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I have been testing a number of these cameras for my video review channel and have found that on balance the Panasonic HC-V750 has slightly better image quality than comparable offerings from Canon along with an excellent stabilization system. The low light is the best I've seen on a consumer camera so far in this generation, it's really good.

The HC-V750 is a little larger than other consumer cameras but it's still easy to hold and very light weight. It has what I call a 'shoot by wire' system where the optical and digital stabilizers along with orientation sensors try to correct lousy photographic skills. It'll even warn you when you're panning too fast. The camera can digitally level an image in real time, although I found that feature didn't always work. It does, however, have a great leveling meter for sizing up a shot manually.

The 5.1 channel microphone is a little too sensitive - it picks up noise your hand might make while handling the camera and the optical stabilizing gyro can also be heard on recordings. This is solved through the use of an external microphone plugged into its mic port or through a separate recording that can be synchronized up with the video in post production.

The WiFi feature, like just about every camera out there on the market right now, is garbage. The app to control the camera has a delay to it, making it difficult to precisely control zoom and recording. I was unable to get the live streaming work with UStream as it requires both a Panasonic Lumix Club account and a Ustream account to function. Despite a tremendous amount of effort I could not get the camera to talk with the Lumix club service. The other wifi features like network file copying and DLNA playback were also very difficult to use and not very functional. As bad as the WiFi is on the Panasonic, it's also pretty lousy on their competitor's products as well.

Conclusion: This is a very nice camera that delivers great image quality, excellent low light performance, and has an amazing stabilization system.
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on May 12, 2014
First, allow me to qualify. I'm by far not an audio visual expert. I'm a home camera person who has been perennially disappointed by less expensive equipment. So it was a big deal for me to spend 6 big boys on this camcorder. Overall, I highly recommend this very light weight camcorder for the home user. The video quality in high and low lighting is excellent. The zoom is excellent -- a little blurry in low light though. The zoom is 20x optical which means that's as much as the hardware can do. The rest is the camera's interpretation, but it is still very good. The lens has a nice wide angle, but I do not think it is wide enough for recording an orchestra near the stage. The Panasonic VW-W4907 wide angle lens should give you excellent results with minimal vignette and accurate color -- a new one is a little pricey though -- watch out for fakes. The recording formats are HD 1080 50fps and 28 fps, 720 and iFrame, and of course AVCHD -- the files are quite large. There are many wireless settings but I do not have a smart phone to be able to do all the tricks. I did connect the wireless to my network just to see if it works; it does. In order to get the pictures off the camera, I used the included USB, but the files cannot be deleted from the camera using the computer. In order to delete them, you have to use the display. Not ideal. You can also take the flash disk out each time to download/delete, but if your camera is mounted on a tripod, removing the disk will probably disturb it's position because you have to reach around to the rear of the camera. The sound is pretty good, but a shotgun mic is needed in a theater environment. I advise getting a high quality shotgun mic, like the Shur VP83. The camera has an external mic input, and AGS can be turned off. The touch display is very responsive and highly visible in bright sunlight and easy to understand. One problem with the display is that if you record yourself with the display flipped 180 degrees toward you, it does not display all of the options as if the display were in the normal position. So to change options, you have turn the camera around on the tripod. Not good. The battery life is acceptable, but the recharge isn't ideal. The battery must be recharged in the camera, which means it is unusable while it is charging -- including when the camera is stationary during self recording. That's not good. You might want to buy a back up battery. I know I've nitpicked a few things, but really the Panasonic HC-V750K is a very good camera, and I'm happy with the purchase and highly recommend it.
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on July 24, 2014
I have been looking to upgrade my aging Panasonic SD90 camcorder and tried the X920 a few months ago, which I returned because it was horrible. When I saw the specs for the V750 and W850 I decided to get one primarily because the full HD slow motion capabilities interested me. I chose the V750 because I don't need the second camera that the W850 has or the infrared night mode. If you are seeking a camcorder for typical family videos this is an excellent choice but there are a number of cons in the design that keep it from being excellent for my usage.

Picture quality - Excellent. Pretty much the same clarity as the SD90 but the V750 has more realistic color reproduction. Picture quality is much better than the X920 I previously returned and reviewed. Low light and indoor picture quality is much better than the SD90. Focusing is excellent and the optical zoom is ample enough for me.

Sound - Excellent. The sound is day and night better than my SD90 and the microphone picks up things like birds chirping in the background that my ears don't hear. The microphone does an excellent job of cutting out wind noise.

Ergonomics - Very good. Larger than most consumer camcorders and this works better for my shaky hands at steadying videos.

Wifi - Comes in handy for remote operation.

Price - My work has access to Panasonic's employee discount store pricing as a perk and I picked this up for much less than the retail price.

Full HD slow motion - This should have been one of the greatest things about this camcorder since it is the first affordable model to offer full 1920x1080 120 fps but unfortunately Panasonic really did a horrible job here for the following reasons.
*No sound is recorded in slow motion mode.

*Slow motion records in a different format than normal videos (MP4 vs AVCHD) and programs like Adobe Premiere, Windows Media Player, don't even recognize the format. It is not typical MP4 which I can play on my computer with no problem. I am still trying to figure out how to fix this and for now have to use BS Player to play these back.

*To playback the slow motion videos on the camcorder you have to switch between AVCHD and MP4 format videos they do not all appear on the same playback screen. This means if you record 3 videos in AVCHD and 3 videos in MP4 you must switch the format through the menu and will only see one format or the other (3 videos) at a time.

*You must switch modes on the touchscreen to enter slow motion due to it recording in a different format. By default slow motion is then only activated if you hold down on the slow motion icon on the touchscreen while recording and limited to three uses per video. Luckily you can set the camcorder to have slow motion always on when you hit record in slow motion mode and at least not have to hold the icon. I was about to return the camcorder until I figured out you could switch to always on.

*The camcorder automatically slows down the video. Unlike devices like the GoPro which will give you a 120 fps video that plays in normal speed where you can edit it to slow it down as you like afterwards through editing that is not the case with the Panasonic. When you play back the recorded file on the camcorder or computer it is already slowed down. I have no idea what percentage it is slowed down (10%, 25%, 50%, etc) and it would be nice to know.

*Slow motion mode records in a narrower picture than any of the other modes. It is equivalent to using about 2-3X zoom in the normal 1920x1080 mode.

Battery - I recorded the same videos at the same time with both the V750 and my SD90 to compare the picture and the V750 battery (VBT190) completely died while the SD90 battery (VBK180) was still showing 2/3 power. Secondly, it is impossible to purchase a spare battery by itself. The battery is backordered everywhere and has been for months I had to purchase the accessory kit with the charger and useless bag to get a spare battery. Both the VBT190 $69 and VBT360 $129 are extremely overpriced assuming you can find one and no aftermarket manufacturer currently makes a cheaper version. This camcorder has been out for months now and considering the battery is the same exact size as the VBK model there is no reason Panasonic switched other than to bilk consumers out of money. If they want to rip people off in the future they can at least try to have the battery available for purchase.

Recording yourself - If you want to record yourself or something else from the front of the screen the LCD screen has to be turned 100% of the way towards the front before it properly orients. With the SD90 or X920 when you turn the LCD screen beyond parallel towards the front it automatically orients the picture right side up but with the V750 this does not happen and the picture remains upside down until you go ALL the way. If you are recording something downwards you have to view the picture on the LCD upside down, extremely annoying.

Build quality - The camcorder is made out of possibly the cheapest plastic I have ever seen on any camera and one drop is probably all it will take to break it. The LCD screen has a ¼ inch or greater gap between the battery in the back which I have also never seen on a camcorder and don't understand.

Playback - The HDMI plug for playback is located beneath the LCD screen as typical for Panasonic meaning the screen has to be open and using battery while you are playing back. It would make more sense for this connection to be external so you can playback on the television without wasting battery on the LCD screen. You can turn off the LCD during playback but that requires going through the menu to do so.
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on May 15, 2014
I'm just going to bounce around a bit...

The camera almost spent as much time on the local delivery truck, then in the time it took shipping to my town. End of day delivery. I ordered on day one and the next PM it was delivered.

To cut to the chase, video is excellent and the camera is easy to operate. My forth camera, each an improvement over the other.

Much larger size than previous cameras.

I'm upgrading from an HC-V201. The VW-VBY 100 and Washabi Power BTR-VBK360 batteries that work with the 201 are not compatible.

The Washabi wall charger works with the battery provided. When I received the charger for the 201 I had to pinch off a bit of plastic (as suggested on a talk board) to make the battery fit. I've never had a charging problem. Highly recommend you get away from charging via the camera. There are times when you need to charge a battery and having the camera option only may leave you in a bind.

After charging the battery that came with the camera it showed 1:27 remaining time. I did a short serious of test video and it seems to be power hungry compared to the 201. A second and maybe even a third battery recommended. I have a second battery and will be purchasing a third, as I take many short videos throughout a long day. May go for the gold and order the larger battery. Next weekend the camera will be getting a workout and I will have a better handle on battery life under working conditions.

The default settings are AVCHD. I changed to MP4 (1080/50) as I upload to YouTube and less code conversion the better. MP4 files are large. 43.9 MB for an 8 second clip. I'm using a SanDisk Ultra Plus 64 gb without issue. I remove the card from the camera and insert the card into the computer (no cables).

Comprehensive camera manual on provided disk. Also video editing software, but I use my own.

The touch screen is very responsive. No one should have any complaints.

When I first turned on the camera indoors the camera light came on. It senses when it's needed. I turned the light off, as I don't need it for every day outdoor filming.

I turned off the pre-record feature (I think I turned it on for testing). Three seconds pre-recorded before you press record. For one battery usage, and second the protective lens cover stays open (the cover automatically opens and closes in conjunction with the LCD open and closing, unless you set to pre-record). I move around a lot and don't wish to have the lens cover open and don't wish to be having to change settings or turning off the camera when I move. I need the protective cover closed.

The zoom lens is smother (easier to control) then the one of the 201. Every once in a while I want to do a slow zoom in or out and it usually took a few takes to get it right with the 201.

Level gauge is a nice touch. Just last week it would have come in handy as the terrain was not level and sometimes not paying attention.

Don't like that you have to continually press down on the slow motion button on the touch screen to keep recording in slow, but something I can live with. It's slow motion, but not really slowwwww. I can see uses for it. No sound in slow.

The few photos I took look fine and the video camera will work in a pinch versus a dedicated still camera. Will do some testing next week. I did have the flash go off. Not something I want in certain settings, as it will distract those I'm shooting. Been looking around to see if I can turn camera flash off, but have not seen anything, but will keep poking around.

I film using a tripod, 100%. Saying that, the testing off tripod gave excellent results. I will be rethinking how I use the camera off tripod, as a few times in the past I wished to do so, but don't have a steady hand and thought better of it. Works well, but don't be wiping the camera about.

Sound was good, but thinking of purchasing the directional microphone. Depends on how you plan on using the camera.

A slight wind came up when I was testing and I pointed the camera right into the wind. Didn't detect any wind sounds when viewing, but not a serious wind. Wind is a big problem with consumer cameras. I've had excellent results using Wind Cutter sound reducing products. An option if high winds do become a problem. Let's hope for some wind so I can find out!

Didn't look at the Wi-Fi option.

I'll do a follow-up after I give the camera a workout over Memorial Day Weekend.


Used the camera all day Sunday.

Battery lasted longer then I thought (I take numerous short video, rarely anything more then a minute, if that), but did have to use my backup battery. I would have gotten by with one battery in my old camera doing the same type of activity. The battery that comes with the camera is the same type (model number) as the one I used in my old camera, thus the comparison!

Both outdoor (sunny day) and video taken inside of a large rented commercial size tent looked really good.

Did have a wind come up. Had wind noise, but much better then previous cameras that I've used.

Thinking of getting a directional microphone. The LCD must be in the open position to access the power terminal. The LCD closes just enough so the protective lens cover will close when moving. I tested using a set of earphones. A warning did pop up saying that the mike would interfere (you would see part of it when the lens was set at the widest position).

Slow motion worked well. I didn't use any of what I shot, but was just checking out future possibilities and wanted to see how it looked on the computer. You do have to keep your finger on the LCD when using this feature (no sound). You take off your finger and it reverts to real time.

Can't comment on file transfer as I just pop out the card and place in my computer.
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on July 19, 2014
Very Disappointed , there is a panning issue, with stableization on or off doesn't matter after a pan the camera back tracks.
thought it was my tripod, but took it to a pro video shop and put it on a $600 video tripod and it did the same thing, manager said he had never seen that issue and that it was a camera software or firmware issue. now I have to start all over again.
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on June 23, 2014
I finally decided to replace my old JVC Everio, which recorded in JVC's goofy proprietary format (,mod). It could be converted and edited but it lost quality and the file became too large. With all the recording I do, I should have done this years ago simply for the ability to edit.

So far I've used the Panasonic HC-v750k to record my son's basketball games and my other son's rock band performances. I will also be using it to record mountain biking (in addition to my GoPro) and baseball.

The video quality in indoor basketball games is super. The light always seems good but my old camcorder and our camera recordings look as if they were done in low light in these places. I also use the Panasonic's camera to catch images while recording and they are good. Not amazing, but better than I expected. In fact, they do come out better than our camera. When not zoomed at all, the Panasonic's pictures look similar to my GoPro's wide-angle shots.

I've recorded indoor and outdoor music. I recorded a show on the beach with some wind and the sound is great (and video quality amazing). It didn't pick up the wind noise, at least that I can hear. Some day I'll add a boom mic but for now, this is great for me.

Important: To record in slow motion you must be in the setting that allows 120 fps recording. While in that mode, you can not take pictures. To record in slow motion, you must leave your finger on the touch screen button the entire time you are recording in slo mo (this is an extra step performed while the camera is already recording). The user is given 3 opportunities to record in slo mo per recording. This sounded like a hassle when I read the directions but it is pretty good.

Playback in slow motion: These files record in mp4 format. They won't play on the Windows Media Player (at least I can't get them to work) and Quicktime doesn't seem to like them. This could just be a setting issue or something - I don't know and I'm not too savvy with this stuff. I do know playing back at regular speed with my favroite player - VLC Media Player - slo mo is pretty slow, plays smoothly and looks sharp. With this player video can be slowed even more by selecting a slower play back speed and still looks sharp and fairly smooth. I have not uploaded a slo mo file to youtube to see how it plays.

When editing in my Corel software, I tried several output formats and .wmv was the best. I actually became nervous because the first few I tried gave terrible results but the .wmv format looks as good as the original movie. I can't recall now what those unsuccessful formats are.

I don't have a professional eye or ear but to me this seems at least as good as a friend's Canon VIXIA HF M50 , which costs more. I haven't tried out any other features yet. So far I am satisfied with this purchase.
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on February 17, 2015
I'm not going to pretend like I know every little thing about this camera, but I will say that I'm a professional videographer, and sometimes I use smaller cameras for internet work, like this one.
So I wound up purchasing two of these, not by choice. The first one, I was in South Carolina, one of the beaches with my family, and I had the camera documenting the trip. So I had on basketball shorts at the beach, and at one point, I put the camera in my pocket, and went towards the ocean to shoot with my DSLR camera (for photos).

Totally forgot I had the camera in my pocket (it's bigger than most camcorders but still fits in basketball short pockets) and basically got the camera went and killed it. I tried everything to revive that camera, so the old on is just sitting in my closet, and I purchased a new one.

So long story short, don't soak it involuntarily in ocean salt water. Aside from that, it has a nice pleasant picture, very easy on the eyes. I like the slow motion, you have to hold down a button to activate it, but it's pretty nice. The slow motion video is not HD, keep that in mind, but it looks better than most cameras selling 200 plus frames per second. I'm awaiting the 4k version.
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on February 9, 2015
I'm happy with the purchase. I was torn between the comparable canon models (which are cheaper) and am happy I paid extra for the Panasonic. The low light performance is what convinced me to buy. I'm very happy with the quality, however there are a few areas that need improvement.

1. The zoom speed is slow. If you want to quickly reach the other side of the room for example, it takes a few seconds.
2. The touch screen controls suck. Maybe its because I have big fingers but I can never seem to hit the right button. A bigger screen would help a lot.
3. Navigating the touch screen seems a bit unresponsive, as if the processor chosen for this camcorder could have been just a bit more powerful. There is a slight lag when you hit a button and when the camcorder reacts. Not a huge deal but a bit annoying when you are in the middle of recording and you want to quick change something like white balance or brightness. Most of the time I just forget about it because it's too much of a hassle to navigate the menu to make these changes mid-recording, which is a sacrifice I shouldn't have to make.
4. I haven't even tried the wifi because by all accounts that I've read it is slow, laggy, and useless.

Those are minor complaints. The actual quality of the video is very good. A bit grainy in low light but still impressive and better than the competition at this price point. Battery life is good.
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on February 13, 2015
f you are reading this, then you are probably trying to decide which camcorder is best for 2015? In this price range you have 3 real choices..
THe canon G series (more expensive)
The panasonic x920 slightly more expensive
or.. well or this one...

Really , In my humble opinion this is an easy choice. This one wins IF and its a big IF..if you can live without a viewfinder.?

I had a play with this cam trying to decide whether it is a significant upgrade on the 920 which is a couple of years old. A couple of things make me think this is a bit of a step backward. Firstly panasonic decided to drop the 3mos system. They have their reasons but looking at the footage in HD it compares well
The other thing missing from this is the evf (electronic viewfinder) this is pretty much essential with manual focus and filming in bright sun.
But this camcorder does great slo mo. Its the only one to do 120fps. Its $200 cheaper than the others at least.
So basically if you can live without the EVF then this is the one for you..
You might want to check this out, if you are new to camcorder filming.
Make better videos with your dslr or camera: Filming with Canon and Nikon dslr, compact cameras and camcorder

As it stands I would be looking for EVF for any amount of serious filming but it seems that the best camcorder for 2015 doesn't have one. the evf models which seem to be aimed at people who use camcorders a lot don't have the features or frame rate or as high mbs (image quality as this one.please click helpful below if this is helpful. So if you can live without the evf, go for this. If you can't you will probably want the x920 but will have to accept the loss of Slooooow motion and the high bit rate (quality)
It might be worth experimenting with the use of a dslr loupe as well on bright days
Neewer Perfect Foldable 3" LCD Viewfinder 3X Magnification for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Panasonic and Other DSLR Cameras / such as Canon 7D 5D Mark II 1D Mark IV T2i/550D T1i/450D 60D G9 G10 S90 Nikon D700 D300s D300 D90 D7000 D3100 D3000 Panasonic DMC-G...
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on July 7, 2014
I bought this because of the low light level performance and 120 fps@1080 feature. While the low light level performance is pretty good, the 120 fps feature has a couple of drawbacks. First you have to set it into this mode using a couple of convoluted menu options, second, the FOV narrows in that mode so you can't shoot using the standard wide angle. This was a disappointing limitation on the feature. I would like the 120fps mode to be just like the 60fps mode - you can set it, leave it, and enjoy all the camera features in that mode.

Ultimately, the reason I returned the camera was that it would keep switching to interpolated 30fps in low light. I would set the camera to 60fps, but as soon as the light level in the room reduced below a certain level, the camera would enter a special mode where it actually shot at 30fps, interpolating frames to get to 60. The result is a horrible blurry image that nobody in their right mind would be happy with. I couldn't figure out how to disable this 'feature' despite hours of fiddling with the camera.

In short, it felt to me like I couldn't rely on getting good results in low light conditions and the 120fps feature was a let down.
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