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Size: 2 Cordless Handsets|Change
Price:$139.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on June 30, 2012
Revised March 26, 2014

This is a new for 2012 model and appears to be a solid product improvement. In the store I had issues with the older versions of this phone and could not bring myself to buy one. This actually looks and feels like a better product and judging by some of the changes I can tell that Panasonic is actually paying attention to the needs of it's customers again.

Attractive, clean, uncluttered design. The base speaker, handset speaker and handset earpiece all provide good quality sound. (Not outstanding but good) The handset microphone (what other callers hear) is mediocre at best. My voice goes out with a slight buzz attached making me slightly harder to understand. This is a minor defect that has gotten worse with time. Both handsets do it. I know another Panasonic owner and her's does it too.

Good message quality. The volume levels of this phone (all aspects) are a bit too soft for the hard of hearing. Fine for us but if you need a hearing aid this won't solve the problem. The volume of the base unit is loud enough for a quiet room but not enough for a noisy environment. You can listen to messages through the speaker phone function of the handset which provides a bit more volume and clarity over the base. (The KX-TG4742B appears to have a larger base speaker and may provide better volume and was my second choice).

When a call comes in the handsets light up like a Christmas tree. Very easy to use in the dark since touching any key will illuminate all of the keys and display. It's great to have an external volume control on the side of the handset for when I need to make a sudden volume adjustment. I am a shift worker and there is no ringer off switch on this phone. I have to navigate a menu and make 11 key strokes to turn the ringer off, then 11 key strokes to turn it back on. Come on Panasonic!

Range test: With the base at the back of our home I can walk 325 feet down the street before I begin to notice any problems with sound quality. At 400 feet the signal starts breaking up. Conditions of test: Small ranch home with vinyl siding, level lot and street, line of sight to house with no buildings or trees in the way, no rain. Our record range was 1100 feet with a Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone (FF-1700) in the 1980's.

-Good sound.
-Good message quality.
-Outstanding range.
-Headphone jack!
-Standard AAA Ni-Mh batteries.
-My wife REALLY likes this phone.

-No ringer off switch. Having to make 11 keystrokes each time I want to turn it off or on again is just too much.
-There is room for improvement in the sound quality of the earpiece and microphone. Panasonic is quite capable of building a phone with outstanding call quality and those were my expectations of the brand name.
-Speaker in the base is too small.

Summary: Outgoing voice quality has degraded to the point that I would not buy it again. It is just OK.
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on November 4, 2012
I bought the TG4733, which is the version with 1 base unit (no keypad for dialing) and 3 handsets.
I recommend this phone system. I had a few concerns:
1) One reviewer complained about not being able to screen from the base. So what? When a call comes in, as the caller leaves a message, you can hear it on each handset. Not a problem for me. (I misunderstood the reviewer, and thought that no screening was possible. That would be crazy.)
2) One reviewer complained it was cumbersome to turn off the ringer, when he wanted to sleep and not be disturbed. I see his point. My solution: I have the base in my bedroom, and turn off the handset ringer. The base ringer volume has up/down buttons and you can tap-tap-tap volume down to zero (off) in a half second. The only volumes I use in my bedroom are 0 and 1 (the range is 0 to 6). So for me, it's like one press for ON or OFF. Also, you can get directly to the handset ringer volume control menu by pressing <menu> #160. If you do need to change the handset ringer volume regularly, this sort of shortcut is useful. There are such shortcuts for the various submenus. Leaving the base in my bedroom is not a problem, since every phone has a flashing light on top to show that you have messages waiting, and a single button press allows me to play back the messages on my kitchen phone when I walk in the door. And the message playback is on the speaker phone, so I can press the button and put the phone down while I listen to messages.
3) I use a calling card for long distance. The access number is an 800 number, and then I enter a card number which looks like a 1(123)456-7890 phone number. One reviewer complained about not being able to store long numbers. But here's how it works: I store those two numbers with a pause between them in one of the directory spots (That's 22 digits plus pause). I select that "number" from the phone book, press "Talk" and the phone starts dialing. While it is dialing, I press [MENU] <down><down> [SELECT] and I am then in the phone book. I find the number I want to call and when the call center says "Please enter the number you wish to call" I press the [CALL] button. In the instructions they refer to this as "chain" dialing. You can string together as many number as you like. So, for example, if you have a bank account number that you enter when doing phone banking, you can store that as a phonebook entry, and when asked for it, you can send the number.

One thing I like a LOT about this phone that I cannot emphasize enough: the handsets use 2 common AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. All batteries will someday die, and I now will not face the choice of buying 3 $20 battery packs vs. buying a new phone, as I have in the past. To me, this is a HUGE plus.

The only down side to this phone is the sound quality is not great on my end. I have had someone tell me that at their end my phone sounds better and louder than anyone elses. So the jury is still out on the sound quality issue... not sure if it will bother me in the long term. But I'd rather have any problems be on MY end... at least then I'm aware of it.
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on November 26, 2012
We had a hodge-podge of different phones and brands gathered over the years in our 2 story colonial house and basement. We'd always wanted an intercom system across the 3 floors. Once we made the decision to replace the old system we did a lot of reviews across brands carried by Amazon and a couple of local big box stores. We wanted a 3 phone system. The Panasonic systems consistently got the best reviews. So far in three weeks of use we have not be disappointed - the system is VERY EASY to install and setup. It's very handy to setup an address book in one phone that moves to the others; however, each phone can have their own ring tones, quiet times (very handy to not have them ring during the sleep time .. we still have one ancient ringer phone that works in power outages in a lower level so for a true emergency that will ring). The intercom is a neat feature that allows one party in the basement to take a call and essentially put it on hold while paging other floor(s) phones for another party to take the call. You can also use the intercom without a phone call, just to tell someone the dinner is ready, or whatever. We do use the answering machine and it is also very easy to setup and use; you can program your own custom message and are able to take messages from a remote location as well. We notice no problems with audio: on our end it's easy to understand all callers with plenty of volume plus no problems with callers hearing us (checked with our son in town, also relatives on cell phones in different states, no problem). A top reason to get the Panasonic vs other brands is you can change batteries to any high quality off the shelf AAA rechargables, no special $9.99 battery for each phone needed. We do not subscribe to any Qwest/CenturyLink caller ID or call waiting features so cannot comment on that (we really only keep our landline for an alarm that needs it plus do have regular family calls where it's easier to have two phones in use vs a speakerphone).

I will add updates to this review if any problems develop, but first impressions are very positive.
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on July 18, 2012
The description says it screens calls but it only screens them using the handsets. That is the Base Station doesn't allow you to hear the callers message while he is recording it although it does announce the call. What genius thought of that? It's absurd. To hear the caller's message at the base station, you have to buy the speakerphone base station, model KX-TG474x. I don't need or want a speakerphone base station, so I thought I'd save a couple of bucks and the larger footprint with this one. What a mistake.

Now Ant wants a 30% restocking fee + shipping to return it. Plus I ended up paying $7 shipping for a $5 headset from Amazon on the same order because this is shipped from Ant. If I had bought the KX-TG4742 directly from Amazon, it would have done what I wanted and been cheaper. I'm pissed and disappointed but I guess there's not much I can do. I hope this review will save someone else the problem. I wouldn't buy from this vendor again. Stick with Amazon. I've never had a problem with them.

Edit: See letter from Panasonic downthread.
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on November 14, 2012
Had a previously consumer-recommended Panasonic phone bought 2 years ago, and it did well. But I was tired of only two sets, having to hop up and run to one or another. Adding two more units was not possible, as those units no longer available. For a good price, bought the 4-set on Amazon, this one also consumer recommended, and it does what it said it would. The sound is improved, the larger numbers help these old eyes, and though I have answering on my cable, this one works also, and works well. Have had no problems after a few months. Extra range helps, even in my condo. But where the previous set's battery might last up to 2 days before charging needed, this one has gone 4 (so far). Note that both have the "leave in cradle" feature, but I sometimes forget to put it back into the cradle, so long battery life is useful. Dect 6.0 Plus seems to be quite strong, yet has no effect on my neighbors' setups. It does what I need it to do.
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on October 7, 2012
I purchased this new cordless phone system to replace my very, very old Panasonic cordless system that was 11 years old. Yes, it lasted that long. I knew I was going to stay with the Panasonic brand and did some research on the models available.

I ended up getting the two phone cordless system. The phones took about 7 hours to charge. The menu system took a few minutes to figure out. I was able to set the date and time, phone ring volume, ring tone on both phones.

The voice quality is clear and I have no issues with background noise.

Cool features:
Each phone can have its own ring tone
Caller ID that announces who is calling while the phone is ringing
The display is clear and bright and the characters are large and readable
Uses rechargeable AA batteries
When the phone rings it has a light on top of the phone that flashes

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. I feel like I've come out of the dark ages when I compare the new phone capabilities to my 11-year old cordless Panasonic system. What a huge difference!

I will back to post any issues or findings on this phone system.
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on July 15, 2012
I bought this to repalace my older silver Panasonic DECT phones since they were getting older and this was a great bargain. The phones look and feel great and I love the functionality. Unfortunately we could not get over the noise on the phone and very bad echo, we tried everything we could including calling tech support, but in the end, we returned them and went back to the old model. I would not let that discourage you however since most people have not had that problem, and maybe it was something in our situation that caused it, other then that, they were great phones.
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on October 5, 2012
I just received these phones this week. I work from home and attend a lot of meetings. Today I had to attend a 3 hour meeting. In other words, I gathered all three headsets and brought them in to my home office. At the end of the first hour, I didnt even see battery usage depleted at all on the first headset. By the end of the call, I was still on the first headset, and had used less than the battery life. I am used to using all my old headsets just to attend a 2 hour meeting, much less 3.

the phones are clear, ringers are adjustable between very soft ringer and blow me out of my chair ringer....

Love them.
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on August 24, 2012
This telephone was an excellent choice for my 93 year old mother. It is very easy for her to use and the answering machine is easy to handle
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 24, 2012
Finally a found a phone that works and works well. This is very sturdy phone. The set up is easy as pie. I had it on the charger when I got a phone call only after about an hour I did not answer it thinking I would cut off the call. My party left a message, the caller was announced aloud, I never had that before, and I was able to call back with only a few hours of charge time.
The handset is very comfortable and I got three of them.

I have them all over the house, even though I do not need three. I now have on in the bedroom my sewing room and my living room just about covers it all. The sound quality is very nice with no unwanted sounds, buzzing or static. I need to record my message and that is simple enough. All in all this is a very attractive functional phone.
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