able to play the formats you might want to use, but it is plenty versatile and well enough featured to sit firmly in the 4 star territory for purposes of this review.

* Short and shallow (some would say sleek) design. While I'm a little surprises that it is as wide as it is, it doesn't take up much room vertically, or in shelf depth (from front to back).
* Shiny brushed metal/stainless type silver casing looks very nice.
* Drop down door/cover for the front of the device helps keep the front from getting too dusty (as the cover is easy to wipe off with a dust cloth)
* The remote control offers a "Netflix" button in a prominent place. (Hmmm, I wonder how much it cost Netflix to get that prime spot on the remote control) -- this does make it easy to jump right to Netflix for streaming content if you have a Netflix account and are so inclined. (My own preference is to Amazon, but to each their own.)
* Fast boot up - compared to my now 4+ year old player, it is worlds faster.
* Built-in Wi-Fi support (no need to string cable if you don't want to)

* Multi User Mode - up to 4 people can customize their own settings for the unit. Not really needed in my home, but I like the concept
* Automatic input switching Power On Link. If your TV supports this and you are using the HDMI connection, your TV will automatically switch inputs to this Blu-ray player when it is powered on. (Also supports automatic power off functionality when you power off your TV)

* Remote control doesn't seem to control my TV. Instructions mention controlling some TVs, and certainly I wouldn't necessarily expect it to control ever make and model out of the box, but the instructions don't offer any way to try different settings/control codes that might offer control of other TV models than the default selections.

Honestly, I didn't find much to not like about this unit. I didn't rate it at the 5 star mark because I do think there is some room for improvement and expect that as the firmware continues to be updated, it will keep getting better, including lessening of freezes that might have experienced along the way (by others, not so much me).

Of note: this unit does not come with an HDMI cable. HDMI cable must be purchased separately. This unit also does not offer any other connection types for video (in case someone wanted to consider hooking it up by other means).

Bottom line: a very nice, though not yet perfect, player. Priced (currently, as I write this review) a little towards the upper end of the scale that I would expect to have to pay for a nice Blu-ray player, but aimed at the higher end of the scale, including the ability to play back 3D content as well as offering 4K upscaling.
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on October 23, 2013
I chose two stars because of how quickly the wireless adapter failed. The player is a very nice looking. The front flip cover is flimsy but adequate. Its overall appearance looks very nice up close though. It has a long warm-up cycle when you first turn it on but loads dvds very quickly. The remote is also nice and has its own "Netflix" named button and the player plays Netflix nicely. HOWEVER, I had this machine less than two weeks and the wireless adapter went out. Customer service was not to shabby. They were relatively quick and knowledgeable. Again, however, another thing that irks me is you have to pay the shipping to get the darn thing fixed. So, it is overall a nice player but has some issues. At least mine did. We will see how long it lasts when I get the player back. It will be gone for about 3 weeks. No blu-ray or netflix for 3 whole weeks! :) It has now been gone for repair longer than I have been able to use it.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Overall I like this Blu-Ray player. I am extremely pleased with the 2-D picture quality and like some of the apps that come with this and I found the set-up to be very easy. I have some minor issues with the remote, some of the apps, inability to see the signal strength of streaming video and the product knowledge of Panasonic customer support.

The good:

I am extremely pleased with the picture quality. My television is not 3-D so I can only compare the 2-D picture with a Sony Blu-Ray player I have and I think the Panasonic is much better. It almost seems like you have borderline 3-D quality picture with a 2-D HD television. I love it.

I have a decent sized Blu-Ray collection. Movies like Ben-Hur, Stand By Me and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory shine on this player. The picture quality and picture depth are great. The DVD picture quality is very good as well. I also have Netflix and am very pleased with the picture quality as well. I have had issues restarting paused movies with my Sony player but I have had no problem with this player.

There are some nice apps that come with this player. There is a Fox Sports app and a soccer app and a Wall Street Journal app that I enjoy. There is also an app called ustream which shows streaming video which I enjoy. Certain apps come pre-installed and you can choose to download others. This had more apps than my Sony Blu-Ray player.

I also found this very easy to set-up. I had no problem getting it to work with my wireless router.

The not so good:

The remote control is set up so the stop button is right above the Netflix button. I have accidently hit the Netflix button a number of times when I was attempting to stop a video I was watching. Also, the Netflix button is between the pop-up menu button and the home button. I have hit the Netflix button while attempting to hit the other buttons.

The Netflix button is a also above the up button on the remote. If you are using the one of the apps or viewing pictures on your television or just using some of the other features that come with this it is too easy to hit the Netflix button instead of the up button. As a result I start Netflix even though I don't want to do so.

The pop-up menu button should be in the center because that is used often, the home button is also used a lot. The Netflix button should be out of the way since you use it to start Netflix and then don't touch it again. On my Sony remote it is in the bottom left corner and out of the way.

Some of the search feature on the apps are not so good. I have a hard time searching for anything on the YouTube app. I have a YouTube app on my Sony Blu-Ray player and it is so much easier to use the search feature. I also had the same issue with Netflix. In fact, it is easier to search for movies on my computer and put them in my queue rather than search using the app on the Blu-Ray player.

Also, On my Sony Blu-Ray player when you are streaming video four bars briefly appear showing signal strength. In addition you actually see the Mbps speed. Some streaming video comes in stronger than others. I really like this feature because if there is a problem I reach out to Netflix and let them know what the speed is on my television. This feature is not available on the Panasonic player.

I called Panasonic customer support with questions regarding the apps, the pop-up menu and some other features and it seemed like a number of the agents were looking at the same manual that came with this and could offer little help. A couple were not aware of the layout of the remote control. Most could tell me nothing about the apps. Overall, I find the Sony agents much more knowledgeable about their products.

Because of the picture quality I like this over my Sony Blu-Ray player. When it comes to using some of the apps I think it is easier to navigate using the Sony.


Overall, I think this is a fine player with a few flaws. The remote could be better. The apps could be easier to use. I think Panasonic needs to work with their customer support agents so they know more about their products.

On the other hand picture quality means a lot to me and I love the picture quality on this unit. It is really good. I like the number of apps and love the quality streaming video.

I wish I could give this four and a half stars but I settled for five based on the fact that picture quality means so much to me and I love the picture quality.
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on January 29, 2014
When the player works it works well. However my first one I purchased from a big box store died in two weeks, I took it back got another one and it died in three weeks, took it back to the store. The store informed me that I purchased the unit over a month ago and they no longer would exchange it. So I contacted customer support and sent the item to Texas to be "repaired" , it took a couple of weeks but I received my replacement unit a bottom of the barrel unit not a 330 but a 230. I contacted the repair center in Texas and was told " so what it was made in the same year as yours ? " . I expressed how unhappy I was with this so they suggested that I give them my credit card number and then they would send me a shipping label and then they would send me another unit. I asked them how they would compensate me for the hour drive time to nearest fed ex location, first George said nothing I can do, then he suggested he would extend the warranty by the two months they have had the device. I said that was unacceptable please refund my purchase they please send the unit back and then we will make it up to you. I sent the device back over two weeks ago. The repair center wait time for phone calls is 20 minutes and I was hung up on 5 times yesterday before speaking to some one then twice this morning. I am currently on hold with them where no one is sure what is going on. If you get a unit that works this may be good however if you have to deal with exchanging the unit be aware that this was the worst customer experience of my life. I have a house full of Panasonic devices and I will begin to trade them out for some one else. The management team at the McAllen service Jamie and George are completely detached from their team they refuse to speak to me on the phone. IMO the contract for Panasonic service parts should be revoked from this facility. And if Panasonic is okay with this type of behavior I would not recommend ever buying another Panay product. Unless you have the 6 + hours to deal with customer support
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on April 27, 2013
Update Feb 2014:
Just wanted to add few more observations.
I haven't seen the device freeze up AT ALL for last several+ months (maybe one of the firmware updates fixed it). Miracast is good for mirroring photos only. videos just dont work well for longer than a minute (at least with my setup). I dont use this feature.
I continue to use the network drive functionality the most and like it for most parts. One complaint though. Say i had a folder with multiple video files...there seems to be no way to make the player play all the files in sequence. Once it finishes playing one file it simple returns to the folder view and one has to manually select the next file to play and so on.
I almost forgot there was a web browser until i saw my own review from before. I havent had the need to use that functionality.
BD playback, DLNA, Amazon VOD, NETFLIX, VUDU etc continue to function as expected.


Update 3rd May 2013:
Adding another star. Got samsung s4 and retried miracast...worked superbly with this dvd player. Love being able to mirror photo albums, videos, even music from the phone. Love it.
Also, after a recent firmware update haven't seen the freezing issue repeat.
Have had it for few weeks. Looks sleek, Works great....well for most parts.
3d, 2d to 3d is great. I like the network drive functionality...just enter the local ip address of your drive to browse through the shared folders. DLNA functionality worked quite well (i use plex server). Most of the files i tried streamed well. Netflix, Amazon VOD and VUDU worked quite well. Its quite fast to load, easy setup, remote is nice (dedicated netflix, internet, miracast buttons).

Few reasons I bought this to replace my LG BD670:- compliments my Panasonic plasma; 2d to 3d capabilities; web browser and Miracast.

Well, Miracast has been a let down. I have tried to pair with my Samsung galaxy tab and also with S3 smartphone but the connection never stays on for more than 5 seconds. Hoping that will get fixed soon via some sort of firmware update.
The built-in browser did not look useful to me. Typing via standard remote is a pain. One Flash site that i tried didn't work (i.e. flash doesn't seem to be supported).

Right now, my biggest concern is that it sometimes freezes on me when navigating between icons. Have had to unplug and replug to get it working again...handful of times only though.

Holding on to it for now.
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on November 25, 2013
Bought from Amazon and it has been in use about a week now. The picture quality is very good. But...

I didn't believe the reviewer that complained about the ads. But it is true. Open the Network page and there is a "sponsored ad". Shame on Panasonic doing that to people that purchase their equipment.

My first big issue is the wireless. Believe what others are saying. I unpacked, wired, powered up, networked it (wireless), and then updated the firmware. Everything seemed to be working. I then opened Amazon and had no problems registering the blu-ray player for Amazon. The next day when I tried to go back to Amazon, one window said could not connect while the next window tested the connection as connected and sat. Tried to reenter my codes but could not get the internet on this unit. I bought what I needed (cable, connectors, crimp tool) and wired the blu-ray player (cat-6 & RJ-45) to my router. That worked but what a pain.

Trying to use YouTube. I wanted to search for a certain topic. Not at all user friendly using the built in system. On the screen is the alphabet and using the arrow keys on the remote move sideways to the first letter of what you want to search for. After selecting the first letter the system is VERY SLOW about moving to the next letter while it finds hits that start with the same first letter. Very slow and annoying. Maybe it is just me, but I don't sit in front of the TV with my cell phone or laptop (which can be used to enter the information).

I will have many second thoughts before I buy another Panasonic product. Not a terrible product but not what I expect from Panasonic.

Had for a little while longer and changed the rating from 2 stars to 1 star. I just spent over a half hour trying to watch some videos and managed to watch NONE! I have Amazon Prime so thought I would see some free videos. Every time I found one and selected it the machine locked up and I had to unplug to unlock it. Gave up on Amazon videos and tried YouTube. That was locking up also.

I have owned several Panasonic devices in the past and that is the main reason I decided to ignore the bad reviews and buy it anyway. If I can find the box I am going to return it and never EVER buy Panasonic again. Between the ads on the unit and all the glitches it is not worth buying at a quarter the price.
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on June 20, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As an owner of the older BDT320P model I was happy to see that Panasonic has junked the touch pad remote control. This newer BDT330 also addresses disc reading problems with DVD-R and other burn discs. The new unit has a thicker design and a flip down cover with disc tray replacing front load. I have thrown several types of discs at this including region free 3D blu rays and even a DVD-Rom of Dragon's Lair II which runs perfectly. The 2D to 3D is quite effective with full HD content but also works well to add depth of field to standard def video. The distance setting when using full 3D or 2D to 3D conversion helps eliminate lines. Their is a double HDMI out for a sub signal or for running out to two monitors simultaneously. The unit won't play in reverse when using the slo-mo playback and I had trouble trying to update the firmware through the SD slot, the unit only recognizes SD-XC cards.
The remote is small in size in a good way, but I find myself hitting the Netflix button on accident as it is right above the up arrow. I do like the way this player holds my spot in blu ray disc even if I hit stop, something many players still don't do. I have had no problem getting a nice 1920x1080p signal for 3D discs and 2d-3D. This player will allegedly also output to new 4x HD. This unit feels reliable and well made and appears to have some very strong lenses doing the reading of the discs.
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on December 2, 2013
My wife was complaining about the speed Blu-Rays load on our (four-year-old) Sony player. So I shopped around, and found Panasonic players are said to have quick load times. I bought this player a few months ago.

We have only watched a few discs on the machine, and have not tried any of the networked applications, for two reasons. The remote is designed atrociously, and the response to the remote is pathetically slow.

Our Sony player had a "Top Menu" button that would bring you to guess where? Well, to do the same on the Panasonic you hit the "Menu" button, then scroll sloooooooooowly down a menu of options (remembering to hit the right arrow first; if you forget you don't get to the right menu) until you overshoot the "Top Menu" item and curse while pressing the arrow keys for another go-round.

The text input is very disheartening. Instead of some sort of keyboard, or at least a matrix of letters arranged alphabetically you can cursor horizontally or vertically, you get a string of letters in alphabetic order that you have to cursor slooooooowly through left to right or vice versa, overshooting the letter you want, cursing, and trying again. We have never tried Amazon Prime on the player because I'd grow old entering a search term....

I was momentarily-heartened when I found Panasonic has an iPhone app to act as a remote! Hooray, until I look at the spec sheet and find the newest version (Panasonic 2012) doesn't support this player. I looked to see if there was a web server on-board I could send key presses to at least, so I could roll my own keyboard in HTML5, but no luck.

It does load discs quickly, which makes my wife a little happier until she has to use the remote to do anything on the player. If they'd get rid of the multilayer menu system to do the simplest things, add some kind of quicker text input, and/or came up with support in a phone app for it, it would be survivable. As it is I am getting a new Sony player this Christmas.

UPDATE: I tried using Amazon Instant Video this evening. The player is wired to my router, and I have Comcast Blast (measured at 57 Mbit/sec by Speedtest.) The first time I tried to start the app the machine stopped working with a black screen. I powered it off, waited half a minute, and restarted it. (It takes about three minutes to reboot.) The second time I got to the app page and started Amazon. I picked "Search", and got an actual matrix of letters to pick from (like DirecTV uses.) I wanted to watch an episode of "Firefly", so I found the show, scrolled down to Episode 9, and hit "OK." The player locked up. Power off, reboot, another three minutes. I figured I might have hit the wrong button, so I tried again, making sure I only hit the "OK" button. Lock-up, power-off, reboot. So I figured maybe the player doesn't like "Firefly", so I tried choosing "Favorite Movies" from the main menu. Lock-up. This time I tried hitting the Power Off button. After a couple minutes the word "Bye" appeared on the front of the player, but nothing else happened. After waiting about five minutes I just pulled the plug on the player.

I changed the rating of this review to 1-star. I bought this thing to watch Blu-Rays and Amazon Instant Video. It is poor at one and fails the other completely. My Sony will get here Friday.

UPDATE 12/17/2013: After we finished watching the first season of "Breaking Bad" on Blu-Ray I tried firing up Amazon Instant Video again as a lark before I turned the machine off. (The Sony is wrapped up under the Christmas tree, so we're still using the Panasonic.) This time when I chose the "Current Movies" tab it worked. I switched between tabs on the app and they seemed to work (I didn't try searching for anything because it was late.) But I had to change the review since the player worked this time.

I changed my rating to two stars. I don't like machines that are this cantankerous, but it did finally work after all.
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