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on July 29, 2013
I've had the camera for nearly 2 weeks now. I purchased the HDC-TM300 way back in Feb 2010, and used it frequently; so, this was a significant upgrade for me. The performance of the camera is exceptional for a prosumer camcorder. I am an avid videographer who probably spends most of the time taking family videos, but also for anything that I might want to do that's more on the amatuer side of filmmaking such as thunderstorm lightning videography, nature, short guerilla documentaries, etc.

I also purchased the following, which arrived with the camera:

1)Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger for Panasonic VW-VBN260 and Panasonic HC-X800, HC-X900, HC-X900M, HC-X910, HC-X920, HC-X920M, HDC-HS900, HDC-SD800, HDC-SD900, HDC-TM900 (2800mAh)

2)SanDisk Extreme 64 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDX-064G-X46

You'll want the extra batteries, as well as an independent charger so that you don't have to charge on the camera. One thing nice about the Wasabi charger, is that it comes with both your standard AC outlet plug as well as a DC car charger connection.

1. Incredible video! In normal light, this thing is simply amazing for the price. I paid less for this with the accessories above than I did for the TM300.
2. 1080 60p - this combined with the video performance is why someone would upgrade from a TM300. It's just simply amazing the detail you'll see when replaying the video versus what you see while recording, such as a fly taking off or just cleaning itself. There's really no reason that I can find why I'd ever take it out of this setting.
3. Low Light - much, much better than the TM300! If you're doing something like lightning videography, you'll want to use the autofocus, zoom in on a distance object using x12 or x40 and then set the camera to manual focus.
4. Can be recording within about 3 seconds of flipping open the viewfinder
5. Better camera-to-pc transfer software.
6. Manual controls. Sure, they are slightly different, but you can easily access them by just hitting the small physical "Camera Function" button on the side near the lens as seen in the pic, versus using the touchscreen for everything.

Viewfinder and LCD don't work at the same time. My kids love looking at themselves in the LCD while recording. On the TM300, I could use both the viewfinder and LCD screen at the same time. Apparently, that option is not available in the x920. I would just use the viewfinder to keep them in frame so as not to have to look in front of the camera and potentially get into the shot.

I've messed with most other settings on this camera; especially, in manual.

Haven't used:

General Review:
For those complaining about the manual controls or autocontrols, it's more important to know when and how to use them then to throw up a bunch of videos that show the camera not being used correctly, and then expecting some miraculous behavior from auto-settings.

Both manual and auto controls work very well. It's like any other camera outside of the $200 range; If you want to learn to really take advantage of the full capabilities, you'll need to mess around with the settings and actually practice using them in the right scenarios.

I often use manual white balance controls instead of the auto, because it's so quick that it will adjust to lighting in a room if I go from panning at something with light in the room, past a window, to a different light source in a different room.

I was initially contemplating the idea of getting a GH3, but the ol budget wouldn't allow for it at this time. I hadn't even looked into this camera until about 2 weeks before purchasing. I'm really glad I purchased this camera.

UPDATE: 5/22/14 - Use this camera regularly. Have not ran into any significant problems. I still mostly run and gun in full auto for family vids. I always keep one battery on the charger and one on the camera. Battery life is between 1.5-2 hours still. I've since picked up two of the Dolica ST-500 68-Inch Lightweight Tripods that you can find on amazon at $24.99. I keep one in the house and one in the car. I would still highly recommend this camera for anyone upgrading from something like a TM300. Great upgrade. The detail in the video is quite amazing. Stability is much better than TM300.
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on March 10, 2013
Updating the review after more analysis. Its a great camera, and I'd give it 4 stars, however.. I'm going to keep at 3 stars so that panasonic understands it needs to work on its White Balance features and color accuracy. With the default settings and intelligent auto, there is a "cool tone" in the picture. Although this camera has the best sharpness, The Canon G20 and Sony CX760 both excel in color saturation/white balance.


- The WiFi features are pretty cool - wirelessly stream videos to your HDTV/internet
(Note: Make sure your TV/DLNA device can play AVCHD 60fps files, for instance my Samsung TV can't)
- Class leading image quality just got better with improvements in low light noise / image quality
- Simply the best image stabilisation in this price bracket, the new level shot is sometimes useful but flawed (I currently don't use the level shot feature anymore due to the distortion when panning the camera)


- White balance takes a long time to stabilise - expect washed out colors unless properly calibrated
(Check out this youtube video : youtube .com / watch?v=fa03lvcx4Ao (without spaces)
- WiFi features take long time to initialise - rendering it a hardly used feature in the device
- Sometimes distortion can be noticed due to level shot stabilisation feature
- Image quality not a lot better than previous models, Panasonic has put its focus on other areas like WiFi/Connectivity
- The menu system is not easy to get used to, needs work/usability improvment around manual controls.
- 3D Recording is still a gimmick, don't bother about the 3D conversion lens - no innovation here
- Doesn't have NFC like other camcorders in the series - although not a deal breaker
- WiFi will drain battery very fast - Battery life could be better
- No internal memory - although SD cards are quite cheap these days, having internal memory is very convenient and battery efficient.
- Not many manual controls compared to Canon G10/G20
- After extended use, the camera can get very hot - in certain cases it makes the fan audible in video

Bottom line: A great camera for its price, however not free from flaws. Also at this price, internal memory should be included.
This camera has the best sharpness/detail among the prosumer camcorders.
WiFi adds a lot of convenience, however I personally would have preferred better color accuracy instead.

Also: Check out the review in camcorderinfo .com before you buy.
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on August 28, 2013
OK, in the interest of brevity and not dwelling long on known issues - my camera has firmware v 1.1 and yes the auto WB is still quirky and at times takes up to 7 seconds to get it correct (key word = at times - as mostly it's spot on) and the audio is heavily compressed so don't expect LIVE concert hall reproduction - CD quality is where it's at - regarding the low light video it's excellent and puts my old Canon VIXIA G10 to shame - really - color rendering is as good as Sony and Canon - follows the SONY more than the Canon for color curves - OIS is excellent - NOW HERE'S A QUIRK NO ONE HAS MENTIONED - This camera has WiFi and can be controlled via a smart phone (no remote) and as I found out that can cause trouble - my camera was recording a buzzing noise on the audio track - so loud it made the track useless - I found when using an external RODE Pro Mic the noise went away? it turns out the noise was digital hash being generated by my DROID Phone in my pocket and the external mic shunted the noise - all I had to do was move the DROID three feet away and it stopped the problem - I also tried it with the Wife's DROID and same thing happened so I doubt we have 2x phones out of compliance with the FCC's incidental noise spec's.

All in All, this camera is a winner - once you learn how to manage the menu's and get around it's quirks it is a solid performer and there is nothing in it's price/performance class that even comes close to this camera for Low Light and overall performance Oh, and contrary to some reports the 920 is as sharp as the previous 900 model you just have to use the sharpen option as they softened the default setting and moved the former sharpen default to the options menu.

Be advised there is a learning curve to fully understanding this camera and all it's features.
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on July 24, 2013
I bought this camcorder based on many reviews online. I compared X920 and G20 back and forth, and finally chose X920 for 1080p/60 and 5.1ch audio (of course the Leica lens since I have LX5 camera and had FZ40 for a while).

I took it with me for my family vacation early this month, I shot a lot of short footage, the picture looks amazing on my 60" HDTV screen! Other reviews already listed many pros and cons, so I won't repeat here. And I'm still pretty new to this camcorder, so all I can tell is from my vacation experience.

1. AWB worked well most of time, but sometimes it took a while to set the right WB. I used IA mode most of the time since I didn't have much time to set up manual mode;

2. When shooting for a long time, it got warm event hot near SD compartment (I think it's caused by writing to the card, of course hot weather is another factor) especially when I used viewfinder for a long time (I think when LCD is closed the fan is blocked). The viewfinder is decent, very helpful for outside shooting under the sun or when it's not convenient to open the LCD. One problem I had with viewfinder pulled out was that I kept forgetting it's on, so I accidentally hit the record button, it started recording! I had a couple of footage got nothing but my walking steps...

3. Still picture only saves JPEG format, the IQ is ok, but it's VERY slow to write a file (a couple of seconds), and while it's writing you cannot take another one! I simply gave up, and used my LX5 when I needed (I'm glad I took my LX5 with me for backup).

4. There are three mode for audio, 5.1ch, Zoom and Focus. 5.1ch records everything, so the audio for outside is very noisy; Zoom and Focus mode are much quieter, you can tell instantly when you put on headphone when recording.

5. Battery life varies, I bought Wasabi VW-VBN260 package that comes with two big batteries and charger. I used two big batteries first, usually enough for one day shooting, the 130 one come with the camcorder is just a backup (I only needed once for the whole trip).

6. The camcorder is good quality, made in Japan, you can count on that. It feels right in my hand, pretty light, well balanced.

7. I didn't get much chance to explore the manual mode, I might update this part later.
UPDATE: Manual focus with Focus Peaking is very accurate, I tried to shoot a dragonfly yesterday, AF simply didn't work, so I switched to MF, nice result, only the dragonfly got focus, background blured out nicely, nice bokeh!

8. I tried WiFi feature once at home, pretty cool, but it's not practical to use on vacation.

Anyway, I'm very happy with this purchase, I hope it will serve me well for some years down the road.
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on July 29, 2013
After trying a Canon Vixia HF G30 and a Sony HDR-CX430V to replace my beloved Sony HDR-XR520V, I finally hit the jackpot with the Panasonic HC-X920. Easy to use - fantastic quality in any light. My home videos have a true professional look using Final Cut Pro X. I capture on a SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC. Well worth the money on the North Atlantic! I just received a filter kit and and a Haze-1 filter. Can't wait for to use them. Highly recommend!
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on June 4, 2013
I originally purchased the Panasonic 720, but needed the headphone jack, which is absolutely essential if sound is critical (there was an error in Panasonic's 720 information stating it had a headphone jack). The 920 is a great camera with true color reproduction, easy to use menu structure, and WiFi for streaming through Ustream is outstanding. The view finder is absolutely necessary when in bright sunlight. Great camera.
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on July 6, 2013
I bought this camera and wound up returning it. As much as I wanted it to work - it wasn't for me.

The zoom would flicker on objects in the background which makes the video look really bad and as I often blog (use the camera facing me) - it was a pain in the behind that the controls aren't available on the touch screen when you flip it over.

And, as nice as the iPhone feature is ... it doesn't replace a necessary remote control for simple start / stop. I don't want the hassle of tethering to an iPhone to perform a simple function of on/off.

Needless to say - the camera went back and I upgraded to a Canon XA20 (which I wrote a review for).

This camera may be good for simple outdoors where low light isn't a challenge and is used as a point / click style video camera. But, if you need it to perform specific functions (like I mentioned), you are going to start banging your head against the wall.

I really wanted it to work - but I learned it wasn't the camera for me - and the flickering was unacceptable for a $1000 video camera. (Who knows - maybe something was defective???)
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on August 29, 2013
This cam has so many features and available controls compared to my old tape cam that reading the extensive manual was essential for me. The on-line manual is about 200 pages long.

I use my cam almost exclusively for wildlife photography, and I normally use a Canon with a long lens for stills but when my Canon had some issues I was forced to use the Panasonic for those still shots as well as video. I was very pleased with the results. So far low light conditions have not caused problems in capturing video of wildlife and the "anti-shake" ability is simply incredible as compared to my older equipment.

HD Writer 5.0 supplied with the cam is used to download from the flash card to the computer (a PC). It worked without a glitch.

The ability of the Panasonic to convert the HD video to mp4 internally is very useful if you are used to editing on old software that doesn't do well with HD video.

I have had problems getting the WiFi functions to stay connected but that feature has a low priority for my intended uses.
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on November 24, 2013
That turned out to be the great camera - all expectations are met.

It's light, powerful, convenient.

The battery included lasted about 1:15h - 1:20h as expected,
so I bought the additional battery of the same size (130 one) from Amazon -
much cheaper than from Panasonic or any other shop :)

Also bought a separate charger from the third party - it has both car adapter and can be plugged directly into the wall
and has European adapter - all for $6.99 plus shipping (decided against genuine Panasonic one, as overpriced).

The battery - that's the other matter - you don't want to end up with substandard product.

I decided also against the 260 battery as the overprized with protruding size!

Unfortunately camera does not come with the separate charger
you have to charge the battery plugged into camera and camera plugged to the wall.
So extra battery and extra charger is a must, especially if you travel.

First impression:

1. Camera starts almost instantaneously - that's a PLUS
2. The power On/Off button is behind closed LCD screen, so you have to open it - even if you do not intend
to use it while filming - that's a MINUS
3. Viewfinder has a very narrow eye sight piece, so I barely used it, you have constantly adjust the camera position
in order not to lose the target - that's a MINUS
4. Large LCD screen is so bright that you technically do not need viewfinder even on the bright sunny day - that's a PLUS
5. Sound quality - have to evaluate again - tried to record a concert rehearsal in the very good acoustically hall (at least a heard
all the sounds very well and clear, but not happy with the results camera provided - not sure (is it a MINUS?)
6. Picture quality is exceptional - that's a HUGE PLUS.
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on May 4, 2014
I'm a Private Investigator and we succeed and fail on the equipment we use especially the camcorder. Certain things I really needed in a camera for my job: View finder, great low light, Wi-Fi, good zoom, pre-record just to name a few. View finder works PERFECT when you can't afford to light your face up when filming at night. The screen is also programmable to where you can dim the light which is great as well. The low light is incredible. You have many different ways in utilizing low light so you have to play with it to see what works great in the different environments you get into. Wi-Fi works great also. I can set up my camera and then walk away utilizing my phone or tablet. Again a great feature that will continue to get better with future updates. The zoom is great and added with the INCREDIABLE stabilization technology in this camera its perfect. Lots of times I'm having to move while filming and courts don't like to see shaky video. The pre-record is a huge benefit and works perfect. For investigators it's essential in my book. We can't afford to miss a shot and you may never get another chance. I tried this the other day for the first time and I was amazed. It also can keep you from having to deal with tons of video footage and waste battery life recording because you can't afford to miss the shot. No matter what camera you use having to press the record button there will always be a slight delay. I was able to shut off most lights, such as the record light etc. without having to tape up my camera. Only issue that can be annoying is going through the settings on the camera. When you are setting it up it could be more user friendly. I'm not a professional cameraman so I went online to YouTube and seen lots of great tutorials setting up this camera. SO if your a PI this camera is overall the best one on the market. You might find certain elements that are bettering in different models etc. to get it all in one camera this is the one for you!
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