Panasonic Digital I have an old Panasonic Digital Tape (miniDv) and it has an S-Video output. Can I use this device to directly copy from my camera to my Computer? I'm not really that worried about losing some of the digital quality. (I'm not a professional). But I want to copy directly to my computer so I can edit. Any help would be great, thanks.
asked by J. Harden on September 15, 2009
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If I understand you correctly this should work. Most miniDV come with usb outputs don't they and do they record in widescreen? As far as I can tell in regard to widescreen is you can't capture video in widescreen and it all comes up in the 4:3 format (if you care). Well at least my experience was that way. I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work for you. The one question I am wondering since I no longer use my DV camera is whether the S video is for an output to say watch your movies on your television. If so than this should work since it is basically the same as hooking a VCR or DVD player to the capture device. I have had no problems out of this product so best of luck to you.
j-rob-82 answered on September 15, 2009
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