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on May 14, 2008
I bought this set to replace one 900 MHz and two 2.4 GHz phones that we've had for a while. Setup was really easy, you can pretty much figure out everything going through the different menus yourself. I was concerned about the call quality of the extra handsets since they don't use their own phone jack, but the performance is excellent. The 2.4 phone we used to have in the kitchen couldn't be used if the microwave was on, and it would knock computers off the wireless network once in a while. Now, absolutely no interference at all! The other 2.4 that was upstairs had terrible range, and always had a clicking sound I attributed to interference with the Xbox 360 2.4 GHz wireless. Once again, these new phones have absolutely no interference and great range. I wish now I got the 4 or even 5 handset package to stick one in the garage and other places in the house.

- Voice quality when not set at the highest volume
- You can set the answering machine to answer after more than 4 rings, unlike many others who max out at 4 and you can never get to in time
- The talking caller id when used with a high answering machine ring setting (5 or 7) really helps stop running through the house to check who's calling when you don't really want to, or can't easily, stop what you're doing.
- The backlight on the handset screens is bright and makes the text really easy to read.

- Slight hissing when ear piece volume is maxed. But med volume seems just fine and there's no hiss.
- The answering machine doesn't show a number of how many messages you have, it's just a flashing red light on the play button.
- After listening to the message(s) and not deleting them, the flashing light goes away but you have no other indication that there's a message. So if it's a message you want to save, for someone else to listen to for example, unless you remember or write it down somewhere, it's easy to forget about it.

Overall though, a great phone and a HUGE upgrade from our previous phones. Recommended.
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on June 1, 2009
I originally purchased this system in January of this year. Within the first week I discovered the call dropping of incoming calls problem. It is an intermittent problem but still very serious. On an incoming call I would answer, hear the other party and then the call would drop, the screen would go blank. If I tried to pick up the call again by pressing the talk button an error message would be displayed. "No Link To Base Check AC Connection"

I called their tech support dept and was told to remove the batteries and recharge the phones. This "trouble shooting" procedure did not solve the problem.

On the positive side the voice quality on both ends is excellent and the speakerphone is equally high quality. Obviously, there is a glitch in the design of this phone.

When the trouble shooting steps failed to resolve the problem, I notified Panasonic and they sent me out a refurbished replacement. Same problem. I notified them again. They sent out a brand new replacement, same problem.

I called them this morning and they offered to upgrade me to the KX TG 6433. I believe this may be a "fixed" version of the same model. I will gladly give this a try. I might also suggest for anyone needing to exchange these through Panasonic rather than Amazon that you give Panasonic a credit card and and ask them to send the replacement BEFORE you send in your defective unit. Just be sure you send in your old unit within the allowed time to avoid your credit card being charged.

Like Jayk's, another reviewer here on Amazon, I've been a loyal Panasonic telephone customer for quite some time, in my case since the late 70's. They have always had a superior product and stood behind their products. I'm definitely willing to give them a chance to resolve the problems. When they get it right their products are #1. I have a background in the interconnect business so I'm very well aware of what's available on the market.

UPDATE 1/24/10: After over 6 months the KX TG 6433 has been absolutely flawless. This new system is exactly what I wanted. Excellent range, sound quality and feature set. Panasonic has restored my faith in their excellent phones. Every manufacturer hits a foul ball from time to time. Evidently the 9333 was their foul ball. I am very surprised to see that Amazon is still selling the KX TG 9333T as every single set (3 total) all suffered from the same problem.
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on August 10, 2008
I agonized about spending $100; money well spent though. Without barely looking at the instructions, I was effortlessly able to enter all the phone numbers in the phone book. This is ideal since first I am a man, and I don't read instructions. Secondly, it seems when I want to say add a phone number, I usually can't find the instructional manual when I need it. The phone numbers were automatically updated in all handsets at once, great. I set up the answering machine the same. I was able to assign a different ring tone so we know when our daughter calls. We are old, and this technology learning curve is a killer at times. This is a friendly system. I like the flashing answering machine light that flashes on all handsets when there is a message; and you can access that message from any handset. We gave up checking our old answering machine since we rarely got messages. Then when I did check, I found out the missed call was days ago. It has lots of other options that I doubt we will use, but some will find really handy. Both my wife and I like the nice big, bright display, and the buttons are easy to mash without hitting the wrong one accidentally. Life is suppose to be this easy when making a call.
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on October 15, 2008
Bought these phones to replace an older-generation Panasonic base station/cordless set (a la 2002 generation). We did NOT like our older Panasonics but kept them because ... well, we spent money on them. Main driver in buying new phones was ability to block individual callers--telemarketers and other nuisance callers driving me CRAZY. Panasonic was the only phone I could find that would allow me to block individual calls using the actual phone versus calling the phone company. VERY leery about buying another Panasonic but I really wanted the call blocking. Read the reviews, reassured, took the plunge. NOT disappointed. These new DECT phones are much, more intuitive than the older ones we had ... we can actually save numbers to a phone book without needing a PhD in Product Manual Science. Easy to "train" the phone to recognize our local area code, you program a number/change into any of the units and the other units automatically pick it up. But best of all, the Call Blocking works exactly as promised--you save the nuisance number to the call block menu (or add it manually), the phone rings once, recognizes the blocked number, it stops ringing at your end, the caller gets a rapid busy signal for a second or two and then it hangs up on them. This feature along was well worth the cost of the phones but I'm impressed with many of the other bells and whistles too. Panasonic redeemed itself in our house. Great phone!
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on May 4, 2008
I have used this set for several months. It is an excellent phone system. The voice CID is not perfect but,close to it. Saves many steps if the phone is in the charger. Reception is very clear and the volume control is handy. The unit fits the hand nicely and all in all a very comfortable set.
Highly recommend.
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on July 17, 2008
- Easy to use out of the box, very user friendly functions
- talking caller id is nice and it will actually say what you save into the address book (if you save your mom's number as mom, when it rings it will say call from mom)
- decent price
- definitively does its job by not interfering with other wireless devices (our old 2.4GHZ Uniden worked great, but it killed the wireless internet connection when someone called or you used the phone)

- Answering machine records voices in a computerized sound (sounds like robot voices when people leave you a message)
- hard to hear others (even with volume up all the way) from some folks
- hard for others to hear from folks who are using VOIP phone and talking with you

Bottom Line:
- If you want a talking caller id phone that does not interfere with wireless network signals with at least three phones, then buy it.
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on September 26, 2008
I love these phones. I bought this system to replace one cordless phone and a corded phone. I use this phone to make sales calls-using a headset- and the reception is perfect. I like how easy it is to program them and the clips to carry them around hanging from your pocket are very convenient. They even announce who is calling.
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on June 9, 2009
I have been using panasonic phones for past 10 years (I have my 10 yr 900MHz cordless still working in great condition). two years ago I bought a 5.8GHz panasonic phone and it died after warranty. Recently I bought KX-TG9333T to replace 5.8GHz . Few weeks ago the phone started getting disconnected if I switch from earpiece to speaker phone, with an error message no-link to base. Tried resetting and has the same problem. from past two days I am getting the disconnect issue more frequently and reset fix last only a day.

I recomend you to stay away from panasonic phones. [Google for "panasonic no link to base" ] Its happening to many models.

If you happen to buy panasonic , please keep the receipt. I just talked to a panasonic rep and they will not honor the warranty with out receipt.

If you anyone come across a good multi-handset phone please post as a comment. I need to replace the dead phone.
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on May 14, 2009
We returned the phone--it loses connection with the base when the phone IS RINGING and you can't answer your call. They suggest power cycling the phone but in the meantime I've missed my call! This phone is already a month old and rife with problems. So back to Amazon it goes...
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on June 18, 2008
I own a KX-TG5571 for my home office, and my experience with that inspired me to get the KX-TG9333T for my home. I was not disappointed. Great features, and an amazing range (we have a big back yard, and I can take the phone out to the very edge of it and do my gardening and still receive calls).
One nitpick: when the phone rings, and someone answers on, say, extension 1, you cannot pick up extension 2 and find out, via caller id, who's calling; it tells you "phone in use" or something like that. A small thing, but it would be nice to have.
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