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on August 26, 2012
This phone is easy to setup and has some special features that drove me to buy it.

One feature I would like to ensure that everyone is aware of is the ability to create your own call-block list. I have been dealing with debt collectors calling for the wrong person for years, and I could never get them to stop. They have been calling every week or two and sometimes more often. The old Telezapper quit working to stop these calls a long time ago. I did not want to have to change my number.

I was made aware of this phone, and now I just program any "unwanted" phone number into this phone and I haven't been bothered ever since. I will also point out that this works well for me since I have a setting on my phone service that doesn't allow anyone to call me that doesn't have caller ID.

I know it is a never ending battle with annoying calls, but I feel I have regained the upper hand with this phone.

Other thoughts:
The phones look great and sound quality is amazing as well. You won't be disappointed with this phone.
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on March 31, 2013
This phone solves the problem of not being able to find wireless handsets by having a corded handset/answering machine as a base plus wireless handsets. We have tried the all-wireless phones approach, and we always ended up with all of the phones on the wrong floor. This never happens with a corded base/answering machine on the kitchen wall. We keep a wireless handset charger within reach of the wall phone, so we can easily pick up the phone and on wall and switch to a wireless handset if we want to (assuming the wireless phone hasn't walked off).

Our previous three phones also had a corded base/answering machine + wireless handset(s). The most recent one was branded AT&T model E5828B, made (in China) by Advanced American Telephones, which forms my basis for comparison. The E5828B came out about 2008. Both our handsets needed new batteries (again), and rather than spending $15 on a pair of new old-fashioned batteries, I've been keeping my eyes open for a replacement phone. This Panasonic is a big upgrade.

First off, I think it's helpful to clarify similar models. The KX-TG4772B appears to be identical to the KX-TG242SK, which is the version sold at Costco. They share the same Panasonic manual, which lists TG4771, TG4772, TG4773, TG242SK, and TG243SK all on its cover. There is a table in the manual that lists the parts that are included in each of the above model numbers. Every one of them is a combination of KX-TG4771 as the base with various numbers of KX-TGA470 handsets. According to the info in the manual, the KX-TG4772 and KG-TG242SK are identical. The TG4773 and TG243SK are similarly identical. If I can figure out how to upload pictures, I'll put some pictures of the table and/or the actual part numbers.

I also purchased an extra handset (Panasonic KX-TGA470B Extra Handset for 47XX-series Cordless Phones) from Amazon, which was extremely easy to connect to the base. The phones tell you on their display what to do when you plug them in. I took my extra handset out of the box and accidentally put it in the charger w/o installing the batteries first, and it flashed a message to me to put the batteries in! After that, it told me what to do to register the new handset with the base. Very easy to add extra handsets.

Here are some notes on various aspects of the KX-TG4772B/KX-TG242SK:
AAA NiMH batteries: Needing to replace batteries on our old phone was the motivation for purchasing this Panasonic in the first place. For telephones, NiMH is a better type of battery than NiCad, since it has a larger capacity, no memory effect, and is less hazardous to the environment. Using the standard AAA size is very nice for when you need to replace the batteries. The batteries on several of my old phones were connected with wires and a plastic connector, and getting the right replacement was either expensive, difficult, or both. AAA prices are good because they're made in much larger quantities than the old phone batteries were. And I don't have to look up the phone model and Google it, then try to guess which Chinese battery is most likely to be the right one. I saw something like 10 different replacement phone batteries at Circuit City, and it's tough to get the right one unless you bring the old battery with you.

Auto Call-back: While you're listening to a message on the answering machine, if you pick up the phone, it will automatically dial the caller (assuming your phone service includes Caller ID). This is such a great feature, I don't know why everyone doesn't do this.

Auto-talk: You can turn on "auto-talk" to make it so that you can answer the phone by simply lifting a handset off the charger without pushing the "Talk" button. This is great, but for some odd reason, the manual says that turning on auto-talk will make it so that the caller's information will disappear from the screen when you lift the handset (if you have Caller ID). Having the phone number and caller name disappear is annoying, but it's worth it.

Range: Oh, the range! Our old phone could sort of make it out to the mailbox (200 feet) with some static, and I was hoping this phone would be able to go that far. It went to the mailbox without even breaking a sweat. Its effective range was closer to 400 feet, even with some houses in the way. I was actually able to maintain a link out to 550 feet, but there were too many dropouts to really use it that far away.

Variable radio power: This phone has 3 different transmit powers: Normal, ECO, and BOOST. This allows it to balance battery usage with range. When the handset is close to the base station, it doesn't need to use as much power to transmit, so it dials back the power to save the battery (ECO mode). When you go far from the base, it switches into BOOST mode to get extra range. In-between it's in Normal mode.

Phonebook: The base and handsets share a single phonebook. This is a nice change from my last phone, although Panasonic has been doing this for a while.

Strangely enough, the handsets in some ways are more capable than the base. It is easier to get into the voicemail from the wireless handsets than from the base. It's just one button on the handsets, but on the base, you have to go through a menu system. You can also change the ringtones on the handsets, but you can't on the base. You can give the handsets a name to distinguish between them, but you can't change the name of the base. The handsets and the base also differ in how they Page other units (see below).

Voicemail service integration (I'm talking about the voicemail that the telephone company provides where they store the messages on their system rather than on the answering machine): We have Verizon FiOS, which provides voicemail, as do many other carriers. This phone detects a signal from Verizon when there is new voicemail, and displays a message on the phone. You can do a one-time set up to store the voicemail password in the phone so that when you have voicemail, you just push one button on a wireless handset (not available on the base), and it will dial into the voicemail service and enter the password for you. It makes voicemail almost as convenient as the answering machine.

Even though we have the voicemail set up, we use the answering machine most of the time as it is still faster, more convenient, and sounds a bit better. We set up voicemail so that if someone tries to call while we're on the phone, it will go to the voicemail, and they can leave a message there.

Intercom/Paging: You can use any of the handsets or the base to call any other handset or the base. The base and the handsets do this slightly differently. The handsets can either page another handset by name or page the base. The handsets can only page one unit at a time. The base on the other hand can page all handsets simultaneously. It can also choose a specific handset to page, but it is done by number rather than by name. The display on the base doesn't shows you the name of the handset it is paging until after it starts ringing, so unless you remember the numbers, you might choose the wrong one.

The phones are a good size, neither too big nor too small. They have some texturing on the back to make them less slippery, but it's not enough to securely hold the phone between shoulder and neck w/o hands. I ended up putting the belt clips on the handsets, and now I can hold the phone between neck and shoulder w/o slipping.

I am very glad I switched to Panasonic for this corded base/cordless phone combo. I doubt I will ever go back to the other brands again after this.
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on September 29, 2012
I purchased this product to replace an older Panasonic Dect 6 system that lacked some features of this model. I selected this product after reading the reviews of others. I am very satisfied with the phone system so far, and glad I made this choice after receiving Consumer Reports magazine yesterday, and noting they rated this product as number one in its category.
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i bought this unit because of consumer reports rating. they failed to mention that it doesn't replay the greeting when call goes to answ. mche. First, you must record greeting thru handset. i prefer the old way by using the microphone on the base. you can't record from the base. they claimed it sounded clearer thru the handset, i disagree. it is going thru the air subject to interference. it's not as clear as using base microphone. second, the dumbest idea was not playing the recorded message, i.e., the phone rings, you let it go to answ. mche. to screen the message before deciding to pick up. there is dead silence between the phone rings & the message from the caller. you don't know if caller is going to leave message or has hung up. maybe they are all like this today, i don't know. the uniden i had lasted a long time and it still works, but i wanted increased coverage with cordless phones. i emailed panasonic and they didn't have any units that still replayed the recorded greeting. the handsets have decent range and are clear.

new-4/22/13- got over the answ. mche. thing, not really a big deal. all phones, base & cordless work very well. they work on all 3 floors, very clear. all functions work on all phones. you can hear messages thru cordless handsets. you can access your phone book, look back at recent numbers of people who called, and another real cool feature: the intercom works very well. 3 handsets, one in living room, one in basement, one in upstairs bedroom. can send signal to anyone from any room to any room, no more shouting!!!!!!! signal continues until handset is activated, then you talk in house. I highly recommend this unit with base answ. mche. & 3 cordless handsets.
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on June 14, 2012
There was one bad review written on this product so I was a little appehensive but the phones (all units) work well. I like the large easily read displays and the intercom feature saves yelling in the house!
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on September 26, 2013
The system I replaced this with was over 5 years old, and finally died. But with that one, an AT&T model, all I had to do was connect it, record a greeting, and it was over and done with. Everything worked as expected out of the box, and there were no challenges. I was a bit surprised at the needless complication this Panasonic has to offer.

*An overall decent product, once you get it set up.

*It has quite a few features for the price.

*The Handsets use rechargeable Ni-MH AAA batteries. Replacements are easily found, and unlike replacement battery packs in many such devices, this type of battery does not cost more than the entire phone system itself does. In fact, you can find them at a very reasonable price if you shop around. That alone is worth something.

*Nice bright clear displays and lit up keypads on handsets.

*This product is factory set for the ringers on base unit as well as both handheld units to be OFF. Why on earth.....? Phones ring!!! That's pretty much how you know you have a phone call. Okay, no problem, there must be a switch to turn the ringers on. Nope. So now the fun begins, with entering codes for this, and codes for that. It is not overly hard to figure it out, just annoying.

*The handsets won't ring until you enter a code for "silent mode off" on each one of them, then another set of codes on each of them to turn volume of ringer up, or they stay silent. Again, not overly hard to figure out, just annoying.

*Its weird that you have to use one of the handsets, not the base unit, to set up your answering machine greeting. This leaves a chance, as it did in my case, of someone using the handset accidentally erasing your greeting.

*When receiving a call, you do not hear your greeting you can't tell if a caller hung up before listening to your greeting as on other systems. There is nothing but silence as you wait if a message will be left or not.

*The phone cord for the base unit is so short, I thought they were kidding. I did not even attempt to use it. I was lucky enough to have another cord from my last phone that is long enough to be useful.

Bottom Line: Take what could be a 5 star phone system, make it annoying enough in the details to shave a star or two off the rating and here you have it. But once you set it up to your liking, and get used to it, it is okay, if nothing special.

Overall, Recommended to a point, but there have to be better choices, and I wished I had found one of them before making this purchase. Better luck next time, maybe.
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on November 5, 2012
I bougth this item as a gift for a 102 year old man with hearing and other mobility problems. This phone set fit his needs perfectly. It has hearing enhanced features, the phone buttons are large, the lettering is large, the lcd screens are large and many other features. If you are an older individual or are looking for a phone set with any of these features, this is the best set I found anywhere.
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on January 3, 2013
These phones replaced some 10-year old cordless phones. Needless to say, it is a great improvement. We get a bit over a week battery life with our phone usage.

I didn't think the intercom or speakerphone features would be very useful, but it turns out we've used both! Call quality is as good as any other phone I've used.

My one recommendation: When in doubt, buy one more base unit than you think you'll want. It's much less expensive to buy it as a package, than to order individual base units later.
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on October 29, 2012
This product has lived up to all my expectations. One feature I wanted is the ability to turn off the external speaker so I don't have to listen to incoming messages while they are being received. This unit has that feature. It was very easy to set up, and it includes all the settings I wanted to customize its use. I can't think of any settings and adjustments that are not available on this unit. I've used it for more than a month and it's been excellent so far.
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on December 21, 2012
I like this unit a lot, I would give it five stars except for one problem, when you use the wired hand set to make a call, if you pick up the hand set before dialing, you get a piercing whistle feed back. You can avoid this if you dial the number, then pick up the hand set.
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