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on September 29, 2012
These are as quiet and as strong-venting as promised.

We had three of these fans installed by a contractor. The team working our project reported the units went in easily from above the room, but likely would be difficult to installed from within the room due to the 6-inch ducting called for on the 150-CFM model. In most homes, 3-inch or 4-inch ducting is found. As a personal observation, the smaller ducting likely is why other Panasonic units that share common parts are louder - the fans are working against more resistance and therefore move less air with slightly more noise.

As another reviewer noted - there is a significant difference in quality and performance between these units and the "best" available at the various big-box stores. The noise factor is more significant than I thought it would be, these units run at 0.3 sones versus 1.0 sones for the big-box "best" units. Additionally, the Panasonic units have no stamped parts with flanges to bend, and, no cheap fans with rotor play and broad clearances - all indicating sloppy design and construction. Even the packaging is superior, and in my opinion that says a lot about the manufacturing.

The units are so quiet we have accidentally left them running overnight. Some of those count-down timer switches may be my next purchase.

I am confident in recommending these high-capacity, very low-noise fans for new construction and major remodels where ceilings are open from below or attic space is open for work from above. I am less confident for homeowners doing like-for-like replacement due to the duct-size issue with the 150-CFM model I noted above. For that application and would recommend looking at the 110-CFM or 80-CFM models that use the more common duct sizes.

The price differential between these units on and the "best" units at the big-box stores is only about $30 apiece. The quality and workmanship on these units greatly exceeds those "best" ones.
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on July 29, 2013
I just had this fan installed this past weekend by my contractor after reading all the great reviews. I bought this fan for my ground level bathroom as the old fan was extremely loud and was not removing the steam/humidity. When my contractor came to install the Panasonic a few days ago, he noticed that my old fan was not even hooked up to the exterior exhaust vent! I thought maybe that alone might fix the problem.

After he installed the new fan, I noticed that it was not NEARLY as quiet as everyone here says. While not as loud as my old fan, I could clearly hear this motor running somewhat loudly. Also, I tried the "crack the bathroom door open trick" but felt no resistance whatsoever. I then put a tissue against the fan and the edges of the tissue were folding downward (as if the suction wasn't strong enough to hold it). Finally, I checked the exterior exhaust...I was able to feel a good amount of air rushing out at least.

So now was the shower test. Unfortunately, this was a fail. The mirror completely fogged up with the bathroom door shut, and the top edge of the mirror fogged up with the bathroom door wide open. The Panasonic isn't doing much better than what I had in there before...a builder-grade unit that wasn't even connected to the exterior venting.

At this point, I'm thinking I either got a contractor did something incorrectly. I didn't watch him work so I can't say if he did anything wrong; however, he had to run to Home Depot during the installation because he said he had to pick up a few parts. I looked at the receipt to see what he purchased and they were: 1)A 6" to 4" reducer, 2)A 4" 90deg adjustable elbow, and 3)A 4" TO 3" 26gauge round reducer.

For you installation pros out there, is it possible that my fan is fine and that one of these "parts" or the installation itself was flawed?


My contractor came back to work on the fan. He turned the unit around to eliminate the 90 degree turn and he cut open the siding on the exterior of my home to insert a 4" wide exhaust instead of the existing 3" (not enough space for 6")...and wouldn't you know it...the fan now works great! He also just installed 2 more of these units in my bathrooms upstairs where he had attic access and was able to run 6" ducting the whole way...and all I can say is...WOW! These units do move a lot of air and are very quiet....basically sounds like the air coming from your air register when your central AC is on. I've updated my rating and highly recommend this fan!
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on May 14, 2012
We just bought a house and the people who used to live there took the vent fans in the two bathrooms. So we needed to get these in and up and running as soon as possible. Luckily we have windows in both bathrooms so we were able to cover the holes in the ceiling until a vent fan could be purchased and installed. I originally bought the Nutone ones from my local Home-Depot. However upon speaking with a friend of mine who is an engineer, contractor, basically a jack of all trades, he turned me to Panasonic. Him and his company only install Panasonic vent fans. I did some of my own research and noticed that the majority of the people who own one are happy. Our two bathrooms are not very big, but figured why not go for the bigger 150CFM versus the 110 CFM rated one? Over this past weekend we put them in. The install of them was a piece of cake, we did however already have holes in the ceiling from the previous vent fans that were in there. The biggest pain was putting in the ducting, as the previous owners took everything, and our attic is not what you would call spacious. HAHA. We used a wall timer on these as well instead of an ordinary off/on light switch. This is due to that these should be running for at least 20 minutes after the shower/bath has ended (they use very little power to run). Once they were installed we turned them on. After about a second or two you can hear the air moving and the ticking of the wall timer, but no motor. I was then very "old school" about how quiet they are. I thought that there is no way these move that much air. So right then, I decided I would test it out. I took a shower with the bathroom door closed and the window shut. I made sure it was as hot of water as I could bare. I took a normal 15 min or so shower. After I got out, there was no moisture anywhere in the bathroom, the windows were not fogged up, there was no moisture even on the walls or the ceiling. I was so amazed. I have since told everyone I can about these and suggest that if you are looking into getting one, go with a Panasonic. You will not regret it!
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on October 21, 2011
We bought this fan for our master bath and it did not disappoint. We had it professionally installed. It moves a lot of air and is extremely quiet. Condensation doesn't build up on the mirror during showering because so much air is being moved. Obviously you will hear the noise of air movement but we don't have any of the hum/whine/buzz of the typical bath fan's components moving. Thinking about changing the other fans in the house to these. Also, consider pairing with a timer switch type of light switch which lets you set how long to let the fan run after you leave the room. Highly recommended.
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on September 22, 2013
This unit functions very well, the high CFM works well, but be aware that the 5.75" OD exhaust port on this unit doesn't mate with commonly available 6" ducting. I had to make a gasket to bridge the 1/4 gap in the OD of the outlet port and the ID of the 6-4" adapter. Most house unless specifically made with 6" exhaust hoods have 4" bathroom fan ducts so an adapter is required.

The other issues is that the sheet exhaust port, junction box and sealing setup has to be removed to be installed. The sheet metal bends easily and getting it back onto the unit while the fan body is hanging from a ceiling with another person manipulation in an attic is very difficult. I doesn't want to sit squarely on the housing and the locating tabs were difficult to reengage.

Overall this fan was disappointing due to the excessive complication of installation. The specs are impressive as is the function but the overall package is not end user/installer friendly.
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on January 9, 2015
Most ducts are 4" not 6"

Really is whisper quiet if you install it correctly using 6" rigid duct all the way to a true 6" roof vent. This fan relies on low RPM/high volume flow, so you cannot reduce the diameter at all to fit existing installations. I took off one star because of all the installation modifications and cost required to retrofit this into my newer home.

Additional tip: you must run a minimum of 2'-3' worth of straight rigid duct from the fan itself to your exhaust. Anything shorter, flex duct, or any bends introduces too much air flow restriction and then the fan makes noise. Annoying noise. Like somebody with a plastic grocery bag whipping it around kind of noise.
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on August 7, 2014
I purchased this fan to replace a noisy, high-volume fan in one of our bathrooms. The previously-installed fan worked great, but was so noisy that I simply couldn't take it any more. After reading the reviews on this fan, and since the Hunter fans that I so love are no longer in production, I had to give this a try.

First, let me say that it's every bit as quiet as claimed. The gentle "whoosh" sound of air passing through the grill is about all you hear. If you attempt to connect this fan to a smaller than 6" exhaust, or if the exhaust line has too many bends or kinks that restrict air flow, I'm sure it would be louder and less effective. I've read some reviews where buyers have complained about nose or lack of air flow, but then state that they had to buy a 6" to 4" reducer to fit it to the current exhaust line. If you must connect your fan to a 4" exhaust, don't buy a fan with a 6" duct... buy something less powerful.

My only complaint about the fan was that in did not include instructions or recommendations for installation as a replacement fan. The instructions focused on a rough-in installation where drywall would be finished after installation. While that would simplify installation substantially, I suspect most buyers want to upgrade or replace old or malfunctioning fans, and some guidance for a replacement installation would be helpful. In order to install the unit in an existing ceiling location, I had to remove the fan and motor (3 screws, easily accessed) and remove the power and exhaust pane, from the side of the unit (1 screw!) I then was able to connect the wiring box to existing wiring and connected the ductwork. I had to cut the hole bigger to fit the fan housing, then pushed it into the ceiling and temporarily screwed it to a joist until I could affix the proper hangers in the attic. Once the housing was in place, I was able to maneuver and reinstall the power and exhaust panel and replace the screw. I reinstalled the motor/fan with it's 3 screws, and plugged in the motor. Power on, and it works great!

It definitely took extra effort to install this fan as a replacement unit, but I would do it again and I'm contemplating it for my upstairs laundry room. While I've only had it installed for about a week, I think I can safely say that this is an excellent fan for the money and would currently recommend it without reservation. If my opinion changes in a few months, I'll update this review accordingly. after a few months of use
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on July 5, 2016
This is the second 150 cfm Panasonic bathroom vent fan I have installed and I am thoroughly impressed. To give a reasonable idea of sound level, if either I turn on the shower or sink faucet, I have to listen very carefully to hear the fan. I can distinguish it only by pitch. The volume is easily overpowered by shower or sink or toilet flush sound.

Even though it is relatively quiet, it moves some serious air. I have not measured it but even when taking a hot shower, the mirror does not fog--not even a little bit.

Here is some info for DIYers:
* If installing between floors you need to have at least 2x8 joists. Even then, since the real width of a 2x8 is 7-1/4", the flange needs to be mounted against the face of the ceiling. If you have at least 1/2" drywall in the ceiling, you will get the clearance you need.
* This model has only the fan so wiring only requires grounded 12/2 Romex. The model with fan, light, and night light requires grounded 12/3.
* If the unit is mounted even partially over a shower/bath area, code requires you to have GFCI. I met the requirement with a GFCI circuit breaker.
* 6" duct gives great results. I have not done an install with 4" duct and would expect performance to be degraded with the smaller duct.
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on January 2, 2016
1. At 0.3 sones, it's very quiet. My other fan was 2.0 sones. The sound difference is amazing. I finally have peace in the bathroom.
2. It prevents the steam cloud from forming at the top of the room.
3. It prevents the mirrors from fogging.
4. It's Energy Star Rated.
5. It's UL Rated.
6. It's rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
7. Installation docs were good.
The builder installed a 50 CFM fan, but there was a steam cloud and foggy mirror after every shower; which was causing my wallpaper border to peal. With a bathroom 8 ft long x 5 ft wide x 9 ft high = 360 cubic feet, a 50 CFM fan can only remove all the air in my bathroom every 7.2 minutes. Well that was too slow to prevent the steam cloud and foggy mirror problem. At 150 CFM, the Panasonic fan removes that same bathroom air in 2.4 minutes. It removes air 3 times faster and I can hardly hear it running. Love it! I'll definitely be buying 2 more of these to fix the same problem in my other 2 bathrooms.
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on April 13, 2014
Wonderfully quiet, but a challenge to install. I knew that going in, because I had previously installed a Panasonic WhisperCeiling in another bathroom. The previous installation had been accessible from the attic, but this one was in a downstairs bathroom, so it was only possible to do the install from below. The fan was to replace an original builder installed, smaller, noisy fan. It needed to go between joists at 16" centers, but because of the access problem, using the supplied metal bracket was not an option. Instead, I built a wood frame with 2x4's that I was able to pre-install. The job took 3 days, but it was worth it for the quietness.
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