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103 of 107 people found the following review helpful
on March 19, 2002
After checking out many other phones (Vtech, Uniden, Sony, Memorex) and returning them all for various reasons, I found this gem of a phone... Everything about this phone is first class. Handset feels great, solid construction, fun to use, adequate volume, clear speakerphones (base and handset).
Unlike many of the other phones I tried this one has adequate volume on the handset. It also has clear reception which is free from echo and interference. The speakersphones are simply the best for this price...they are quite clear and have plenty of volume. The phone feels solid and is one of the more comfortable phones to talk on. Battery power is also top notch (6 hrs continuous talk time and 14 day standby). Battery power bar is displayed on the handset which tells you when is the best time to replace the handset on the base unit for charging. This phone also has a very good answering machine, unlike many of the other digital answering systems which in many cases made the incoming messages and your own personal greeting impossible to discern.
This phone seems to have all the features. For instance, a seperate caller ID button on the base flashes when you have any new calls, even calls that did not leave a message on the answering machine. After you have checked the Caller ID list it places a check mark next to each number indicating that you, or someone else, has checked the incoming call after which the blinking CID light on the base unit turns off. Handset and base units can have their ringers shut down or put on low. Another thing I like about this phone is that the handset lies down on an angle in the base unit. Alot of the newer phones only allow for an upright placement of the handset in the base unit. This becomes a problem if you have small inquisitive children who seem attracted to the upright standing phones. Additionally, a small bump to the table causes the handet to tumble off the base unit. The Panasonic 1743 keep the phone where it belongs, on a slight incline lying securely down in the base unit.
The only minor knock I have on this phone is that the Caller ID lists incoming calls from the same area code as having a 1-### before the number requiring editing of the number before calling it back directly from the listing. However, Panasonic makes editing this a simple matter by two quick presses of the handset curser.
One important thing about this 900 MHz phone is that it is digital. Many people don't realize that most of the 900 Mhz phones on the market today are analog phones. The primary benefit of digital is that it reduces or eliminates interference while also keeping your conversations difficult or impossible to monitor by your nosy neighbors who just might have a scanner at their disposal. (Note: You might be surprised how many of these scanners are out there because those who own them usually don't divulge this information in fear that they may be branded an eavesdropper). Digital processing of your conversation makes tracking your call very difficult. Plus, this phone automatically scans the entire 900 MHz bandwith constantly changing frequencies, which makes listening in on scanners virtually impossible. You never know who is listening to your conversations. I have heard that thieves or other criminals often use scanners to figure out when people may be leaving their houses so that they can break in while you're out, or worse yet determine when a vulnerable loved one is at home alone. For this reason alone you should never consider an analog phone.
If you are considering a more expensive 2.4 Ghz unit, think again. This phone has more than adequate range for any size house and it performs as well or better than most 2.4 GHz phones out there today, particualrly the analog ones. Although it doesn't have SST (spread spectrum technolgy) found on some 900 Mhz and many 2.4 Ghz units it is digital and thus quite secure. Unless you plan on talking 1/4 mile or more from your base unit there is no real need for SST anyway.
All in all this phone has it all. Performance, quality, features, ergonomics, and affordability. Plus the customer service (1-800-211-PANA) is outstanding as well. Sounds like a winner to me. Do yourself a favor and try out this phone.
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52 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2001
I have looked and looked for the perfect cordless phone and this is the best I have found. One of my criteria is a speakerphone in the handset. So useful for being on hold and listening to voicemail. This phone has: No hiss, speakerphone is one of the best (I've tried them all, Vtech, AT&T, etc.), callerid, digital answering machine that sounds very clear. Size is nice, much better then the smaller Vtech, Panasonics, etc. Sound is much better and speakerphone is much much better. Only drawback is they didn't put caller id on base, only handset. Would have gotten 5 stars if on base also.
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28 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on December 8, 2002
On the whole, I'm happy with this phone, especially given the very mixed reviews of all cordless phone/answering machine combinations. (They all seem to be hit-and-miss, which argues for buying a standalone answering machine.) But I've had good luck with this one. I've had the phone for several months without significant problems. Once in a great while the handset doesn't connect to the base when you press "talk" to receive an incoming call, in which case the answering machine picks up. Once in a great while there are clicks while you're talking, obliterating small portions of your conversation. But it has never disconnected my call or had its battery die. Voice quality on the digital answering machine is not crystal clear, but it's acceptably audible. And contrary to another review here, this phone can be hung on a wall plate. Mine is. It sticks out a bit, but doesn't fall.
Things I like about this unit:
1) When you pick up the handset from the base, you don't have to press a button to answer the call.
2) You can precisely set the volume and the number of rings before the answering machine picks up.
3) If the answering machine picks up before you do, you can interrupt it simply by pressing "talk" or picking up the handset from the base.
4) It tells you exactly how many messages have been left, and blinks if you haven't listened to them yet. And there's a time-date stamp.
5) You can dial a number "off-line," read the number on the display to make sure it's right, and THEN press talk to speed-dial it, or do it the traditional way (get your dial tone first, then dial).
6) The speakerphone on the handset works very well. My 2-year-old twins can talk on it simultaneously.
7) There's a plastic belt clip for the handset. Handy if you have infants.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2002
I was on the market of cordless phone and was debating between 2.4ghz vs 900mhz. I went with 900mhz because it's cheaper and preventing interference with my 2.4 ghz home network that it may cause. I don't think there is a big difference in sound quality between 2.4ghz vs 900mhz. As far as I've been experienced, my kxtc-1743b is crisp and clear and works well around the block.
The answering machine and caller ID work great. It does what you will expect with basic features, simple to use and set up.
The speaker phone on the handset is convenience and great to have but it consumes more battery power.
On the down side, there is no mute button, the volume on the handset shoud be louder at maximum setting, battery does not last long as advertised.
Overall this is an excellent all-in-one phone. It does what you will basicly need most of the time. I highly recommend this phone if you just need basic features of a cordless phone, want it to take massages and be able to see caller ID. But if you need a sophisticated and advanced answering system, this is NOT the device to get. In my opinion, Panasonic makes BEST cordless phones. They are very reliable. You can't go wrong with this phone.
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on October 14, 2001
I just bought this phone from Amazon, although I saw it at a large electronics retailer for the same price TODAY, so no special bargain here. I DO like all the features, the handset was easy to store all my #s in without even looking at the instruction booklet. >The speakerphone is convenient, and it gives good quality sound without clipping. It's cool to have it on the handset as well as the base so you can make it portable too. I don't subscribe to caller ID, so I can't tell you about that, but the call waiting beeps come in nice and clear. I hear the people I'm calling quite well, but my mom complains that I am echoing on the handset, and the speaker too. She prefers I use my corded phone when I speak to her. Another friend who I put on speaker, wanted me to pick up the handset. There is popping and clicking if I leave the room with the reciever base. Also, just sitting in my living room, with the phone base on the other side of my house, I was talking to a friend and the phone was cutting out as we spoke to the point of having to end the conversation, even when NOT moving around. I do have solid steel construction, so maybe that has an effect, I don't know. The handset is fine if I'm in the room with the base. Of course, the idea of a cordless phone is NOT to have to stay in one room while talking. >All in all, I enjoy the features, and the ease of use. It's fairly uncomplicated to figure out when you sit down and fool around with it for a bit. It looks nice too. I like to keep all my ringers off at night too, and this one has ringers on the handset, plus the base. One touch turns them on or off, the handset is slightly more complicated to shut, but still very simple.>The answering function has a pleasing non-staccato natural sounding male voice that will answer your calls if you don't leave your own personalized greeting too, which is very easy to record, by the way. A lady living alone might like that this has a MALE voice that can be employed as a deterent against unsolicited phone harrasment, my last was female voiced. Worth mentioning I think. You program the time, day and date with the handpiece, and it enters everything on the base this way. You can't program from the base.>I think, for the features, this is a good phone for the money, (...)
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2002
Well, this is the 3rd cordless phone I've tried in the past 3 weeks. I had an old KX-T4330 which we have had for about 11 years - worked great but just eventually died. We wanted a 900 Mhz ( I didn't want any interference with my 2.4Ghz wireless router) phone, with answering machine and caller id. I tried an AT&T 9371 (horrible sound quality - the worst), a Uniden EXAI378 (ok sound quality, no speakerphone), and the Panasonic KX-TC1743B. All were in the same price range. The AT&T and Uniden have both been returned. The KX-TC1743B has an amazing assortment of features for such a reasonably priced phone. One feature which I have found myself using again and again (and its one I wasn't specifically looking for) is that the handset can function as a speakerphone. So if I'm around the house, talking on the phone and need to have both hands free for a sec, I can put the handset on speakerphone mode and set it down as a mobile speakerphone! The sound quality of the phone is very good (although, unfortunately, not quite as good as my old Panasonic...but its close). Nice build quality, easy setup.
Given the advances in technology, I wouldn't spend a bunch of money on any cordless phone (too much obsolescence risk) - so anyone looking for a reasonably priced cordless phone should definitely take a look at this one. I very much recommend it!
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on February 18, 2003
I dislike buying cordless phones, especially with answering devices; my experience shows that the majority have substandard quality. So I dreaded being in the market again. I spent much time researching features, and especially these user reviews. Still, this was my 3rd purchase attempt, having returned 2 other phones. But, this is a keeper. It has great features, as noted by others. But what really sets it apart, is that it works.
I won't belabor the points made by others, the critical features for me:
*) Will not interfere with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networks. Beware of 5.8Ghz phones, many occupy BOTH 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz.
*) the Message quality is decent, not nearly as choppy-digital sounding as many other answering devices, which are very aggravatingly lousy! It's not as good as Bellsouth voicemail, but but you'd expect more [for the monthly fee]..
*) Range and lack of static was far better than other phones I tried, even the 2.4Ghz Bellsouth model I used. Features does not equal quality!
The worst feature is that the the remote voice prompts do not prompt for all the features, such as deleting messages! Also note, it is not a cute, mini belt-clip model. And the voice prompt voice is a little antiquated.
Other very nice features are the dual speakerphone and dual keypad. 15 minutes recording time was the minimun acceptable. Most have this capacity, but some expensive models have only 10 minutes! Another very nice feature is that you only need to pick up any extension, and recording stops. Many models keep on recording! Another feature you might expect, but not get(!), is that the callerID is stored with the message, so is available
when checking messages from the remote. The unit also has nice little touches, such as more control over rings, and one-key deletes of the call history. It has a solid feel, like most Panasonics. I'm not loyal to Panasonic, but I keep going back; I have 3 other Panasonic phones, working great after, 15+, 20+ and 8+ years!
If you want to play it safe, and want the features described, save yourself some time and get this phone.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2002
I used a similar Panasonic phone before and absolutely loved it so I had little doubt in my mind about which brand to buy when I bought this one.
Great things: Handset speakerphone - wonderful, build of the handset, talk time battery life, clarity, no need to press a button on base to answer intercom call from handset,slow speed message playback.
Imperfect: Delay of 1 second for directory to appear when you want to select a number from list to dial, length of number that can be stored in memory falls short for very important use for me calling cards+international number sequences but I can program part of the number in base and use the combination.
Have owned for a couple of months now and have not faced any problem like call dropping or voice muting or low volume.
Because of its features my wife can handle our baby and all her phone talk simultaneously :-) Cool phone!
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon May 4, 2002
I've used this phone for about 4 months. I'm comparing it to two older Sony 900Mhz (SPP-961 and SPP-965) that have served me well for 2 years plus. What sold me on the Pana 1743 was the great feature bundle - callerid, speaker phone, backlite keypad. But after living with it a few months a couple good and bad things to report.
On the goodside, the runtime is great. It can stay off the cradle for a week or more and still have plenty of talktime power remaining. The speaker phone on the handset is incredibly convenient... on hold with a helpline, just activate the speakerphone where ever you are (don't have to be right next to the baseunit): fantastic. Also nice is that when a call rings through, the callerid shows the person's name in larger letters initially for easier viewing.
On the downside, two irksome issues. First, the handset volume is not very loud. Even at its maximum, the volume is much lower than other phones. This is really odd, since when using the speakerphone, the volume covers a much higher range. Second, the phone suffers from numerous dropouts. While talking there is a lot of clipping - lost partial words, popping sounds, etc. Part of the issue is that my home is full of 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz devices (2 other 900 Mhz phones, 900 Mhz wireless headphones, a WiFi network) that may be interferring; but while the Pana1743B has problems, my other two older Sony 900Mhz are as clear as a bell. I find that I often answer a call on the Pana, but quickly switch over to one of the older Sonys. Not a good sign. Of course, your mileage may vary.
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on September 3, 2002
I've been visiting epinions, amazon and other sites trying to find the skinny on a good cordless phone for a while. This one pretty much does it. Pros:
- Good price, though only [$] or so less than most Pan 2.4 Ghz phones
- Very solid handset. Feels nice to use one that doesn't feel too light or to small
- Calls pretty darn clear
- Very easy to set up
- Better handset speakerphone than the VTech ones I've used
- DEFINITELY need one extra level of loudness on the handset. It's nearly loud enough--but when the other party on the phone is talking low, I wish I could blast it up another notch.
- Maybe all digital answering machines are poor clarity, let's just say this one is no exception
- Very rarely, 1 out of 30 calls, I hear occasional clicking
- Their customer support team knows NOTHING. No I'm serious. They're clueless
Overall I like this phone. Wish it had multiple mailboxes like the VTechs.
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