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on October 21, 2011
I've tried so many kind of epilators, Braun, Emjoi, Remington, Philips. I must say this is the least painful epilator I've ever used. There is no epilator without any pain, let's face it, it will hurt, but it is not as bad as waxing. This Panasonic epilator works fast, does not pinch my skin, and do the job at least amount of time. This is the best epilator so far and I will keep using it.
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on December 30, 2011
I bought the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator on Amazon using my husband's account because he has prime, but I wanted to review it on mine.
I have been looking for an alternative to shaving for quite some time but had never found anything that got results. For reference I am in my 30's and have very thick hair. In a word ITALIAN. I was an hour late to my own wedding because the hair stylist was not prepared for the thickness of my hair.
I had heard of epilators before, my mother would tell me horror stories of my aunt and the Epilady. So I had dismissed them early on. I tried Nair, and found despite horrible chemical burns the hair was still there. So I gave up..
Then one day I was looking for a new car... Ha, How does this play in? Well they left me alone in a room with a TV that was playing "The View", the kicker is that there were only guys working.. Anyway, they were featuring this thing I later found out has been out a while called the "No, No" I was very intrigued. So when I went home I looked it up, and it costs $250... Yikes... I did lots of research on it and it does seem like a good product but I do NOT have that kind of money to blow on hair removal. As I was watching videos and reading, girls were saying they used Epilation along side the "No, No". That is when I started looking at Epilation.
I researched what to look for and read reviews. I decided to go with a cordless wet/dry. Out of those the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator had the highest rating. So I bought it.
Everything I have read has mixed reviews on how much it is going to hurt your first time using it. I have had multiple surgeries, I had a 8lb 9oz child with not anesthetic. I pluck, I tweeze, I have multiple tattoos and piercings. I am not a wuss. I have never had my legs waxed but heck, the pain lasts a few minutes and you're good right? If you have had your legs waxed you will be much better prepared than the rest of us I guarantee. For those or you that haven't I will warn you, all the pain you think is nothing does not prepare you for epilation... Your results may very of course but here is my account.
I charged up the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator and then turned it on. It sounds like some horrible grinding weed whacker you are supposed to put on your legs!!??! Now you are tense and you know it is gonna hurt.
TIP 1~ Start by placing it somewhere there is no hair then sneak up on a hairy spot. My hair was very short in my opinion, too short for waxing but PLENTY (read too long) for epilation. I read somewhere that you should shave and then start trying to epilate the next day. Skeptical me thought that would be ridiculous the hair would be much too short. Experienced me wishes I would have listened.
TIP 2~ Shave the area the day before
So I set the roaring epilator to my foot and sneak towards the hair on my ankle... And it rips the first few hairs from my leg. To those of you who have tattoos, the pain is similar, kind of like someone is raking a razor blade across your skin. Thousands of fine electrical shocks that will cause your leg to twitch. At this point I yelp and shut it off... And my husband begins laughing...
TIP 3~ Only Epilate while ALONE... Having an audience just makes you more nervous.
So my husband taunts me as I casually turn it on every once in a while and touch it to my leg. Finally I get up, take 3 ibuprofen, and wait for it to kick in.
TIP 4~ If you have ibuprofen or something STRONGER, Take it..
When I felt the medicine had taken effect I took my Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator to my bath tub. I ran a pretty hot tub so my legs were covered and began to soak. I read another tip that said the hot water would soften the skin and open the pores making epilation easier. Not sure about all that but being in the hot bath made me feel more relaxed so it was easier.
TIP 5~ Get into a Hot Bath
I decided I would show my husband and I was not coming out without smooth legs. I will not kid you if you go full tilt with long hair like I did it is going to HURT. A LOT. But, after a while it did get easier and has never hurt that bad since. That was the only time I took the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator into the bath or shower. I was able to use it for an hour before it died. I got one whole leg and below the knee on the other. Why one hour? Because I AM apparently a wuss, I tried to go mostly slow and get all the hair. Also it was quite a pain trying to keep a hold of that thing in the tub. The Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator is egg shaped and made of smooth hard plastic. Add soap and you may as well trow it across the tub... I think this was a gross over site by the company. Is a little patch on Silicone rubber too much to ask on something that is going to be ripping your hair out and is made to go in the tub? My toothbrush has it for crying out loud.
When I got out of the tub I wanted to continue, but this model will only function cordless. I wanted to plug it in and use it corded but even fully charged this unit will not turn on if the plug is in. Another Con. So with my mostly epilated legs, I went to bed.
TIP 6~ Try to epilate at night, easier to go to bed and heal during the night.
When I awoke I noticed I had an awful lot of stubble like the hairs were broken vs pulled. As I used the epilator I noticed I had a habit of going really fast when it really hurt. If you find yourself doing this.. Go ahead... Once you get that first time over (even if you think you broke more than plucked) it is a cake walk after that. When you do a new spot it will still hurt but you mind knows you can do it. Since that first day I have ran my Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator almost every day. Did the first two, skipped one, did two, skipped one. I still have a "stubbly" feeling to my legs but no more so than shaving. There is a lot of bare patches I would not have with shaving. This feeling stays longer than if I had shaved as well. I think that with constant love I will end up with smooth legs that last longer than shaving.
TIP 7~ Epilate every day if you can for the first week. You will continue to get hairs you missed and the regrowth of the broken hairs without the pain of fighting the forest.
This is why I think shaving the day before would have made it easier. You would not have gotten all the hairs at once and may have been much easier (read less painful)
On my last day off I ventured to my armpits. I don't know if they were just less painful because it is tougher skin or I am just used to it now but the arm pits were not that bad.
TIP 8~ DO NOT put deodorant on after epilating your armpits! For once I listened to something I read. My armpits did sting enough after that I was not even tempted to put any on. So I went to bed. Remember, we epilate at night.
The Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator does come with a trimmer/ shaver. I tried the trimmer and it is a cheap piece of junk. I did not even bother trying the foil shaver. I am avoiding shaving, it would defeat what I am trying to accomplish epilating. It also came with a "beginner's" epilator guard. I tried it a little but didn't seem to do anything but draw out the pain, I just wanted it over with!
I did try to do the bikini area, while not as painful as the legs, very awkward to try and get what you wanted while avoiding what you didn't. As for between the legs... again not as painful but you must keep the skin tight. Even then I had some bleeding and will not be doing that again.

Final thoughts on the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator

For first timers having the choice between wet/ dry is nice, this epilator does have it's draw backs. Handle design is very slippery and you can only use it cordless. If you can tough it out through the first time you will be rewarded.
Stay Strong Ladies!! And Guys too =P

Edit (2-15-12):

I have since had to stop using the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator on my legs. I still use it for my underarms, but it was wreaking havoc on my legs. Everyone keeps talking about "ingrown hairs" in my experience this meant that I would get bumps where the hair would get balled up inside the follicle and not be able to escape. Little did I know there is another type... Hairs were growing through the top layers of my skin in such a way that my legs looked hairy. Upon further inspection you could tell that the hairs were under the skin and that is why the epilator could not reach them. After a month of shaving and exfoliation they are just now starting to be normal again. This is a great shame. I normally have dry skin and I think this played a big role in this side effect.
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on September 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
I read a million reviews before purchasing this Panasonic Epilator. After reading reviews of cheaper and more expensive models, I chose this model, because the ONLY thing that stood out about the more expensive epilators' reviews (such as the Phillips), was that the more expensive model supposedly removed more hair in a single pass. My only concern with this epilator was that it may miss finer hairs. These concerns were based on all of the reviews of a dozen or more epilators. FIRST; this epilator DOES pull all of my hair in a particular region in one pass when I hold it perpendicular to my body, when I am not using a head cover attachment, and go SLOW, as in taking five full seconds to move up the length of my lower leg. SECOND; It pulls even the finest hairs from the root. One reviewer of the Phillips (who prefered the Phillips) said that this epilator missed her fine hairs because it only has one fast speed. I can tell this is getting my fine hairs from the root, because I can see the tiny almost invisibly thin hairs on the epilator and can see the tiny root bulb.
This gets hairs from the root consistently, NO TEARING! Gets ALL THE HAIR in one-two passes. It also gets incredibly short hairs. I can epilate after one day of not shaving and this epilator plucks the tiny stubble.
As a first time epilator, who has never waxed anything other than her eyebrows, and who is a die hard shaver (I previously HAD to shave every day), I have so many comments and so much advice on this thing.

The Epilator: The Panasonic ES-WD51-P Ladies Wet/Dry Epilator:
I HIGHLY recommend this epilator for first timers especially AND long time users. The Phillips (~$100+) comes with attachments, BUT that brand's attachments only add "massagers" to the outside rim of the tweezing head. In many YouTube reviews, the reviewers say the "massage" is just little plastic fingers that don't move, but drag against your skin as you move the epilator. On the other hand, the attachments that come with this epilator are EXTREMELY USEFUL. There is an attachment that shrinks the number of tweezers from ten to three. This is very useful for sensitive areas and getting used to epilating as well as areas that have a lot of hair and smaller regions like the underarms and bikini area (see advice below). This epilator charges fast and lasts a long time on a charge. You cannot use it while plugged in, but now that I've used one I don't feel like I would need to use it while plugged in. Plus, the cord could easily get in the way if using while plugged in. The next attachment exposes all of the tweezers, but elevates them slightly so that you aren't getting every last little tiny hair at once (again, great for the first pass when you have a lot of hair, or for beginners getting used to the epilator). Finally, it has a shaver head, which does work and cuts close to the skin for a smooth finish. Even without any attachments, the epilator works amazing and has never tugged at my skin, only tugs out the hair. Overall- I would buy this epilator again. I've shown it to my sister and she was sold on it and is looking to buy the same one.

EPILATING (the experience): Ouch. There is no way around it, tugging hair out of your skin is painful. It feels like constant tiny electric shocks. The tugging feels akin to the quick sensation you get when you nick your skin when shaving (not the pain of it, but the tug against the skin). I was actually scared of the epilator when I first turned it on, so my husband tried it on the back of his hand. He immediately thrust it back at me and said it was worse than a tattoo. I think he was exaggerating, and he has hair that is longer than the recommended length for epilating, but that just tells you how NOT comfortable it is. However, there is hope (see advice). I ended up knowing it was worth the pain the first time I ran it against my legs and they were completely hair free.

Underarms/armpits: are surprisingly the least painful. It starts as painful and after a few seconds is just annoying.
Bikini: Also, uncomfortable, but tolerable. The hair here tends to be thicker, so there is more of a tug on the skin in this area. This can cause the epilator to "jump". It doesn't necessarily cause more pain, but is a little disconcerting because of how much you feel each hair being plucked. It really reminds me of nicking my skin with a razor, just the snagging sensation, not the pain.
Lower Legs: Pretty painful. I have to take breaks. Lower legs can get little red/bruised spots when the hairs are plucked. For me, it was only the first time. For some users this continues for years.
Thighs: Intolerably painful. I cannot do it. Everyone I know says thighs are by far the worst.
DO NOT USE ON FACE: I've read this and can only assume it's good advice.
Arms: Have not tried, but according to my husband, it's hell.

Compared to WAXING: You have to wait for hair to be longer to wax, so you can have more hair free days with an epilator. Plus, a one time purchase of an epilator will be much cheaper than regular waxing, even if the epilator only lasts you a couple of years. Epilating makes a painful process less painful and more drawn out. Six to one half dozen..

Compared to SHAVING: I am obsessed with the super slick smooth feel of fresh shaved skin and that feel is due in part to the razor exfoliating your skin as it cuts hairs. After epilating, my skin has a texture to it, due to the hairs being pulled out and leaving microscopic raised regions of the top dead layer of skin. It is almost unnoticeable, but I do notice. What I do is epilate, to prevent stubble for much longer than shaving would, then I shave the next day or exfoliate. Despite there being nothing to shave, this just gives me that clean shaven feel. Epilating has me sold, because my skin is smooth when I wake up. I don't wake up with stubble anywhere, so I automatically feel cleaner.

Compared to CREAM HAIR REMOVERS: Cream hair removers often soften hairs more than they actually entirely remove them. They wear down the exterior of the hair shaft until it is very thin and some of them actually go away, but not many. An epilator is in my opinion, one hundred percent better than cream hair removers. It gets the root and hence, the entire hair.


HOW TO EPILATE: Once the device is charged, push the button to start the tweezers rotating. If this is your first time, use the attachment that exposes only three tweezer heads. Apply to skin at a 90 degree angle from your body. Read the pamphlet on direction. I find it does not matter what direction I move the epilator in relation to hair growth. Hold skin taut when possible. Keep skin very dry. Do not use any lotions beforehand.
Use the tweezers without a head attachment/cover once you are ready to pluck every hair. You will feel more tugging, but ironically, reduced pain.

PAIN: There are multiple ways to approach alleviating the pain of epilating. First off; take ibuprofen before attempting. I took 800mg before the first time, and was able to epilate my entire body sans thighs. Also, I realize I could probably use my husband's Dr. Numb cream (for tattoos) IF I wait for the anesthetic to sink in and then quickly rinse it off and dry my skin. The attachments help in various ways with pain; the three head attachment limits the epilating. This is crucial for getting used to the device. I also always start with this head when I am going at my underarms and bikini area. Take out some of the hair, then remove the attachment and get the rest. Holding your skin taut doesn't necessarily decrease pain, but it decreases the tugging. Make sure your hair is only a few mm long. Think a day or two without shaving. I can epilate effectively after one day of not shaving, so the epilator gets very short hairs. The shorter the hair, the less pain. If your hair is too long, the epilator will only have room to pinch the hair and pull, and then release before the hair is entirely pulled out. I've heard this is very painful and obviously ineffective. I find that when I start to dwell on what the pain "feels like" i.e. electric shocks, reminding myself that all that is happening is harmless hair plucking, really does relieve some pain. My friend who only epilates and has for years swears by a glass of wine. As long as you're not clumsy, a little numbing goes a long way. Finally, distractions can be good. Put on an easy to listen to, fun/funny movie. Think "My Best Friend's Wedding" or "Failure to Launch", something that's both entertaining to listen to, but not so exciting you need to look up. I use my Netflix app on my phone and listen in the bathroom.

Other tips:
Have VERY dry skin when doing this dry. Your skin will sweat when you experience pain. Even the tiniest amount can cause the epilator to drag. Have a towel on hand and thick tissues (not thin toilet paper). Regularly dry your skin and the epilator. Beware that the epilator will snag towels, so gently dry it in both directions to figure out which way snags the towel first, then just dry it off in the non-snagging direction after that. Tissues are handy to wipe out the little plucked hairs and to dry the surface of the epilator and your skin. Same as the towel, but towels can hold more moisture/take longer to dry, and tissues are cheap and you can use a ton to stay dry.
Bleeding can occur- from the tiny places where the hair is plucked. Blood, even the tiniest amount, is sticky, so quickly dry it off of your skin and the epilator.
Do NOT have any lotion or deodorant on skin. Skin should be clean, dry, and if possible, just exfoliated.
Exfoliate after (the next shower you take) to prevent in-grown hairs. Of all of the epilating I've done, I've only ever had one in-grown hair.

Additional props:
This is GREAT to have before/during camping or a vacation. When you don't have access to a shower and a shave, it feels amazing to wake up with no stubble. Even when your stubble finally starts to grow in, it is fine and reduced (not all hair grows back at once). This is also great for busy students, moms, anyone who doesn't have a lot of time on a regular basis to spend on shaving, but who can find thirty minutes or so once a week. Even if I do a sloppy once over with the epilator, this still reduces shave time.

Time Required: The first time I epilated, I did my legs, underarms, and bikini area. It took me four hours, because I was constantly stopping, drying my skin, cleaning the epilator, and taking a breather from the pain. The first time you epilate is necessarily going to be the most painful and most drawn out because you will have the most hair. Afterward, upkeep doesn't take long at all. Now, it takes me less time to epilate my legs than it does to apply shaving cream and shave, maybe two minutes a leg. Underarms take a few more minutes because your underarms have so many random curves, you have to go over them from multiple angles. Bikini area takes me the longest because the tugging is so noticeable that I can only do small areas at a time. I find it intense to use the epilator with no attachment on the bikini area, so I only use this after going over it with the three head attachment (so the time is extended due to multiple passes).

In a nut shell: Get THIS epilator and start epilating! Regardless of how you incorporate it into your hair removal routine, you will find it adds convenience. Whether you are using it on occasion, before a trip, or whether you use it religiously, the purchase will be worth your while. Go for this price point. Cheaper will give you a crummy motor or tweezers that don't sit flush and won't pluck hairs. More money buys you ceramic plates that supposedly are great, but do everything this epilator does and offers fewer attachments. I am such a price comparison shopper and hate wasting money, so you can rely on my high rating! I have no regrets and love this epilator.
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on August 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
** SUPER fast shipping and will definately buy from this seller again.. Thanks a mission as I was having withdrawls from my epilator who had an untimely death...

As an avid 'self' 'waxer' since around the age of 20 and I'm now 42 I was growing tired of the mess and clean up with waxing however besides shaving which I do tend to despise on all levels, I wasn't aware of any other option for the clean, smooth feeling you get status post a good wax..

That is until I stumbled upon my first Panasonic wet/dry epilator and I've been hooked ever since... My first one which was the model that was prior to this one here met an untimely death when I grabbed another cord that I thought was the epilators cord and plugged it into the outlet only to blow it to death as well as pop the circuit breaker within our casa...

Mental note taken: ONLY use the power cord that comes with the model as they are specific to them primarily based on the volts/watts that the cord AND epilator can handle... Immediately upon blowing my first model out I jumped online and began to search online for her replacement.... After hours and hours of searching it became apparant to me that Panasonic was the way to go and so I ordered this beauty here...

I epilate my underams, entire legs, and ENTIRE bikini area... The ENTIRE bikini area if you catch my drift and this model is even better than the previous model it replaced.. Myself I've learned the ways to get the 'best' removal and will share below:

1.) Start with clean dry skin. No lotions, oils, dirt or moist skin will yield the best results. I have used it in the tub as directed with wet skin and shave cream and soap and the hair removal to date is the best on clean dry skin as I've described above.

2.) Wait until your hair has grown out about 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch for best removal. If the hair is too short it won't grab it or if too long you stand the risk of it breaking off.....

3.) For underarms do not epilate when you have deoderant on. It drags along the skin and you will miss alot of the hair your intending to remove.

4.) Take an Ibuprofen or tylenol or pain reducer of your choice an hour before you do it if your sensitive to things like this or have a low tolerance to pain you'll be amazed at what a difference it makes..

5.) Once your done ripping all the hair out, your skin will be irritated, have a slight to moderate burning sensation and may have little red blotches on it. ITS NORMAL... You just traumatized your skin so remember that and this type of hair removal isn't for sissy la-la's either so please do not post your horrifying sissy-fied reviews on here about how horrible it is; your pulling hair out from its bulb its par for the course.. BUT the great news is that the hair that does grow back will grow back finer and finer and with less and less coming back all together.... Which for me is a no brainer...

Lastly, if there is ONE MAJOR TIP I can give you to keep your skin that you epilate and well your entire body for that matter it is is: EXFOLIATE daily with a good set of exfoliation gloves and your choice of good soap and body scrub.... The primary reason people get ingrown hairs so badly is that they do not exfoliate daily and its a necessary evil in order to maintain great skin and even better epilated skin and you may just fall in love with your skin all over again once you begin this necessity just like I have for decades...
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on September 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
It's as good as it promises. The clue if you don't want to feel as tortured when epilating: Maintenance. Use it frequently instead of waiting until ALL the hair is long. I epilate my underarms, for example, every two days, and by doing so I just remove a few hairs every time and I don't suffer at all!
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on March 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
My first epilator! Where do I start? Of course it hurt! But days after using it I have hardly thought about it! I used this mainly on my bikini area (said to be the most painful). I was very confused at how to use it or how close it was supposed to be to the skin. I admit that the first day I used it the pain was too much and I did have to stop. I continued the next day and covered more ground but I did take frequent breaks. I will definitely say that if you are looking for a fast process just stick to waxing. I did shave within the week of my first use so the hair was pretty short in length. This is important because if the hair is too long it will just tug, rip and not pull from the root, leaving stubble and more pain. Anyway I epilated over the course of 3-4 days. I did this because of the pain and the area had a lot more hair follicles than I had anticipated. Also it did leave my skin very irritated and I had a handful of bloody spots. Nothing too bad or messy.

I did use Tend Skin Skin Solution 16oz "Free Shipping" after every use since I normally use it twice a day anyway. Since I'm african american this helped a lot with bumps since I get them no matter what hair removal technique I try! Its been over a week since epiating, and although I can feel very slight stubble, the area still lookS very hairless. I learned very quickly that you can get as close up to your skin as you feel comfortable. Moving the epilator up, down, back and forth also helps get all the hairs. Pulling the skin tight helps get hair and also minimizes pain.

I did use in the shower and it did get my hair pretty well despite other reviews but I preferred doing it outside of the shower since I like to take breaks! I did try my arms and legs and quickly gave up. My arm hair is super fine and thin and doesnt bother me so I didnt bother with it much. My legs would just simply take FOREVER. I dont get razor bumps there so its not a good trade off. My underarms just hurt and again I don't get razor bumps there so I just didn't feel like it.

My favorite thing about this product is that even though it takes a while to remove the hair, it lasts for a very long time! Least favorite is not being able to use while charging! Overall I would recommend this to anyone who gets razor bumps anywhere! This product will not necessarily prevent them but it will keep you from having to remove hair from that area as much giving you more time to prevent/get rid of them.

*Sidenote* Also if you don't use this in the shower be prepared for that awkward moment where you try to hover over a trash can to catch the hair or just get the vacuum ready hahaha!
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on October 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've used this epilator twice so far with no complaints. I've waxed a lot of times, so the pain isn't that big of a deal for me. Plus I first do it while soaking in the bath (maybe relaxing in a warm and bubbly cacoon helps you igrore the fact that you're ripping hair out). It's not *perfect* in the water, as others said your hair kind of sticks to your leg sometimes. However, I like it as my first run, to get a bunch of the hairs now and a bunch more once I'm out of the bath.

I first tried the beginners attachment... eh, took too long so I immediately switched to the regular one. Yea, you can feel it - little tiny pin pricks almost. The second time was less painful than the first. It's really not a big deal once you get used to it.

I use it on my legs and underarms. The latter is a bit more awkward because you have to pull the skin tight to get the hairs. I kinda tried my bikini area, I'm sure it's possible, I just didn't want to sit there and figure it out.

I'm not that hairy to begin with, but having the hair grow even thinner is great. I used to shave every other day, but started getting ingrowns, plus stubble is not pretty. I liked waxing, but could only do it in the winter because you had to wait for the hair to be pretty long before you can do it. Epilation is kinda of the happy medium for me. I love that the hair grows in softer and thinner, even once it grows back it's not as noticable. I get barely any underarm hair growing in so even if what's there gets longer, it's not really visable unless you're close. Yay for genetics and epilation :P
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on August 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
I am a 20 yr veteran of using epilators...first one had the spinning coils, 2nd one was an Epilady Descrete...both worked great but as they wore out, noticed decrease in effectiveness. Needed one that was dual voltage so shopped and found this does an awesome job! Don't need the wet feature so can't comment on it...would imagine it's effectiveness is not so good since seems to me water would make hairs stick to skin...but hey! who cares if you're not using that feature.
The product came charged to a certain degree...used it 3-4 times before charging myself. Took couple hours to charge. Love that it is cordless, neither of my first 2 were...great feature. Head swivels, (first 2 didn't) makes for a very smooth "shave" Very quiet compared to my first 2. Shape is very comfortable in the hand...very different from the original Epilady and the Discrete. Tweezer cover snaps on tightly enough to stay. Head removal for cleaning is easy. The carry bag is cheap though...too big actually for the product and it's cord/attachments. It bangs around in the bag so I pack differently. I would definitely buy this again or as a gift for someone I knew uses an epilator.
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I think I read every review of every hair plucking device on Amazon before making my purchase. Good entertainment, and very interesting how varied people's experiences are. The one universal truth that seemed to emerge, and that I am happy to confirm, is that no matter what your experience, it gets easier after the first time. My theory is that going after any part of your body when it is at its hairiest is going to be the most difficult. Think about the difference of experience of say, plucking out one grey hair vs. someone taking a handful of your hair and trying to yank it out. So as you continue to use the epilator, your hairs are on all different cycles and you are not going after so many at a time with regular use. It doesn't take long to run this over your main hairy parts, and doing it regularly will keep the pain levels manageable. I do agree though, that you will not get the silky smooth feeling of freshly shaved legs with this. However, I am able to get my underarms even smoother and better looking than a razor. I will now comment on the pain levels. For me it is 1)underarms - most painful and most worth it - brought a tear to my eye the first time. got used to it, but still I put it up there with waxing. love the smooth look when I am done and how long it lasts 2)bikini area - surprised me that it didn't hurt even more. the fact that it is hard for me to see what is going on makes it more difficult and puts the fear factor higher. have had the little machine take a couple of chomps out of me down there, and trust me when that happens - game off until another day 3)legs - almost feels good to me. this is a good thing because it definitely takes the longest. no matter how many times I go over an area, never seem to get them all. Bottom line, you can have my razor.
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on August 12, 2011
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This thing is amazing!! This is my first, so I have no previous expirence to compare. But this thing is everything they said it would be. I got mine yesterday and already I've done my legs, underarms, mustache, and my whowho. (The whole thing!) My legs hurt worst of all. I thought that would be the easiest. just now I lathered it up and did my mustache it didn't hurt one bit, it was easier than waxing. I love this thing. I just hope it last a while cuz this just seams to good to be true! Overall there is some pain but really its nothing like I expected. I love it. I just found my new best friend!!!!
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